Authors Born on January, 12st

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January, 12st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Kirstie Alley Quotes Kirstie Alley Actress 1951
Christiane Amanpour Quotes Christiane Amanpour Journalist 1958
Gemma Arterton Quotes Gemma Arterton Actress 1986
Michael Aspel Journalist 1933
Jeff Bezos Quotes Jeff Bezos Businessman 1964
Edmund Burke Quotes Edmund Burke Statesman 1729
Georges Carpentier Quotes Georges Carpentier Athlete 1894
Melanie Chisholm Quotes Melanie Chisholm Musician 1974
Tom Dempsey Quotes Tom Dempsey Athlete 1947
Bernadine Dohrn Quotes Bernadine Dohrn Educator 1942
George Duke Quotes George Duke Musician 1946
James L. Farmer, Jr. Activist 1920
Morton Feldman Quotes Morton Feldman Composer 1926
Joe Frazier Quotes Joe Frazier Athlete 1944
Texas Guinan Businesswoman 1884
Ira Hayes Quotes Ira Hayes Soldier 1923
Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Educator 1890
Patsy Kelly Quotes Patsy Kelly Comedian 1910
Zack de la Rocha Quotes Zack de la Rocha Musician 1970
Emile Lahoud Quotes Emile Lahoud Statesman 1936
Emile Lahud Quotes Emile Lahud Statesman 1936
John Lasseter Quotes John Lasseter Director 1957
Sheila Jackson Lee Quotes Sheila Jackson Lee Politician 1950
Rush Limbaugh Quotes Rush Limbaugh Entertainer 1951
Marie Lloyd Quotes Marie Lloyd Musician 1870
Jack London Quotes Jack London Novelist 1876
Zayn Malik Quotes Zayn Malik Musician 1993
Olivier Martinez Actor 1966
Jay McShann Quotes Jay McShann Musician 1916
Alice Miller Psychologist 1923
Heather Mills Quotes Heather Mills Activist 1968
Walter Mosley Quotes Walter Mosley Novelist 1952
Haruki Murakami Quotes Haruki Murakami Writer 1949
William Nicholson Writer 1948
Dorothy Nolte Writer 1924
Charles Perrault Quotes Charles Perrault Author 1628
Johann Pestalozzi Quotes Johann Pestalozzi Educator 1746
Oliver Platt Quotes Oliver Platt Actor 1960
Alfred Rosenberg Quotes Alfred Rosenberg Soldier 1893
Rick Santelli Journalist 1953
John Singer Sargent Quotes John Singer Sargent Artist 1856
Erinn Smart Quotes Erinn Smart Athlete 1980
Howard Stern Quotes Howard Stern Entertainer 1954
Swami Vivekananda Quotes Swami Vivekananda Clergyman 1863
Brooke Foss Westcott Quotes Brooke Foss Westcott Theologian 1825
Dominique Wilkins Quotes Dominique Wilkins Athlete 1960
Dontrelle Willis Quotes Dontrelle Willis Athlete 1982
John Winthrop Quotes John Winthrop Celebrity 1587
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Quotes Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Philosopher 1917
Edward Zander Quotes Edward Zander Businessman 1947
Rob Zombie Quotes Rob Zombie Musician 1966