Authors Born on February, 8st

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February, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Svetlana Alliluyeva Quotes Svetlana Alliluyeva Celebrity 1926
Mario Andretti Quotes Mario Andretti Celebrity 1940
Rob Andrew Athlete 1963
Jean M. Auel Quotes Jean M. Auel Writer 1936
Berthold Auerbach Quotes Berthold Auerbach Author 1812
Julia Barr Actress 1949
Henry Walter Bates Quotes Henry Walter Bates Environmentalist 1825
Stephanie Beacham Quotes Stephanie Beacham Actress 1947
Michael Bergdahl Quotes Michael Bergdahl Author 1954
Elizabeth Bishop Quotes Elizabeth Bishop Poet 1911
Kelly Bishop Actress 1944
Kenneth Blackwell Quotes Kenneth Blackwell Politician 1948
Pat Bowlen Businessman 1944
Andre Breton Quotes Andre Breton Poet 1896
William Throsby Bridges Quotes William Throsby Bridges Soldier 1861
Sarah Brown Actress 1975
Helen Gurley Brown Quotes Helen Gurley Brown Editor 1922
Arthur Bryant Historian 1899
Martin Buber Quotes Martin Buber Philosopher 1878
James E. Burke Businessman 1925
Robert Burton Quotes Robert Burton Writer 1577
Milton Caniff Quotes Milton Caniff Cartoonist 1907
Neal Cassady Quotes Neal Cassady Writer 1926
Alex Chiu Businessman 1971
Rae Dawn Chong Actress 1961
Kate Chopin Quotes Kate Chopin Author 1850
Steven Chu Quotes Steven Chu Scientist 1948
Rory Cochrane Quotes Rory Cochrane Actor 1972
Gary Coleman Quotes Gary Coleman Actor 1968
Robin Cook Quotes Robin Cook Politician 1946
Colin Cooper Athlete 1967
Bill Cullen Quotes Bill Cullen Entertainer 1920
Len Deighton Historian 1929
Matt Dillon Quotes Matt Dillon Actor 1964
Dr. Dre Quotes Dr. Dre Musician 1965
Charles Durning Quotes Charles Durning Actor 1923
Eliot Engel Politician 1947
Edith Evans Quotes Edith Evans Actress 1885
Marc Faber Businessman 1946
John Fahey Quotes John Fahey Musician 1939
Enzo Ferrari Quotes Enzo Ferrari Designer 1898
Mike Figgis Quotes Mike Figgis Director 1948
Milos Forman Quotes Milos Forman Director 1932
Jim Fraser Quotes Jim Fraser Politician 1908
Hayden Fry Quotes Hayden Fry Coach 1929
Frank Gehry Quotes Frank Gehry Architect 1929
Gilbert Gottfried Quotes Gilbert Gottfried Comedian 1955
Seth Green Quotes Seth Green Actor 1974
Wilfred Grenfell Activist 1865
John Grisham Quotes John Grisham Writer 1955
Ian Hacking Quotes Ian Hacking Philosopher 1936
Ben Hecht Quotes Ben Hecht Writer 1894
John Hughes Director 1950
Donnie Iris Quotes Donnie Iris Musician 1943
Brian Jones Quotes Brian Jones Musician 1942
Nikos Kazantzakis Quotes Nikos Kazantzakis Writer 1883
George Kennedy Quotes George Kennedy Actor 1925
Robert Klein Quotes Robert Klein Comedian 1942
Ted Koppel Quotes Ted Koppel Journalist 1940
Paul Krugman Quotes Paul Krugman Economist 1953
Karolina Kurkova Quotes Karolina Kurkova Model 1984
Nadine Labaki Quotes Nadine Labaki Actress 1974
Ali Larter Quotes Ali Larter Model 1976
Henri Laurens Sculptor 1885
Jack Lemmon Quotes Jack Lemmon Actor 1925
Jack Lemon Quotes Jack Lemon Actor 1925
Eliphas Levi Quotes Eliphas Levi Author 1810
Eric Lindros Athlete 1973
John A. Logan Quotes John A. Logan Soldier 1826
Alfred Loisy Quotes Alfred Loisy Clergyman 1857
Audre Lorde Quotes Audre Lorde Poet 1934
Mary Lyon Quotes Mary Lyon Educator 1797
Ernst Mach Quotes Ernst Mach Physicist 1838
Gavin MacLeod Quotes Gavin MacLeod Actor 1930
Franz Marc Quotes Franz Marc Artist 1880
Henry Martyn Quotes Henry Martyn Clergyman 1781
Barry McGuigan Athlete 1961
Audrey Meadows Quotes Audrey Meadows Actress 1926
Peter Medawar Quotes Peter Medawar Scientist 1915
Terry Melcher Quotes Terry Melcher Musician 1942
Dmitri Mendeleev Quotes Dmitri Mendeleev Scientist 1834
Duane Michals Quotes Duane Michals Photographer 1932
Vincente Minnelli Quotes Vincente Minnelli Director 1903
Michel de Montaigne Quotes Michel de Montaigne Philosopher 1533
Toni Morrison Quotes Toni Morrison Novelist 1931
Alonzo Mourning Quotes Alonzo Mourning Athlete 1970
Vince Neil Quotes Vince Neil Musician 1961
Gary Neville Quotes Gary Neville Athlete 1975
Juice Newton Quotes Juice Newton Musician 1952
Nick Nolte Quotes Nick Nolte Actor 1941
Yoko Ono Quotes Yoko Ono Artist 1933
Marcel Pagnol Quotes Marcel Pagnol Dramatist 1895
Linus Pauling Quotes Linus Pauling Scientist 1901
James Payn Quotes James Payn Novelist 1830
George Peabody Quotes George Peabody Businessman 1795
John Pearson Theologian 1612
Bernadette Peters Quotes Bernadette Peters Actress 1948
Ernest Renan Quotes Ernest Renan Philosopher 1823
Molly Ringwald Quotes Molly Ringwald Actress 1968
Bobby Robson Quotes Bobby Robson Athlete 1933
Mercedes Ruehl Quotes Mercedes Ruehl Actress 1948
John Ruskin Quotes John Ruskin Writer 1819
Greta Scacchi Quotes Greta Scacchi Actress 1960
Joseph A. Schumpeter Quotes Joseph A. Schumpeter Economist 1883
Charles M. Schwab Quotes Charles M. Schwab Businessman 1862
Charles Schwab Businessman 1862
Lisa See Quotes Lisa See Writer 1955
Cybill Shepherd Quotes Cybill Shepherd Actress 1950
William Tecumseh Sherman Quotes William Tecumseh Sherman Soldier 1820
Eddie Slovik Soldier 1920
Dean Smith Quotes Dean Smith Athlete 1931
Bubba Smith Quotes Bubba Smith Athlete 1945
Richard Snelling Quotes Richard Snelling Politician 1927
Regina Spektor Quotes Regina Spektor Musician 1980
Mary Steenburgen Quotes Mary Steenburgen Actress 1953
Wallace Stegner Quotes Wallace Stegner Novelist 1909
Dorothy Stratten Quotes Dorothy Stratten Celebrity 1960
Arthur Symons Quotes Arthur Symons Poet 1865
John Tenniel Quotes John Tenniel Artist 1820
John Travolta Quotes John Travolta Actor 1954
Tommy Tune Quotes Tommy Tune Dancer 1939
Lana Turner Quotes Lana Turner Actress 1920
John Turturro Quotes John Turturro Actor 1957
Jules Verne Quotes Jules Verne Author 1828
John Warner Quotes John Warner Politician 1927
Vanna White Quotes Vanna White Celebrity 1957
Wendell L. Wilkie Quotes Wendell L. Wilkie Lawyer 1892
John Williams Quotes John Williams Composer 1932
Wendell Willkie Quotes Wendell Willkie Lawyer 1892
Steve Womack Quotes Steve Womack Politician 1957
Louise Woodward Celebrity 1978
Anders Zorn Quotes Anders Zorn Artist 1860
Ramakrishna Quotes Ramakrishna Leader 1836