Authors Born on February, 7st

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February, 7st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Alfred Adler Quotes Alfred Adler Psychologist 1870
Marian Anderson Quotes Marian Anderson Musician 1902
Peter Andre Quotes Peter Andre Musician 1973
Billie Joe Armstrong Quotes Billie Joe Armstrong Musician 1972
Paddy Ashdown Quotes Paddy Ashdown Politician 1941
Roberto Assagioli Psychologist 1888
Lee Atwater Politician 1951
Adam Baldwin Quotes Adam Baldwin Actor 1962
Red Barber Quotes Red Barber Celebrity 1908
Alan Bates Quotes Alan Bates Actor 1934
Michael Bay Quotes Michael Bay Director 1965
E. T. Bell Mathematician 1883
Joan Bennett Quotes Joan Bennett Actress 1910
Raymond Berry Athlete 1933
Hugo Black Quotes Hugo Black Judge 1886
Eubie Blake Quotes Eubie Blake Composer 1883
Peter Bondra Athlete 1968
Wes Borland Quotes Wes Borland Musician 1975
Eddie Bracken Quotes Eddie Bracken Actor 1915
Garth Brooks Quotes Garth Brooks Musician 1962
Jim Brown Quotes Jim Brown Athlete 1936
Peter Carey Novelist 1943
Chelsea Clinton Quotes Chelsea Clinton Celebrity 1980
Arthur Collins Musician 1864
Auguste Comte Quotes Auguste Comte Sociologist 1798
John Connally Quotes John Connally Politician 1917
F. M. Cornford Poet 1874
Don Coscarelli Director 1954
Drew Curtis Quotes Drew Curtis Businessman 1973
Sam Dash Lawyer 1925
Samuel Dash Lawyer 1925
Charles Dickens Quotes Charles Dickens Novelist 1812
Janice Dickinson Quotes Janice Dickinson Model 1953
Isabelle Eberhardt Quotes Isabelle Eberhardt Explorer 1877
James T. Farrell Quotes James T. Farrell Novelist 1904
Miguel Ferrer Actor 1955
Ronald Fisher Quotes Ronald Fisher Mathematician 1890
Irving Fisher Quotes Irving Fisher Economist 1867
Dorothy Canfield Fisher Quotes Dorothy Canfield Fisher Author 1879
Randy Forbes Politician 1952
Fred Frith Quotes Fred Frith Composer 1949
Henry Fuseli Quotes Henry Fuseli Artist 1741
Fay Godwin Photographer 1931
Dexter Gordon Quotes Dexter Gordon Musician 1923
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Quotes Joseph Gordon-Levitt Actor 1981
Michael Grimm Quotes Michael Grimm Politician 1970
Josh Groban Quotes Josh Groban Musician 1981
Alice Hamilton Quotes Alice Hamilton Scientist 1869
Godfrey Harold Hardy Quotes Godfrey Harold Hardy Mathematician 1877
G. H. Hardy Quotes G. H. Hardy Mathematician 1877
Doc Hastings Quotes Doc Hastings Politician 1941
John Hickenlooper Quotes John Hickenlooper Politician 1952
Graham Hill Quotes Graham Hill Athlete 1929
Paris Hilton Quotes Paris Hilton Celebrity 1981
Hal Holbrook Quotes Hal Holbrook Actor 1925
David F. Houston Quotes David F. Houston Politician 1866
Barry Humphries Quotes Barry Humphries Entertainer 1934
H. L. Hunt Quotes H. L. Hunt Businessman 1889
Charlayne Hunter-Gault Journalist 1942
Eddie Izzard Quotes Eddie Izzard Comedian 1962
Sonia Johnson Activist 1936
Michael Jordan Quotes Michael Jordan Athlete 1963
Richard Karn Quotes Richard Karn Actor 1956
Michael Kennedy Celebrity 1958
Adam Kinzinger Quotes Adam Kinzinger Politician 1978
Ronald Knox Quotes Ronald Knox Theologian 1888
Kenneth Koch Poet 1925
Herb Kohl Quotes Herb Kohl Politician 1935
Ashton Kutcher Quotes Ashton Kutcher Actor 1978
Stefano Langone Quotes Stefano Langone Musician 1989
Lotte Lehmann Musician 1888
Sinclair Lewis Quotes Sinclair Lewis Novelist 1885
Wendy Liebman Comedian 1961
Donal Logue Quotes Donal Logue Actor 1966
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Quotes Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Poet 1807
Roger Mahony Quotes Roger Mahony Clergyman 1936
Rick Majerus Quotes Rick Majerus Coach 1948
Kate Mara Quotes Kate Mara Actress 1983
Marino Marini Sculptor 1901
Valeria Mazza Quotes Valeria Mazza Model 1974
George Herbert Mead Quotes George Herbert Mead Philosopher 1863
George H. Mead Quotes George H. Mead Philosopher 1863
George Miller Comedian 1950
Mary Ann Mobley Actress 1939
Thomas More Quotes Thomas More Author 1478
Ralph Nader Quotes Ralph Nader Lawyer 1934
Steve Nash Quotes Steve Nash Athlete 1974
Huey Newton Quotes Huey Newton Activist 1942
Andre Norton Quotes Andre Norton Writer 1912
Jerry O'Connell Actor 1974
Emo Philips Quotes Emo Philips Comedian 1956
Lou Diamond Phillips Quotes Lou Diamond Phillips Actor 1962
Gene Pitney Quotes Gene Pitney Musician 1941
Chaim Potok Quotes Chaim Potok Author 1929
Edgar Quinet Historian 1803
Dan Quisenberry Athlete 1950
Ruth Rendell Quotes Ruth Rendell Writer 1930
Denise Richards Quotes Denise Richards Actress 1972
Paul Ricoeur Quotes Paul Ricoeur Philosopher 1913
Jason Ritter Quotes Jason Ritter Actor 1980
Tiny Rowland Quotes Tiny Rowland Businessman 1917
Gene Sarazen Quotes Gene Sarazen Athlete 1902
David Sarnoff Quotes David Sarnoff Inventor 1891
Arthur M. Schlesinger Quotes Arthur M. Schlesinger Historian 1888
Neal Schon Musician 1954
Ariel Sharon Quotes Ariel Sharon Leader 1928
Irwin Shaw Quotes Irwin Shaw Novelist 1913
Grant Show Quotes Grant Show Actor 1962
Adrian Smith Quotes Adrian Smith Musician 1957
James Spader Quotes James Spader Actor 1960
Timothy Spall Quotes Timothy Spall Actor 1936
John Steinbeck Quotes John Steinbeck Author 1902
Peter Stone Writer 1930
Gay Talese Quotes Gay Talese Author 1932
Elizabeth Taylor Quotes Elizabeth Taylor Actress 1932
Ellen Terry Quotes Ellen Terry Actress 1847
Craig L. Thomas Politician 1933
Margaret Truman Quotes Margaret Truman Novelist 1924
Michael Vartan Quotes Michael Vartan Actor 1968
Peter De Vries Quotes Peter De Vries Novelist 1910
Malcolm Wallop Politician 1933
Thomas J. Watson Quotes Thomas J. Watson Scientist 1874
Allen West Quotes Allen West Politician 1961
Bryan White Quotes Bryan White Musician 1974
Laura Ingalls Wilder Quotes Laura Ingalls Wilder Author 1867
Joanne Woodward Quotes Joanne Woodward Actress 1930
James Worthy Quotes James Worthy Athlete 1961
Mo Yan Quotes Mo Yan Novelist 1955
Geronimo Quotes Geronimo Statesman 1909