Authors Born on February, 5st

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February, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Hank Aaron Quotes Hank Aaron Athlete 1934
Susan B. Anthony Quotes Susan B. Anthony Activist 1820
Sean Astin Quotes Sean Astin Actor 1971
Jose Maria Aznar Quotes Jose Maria Aznar Statesman 1953
Jim Backus Quotes Jim Backus Actor 1913
Ed Balls Quotes Ed Balls Politician 1967
John Barrymore Quotes John Barrymore Actor 1882
Hans Bender Psychologist 1907
Jeremy Bentham Quotes Jeremy Bentham Philosopher 1748
Claire Bloom Actress 1931
Lesley Boone Actress 1968
Alex Borstein Quotes Alex Borstein Actress 1971
Brandon Boyd Quotes Brandon Boyd Musician 1976
Bobby Brown Musician 1968
Anthony Burgess Quotes Anthony Burgess Novelist 1917
John Burke Lawyer 1859
William S. Burroughs Quotes William S. Burroughs Writer 1914
Nolan Bushnell Quotes Nolan Bushnell Businessman 1943
Red Buttons Quotes Red Buttons Comedian 1919
Enrico Caruso Quotes Enrico Caruso Musician 1873
Roger B. Chaffee Quotes Roger B. Chaffee Astronaut 1935
Donald Stewart Cherry Quotes Donald Stewart Cherry Journalist 1934
Bradley Chicho Poet 1895
Abraham Clark Politician 1725
Tom Courtenay Quotes Tom Courtenay Actor 1937
Margaret Deland Quotes Margaret Deland Novelist 1857
Mary Elizabeth Donaldson Quotes Mary Elizabeth Donaldson Royalty 1972
John Foster Dulles Quotes John Foster Dulles Public Servant 1888
Joey Dunlop Quotes Joey Dunlop Celebrity 1952
Herb Elliott Athlete 1938
Gnassingbe Eyadema Quotes Gnassingbe Eyadema Statesman 2005
Chris Farley Quotes Chris Farley Comedian 1964
Luc Ferrari Quotes Luc Ferrari Composer 1929
Ric Flair Quotes Ric Flair Celebrity 1949
James Forrestal Quotes James Forrestal Public Servant 1892
Galileo Galilei Quotes Galileo Galilei Scientist 1564
Larry Gelbart Quotes Larry Gelbart Writer 1928
Jim Gerlach Quotes Jim Gerlach Politician 1955
Ricky Gervais Quotes Ricky Gervais Writer 1961
H. R. Giger Quotes H. R. Giger Artist 1940
Carlo Goldoni Quotes Carlo Goldoni Playwright 1707
Jennifer Granholm Quotes Jennifer Granholm Politician 1959
Jennifer M. Granholm Quotes Jennifer M. Granholm Politician 1959
Andrew Greeley Clergyman 1928
Matt Groening Quotes Matt Groening Cartoonist 1954
Christopher Guest Quotes Christopher Guest Director 1948
Chelsea Handler Quotes Chelsea Handler Comedian 1975
George Harrison Quotes George Harrison Musician 1943
Barbara Hershey Quotes Barbara Hershey Actress 1948
Douglas Hofstadter Quotes Douglas Hofstadter Writer 1945
Robert Hofstadter Quotes Robert Hofstadter Economist 1915
Jaromir Jagr Quotes Jaromir Jagr Athlete 1972
Neil Jordan Quotes Neil Jordan Director 1950
Herman Kahn Quotes Herman Kahn Scientist 1922
Arthur Keith Quotes Arthur Keith Scientist 1866
Graham Kennedy Entertainer 1934
Hazrat Inayat Khan Clergyman 1927
Martin Kippenberger Quotes Martin Kippenberger Artist 1953
Nestor Kirchner Quotes Nestor Kirchner Statesman 1950
Harvey Korman Actor 1927
Jennifer Jason Leigh Actress 1962
Tony Lema Athlete 1934
Tea Leoni Quotes Tea Leoni Actress 1966
Robert Ley Quotes Robert Ley Soldier 1890
Laura Linney Quotes Laura Linney Actress 1964
Melissa Manchester Quotes Melissa Manchester Musician 1951
Joshua Micah Marshall Politician 1969
Cliff Martinez Musician 1954
Tim Meadows Quotes Tim Meadows Comedian 1961
George Mikes Writer 1912
Margaret Millar Writer 1915
Perry Miller Historian 1905
Mick Miller Comedian 1950
Dwight L. Moody Quotes Dwight L. Moody Clergyman 1837
Sun Myung Moon Quotes Sun Myung Moon Clergyman 1920
Errol Morris Quotes Errol Morris Director 1948
Johann Most Quotes Johann Most Revolutionary 1846
Frank Muir Quotes Frank Muir Writer 1920
Conor Oberst Quotes Conor Oberst Musician 1980
Renee O'Connor Actress 1971
Nancy O'Dell Celebrity 1963
James Otis Lawyer 1725
Robert Peel Quotes Robert Peel Leader 1778
Mike Peters Cartoonist 1959
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Quotes Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Statesman 1746
Steve Powers Journalist 1934
David Puttnam Quotes David Puttnam Producer 1941
Howell Raines Editor 1943
Charlotte Rampling Quotes Charlotte Rampling Actress 1946
Auguste Renoir Quotes Auguste Renoir Artist 1841
Bobby Riggs Athlete 1918
Cesar Romero Quotes Cesar Romero Actor 1907
Cristiano Ronaldo Quotes Cristiano Ronaldo Athlete 1985
Elihu Root Quotes Elihu Root Lawyer 1845
Bob Schieffer Quotes Bob Schieffer Journalist 1937
David Selby Actor 1941
Madame de Sevigne Quotes Madame de Sevigne Writer 1626
Jane Seymour Quotes Jane Seymour Actress 1951
Arthur Sheekman Critic 1901
Clare Short Quotes Clare Short Politician 1946
Norton Simon Businessman 1907
Art Spiegelman Quotes Art Spiegelman Artist 1948
Ralph Stanley Quotes Ralph Stanley Musician 1927
Roger Staubach Quotes Roger Staubach Athlete 1942
Rudolf Steiner Quotes Rudolf Steiner Philosopher 1861
Adlai Stevenson Politician 1900
Adlai E. Stevenson Politician 1900
Jenn Suhr Quotes Jenn Suhr Athlete 1982
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Publisher 1926
Jeremy Sumpter Quotes Jeremy Sumpter Actor 1989
Carrot Top Quotes Carrot Top Comedian 1967
Gloria Trevi Quotes Gloria Trevi Musician 1968
Alfred North Whitehead Quotes Alfred North Whitehead Mathematician 1861
Armstrong Williams Journalist 1959
Niklaus Wirth Quotes Niklaus Wirth Scientist 1934
John Witherspoon Quotes John Witherspoon Politician 1723
Leonard Woodcock Quotes Leonard Woodcock Activist 1911