Authors Born on February, 3st

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February, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Alvar Aalto Quotes Alvar Aalto Architect 1898
David Allan Artist 1744
Kenneth Anger Quotes Kenneth Anger Author 1930
Aziz Ansari Quotes Aziz Ansari Comedian 1983
Paul Auster Quotes Paul Auster Author 1947
W. E. B. Du Bois Quotes W. E. B. Du Bois Writer 1868
Walter Bagehot Quotes Walter Bagehot Author 1826
Joseph Banks Quotes Joseph Banks Environmentalist 1743
Majel Barrett Quotes Majel Barrett Actress 1932
Patty Berg Quotes Patty Berg Athlete 1918
Shelley Berman Quotes Shelley Berman Comedian 1926
Joey Bishop Quotes Joey Bishop Entertainer 1918
Paul Biya Quotes Paul Biya Statesman 1933
Elizabeth Blackwell Quotes Elizabeth Blackwell Scientist 1821
Richard Blumenthal Quotes Richard Blumenthal Politician 1946
Emily Blunt Quotes Emily Blunt Actress 1983
Tom Bodett Author 1955
Neil Bogart Quotes Neil Bogart Businessman 1943
Bobby Bonilla Athlete 1963
Victor Buono Quotes Victor Buono Actor 1938
Hodding Carter Quotes Hodding Carter Journalist 1907
Stockard Channing Quotes Stockard Channing Actress 1944
Bernard Cornwell Novelist 1944
Blythe Danner Quotes Blythe Danner Actress 1943
Dave Davies Quotes Dave Davies Musician 1947
Warwick Davis Quotes Warwick Davis Actor 1970
Michael Dell Quotes Michael Dell Businessman 1965
Janez Drnovsek Quotes Janez Drnovsek Statesman 2008
Dakota Fanning Quotes Dakota Fanning Actress 1994
Eleanor Farjeon Writer 1881
Terence Fisher Director 1904
Isla Fisher Quotes Isla Fisher Actress 1976
Peter Fonda Quotes Peter Fonda Actor 1940
Tennessee Ernie Ford Quotes Tennessee Ernie Ford Musician 1919
Peter Gabriel Quotes Peter Gabriel Musician 1950
Marc Garneau Quotes Marc Garneau Astronaut 1949
Retief Goosen Quotes Retief Goosen Athlete 1969
Horace Greeley Quotes Horace Greeley Editor 1811
Stephen Hadley Quotes Stephen Hadley Politician 1947
Omar Torrijos Herrera Quotes Omar Torrijos Herrera Soldier 1929
Peter Hook Quotes Peter Hook Musician 1956
Kelly Hu Quotes Kelly Hu Actress 1968
Robert Jackson Statesman 1892
Barbara Januszkiewicz Quotes Barbara Januszkiewicz Artist 1955
Karl Jaspers Quotes Karl Jaspers Psychologist 1883
Daymond John Quotes Daymond John Businessman 1969
Erich Kastner Quotes Erich Kastner Author 1899
Mike Krzyzewski Quotes Mike Krzyzewski Coach 1947
Nathan Lane Quotes Nathan Lane Actor 1956
Arthur Levitt Public Servant 1931
Carol Lynley Quotes Carol Lynley Actress 1942
Kelly Macdonald Quotes Kelly Macdonald Actress 1976
Kazimir Malevich Quotes Kazimir Malevich Artist 1878
Thomas Malthus Quotes Thomas Malthus Economist 1766
Kenny Marchant Politician 1951
Felix Mendelssohn Quotes Felix Mendelssohn Composer 1809
James A. Michener Quotes James A. Michener Novelist 1907
Randy Moss Quotes Randy Moss Athlete 1977
Sarojini Naidu Quotes Sarojini Naidu Politician 1879
David Naughton Actor 1951
Kim Novak Quotes Kim Novak Actress 1933
Susan Oliver Quotes Susan Oliver Actress 1932
Tom Osborne Quotes Tom Osborne Politician 1937
Samuel Pepys Quotes Samuel Pepys Writer 1633
Mark Pincus Quotes Mark Pincus Businessman 1966
Oliver Reed Quotes Oliver Reed Actor 1938
Rick Reilly Writer 1958
Patricia Richardson Quotes Patricia Richardson Actress 1951
Frederick William Robertson Quotes Frederick William Robertson Clergyman 1816
Norman Rockwell Quotes Norman Rockwell Artist 1894
Judith Rodriguez Poet 1936
Henry Rollins Quotes Henry Rollins Musician 1961
Paul Sarbanes Politician 1933
George Segal Quotes George Segal Actor 1934
Georges Simenon Quotes Georges Simenon Writer 1903
Agnes Smedley Quotes Agnes Smedley Journalist 1892
Jerry Springer Quotes Jerry Springer Celebrity 1944
Gertrude Stein Quotes Gertrude Stein Author 1874
Louis Stokes Politician 1925
Mats Sundin Quotes Mats Sundin Athlete 1971
John Sutter Quotes John Sutter Celebrity 1809
David Sylvian Quotes David Sylvian Musician 1958
Fran Tarkenton Quotes Fran Tarkenton Athlete 1940
E. P. Thompson Quotes E. P. Thompson Historian 1924
Peter Tork Quotes Peter Tork Musician 1942
Georg Trakl Quotes Georg Trakl Poet 1887
Leopold Trepper Celebrity 1904
Bess Truman Quotes Bess Truman First Lady 1885
Rau'Shee Warren Athlete 1987
Simone Weil Quotes Simone Weil Philosopher 1909
Tom Wesselmann Quotes Tom Wesselmann Artist 1931
Emma Willard Activist 1787
Robbie Williams Quotes Robbie Williams Musician 1974
Grant Wood Quotes Grant Wood Artist 1892
Chuck Yeager Quotes Chuck Yeager Aviator 1923
Viktor Yushchenko Quotes Viktor Yushchenko Statesman 1954
Panayiotis Zavos Scientist 1944