Authors Born on December, 8st

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December, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
DMX Quotes DMX Musician 1970
Lyman Abbott Quotes Lyman Abbott Author 1835
Mortimer Adler Quotes Mortimer Adler Philosopher 1902
Christina Aguilera Quotes Christina Aguilera Musician 1980
Hervey Allen Author 1889
Gregg Allman Quotes Gregg Allman Musician 1947
Edwin Armstrong Quotes Edwin Armstrong Inventor 1890
Spencer Bachus Politician 1947
Rick Baker Quotes Rick Baker Inventor 1950
Tom Barrett Politician 1953
Kim Basinger Quotes Kim Basinger Actress 1953
Louis de Bernieres Quotes Louis de Bernieres Novelist 1954
Steven Biko Quotes Steven Biko Activist 1946
Willy Brandt Quotes Willy Brandt Politician 1913
Bill Bryson Quotes Bill Bryson Writer 1951
Randy Castillo Musician 1950
Thomas R. Cech Quotes Thomas R. Cech Scientist 1947
Alex Chilton Quotes Alex Chilton Musician 1950
Ramsey Clark Quotes Ramsey Clark Public Servant 1927
Camille Claudel Quotes Camille Claudel Sculptor 1864
Lee J. Cobb Quotes Lee J. Cobb Actor 1911
Ty Cobb Quotes Ty Cobb Athlete 1886
Phil Collen Quotes Phil Collen Musician 1957
Ann Coulter Quotes Ann Coulter Journalist 1961
Julian Critchley Politician 1930
Warren Cuccurullo Quotes Warren Cuccurullo Musician 1956
Ossie Davis Quotes Ossie Davis Actor 1917
Guy Debord Quotes Guy Debord Writer 1931
Casper Van Dien Quotes Casper Van Dien Actor 1968
Norman Douglas Quotes Norman Douglas Writer 1868
Arthur Eddington Quotes Arthur Eddington Scientist 1882
Lucian Freud Quotes Lucian Freud Artist 1922
Christopher Fry Playwright 1907
James Galway Quotes James Galway Musician 1939
Mary Gordon Writer 1949
Betty Grable Quotes Betty Grable Actress 1916
Joel Chandler Harris Quotes Joel Chandler Harris Journalist 1848
Max Hastings Quotes Max Hastings Journalist 1945
Teri Hatcher Quotes Teri Hatcher Actress 1964
Roy Hattersley Quotes Roy Hattersley Statesman 1932
Trip Hawkins Quotes Trip Hawkins Businessman 1953
Earl Hines Quotes Earl Hines Musician 1903
Katie Holmes Quotes Katie Holmes Actress 1978
Celia Johnson Quotes Celia Johnson Actress 1908
Tim Johnson Politician 1946
Sammy Davis, Jr. Entertainer 1925
Nigel Kennedy Quotes Nigel Kennedy Musician 1956
Sam Kinison Quotes Sam Kinison Comedian 1953
Paul Klee Quotes Paul Klee Artist 1879
Allen Klein Businessman 1931
Hildegard Knef Quotes Hildegard Knef Actress 1925
Ray Knight Quotes Ray Knight Athlete 1952
John Agyekum Kufuor Quotes John Agyekum Kufuor Statesman 1938
Raul Labrador Quotes Raul Labrador Politician 1967
Romeo LeBlanc Quotes Romeo LeBlanc Politician 1927
Stan Lee Quotes Stan Lee Writer 1922
John Legend Quotes John Legend Musician 1978
Ernest Lehman Writer 1915
Sam Levenson Quotes Sam Levenson Author 1911
Ray Liotta Quotes Ray Liotta Actor 1955
James MacArthur Quotes James MacArthur Actor 1937
John D. MacDonald Quotes John D. MacDonald Novelist 1986
Leonard Maltin Quotes Leonard Maltin Critic 1950
Michael E. Mann Quotes Michael E. Mann Scientist 1965
Jim McDermott Politician 1936
Nancy Meyers Quotes Nancy Meyers Director 1949
Sienna Miller Quotes Sienna Miller Actress 1981
James Pinckney Miller Playwright 1919
Martin Milner Quotes Martin Milner Actor 1931
Nicki Minaj Quotes Nicki Minaj Musician 1982
Billy Mitchell Quotes Billy Mitchell Soldier 1879
Dominic Monaghan Quotes Dominic Monaghan Actor 1976
Jim Morrison Quotes Jim Morrison Musician 1943
Robert Moses Quotes Robert Moses Public Servant 1888
Kary Mullis Quotes Kary Mullis Scientist 1944
Hector Hugh Munro Quotes Hector Hugh Munro Novelist 1870
John von Neumann Quotes John von Neumann Mathematician 1903
Nichelle Nichols Quotes Nichelle Nichols Musician 1933
Don Nickles Quotes Don Nickles Politician 1948
William H. O'Connell Clergyman 1859
Sinead O'Connor Musician 1966
Jacques Pepin Quotes Jacques Pepin Chef 1935
Victoria Pratt Quotes Victoria Pratt Actress 1970
Manuel Puig Quotes Manuel Puig Author 1932
Patrick Rafter Quotes Patrick Rafter Athlete 1972
Noomi Rapace Quotes Noomi Rapace Actress 1979
Simon Raven Novelist 1927
Keith Richards Quotes Keith Richards Musician 1943
Diego Rivera Quotes Diego Rivera Artist 1886
Alan Rudolph Quotes Alan Rudolph Director 1943
Terry Sawchuk Quotes Terry Sawchuk Athlete 1929
Maximilian Schell Quotes Maximilian Schell Actor 1930
Lawrence Schiller Producer 1936
Delmore Schwartz Quotes Delmore Schwartz Poet 1913
Roger Sessions Quotes Roger Sessions Composer 1896
Jean Sibelius Quotes Jean Sibelius Composer 1865
Maggie Smith Quotes Maggie Smith Actress 1934
Ian Somerhalder Quotes Ian Somerhalder Actor 1978
Steven Spielberg Quotes Steven Spielberg Director 1947
Robert Sternberg Educator 1949
George Stevens Director 1904
Angie Stone Quotes Angie Stone Musician 1961
Trish Stratus Quotes Trish Stratus Entertainer 1975
Francis Thompson Quotes Francis Thompson Poet 1859
James Thurber Quotes James Thurber Comedian 1894
Henry Timrod Quotes Henry Timrod Poet 1829
Linus Torvalds Quotes Linus Torvalds Businessman 1969
Chris Ware Quotes Chris Ware Artist 1967
Denzel Washington Quotes Denzel Washington Actor 1954
George H. White Politician 1852
Ron White Quotes Ron White Comedian 1956
Eli Whitney Quotes Eli Whitney Inventor 1765
Flip Wilson Quotes Flip Wilson Comedian 1933
Woodrow Wilson Quotes Woodrow Wilson President 1856
Edgar Winter Quotes Edgar Winter Musician 1946
Johann Georg Zimmermann Writer 1728