Authors Born on December, 7st

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December, 7st

Image Author Type Birthyear
John Amos Quotes John Amos Actor 1939
Jack Anderson Journalist 2005
Shiri Appleby Actress 1978
Nicole Appleton Quotes Nicole Appleton Musician 1974
Sylvia Ashton-Warner Educator 1908
Ludwig van Beethoven Quotes Ludwig van Beethoven Composer 1770
Larry Bird Quotes Larry Bird Coach 1956
Leigh Brackett Quotes Leigh Brackett Author 1915
Heywood Broun Journalist 1888
Bob Brown Quotes Bob Brown Politician 1944
Ellen Burstyn Quotes Ellen Burstyn Actress 1932
Paul Butterfield Quotes Paul Butterfield Musician 1942
Aaron Carter Quotes Aaron Carter Musician 1987
Angel Carter Model 1987
Joyce Cary Novelist 1888
Willa Cather Quotes Willa Cather Author 1873
Jack L. Chalker Quotes Jack L. Chalker Author 1944
Harry Chapin Quotes Harry Chapin Musician 1942
Noam Chomsky Quotes Noam Chomsky Activist 1928
Thad Cochran Quotes Thad Cochran Politician 1937
Susan Collins Quotes Susan Collins Politician 1952
Joseph Cook Quotes Joseph Cook Politician 1860
Allan Cunningham Poet 1784
Robert A. Dahl Writer 1915
Stuart Davis Artist 1892
Humphry Davy Quotes Humphry Davy Scientist 1778
Gerard Depardieu Quotes Gerard Depardieu Actor 1948
Marlene Dietrich Quotes Marlene Dietrich Actress 1901
David Dunn Quotes David Dunn Athlete 1979
Peter Farrelly Quotes Peter Farrelly Director 1956
Penelope Fitzgerald Quotes Penelope Fitzgerald Poet 1916
William Floyd Politician 1734
Bill Goldberg Quotes Bill Goldberg Athlete 1966
Duff Goldman Quotes Duff Goldman Chef 1974
Meg Greenfield Quotes Meg Greenfield Editor 1930
Bede Griffiths Clergyman 1906
Savannah Guthrie Quotes Savannah Guthrie Journalist 1971
Thomas Chandler Haliburton Quotes Thomas Chandler Haliburton Author 1796
Joseph Henry Quotes Joseph Henry Scientist 1797
Nicholas Hoult Quotes Nicholas Hoult Actor 1989
Ernie Hudson Quotes Ernie Hudson Actor 1945
Karen Hughes Quotes Karen Hughes Politician 1956
Johan Huizinga Quotes Johan Huizinga Historian 1872
Johannes Kepler Quotes Johannes Kepler Scientist 1571
Salman Khan Quotes Salman Khan Actor 1965
Victor Kiam Businessman 1926
Thomas Starr King Quotes Thomas Starr King Clergyman 1824
Mackenzie King Quotes Mackenzie King Statesman 1874
Klaus Kinkel Quotes Klaus Kinkel Public Servant 1936
Ted Knight Quotes Ted Knight Actor 1923
David Knopfler Quotes David Knopfler Musician 1952
Leopold Kronecker Quotes Leopold Kronecker Mathematician 1823
Oscar Levant Quotes Oscar Levant Composer 1906
Eugene Levy Quotes Eugene Levy Actor 1946
Willard Libby Quotes Willard Libby Scientist 1908
George Lindsey Quotes George Lindsey Actor 1935
William Lyon Mackenzie King Quotes William Lyon Mackenzie King Politician 1874
Hermann Maier Quotes Hermann Maier Athlete 1972
Gabriel Marcel Quotes Gabriel Marcel Philosopher 1889
Pietro Mascagni Composer 1863
William Masters Scientist 1915
Chris Matthews Quotes Chris Matthews Journalist 1945
Hugh McCulloch Quotes Hugh McCulloch Statesman 1808
Thomas Menino Quotes Thomas Menino Politician 1942
Scotty Moore Musician 1931
Arthur Murphy Writer 1727
Patrick Murray Actor 1956
Barbara Olson Quotes Barbara Olson Journalist 1955
Charles Olson Quotes Charles Olson Poet 1910
Heather O'Rourke Actress 1975
Terrell Owens Quotes Terrell Owens Athlete 1973
Kerry Packer Businessman 1937
Manny Pacquiao Quotes Manny Pacquiao Athlete 1978
Louis Pasteur Quotes Louis Pasteur Scientist 1822
Kevin Patterson Writer 1964
Louis Prima Quotes Louis Prima Entertainer 1910
Bill Pullman Quotes Bill Pullman Actor 1953
Paula Radcliffe Quotes Paula Radcliffe Athlete 1973
Giovanni Ribisi Quotes Giovanni Ribisi Actor 1974
W. D. Richter Writer 1945
Cokie Roberts Quotes Cokie Roberts Journalist 1943
David Rudisha Quotes David Rudisha Athlete 1988
William Safire Quotes William Safire Author 1929
Solomon Schechter Quotes Solomon Schechter Clergyman 1847
Wilfrid Sheed Novelist 1930
Martha Shelley Activist 1943
Hu Shih Quotes Hu Shih Philosopher 1891
Matthew Shipp Quotes Matthew Shipp Musician 1960
Peter Snell Quotes Peter Snell Athlete 1938
John Terry Quotes John Terry Athlete 1980
Sean Patrick Thomas Actor 1970
Polly Toynbee Quotes Polly Toynbee Journalist 1946
Herbert Beerbohm Tree Quotes Herbert Beerbohm Tree Actor 1852
Sarah Vowell Quotes Sarah Vowell Author 1969
Tom Waits Quotes Tom Waits Musician 1949
Eli Wallach Quotes Eli Wallach Actor 1915
Joe Walsh Quotes Joe Walsh Politician 1961
John Greenleaf Whittier Quotes John Greenleaf Whittier Poet 1807
John Sergeant Wise Author 1846
Jeffrey Wright Actor 1965
Howard Zinn Quotes Howard Zinn Historian 1922
Carl Zuckmayer Playwright 1896
Rumi Quotes Rumi Poet 1273