Authors Born on December, 5st

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December, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Rodney Alexander Politician 1946
Gary Allan Quotes Gary Allan Musician 1967
John R. Allen Quotes John R. Allen Soldier 1953
Maxwell Anderson Quotes Maxwell Anderson Playwright 1888
Michael P. Anderson Quotes Michael P. Anderson Astronaut 1959
Dido Armstrong Quotes Dido Armstrong Musician 1971
Joseph Barbara Actor 1967
William Barclay Theologian 1907
Clara Barton Quotes Clara Barton Public Servant 1821
Ahmed Ben Bella Quotes Ahmed Ben Bella Politician 1918
Lin Biao Quotes Lin Biao Politician 1907
Kathleen Blanco Quotes Kathleen Blanco Politician 1942
Humphrey Bogart Quotes Humphrey Bogart Actor 1899
Janos Bolyai Quotes Janos Bolyai Mathematician 1802
Donna Brazile Quotes Donna Brazile Politician 1959
Morgan Brittany Actress 1951
Adam Brody Quotes Adam Brody Actor 1979
Jimmy Buffett Quotes Jimmy Buffett Musician 1946
Sitting Bull Quotes Sitting Bull Statesman 1890
Martin Van Buren Quotes Martin Van Buren President 1782
Cab Calloway Quotes Cab Calloway Musician 1907
Jimmy Cannon Journalist 1973
Henry Charles Carey Quotes Henry Charles Carey Economist 1793
Jose Carreras Quotes Jose Carreras Musician 1946
Carlos Castaneda Quotes Carlos Castaneda Writer 1931
Carlos Castenada Quotes Carlos Castenada Writer 1925
Margaret Cho Quotes Margaret Cho Comedian 1968
Helena Christensen Quotes Helena Christensen Model 1968
Clark M. Clifford Quotes Clark M. Clifford Public Servant 1906
William Collins Poet 1721
Tim Conway Quotes Tim Conway Actor 1933
Alex Cox Director 1954
Quentin Crisp Quotes Quentin Crisp Writer 1908
Larry Csonka Athlete 1946
George Armstrong Custer Quotes George Armstrong Custer Soldier 1839
Joan Didion Quotes Joan Didion Author 1934
Walt Disney Quotes Walt Disney Cartoonist 1901
Michelle Dockery Quotes Michelle Dockery Actress 1981
Freeman Dyson Quotes Freeman Dyson Physicist 1923
Milton H. Erickson Psychologist 1901
J. Paul Getty Quotes J. Paul Getty Businessman 1892
Orlando Gibbons Composer 1583
Sete Gibernau Quotes Sete Gibernau Athlete 1972
Simon Greenleaf Judge 1783
John Lee Hancock Writer 1956
Shalom Harlow Quotes Shalom Harlow Model 1973
Werner Heisenberg Quotes Werner Heisenberg Physicist 1901
Rickey Henderson Quotes Rickey Henderson Athlete 1958
Conrad Hilton Quotes Conrad Hilton Businessman 1887
Friedensreich Hundertwasser Quotes Friedensreich Hundertwasser Architect 1928
Muhammad Ali Jinnah Quotes Muhammad Ali Jinnah Politician 1876
Don Johnson Quotes Don Johnson Actor 1949
Nunnally Johnson Director 1897
Kyle Johnson Athlete 1978
Moshe Katsav Quotes Moshe Katsav Statesman 1945
Stan Kenton Quotes Stan Kenton Musician 1911
Michael King Quotes Michael King Historian 1945
Alan Kulwicki Quotes Alan Kulwicki Athlete 1954
Rose Wilder Lane Quotes Rose Wilder Lane Journalist 1886
Fritz Lang Quotes Fritz Lang Director 1890
Annie Lennox Quotes Annie Lennox Musician 1954
Shane MacGowan Quotes Shane MacGowan Musician 1957
Barbara Mandrell Quotes Barbara Mandrell Musician 1948
Rob Mariano Celebrity 1975
Tony Martin Musician 1913
Ismail Merchant Quotes Ismail Merchant Producer 1936
Jim Messina Quotes Jim Messina Musician 1947
Frankie Muniz Quotes Frankie Muniz Actor 1985
Alannah Myles Quotes Alannah Myles Musician 1958
Isaac Newton Quotes Isaac Newton Mathematician 1642
Oscar Niemeyer Quotes Oscar Niemeyer Architect 1907
Edna O'Brien Novelist 1932
Jessica Pare Quotes Jessica Pare Actress 1980
Abraham Polonsky Writer 1910
Cecil Frank Powell Quotes Cecil Frank Powell Physicist 1903
Otto Preminger Quotes Otto Preminger Director 1906
Emeric Pressburger Quotes Emeric Pressburger Director 1902
Noel Redding Quotes Noel Redding Musician 1945
Little Richard Quotes Little Richard Musician 1932
Robert Ripley Quotes Robert Ripley Cartoonist 1890
Melanie Roach Athlete 1974
Christina Romer Quotes Christina Romer Economist 1958
Christina G. Rossetti Quotes Christina G. Rossetti Poet 1830
Christina Rossetti Quotes Christina Rossetti Poet 1830
Karl Rove Quotes Karl Rove Politician 1950
Helena Rubinstein Quotes Helena Rubinstein Businesswoman 1870
Muriel Rukeyser Poet 1913
Anwar Sadat Quotes Anwar Sadat Statesman 1918
Rod Serling Quotes Rod Serling Writer 1924
Michael Shanks Quotes Michael Shanks Actor 1970
Angelus Silesius Quotes Angelus Silesius Poet 1624
John Sladek Author 1937
Helen Slater Quotes Helen Slater Actress 1963
Betty Smith Quotes Betty Smith Novelist 1896
Sissy Spacek Quotes Sissy Spacek Actress 1949
Nick Stahl Quotes Nick Stahl Actor 1979
Julie Taymor Quotes Julie Taymor Director 1952
John Thune Quotes John Thune Politician 1961
Strom Thurmond Quotes Strom Thurmond Politician 1902
Stuart Townsend Quotes Stuart Townsend Actor 1972
Calvin Trillin Quotes Calvin Trillin Journalist 1935
Atal Bihari Vajpayee Quotes Atal Bihari Vajpayee Statesman 1924
Terry Vaughn Athlete 1971
Lila Acheson Wallace Publisher 1889
Mark Warner Quotes Mark Warner Politician 1954
Bruce Wasserstein Quotes Bruce Wasserstein Businessman 1947
Maurice Wilkins Quotes Maurice Wilkins Scientist 1916
Hugh Williamson Quotes Hugh Williamson Politician 1735