Authors Born on December, 2st

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December, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Abigail Adams Quotes Abigail Adams First Lady 1744
Mortimer Adler Quotes Mortimer Adler Philosopher 1902
Jenny Agutter Actress 1952
Wayne Allard Politician 1943
James Lane Allen Quotes James Lane Allen Author 1849
Roland Allen Clergyman 1868
Steve Allen Quotes Steve Allen Entertainer 1921
Summer Altice Quotes Summer Altice Model 1979
John Amos Quotes John Amos Actor 1939
Michael P. Anderson Quotes Michael P. Anderson Astronaut 1959
Joaquin Andujar Athlete 1952
Norman Angell Quotes Norman Angell Writer 1872
Mary Archer Scientist 1944
Dido Armstrong Quotes Dido Armstrong Musician 1971
Ernst Moritz Arndt Quotes Ernst Moritz Arndt Poet 1769
Matthew Arnold Quotes Matthew Arnold Poet 1822
Mary Astell Quotes Mary Astell Writer 1666
Tracy Austin Quotes Tracy Austin Athlete 1962
Bill Ayers Quotes Bill Ayers Activist 1944
Charles Babbage Quotes Charles Babbage Mathematician 1792
Spencer Bachus Politician 1947
Chet Baker Quotes Chet Baker Musician 1929
Ashleigh Banfield Journalist 1967
John Barbirolli Musician 1899
Bob Barker Quotes Bob Barker Actor 1923
Clara Barton Quotes Clara Barton Public Servant 1821
Jean-Michel Basquiat Quotes Jean-Michel Basquiat Artist 1960
Steven Bauer Quotes Steven Bauer Actor 1956
Evan Bayh Quotes Evan Bayh Politician 1955
Gary Becker Quotes Gary Becker Economist 1930
Thomas Becket Quotes Thomas Becket Clergyman 1118
Adrian Belew Quotes Adrian Belew Musician 1949
Ahmed Ben Bella Quotes Ahmed Ben Bella Politician 1918
Julien Benda Philosopher 1867
Peter L. Bergen Quotes Peter L. Bergen Journalist 1962
Max Bill Quotes Max Bill Architect 1908
Barbara Billingsley Quotes Barbara Billingsley Actress 1915
Honor Blackman Quotes Honor Blackman Actress 1927
Yohan Blake Quotes Yohan Blake Athlete 1989
Robert Bly Quotes Robert Bly Poet 1926
Humphrey Bogart Quotes Humphrey Bogart Actor 1899
David Bohm Quotes David Bohm Scientist 1917
Sissela Bok Philosopher 1934
Alain de Botton Quotes Alain de Botton Writer 1969
Lucien Bouchard Quotes Lucien Bouchard Lawyer 1938
Dion Boucicault Quotes Dion Boucicault Dramatist 1822
Billy Bragg Quotes Billy Bragg Musician 1957
Vera Brittain Quotes Vera Brittain Writer 1893
Earle Brown Composer 1926
Bob Brown Quotes Bob Brown Politician 1944
Jimmy Buffett Quotes Jimmy Buffett Musician 1946
Chris Bunch Writer 1943
Michael Burgess Celebrity 1950
Dan Butler Quotes Dan Butler Actor 1954
John Callahan Actor 1953
Maria Callas Quotes Maria Callas Musician 1923
Cab Calloway Quotes Cab Calloway Musician 1907
C. S. Calverley Quotes C. S. Calverley Poet 1831
Charles Stuart Calverley Quotes Charles Stuart Calverley Poet 1831
Luther Campbell Musician 1960
Will Carling Athlete 1965
Steve Carlton Quotes Steve Carlton Athlete 1944
Alejo Carpentier Quotes Alejo Carpentier Novelist 1904
Kit Carson Quotes Kit Carson Explorer 1809
Pablo Casals Quotes Pablo Casals Musician 1876
Carlos Castaneda Quotes Carlos Castaneda Writer 1931
Carlos Castenada Quotes Carlos Castenada Writer 1925
Alex Chilton Quotes Alex Chilton Musician 1950
Helena Christensen Quotes Helena Christensen Model 1968
Sandra Cisneros Author 1954
Mary Higgins Clark Quotes Mary Higgins Clark Author 1927
Wesley Clark Quotes Wesley Clark Soldier 1944
Patricia Clarkson Quotes Patricia Clarkson Actress 1959
Clark M. Clifford Quotes Clark M. Clifford Public Servant 1906
Bainbridge Colby Quotes Bainbridge Colby Public Servant 1869
William Collins Poet 1721
Jennifer Connelly Quotes Jennifer Connelly Actress 1970
Eliza Cook Quotes Eliza Cook Poet 1818
Thomas Couture Quotes Thomas Couture Artist 1815
Brendan Coyle Quotes Brendan Coyle Actor 1963
George Crabbe Quotes George Crabbe Poet 1754
Quentin Crisp Quotes Quentin Crisp Writer 1908
Peter Criss Quotes Peter Criss Musician 1945
Candy Crowley Quotes Candy Crowley Journalist 1948
Ted Cruz Quotes Ted Cruz Politician 1970
Larry Csonka Athlete 1946
Mike Curb Musician 1944
Charlotte Curtis Journalist 1928
Michael Curtiz Quotes Michael Curtiz Director 1886
Ted Danson Quotes Ted Danson Actor 1947
Erasmus Darwin Quotes Erasmus Darwin Scientist 1731
Chris Daughtry Quotes Chris Daughtry Musician 1979
Elizabeth David Quotes Elizabeth David Writer 1913
David Davis Politician 1948
Gray Davis Quotes Gray Davis Politician 1942
Guy Debord Quotes Guy Debord Writer 1931
Dan DeCarlo Quotes Dan DeCarlo Cartoonist 1919
Julie Delpy Quotes Julie Delpy Actress 1969
Gerard Depardieu Quotes Gerard Depardieu Actor 1948
Dan Devine Quotes Dan Devine Coach 1924
Andy Dick Quotes Andy Dick Actor 1965
Marlene Dietrich Quotes Marlene Dietrich Actress 1901
Benjamin Disraeli Quotes Benjamin Disraeli Statesman 1804
Otto Dix Quotes Otto Dix Artist 1891
Heather Donahue Actress 1974
Phil Donahue Quotes Phil Donahue Entertainer 1935
Carol Ann Duffy Quotes Carol Ann Duffy Poet 1955
Helen Dunmore Quotes Helen Dunmore Poet 1952
David Dunn Quotes David Dunn Athlete 1979
Irene Dunne Quotes Irene Dunne Actress 1898
Arthur Eddington Quotes Arthur Eddington Scientist 1882
Jennifer Ehle Actress 1969
Hector Elizondo Quotes Hector Elizondo Actor 1936
Samuel G. Engel Writer 1904
Chris Evert Quotes Chris Evert Athlete 1954
Jean Henri Fabre Quotes Jean Henri Fabre Author 1823
Marianne Faithfull Quotes Marianne Faithfull Musician 1946
Ralph Fiennes Quotes Ralph Fiennes Actor 1962
Howard Finster Artist 1916
Harvey S. Firestone Quotes Harvey S. Firestone Businessman 1868
Carlton Fisk Quotes Carlton Fisk Athlete 1947
Emerson Fittipaldi Quotes Emerson Fittipaldi Celebrity 1946
Gustave Flaubert Quotes Gustave Flaubert Novelist 1821
John Fletcher Dramatist 1579
Jane Fonda Quotes Jane Fonda Actress 1937
Connie Francis Musician 1938
Helen Frankenthaler Quotes Helen Frankenthaler Artist 1928
Jonathan Frid Quotes Jonathan Frid Actor 1924
Klaus Fuchs Quotes Klaus Fuchs Physicist 1911
Nelly Furtado Quotes Nelly Furtado Musician 1978
William Gaddis Quotes William Gaddis Novelist 1922
Ava Gardner Quotes Ava Gardner Actress 1922
William Lloyd Garrison Quotes William Lloyd Garrison Journalist 1805
Steve Garvey Quotes Steve Garvey Athlete 1948
Uri Geller Quotes Uri Geller Entertainer 1946
Gordon Getty Businessman 1934
Robin Gibb Quotes Robin Gibb Musician 1949
Maurice Gibb Quotes Maurice Gibb Musician 1949
Orlando Gibbons Composer 1583
Andre Gide Quotes Andre Gide Novelist 1869
William E. Gladstone Quotes William E. Gladstone Leader 1809
Bill Goldberg Quotes Bill Goldberg Athlete 1966
Frances Goodrich Dramatist 1890
Charles Goodyear Quotes Charles Goodyear Inventor 1800
Lord George Gordon Politician 1751
Thomas Gray Quotes Thomas Gray Poet 1716
Adolph Green Quotes Adolph Green Playwright 1914
Meg Greenfield Quotes Meg Greenfield Editor 1930
Joel Gretsch Quotes Joel Gretsch Actor 1963
Gerald Griffin Quotes Gerald Griffin Author 1803
Savannah Guthrie Quotes Savannah Guthrie Journalist 1971
Georges Guynemer Quotes Georges Guynemer Aviator 1894
Walter Hagen Quotes Walter Hagen Athlete 1892
Alexander Haig Quotes Alexander Haig Public Servant 1924
Corey Haim Quotes Corey Haim Actor 1971
Bridget Hall Model 1977
Tarja Halonen Quotes Tarja Halonen Statesman 1943
Julie Harris Quotes Julie Harris Actress 1925
Haldan Keffer Hartline Quotes Haldan Keffer Hartline Scientist 1903
Max Hastings Quotes Max Hastings Journalist 1945
Roy Hattersley Quotes Roy Hattersley Statesman 1932
Trip Hawkins Quotes Trip Hawkins Businessman 1953
Dan Hawkins Quotes Dan Hawkins Musician 1976
Bob Hayes Quotes Bob Hayes Athlete 1942
Thorstein Heins Businessman 1957
Rickey Henderson Quotes Rickey Henderson Athlete 1958
Charles Hermite Quotes Charles Hermite Mathematician 1822
Patricia Hewitt Politician 1948
Thomas Wentworth Higginson Quotes Thomas Wentworth Higginson Theologian 1823
George Roy Hill Director 1921
Conrad Hilton Quotes Conrad Hilton Businessman 1887
Earl Hines Quotes Earl Hines Musician 1903
Edward Hoagland Author 1932
Sidney Hook Quotes Sidney Hook Philosopher 1902
Paul Hornung Quotes Paul Hornung Athlete 1935
Howard Hughes Quotes Howard Hughes Businessman 1905
Karen Hughes Quotes Karen Hughes Politician 1956
Phil Humber Quotes Phil Humber Athlete 1982
Saint Ignatius Quotes Saint Ignatius Saint 1491
Josefa Iloilo Quotes Josefa Iloilo Statesman 1920
John James Ingalls Quotes John James Ingalls Politician 1833
Johnny Isakson Quotes Johnny Isakson Politician 1944
John Jay Quotes John Jay Judge 1745
Michael Jeffery Quotes Michael Jeffery Politician 1937
Joyce Jillson Quotes Joyce Jillson Celebrity 1946
Juan Ramon Jimenez Quotes Juan Ramon Jimenez Poet 1881
Muhammad Ali Jinnah Quotes Muhammad Ali Jinnah Politician 1876
Hu Jintao Quotes Hu Jintao Statesman 1942
Tim Johnson Politician 1946
Claudia Johnson First Lady 1912
Andrew Johnson Quotes Andrew Johnson President 1808
Lady Bird Johnson Quotes Lady Bird Johnson First Lady 1912
Eric Johnston Businessman 1896
James Prescott Joule Quotes James Prescott Joule Physicist 1818
Florence Griffith Joyner Quotes Florence Griffith Joyner Athlete 1959
Joseph Smith, Jr. Clergyman 1805
Jane Kaczmarek Quotes Jane Kaczmarek Actress 1955
Anil Kapoor Quotes Anil Kapoor Actor 1959
Yousuf Karsh Quotes Yousuf Karsh Photographer 1908
Jeffrey Katzenberg Quotes Jeffrey Katzenberg Producer 1950
Frank B. Kellogg Quotes Frank B. Kellogg Politician 1856
William Kennedy Writer 1918
Nigel Kennedy Quotes Nigel Kennedy Musician 1956
Johannes Kepler Quotes Johannes Kepler Scientist 1571
Salman Khan Quotes Salman Khan Actor 1965
Johnny Kidd Musician 1939
Alan King Quotes Alan King Comedian 1927
Gelsey Kirkland Dancer 1952
Hildegard Knef Quotes Hildegard Knef Actress 1925
Ray Knight Quotes Ray Knight Athlete 1952
David Knopfler Quotes David Knopfler Musician 1952
Ed Koch Quotes Ed Koch Politician 1924
Edward Koch Quotes Edward Koch Politician 1924
Andre Kostelanetz Musician 1901
Bill Kristol Quotes Bill Kristol Politician 1952
Paul Kurtz Quotes Paul Kurtz Philosopher 1925
Bernard Lagat Quotes Bernard Lagat Athlete 1974
Jeff Landry Quotes Jeff Landry Politician 1970
Susanne Langer Philosopher 1895
Jude Law Quotes Jude Law Actor 1972
Wen Ho Lee Quotes Wen Ho Lee Scientist 1939
Stan Lee Quotes Stan Lee Writer 1922
John Legend Quotes John Legend Musician 1978
Annie Lennox Quotes Annie Lennox Musician 1954
Max Lerner Quotes Max Lerner Journalist 1902
Jared Leto Quotes Jared Leto Actor 1971
Oscar Levant Quotes Oscar Levant Composer 1906
Sam Levenson Quotes Sam Levenson Author 1911
Joanna Noelle Levesque Quotes Joanna Noelle Levesque Musician 1990
Jane Levy Quotes Jane Levy Actress 1989
Charles de Lint Writer 1951
Bill Lipinski Politician 1937
Lucy Liu Quotes Lucy Liu Actress 1968
Zoe Lofgren Quotes Zoe Lofgren Politician 1947
LaToya London Quotes LaToya London Musician 1978
Marie Louise Royalty 1791
Ignatius Loyola Quotes Ignatius Loyola Clergyman 1491
Susan Lucci Quotes Susan Lucci Actress 1947
Russell Lynes Critic 1910
John D. MacDonald Quotes John D. MacDonald Novelist 1986
Shane MacGowan Quotes Shane MacGowan Musician 1957
Connie Mack Quotes Connie Mack Businessman 1862
Norman Maclean Author 1902
Ramana Maharshi Quotes Ramana Maharshi Philosopher 1879
Og Mandino Quotes Og Mandino Author 1923
Barbara Mandrell Quotes Barbara Mandrell Musician 1948
Michael E. Mann Quotes Michael E. Mann Scientist 1965
Rob Mariano Celebrity 1975
Lynn Martin Public Servant 1939
Tony Martin Musician 1913
William Masters Scientist 1915
John William McCormack Quotes John William McCormack Politician 1891
Mike McCurry Public Servant 1954
Jim McDermott Politician 1936
Edwin Meese Quotes Edwin Meese Public Servant 1931
Thomas Menino Quotes Thomas Menino Politician 1942
Robert Menzies Quotes Robert Menzies Statesman 1894
Ismail Merchant Quotes Ismail Merchant Producer 1936
Stephenie Meyer Quotes Stephenie Meyer Author 1973
Nicholas Meyer Quotes Nicholas Meyer Writer 1945
Ed Miliband Quotes Ed Miliband Politician 1969
Mark Millar Quotes Mark Millar Writer 1969
Sienna Miller Quotes Sienna Miller Actress 1981
Henry Miller Quotes Henry Miller Author 1891
Dan Miller Politician 1944
Martin Milner Quotes Martin Milner Actor 1931
George Richards Minot Quotes George Richards Minot Scientist 1885
Billy Mitchell Quotes Billy Mitchell Soldier 1879
Katherine Moennig Quotes Katherine Moennig Actress 1977
William Henry Moody Quotes William Henry Moody Politician 1853
Mary Tyler Moore Quotes Mary Tyler Moore Actress 1936
Scotty Moore Musician 1931
Paul Elmer More Critic 1864
Karen Morley Quotes Karen Morley Actress 1909
Kary Mullis Quotes Kary Mullis Scientist 1944
Edvard Munch Quotes Edvard Munch Artist 1863
Arthur Murphy Writer 1727
James Patrick Murray Journalist 1919
Alannah Myles Quotes Alannah Myles Musician 1958
Jack Nance Quotes Jack Nance Actor 1943
Randy Neugebauer Quotes Randy Neugebauer Politician 1949
John von Neumann Quotes John von Neumann Mathematician 1903
Isaac Newton Quotes Isaac Newton Mathematician 1642
Nichelle Nichols Quotes Nichelle Nichols Musician 1933
Bill Nighy Quotes Bill Nighy Actor 1949
Ray Nitschke Quotes Ray Nitschke Athlete 1936
Will Oldham Quotes Will Oldham Musician 1970
Charles Olson Quotes Charles Olson Poet 1910
Barbara Olson Quotes Barbara Olson Journalist 1955
Leo Ornstein Quotes Leo Ornstein Composer 1892
Heather O'Rourke Actress 1975
John Osborne Quotes John Osborne Playwright 1929
Vanessa Paradis Quotes Vanessa Paradis Musician 1972
Alan Parsons Quotes Alan Parsons Musician 1948
Louis Pasteur Quotes Louis Pasteur Scientist 1822
Ann Patchett Quotes Ann Patchett Author 1963
Joe Paterno Quotes Joe Paterno Coach 1924
Kevin Patterson Writer 1964
Cynthia Payne Celebrity 1932
Dave Pelzer Quotes Dave Pelzer Writer 1960
Sonny Perdue Quotes Sonny Perdue Politician 1946
Bob Pettit Athlete 1932
Albert Pike Quotes Albert Pike Lawyer 1809
Henri Pirenne Historian 1862
Cyril Ponnamperuma Quotes Cyril Ponnamperuma Scientist 1994
Paula Poundstone Quotes Paula Poundstone Comedian 1959
Anthony Powell Quotes Anthony Powell Novelist 1905
Susan Powter Celebrity 1957
Giacomo Puccini Quotes Giacomo Puccini Composer 1858
Manuel Puig Quotes Manuel Puig Author 1932
Jean Racine Quotes Jean Racine Dramatist 1639
Patrick Rafter Quotes Patrick Rafter Athlete 1972
Leopold Von Ranke Quotes Leopold Von Ranke Historian 1795
Noomi Rapace Quotes Noomi Rapace Actress 1979
Simon Raven Novelist 1927
Gene Rayburn Quotes Gene Rayburn Entertainer 1917
Noel Redding Quotes Noel Redding Musician 1945
B. Carroll Reece Politician 1889
Donald T. Regan Quotes Donald T. Regan Public Servant 1918
Harry Reid Quotes Harry Reid Politician 1939
Ad Reinhardt Quotes Ad Reinhardt Artist 1913
Kenneth Rexroth Quotes Kenneth Rexroth Poet 1905
Branch Rickey Quotes Branch Rickey Athlete 1881
Cathy Rigby Athlete 1952
Robert Ripley Quotes Robert Ripley Cartoonist 1890
Cokie Roberts Quotes Cokie Roberts Journalist 1943
Chris Robinson Musician 1966
Edward G. Robinson Quotes Edward G. Robinson Actor 1893
Bill Rodgers Athlete 1947
Ray Romano Quotes Ray Romano Actor 1957
Christina Romer Quotes Christina Romer Economist 1958
James Roosevelt Quotes James Roosevelt Politician 1907
Barney Ross Quotes Barney Ross Athlete 1909
Karl Rove Quotes Karl Rove Politician 1950
Helena Rubinstein Quotes Helena Rubinstein Businesswoman 1870
Gerd von Rundstedt Quotes Gerd von Rundstedt Soldier 1875
Benjamin Rush Quotes Benjamin Rush Scientist 1745
Mark Rutherford Writer 1831
Anwar Sadat Quotes Anwar Sadat Statesman 1918
George Saunders Quotes George Saunders Writer 1958
Terry Sawchuk Quotes Terry Sawchuk Athlete 1929
Diane Sawyer Quotes Diane Sawyer Journalist 1945
Lawrence Schiller Producer 1936
Morrie Schwartz Educator 1916
Ryan Seacrest Quotes Ryan Seacrest Entertainer 1974
David Sedaris Quotes David Sedaris Writer 1956
Monica Seles Quotes Monica Seles Athlete 1973
Rod Serling Quotes Rod Serling Writer 1924
Jeff Sessions Quotes Jeff Sessions Politician 1946
Roger Sessions Quotes Roger Sessions Composer 1896
Georges Seurat Quotes Georges Seurat Artist 1859
Joan Severance Actress 1958
Anna Seward Quotes Anna Seward Writer 1747
Giuliana Sgrena Journalist 1948
Harry Shearer Quotes Harry Shearer Actor 1943
Wilfrid Sheed Novelist 1930
Martha Shelley Activist 1943
Sam Sheppard Scientist 1923
Angelus Silesius Quotes Angelus Silesius Poet 1624
Frank Sinatra Quotes Frank Sinatra Musician 1915
Ike Skelton Quotes Ike Skelton Politician 1931
Andy Van Slyke Quotes Andy Van Slyke Athlete 1960
Samuel Smiles Quotes Samuel Smiles Author 1812
Ozzie Smith Quotes Ozzie Smith Athlete 1954
Maggie Smith Quotes Maggie Smith Actress 1934
Patti Smith Quotes Patti Smith Musician 1946
Sissy Spacek Quotes Sissy Spacek Actress 1949
Britney Spears Musician 1981
Phil Spector Businessman 1940
John Spencer Actor 1946
Penelope Spheeris Quotes Penelope Spheeris Director 1945
Joseph Stalin Quotes Joseph Stalin Leader 1879
Barbara Steele Actress 1937
Jackie Stiles Athlete 1978
James Stockdale Quotes James Stockdale Soldier 1923
I. F. Stone Quotes I. F. Stone Journalist 1907
Kiefer Sutherland Quotes Kiefer Sutherland Actor 1966
Sarah Sutton Actress 1961
Carmen Sylva Quotes Carmen Sylva Royalty 1843
Henrietta Szold Quotes Henrietta Szold Activist 1860
Tom Tancredo Quotes Tom Tancredo Politician 1945
Donna Tartt Novelist 1963
Brandon Thomas Quotes Brandon Thomas Actor 1850
Michael Tilson Thomas Musician 1944
John Thune Quotes John Thune Politician 1961
Louis Tomlinson Quotes Louis Tomlinson Musician 1991
Jean Toomer Quotes Jean Toomer Author 1894
Linus Torvalds Quotes Linus Torvalds Businessman 1969
Polly Toynbee Quotes Polly Toynbee Journalist 1946
Lars Ulrich Quotes Lars Ulrich Musician 1963
Atal Bihari Vajpayee Quotes Atal Bihari Vajpayee Statesman 1924
Edgard Varese Quotes Edgard Varese Composer 1883
Terry Vaughn Athlete 1971
Eddie Vedder Quotes Eddie Vedder Musician 1964
Gianni Versace Quotes Gianni Versace Designer 1946
Jon Voight Quotes Jon Voight Actor 1938
Carol Vorderman Quotes Carol Vorderman Entertainer 1960
Sarah Vowell Quotes Sarah Vowell Author 1969
Andy Wachowski Quotes Andy Wachowski Director 1967
Kurt Waldheim Quotes Kurt Waldheim Diplomat 1918
Lila Acheson Wallace Publisher 1889
John Walsh Quotes John Walsh Entertainer 1945
Bill Walsh Editor 1961
Joe Walsh Quotes Joe Walsh Politician 1961
Ray Walston Quotes Ray Walston Actor 1914
William Warburton Critic 1698
Chris Ware Quotes Chris Ware Artist 1967
Estella Warren Quotes Estella Warren Model 1978
Harry Warren Quotes Harry Warren Composer 1893
Dionne Warwick Quotes Dionne Warwick Musician 1940
Denzel Washington Quotes Denzel Washington Actor 1954
Bruce Wasserstein Quotes Bruce Wasserstein Businessman 1947
Stand Watie Quotes Stand Watie Soldier 1806
Mike Watt Quotes Mike Watt Musician 1957
Pat Weaver Quotes Pat Weaver Businesswoman 1908
Karrie Webb Quotes Karrie Webb Athlete 1974
Henry Wells Businessman 1805
Charles Wesley Quotes Charles Wesley Clergyman 1707
Rebecca West Quotes Rebecca West Author 1892
Richard Widmark Quotes Richard Widmark Actor 1914
Tom Wilkinson Quotes Tom Wilkinson Actor 1948
Tony Williams Musician 1945
Joe Williams Quotes Joe Williams Musician 1918
Carl Wilson Quotes Carl Wilson Musician 1946
William Julius Wilson Sociologist 1935
Woodrow Wilson Quotes Woodrow Wilson President 1856
Paul Winchell Quotes Paul Winchell Entertainer 1922
Edgar Winter Quotes Edgar Winter Musician 1946
John Sergeant Wise Author 1846
Dick Wolf Quotes Dick Wolf Producer 1946
Elsie de Wolfe Actress 1865
Paul Wolfowitz Quotes Paul Wolfowitz Public Servant 1943
Rose Mary Woods Quotes Rose Mary Woods Celebrity 1917
Zev Yaroslavsky Quotes Zev Yaroslavsky Politician 1948
Frank Zappa Quotes Frank Zappa Musician 1940
Mao Zedong Quotes Mao Zedong Leader 1893
Adolfo Aguilar Zinser Quotes Adolfo Aguilar Zinser Diplomat 1949
Carl Zuckmayer Playwright 1896
Akihito Quotes Akihito Statesman 1933
JoJo Musician 1990