Authors Born on December, 1st

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December, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
DMX Quotes DMX Musician 1970
Abu Abbas Politician 1948
Lyman Abbott Quotes Lyman Abbott Author 1835
John Abercrombie Quotes John Abercrombie Musician 1944
Sandy Adams Quotes Sandy Adams Politician 1956
Christina Aguilera Quotes Christina Aguilera Musician 1980
James Lane Allen Quotes James Lane Allen Author 1849
John R. Allen Quotes John R. Allen Soldier 1953
Woody Allen Quotes Woody Allen Director 1935
Walt Alston Quotes Walt Alston Athlete 1911
Carol Alt Quotes Carol Alt Model 1960
Morey Amsterdam Quotes Morey Amsterdam Actor 1908
Clive Anderson Quotes Clive Anderson Entertainer 1952
Maxwell Anderson Quotes Maxwell Anderson Playwright 1888
John Anderson 1954
Jack Anderson Journalist 2005
Joaquin Andujar Athlete 1952
Elizabeth Arden Quotes Elizabeth Arden Businesswoman 1878
Edwin Armstrong Quotes Edwin Armstrong Inventor 1890
Sylvia Ashton-Warner Educator 1908
Mary Astell Quotes Mary Astell Writer 1666
John Atkinson Judge 1844
Jane Austen Quotes Jane Austen Writer 1775
Tracy Austin Quotes Tracy Austin Athlete 1962
Donovan Bailey Athlete 1967
Ella Baker Quotes Ella Baker Activist 1903
Lester Bangs Quotes Lester Bangs Critic 1948
Bob Barker Quotes Bob Barker Actor 1923
Edward E. Barnard Quotes Edward E. Barnard Scientist 1857
Alice Barrett Actress 1956
Max Baucus Quotes Max Baucus Politician 1941
Jennifer Beals Quotes Jennifer Beals Actress 1963
Thomas Becket Quotes Thomas Becket Clergyman 1118
Ludwig van Beethoven Quotes Ludwig van Beethoven Composer 1770
Antony Beevor Quotes Antony Beevor Historian 1946
Eleanor Robson Belmont Quotes Eleanor Robson Belmont Actress 1879
Peter L. Bergen Quotes Peter L. Bergen Journalist 1962
Hector Berlioz Quotes Hector Berlioz Composer 1803
Steven Biko Quotes Steven Biko Activist 1946
Jane Birkin Quotes Jane Birkin Actress 1946
Honor Blackman Quotes Honor Blackman Actress 1927
Rod Blagojevich Quotes Rod Blagojevich Politician 1956
Kathleen Blanco Quotes Kathleen Blanco Politician 1942
Dan Blocker Quotes Dan Blocker Actor 1928
Steven Bochco Quotes Steven Bochco Producer 1943
Herman Boerhaave Quotes Herman Boerhaave Scientist 1668
Janos Bolyai Quotes Janos Bolyai Mathematician 1802
John Boozman Politician 1950
Max Born Quotes Max Born Mathematician 1882
Tycho Brahe Quotes Tycho Brahe Scientist 1546
Kenneth Branagh Quotes Kenneth Branagh Actor 1960
Stewart Brand Quotes Stewart Brand Author 1938
Willy Brandt Quotes Willy Brandt Politician 1913
Benjamin Bratt Quotes Benjamin Bratt Actor 1963
Donna Brazile Quotes Donna Brazile Politician 1959
Leonid I. Brezhnev Quotes Leonid I. Brezhnev Statesman 1906
Jon Brion Quotes Jon Brion Musician 1963
Adam Brody Quotes Adam Brody Actor 1979
Phillips Brooks Quotes Phillips Brooks Clergyman 1835
Bruce Brown Quotes Bruce Brown Director 1937
Lew Brown Musician 1893
Bill Buckner Quotes Bill Buckner Athlete 1949
Emma Bull Quotes Emma Bull Writer 1954
Sitting Bull Quotes Sitting Bull Statesman 1890
Alan Bullock Historian 1914
Steve Buscemi Quotes Steve Buscemi Actor 1957
Candace Bushnell Quotes Candace Bushnell Writer 1959
Edward B. Butler Quotes Edward B. Butler Businessman 1853
Paul Butterfield Quotes Paul Butterfield Musician 1942
Herman Cain Quotes Herman Cain Businessman 1945
Peter Camejo Quotes Peter Camejo Businessman 1939
Alex Campbell Politician 1933
Annie Jump Cannon Quotes Annie Jump Cannon Scientist 1863
Donald L. Carcieri Quotes Donald L. Carcieri Politician 1942
Henry Charles Carey Quotes Henry Charles Carey Economist 1793
Will Carling Athlete 1965
Emily Carr Quotes Emily Carr Artist 1871
Elliott Carter Quotes Elliott Carter Composer 1908
Elizabeth Carter Quotes Elizabeth Carter Poet 1717
Jacques Cartier Quotes Jacques Cartier Explorer 1491
Randy Castillo Musician 1950
Jack L. Chalker Quotes Jack L. Chalker Author 1944
Leland Chapman Celebrity 1976
Ramsey Clark Quotes Ramsey Clark Public Servant 1927
Arthur C. Clarke Quotes Arthur C. Clarke Writer 1917
Ty Cobb Quotes Ty Cobb Athlete 1886
Thomas Cochrane Politician 1775
Jennifer Connelly Quotes Jennifer Connelly Actress 1970
Dennis Conner Quotes Dennis Conner Athlete 1942
Tim Conway Quotes Tim Conway Actor 1933
Eric Allin Cornell Quotes Eric Allin Cornell Physicist 1961
Thomas Couture Quotes Thomas Couture Artist 1815
Noel Coward Quotes Noel Coward Playwright 1899
Alex Cox Director 1954
George Creel Quotes George Creel Journalist 1876
Stanley Crouch Critic 1945
John Crowley Quotes John Crowley Writer 1942
Burton Cummings Quotes Burton Cummings Musician 1947
Robert A. Dahl Writer 1915
Dan Dailey Quotes Dan Dailey Actor 1913
Beatrice Dalle Quotes Beatrice Dalle Actress 1964
Erasmus Darwin Quotes Erasmus Darwin Scientist 1731
John Davidson Celebrity 1941
Ossie Davis Quotes Ossie Davis Actor 1917
Wade Davis Quotes Wade Davis Scientist 1953
Humphry Davy Quotes Humphry Davy Scientist 1778
Dan DeCarlo Quotes Dan DeCarlo Cartoonist 1919
Morris Dees Lawyer 1936
Mos Def Quotes Mos Def Musician 1973
Frank Deford Quotes Frank Deford Writer 1938
Tom DeLonge Quotes Tom DeLonge Musician 1975
Julie Delpy Quotes Julie Delpy Actress 1969
Brad Delson Quotes Brad Delson Musician 1977
John Denver Quotes John Denver Musician 1943
Melvil Dewey Quotes Melvil Dewey Inventor 1851
Susan Dey Quotes Susan Dey Actress 1952
Andy Dick Quotes Andy Dick Actor 1965
Emily Dickinson Quotes Emily Dickinson Poet 1830
Norm Dicks Politician 1940
Casper Van Dien Quotes Casper Van Dien Actor 1968
Benjamin Disraeli Quotes Benjamin Disraeli Statesman 1804
Larry Doby Quotes Larry Doby Athlete 1923
Michelle Dockery Quotes Michelle Dockery Actress 1981
Phil Donahue Quotes Phil Donahue Entertainer 1935
Jimmy Doolittle Quotes Jimmy Doolittle Aviator 1896
Julie Doucet Artist 1965
Gabby Douglas Quotes Gabby Douglas Athlete 1995
Patty Duke Quotes Patty Duke Actress 1946
Michael Clarke Duncan Quotes Michael Clarke Duncan Actor 1957
Dick Van Dyke Quotes Dick Van Dyke Actor 1925
Freeman Dyson Quotes Freeman Dyson Physicist 1923
Edward Eggleston Quotes Edward Eggleston Editor 1837
Paul Eluard Quotes Paul Eluard Poet 1895
Anna Eshoo Quotes Anna Eshoo Politician 1942
Susan Estrich Journalist 1952
Chris Evert Quotes Chris Evert Athlete 1954
Peter Farrelly Quotes Peter Farrelly Director 1956
Alex Ferguson Quotes Alex Ferguson Coach 1941
James Thomas Fields Quotes James Thomas Fields Publisher 1817
Minnie Maddern Fiske Quotes Minnie Maddern Fiske Actress 1865
Emerson Fittipaldi Quotes Emerson Fittipaldi Celebrity 1946
Penelope Fitzgerald Quotes Penelope Fitzgerald Poet 1916
Jeff Flake Quotes Jeff Flake Politician 1962
Gustave Flaubert Quotes Gustave Flaubert Novelist 1821
William Floyd Politician 1734
Jane Fonda Quotes Jane Fonda Actress 1937
Steve Forbert Quotes Steve Forbert Musician 1955
Jamie Foxx Quotes Jamie Foxx Actor 1967
Connie Francis Musician 1938
Helen Frankenthaler Quotes Helen Frankenthaler Artist 1928
Ford Frick Quotes Ford Frick Journalist 1894
Roger Fry Quotes Roger Fry Artist 1866
Christopher Fry Playwright 1907
Cornelia Funke Author 1958
Diane von Furstenberg Quotes Diane von Furstenberg Designer 1946
Teri Garr Quotes Teri Garr Actress 1944
William Lloyd Garrison Quotes William Lloyd Garrison Journalist 1805
Jean Genet Quotes Jean Genet Dramatist 1910
J. Paul Getty Quotes J. Paul Getty Businessman 1892
Jim Gibbons Politician 1944
Billy Gibbons Quotes Billy Gibbons Musician 1949
Sete Gibernau Quotes Sete Gibernau Athlete 1972
Greg Giraldo Quotes Greg Giraldo Comedian 1965
Trisha Goddard Quotes Trisha Goddard Entertainer 1957
Rumer Godden Quotes Rumer Godden Novelist 1907
Duff Goldman Quotes Duff Goldman Chef 1974
Frances Goodrich Dramatist 1890
Morton Gould Quotes Morton Gould Musician 1913
Betty Grable Quotes Betty Grable Actress 1916
Gerald Griffin Quotes Gerald Griffin Author 1803
Bede Griffiths Clergyman 1906
Val Guest Director 1911
Mel Gussow Critic 1933
Luis Gutierrez Quotes Luis Gutierrez Politician 1953
Jake Gyllenhaal Quotes Jake Gyllenhaal Actor 1980
Taylor Hackford Quotes Taylor Hackford Director 1944
Walter Hagen Quotes Walter Hagen Athlete 1892
Thomas Chandler Haliburton Quotes Thomas Chandler Haliburton Author 1796
Bridget Hall Model 1977
John Lee Hancock Writer 1956
Jim Harrison Writer 1937
Doug Harvey Quotes Doug Harvey Athlete 1924
Dan Hawkins Quotes Dan Hawkins Musician 1976
Tom Hayden Quotes Tom Hayden Politician 1939
Nan Hayworth Quotes Nan Hayworth Politician 1959
Van Heflin Quotes Van Heflin Actor 1910
Heinrich Heine Quotes Heinrich Heine Poet 1797
Joseph Henry Quotes Joseph Henry Scientist 1797
Don Hewitt Quotes Don Hewitt Producer 1922
Bill Hicks Quotes Bill Hicks Comedian 1961
Edward Hoagland Author 1932
Thomas Holcroft Quotes Thomas Holcroft Dramatist 1745
Katie Holmes Quotes Katie Holmes Actress 1978
Anthony Hopkins Quotes Anthony Hopkins Actor 1937
Joseph Howe Quotes Joseph Howe Politician 1804
Vanessa Hudgens Quotes Vanessa Hudgens Actress 1988
Ernie Hudson Quotes Ernie Hudson Actor 1945
Phil Humber Quotes Phil Humber Athlete 1982
Friedensreich Hundertwasser Quotes Friedensreich Hundertwasser Architect 1928
Chet Huntley Quotes Chet Huntley Journalist 1911
Scott Ian Quotes Scott Ian Musician 1963
Stu Jackson Coach 1955
Shirley Jackson Quotes Shirley Jackson Novelist 1919
Jermaine Jackson Quotes Jermaine Jackson Musician 1954
John Jay Quotes John Jay Judge 1745
Michael Jeffery Quotes Michael Jeffery Politician 1937
Tahar Ben Jelloun Quotes Tahar Ben Jelloun Poet 1944
Ferguson Jenkins Quotes Ferguson Jenkins Athlete 1943
Derrick Jensen Author 1960
Hu Jintao Quotes Hu Jintao Statesman 1942
Kyle Johnson Athlete 1978
Celia Johnson Quotes Celia Johnson Actress 1908
Don Johnson Quotes Don Johnson Actor 1949
Eric Johnston Businessman 1896
Florence Griffith Joyner Quotes Florence Griffith Joyner Athlete 1959
Jane Kaczmarek Quotes Jane Kaczmarek Actress 1955
Al Kaline Quotes Al Kaline Athlete 1934
Raj Kapoor Quotes Raj Kapoor Actor 1924
Jonathan Katz Quotes Jonathan Katz Comedian 1946
Jeffrey Katzenberg Quotes Jeffrey Katzenberg Producer 1950
Murray Kempton Journalist 1917
Stan Kenton Quotes Stan Kenton Musician 1911
Vanessa Kerry Quotes Vanessa Kerry Celebrity 1976
John F. Kerry Quotes John F. Kerry Politician 1943
Ellen Key Writer 1849
Jahangir Khan Quotes Jahangir Khan Athlete 1963
Val Kilmer Quotes Val Kilmer Actor 1959
Michael King Quotes Michael King Historian 1945
Thomas Starr King Quotes Thomas Starr King Clergyman 1824
Mackenzie King Quotes Mackenzie King Statesman 1874
Ben Kingsley Quotes Ben Kingsley Actor 1943
Klaus Kinkel Quotes Klaus Kinkel Public Servant 1936
Tommy Kirk Actor 1941
Allen Klein Businessman 1931
Walter Knott Quotes Walter Knott Businessman 1889
Harry Knowles Quotes Harry Knowles Critic 1971
Ed Koch Quotes Ed Koch Politician 1924
Billy Koch Athlete 1974
Edward Koch Quotes Edward Koch Politician 1924
Zoltan Kodaly Composer 1882
Alan Kulwicki Quotes Alan Kulwicki Athlete 1954
Paul Kurtz Quotes Paul Kurtz Philosopher 1925
Bernard Lagat Quotes Bernard Lagat Athlete 1974
Fiorello LaGuardia Quotes Fiorello LaGuardia Politician 1882
Charles Lawrence Politician 1709
Richard Leakey Quotes Richard Leakey Environmentalist 1944
Romeo LeBlanc Quotes Romeo LeBlanc Politician 1927
Charles Lederer Quotes Charles Lederer Director 1906
Amy Lee Quotes Amy Lee Musician 1981
Alvin Lee Quotes Alvin Lee Musician 1944
Wen Ho Lee Quotes Wen Ho Lee Scientist 1939
Brenda Lee Quotes Brenda Lee Musician 1942
Eugene Levy Quotes Eugene Levy Actor 1946
Gong Li Quotes Gong Li Actress 1964
Willard Libby Quotes Willard Libby Scientist 1908
David Limbaugh Author 1952
Mary Todd Lincoln Quotes Mary Todd Lincoln First Lady 1818
George Lindsey Quotes George Lindsey Actor 1935
O. Winston Link Quotes O. Winston Link Photographer 1914
Ray Liotta Quotes Ray Liotta Actor 1955
Zoe Lofgren Quotes Zoe Lofgren Politician 1947
Mike Lookinland Quotes Mike Lookinland Actor 1960
Adolf Loos Quotes Adolf Loos Architect 1870
Marie Louise Royalty 1791
John Lurie Quotes John Lurie Actor 1952
Jimmy Lyons Musician 1931
George MacDonald Quotes George MacDonald Novelist 1824
William Lyon Mackenzie King Quotes William Lyon Mackenzie King Politician 1874
Naguib Mahfouz Quotes Naguib Mahfouz Novelist 1911
Errico Malatesta Quotes Errico Malatesta Activist 1853
Wendie Malick Quotes Wendie Malick Actress 1950
Leonard Maltin Quotes Leonard Maltin Critic 1950
Og Mandino Quotes Og Mandino Author 1923
Jean Marais Quotes Jean Marais Actor 1913
Roger Maris Quotes Roger Maris Athlete 1985
Alicia Markova Quotes Alicia Markova Dancer 1910
George C. Marshall Quotes George C. Marshall Soldier 1880
Mary Martin Quotes Mary Martin Actress 1913
George Mason Quotes George Mason Statesman 1725
Tim Matheson Quotes Tim Matheson Actor 1947
Henri Matisse Quotes Henri Matisse Artist 1869
Chris Matthews Quotes Chris Matthews Journalist 1945
John William McCormack Quotes John William McCormack Politician 1891
Mike McCurry Public Servant 1954
Rose McGowan Quotes Rose McGowan Actress 1974
Margaret Mead Quotes Margaret Mead Scientist 1901
Olivier Messiaen Quotes Olivier Messiaen Composer 1908
Bette Midler Quotes Bette Midler Actress 1945
Alyssa Milano Quotes Alyssa Milano Actress 1972
Sarah Miles Quotes Sarah Miles Actress 1941
James Pinckney Miller Playwright 1919
Donna Mills Quotes Donna Mills Actress 1942
Alfred Moisiu Quotes Alfred Moisiu Statesman 1929
Brian Molko Quotes Brian Molko Musician 1972
Archie Moore Quotes Archie Moore Athlete 1913
Paul Elmer More Critic 1864
Rita Moreno Quotes Rita Moreno Actress 1931
Karen Morley Quotes Karen Morley Actress 1909
Emily Mortimer Quotes Emily Mortimer Actress 1971
Robert Moses Quotes Robert Moses Public Servant 1888
Pranab Mukherjee Quotes Pranab Mukherjee Statesman 1935
Edvard Munch Quotes Edvard Munch Artist 1863
Hector Hugh Munro Quotes Hector Hugh Munro Novelist 1870
Dick Murphy Quotes Dick Murphy Politician 1942
Walter Murphy Musician 1952
Patrick Murray Actor 1956
Alfred de Musset Quotes Alfred de Musset Writer 1810
Lee Myung-bak Quotes Lee Myung-bak Statesman 1941
Jack Nance Quotes Jack Nance Actor 1943
Nicholas Negroponte Quotes Nicholas Negroponte Businessman 1943
Bebe Neuwirth Quotes Bebe Neuwirth Actress 1958
Ben Nicholas Actor 1987
Oscar Niemeyer Quotes Oscar Niemeyer Architect 1907
Bill Nighy Quotes Bill Nighy Actor 1949
Jeremy Northam Actor 1961
Ted Nugent Quotes Ted Nugent Musician 1948
Edna O'Brien Novelist 1932
Phil Ochs Quotes Phil Ochs Musician 1940
Peter Orszag Quotes Peter Orszag Economist 1968
John Osborne Quotes John Osborne Playwright 1929
Miranda Otto Quotes Miranda Otto Actress 1967
Michael J. Owen Quotes Michael J. Owen Athlete 1979
Kerry Packer Businessman 1937
Manny Pacquiao Quotes Manny Pacquiao Athlete 1978
Grace Paley Quotes Grace Paley Writer 1922
Talcott Parsons Quotes Talcott Parsons Sociologist 1902
Joe Paterno Quotes Joe Paterno Coach 1924
John Henry Patterson Businessman 1844
Jacques Pepin Quotes Jacques Pepin Chef 1935
William Perry Quotes William Perry Athlete 1962
Bob Pettit Athlete 1932
Edith Piaf Quotes Edith Piaf Musician 1915
Christopher Plummer Quotes Christopher Plummer Actor 1929
Frederick Pollock Judge 1845
Ricky Ponting Quotes Ricky Ponting Athlete 1974
Eleanor Porter Quotes Eleanor Porter Novelist 1868
Rob Portman Quotes Rob Portman Politician 1955
Anthony Powell Quotes Anthony Powell Novelist 1905
Victoria Pratt Quotes Victoria Pratt Actress 1970
V. S. Pritchett Writer 1900
Richard Pryor Quotes Richard Pryor Actor 1940
Bill Pullman Quotes Bill Pullman Actor 1953
Paula Radcliffe Quotes Paula Radcliffe Athlete 1973
Leopold Von Ranke Quotes Leopold Von Ranke Historian 1795
Lou Rawls Quotes Lou Rawls Musician 1933
Rene Redzepi Chef 1977
Donald T. Regan Quotes Donald T. Regan Public Servant 1918
Tim Reid Quotes Tim Reid Actor 1944
Lee Remick Quotes Lee Remick Actress 1935
Tommy Rettig Quotes Tommy Rettig Actor 1941
Giovanni Ribisi Quotes Giovanni Ribisi Actor 1974
Charlie Rich Musician 1932
Keith Richards Quotes Keith Richards Musician 1943
Ralph Richardson Quotes Ralph Richardson Actor 1902
Cathy Rigby Athlete 1952
Melanie Roach Athlete 1974
Edward G. Robinson Quotes Edward G. Robinson Actor 1893
Ray Romano Quotes Ray Romano Actor 1957
Dilma Rousseff Quotes Dilma Rousseff Statesman 1947
David Rudisha Quotes David Rudisha Athlete 1988
Alan Rudolph Quotes Alan Rudolph Director 1943
Muriel Rukeyser Poet 1913
Gerd von Rundstedt Quotes Gerd von Rundstedt Soldier 1875
Nelly Sachs Quotes Nelly Sachs Poet 1891
William Safire Quotes William Safire Author 1929
George Santayana Quotes George Santayana Philosopher 1863
George Schultz Quotes George Schultz Public Servant 1920
Rick Scott Quotes Rick Scott Politician 1952
John Searle Quotes John Searle Philosopher 1932
John Selden Statesman 1584
Anna Seward Quotes Anna Seward Writer 1747
Michael Shanks Quotes Michael Shanks Actor 1970
Robert B. Sherman Quotes Robert B. Sherman Musician 1925
Hu Shih Quotes Hu Shih Philosopher 1891
George P. Shultz Quotes George P. Shultz Public Servant 1920
Frank Sinatra Quotes Frank Sinatra Musician 1915
Nikki Sixx Quotes Nikki Sixx Musician 1958
John Sladek Author 1937
Helen Slater Quotes Helen Slater Actress 1963
Andy Van Slyke Quotes Andy Van Slyke Athlete 1960
Barbara Smith Activist 1946
Betty Smith Quotes Betty Smith Novelist 1896
Stan Smith Quotes Stan Smith Athlete 1946
Margaret Chase Smith Quotes Margaret Chase Smith Politician 1897
Alexander Smith Poet 1830
Horace Smith Quotes Horace Smith Poet 1779
H. Allen Smith Quotes H. Allen Smith Journalist 1907
Peter Snell Quotes Peter Snell Athlete 1938
Marla Sokoloff Quotes Marla Sokoloff Actor 1980
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Quotes Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Author 1918
Nicholas Sparks Quotes Nicholas Sparks Author 1965
Steven Spielberg Quotes Steven Spielberg Director 1947
Lesley Stahl Quotes Lesley Stahl Journalist 1941
Joseph Stalin Quotes Joseph Stalin Leader 1879
Edwin M. Stanton Quotes Edwin M. Stanton Lawyer 1814
Hailee Steinfeld Quotes Hailee Steinfeld Actress 1996
Mark Stevens Actor 1916
George Stevens Director 1904
Jackie Stiles Athlete 1978
Angie Stone Quotes Angie Stone Musician 1961
Yiannis Stournaras Economist 1956
Rex Stout Writer 1886
Trish Stratus Quotes Trish Stratus Entertainer 1975
Rider Strong Quotes Rider Strong Actor 1979
Donna Summer Quotes Donna Summer Musician 1948
Andy Summers Quotes Andy Summers Musician 1942
Kiefer Sutherland Quotes Kiefer Sutherland Actor 1966
Sarah Sutton Actress 1961
Italo Svevo Quotes Italo Svevo Businessman 1861
Kristy Swanson Quotes Kristy Swanson Actress 1969
Taylor Swift Musician 1989
Henrietta Szold Quotes Henrietta Szold Activist 1860
Edward Lawrie Tatum Quotes Edward Lawrie Tatum Scientist 1909
Julie Taymor Quotes Julie Taymor Director 1952
Keith Thibodeaux Quotes Keith Thibodeaux Musician 1950
Michael Tilson Thomas Musician 1944
Sean Patrick Thomas Actor 1970
Francis Thompson Quotes Francis Thompson Poet 1859
Helle Thorning-Schmidt Quotes Helle Thorning-Schmidt Politician 1966
George Thorogood Quotes George Thorogood Musician 1950
Charlene Tilton Actress 1958
Jan Timman Quotes Jan Timman Celebrity 1951
Mark Tobey Quotes Mark Tobey Artist 1890
Ernst Toller Quotes Ernst Toller Playwright 1893
Alberto Tomba Quotes Alberto Tomba Athlete 1966
Mel Torme Quotes Mel Torme Musician 1925
Stuart Townsend Quotes Stuart Townsend Actor 1972
Thuy Trang Quotes Thuy Trang Actress 1973
Herbert Beerbohm Tree Quotes Herbert Beerbohm Tree Actor 1852
Lee Trevino Quotes Lee Trevino Athlete 1939
Jean-Louis Trintignant Quotes Jean-Louis Trintignant Actor 1930
Cicely Tyson Quotes Cicely Tyson Actress 1933
Morihei Ueshiba Quotes Morihei Ueshiba Athlete 1883
Liv Ullman Quotes Liv Ullman Actress 1938
Liv Ullmann Quotes Liv Ullmann Actress 1938
Robert Urich Quotes Robert Urich Actor 1946
Remedios Varo Quotes Remedios Varo Artist 1908
King George VI Quotes King George VI Royalty 1895
Tom Vilsack Quotes Tom Vilsack Politician 1950
Thomas Vilsack Quotes Thomas Vilsack Politician 1950
Kurt Waldheim Quotes Kurt Waldheim Diplomat 1918
Mark Warner Quotes Mark Warner Politician 1954
Dionne Warwick Quotes Dionne Warwick Musician 1940
Stand Watie Quotes Stand Watie Soldier 1806
Pat Weaver Quotes Pat Weaver Businesswoman 1908
Karrie Webb Quotes Karrie Webb Athlete 1974
Henry Wells Businessman 1805
Charles Wesley Quotes Charles Wesley Clergyman 1707
Rebecca West Quotes Rebecca West Author 1892
Paul Westerberg Quotes Paul Westerberg Musician 1960
George H. White Politician 1852
Meg White Quotes Meg White Musician 1974
Reggie White Quotes Reggie White Athlete 1961
Ron White Quotes Ron White Comedian 1956
George Whitefield Quotes George Whitefield Clergyman 1714
John Greenleaf Whittier Quotes John Greenleaf Whittier Poet 1807
Simon Wiesenthal Quotes Simon Wiesenthal Activist 1908
Maurice Wilkins Quotes Maurice Wilkins Scientist 1916
Tom Wilkinson Quotes Tom Wilkinson Actor 1948
Treat Williams Actor 1951
Tony Williams Musician 1945
Joe Williams Quotes Joe Williams Musician 1918
Henry Williamson Author 1895
Connie Willis Quotes Connie Willis Writer 1945
Ellen Willis Writer 1941
Carl Wilson Quotes Carl Wilson Musician 1946
Paul Winchell Quotes Paul Winchell Entertainer 1922
Marie Windsor Quotes Marie Windsor Actress 1919
Charles Wolfe Quotes Charles Wolfe Poet 1791
James Wolfensohn Quotes James Wolfensohn Businessman 1933
Carter G. Woodson Quotes Carter G. Woodson Historian 1875
Jennifer Wyatt Athlete 1965
Minoru Yamasaki Architect 1912
Zev Yaroslavsky Quotes Zev Yaroslavsky Politician 1948
Richard D. Zanuck Quotes Richard D. Zanuck Producer 1934
Frank Zappa Quotes Frank Zappa Musician 1940
Sarah Zettel Author 1966
PSY Quotes PSY Musician 1977
Rumi Quotes Rumi Poet 1273
Mako Actor 1933