Authors Born on August, 8st

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August, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Brian Aldiss Quotes Brian Aldiss Writer 1925
Brian Michael Bendis Quotes Brian Michael Bendis Artist 1967
Bill Bennett Politician 1932
Philip E. Berger Politician 1952
Phil Berger Politician 1952
John Betjeman Quotes John Betjeman Poet 1906
Bruno Bettelheim Quotes Bruno Bettelheim Writer 1903
Ronald Biggs Celebrity 1929
Elayne Boosler Quotes Elayne Boosler Comedian 1952
Erskine Bowles Quotes Erskine Bowles Businessman 1945
Billy Boyd Quotes Billy Boyd Actor 1968
Robert Williams Buchanan Quotes Robert Williams Buchanan Poet 1841
Vincent Bugliosi Quotes Vincent Bugliosi Author 1934
Arthur Calwell Quotes Arthur Calwell Politician 1896
Marcel Carne Quotes Marcel Carne Director 1906
Keith Carradine Quotes Keith Carradine Actor 1949
Rosalynn Carter Quotes Rosalynn Carter First Lady 1927
Benny Carter Quotes Benny Carter Musician 1907
Leroy Chiao Quotes Leroy Chiao Astronaut 1960
Roberto Clemente Quotes Roberto Clemente Athlete 1934
Frances Bean Cobain Celebrity 1992
William S. Cohen Quotes William S. Cohen Politician 1940
William M. Daley Quotes William M. Daley Politician 1948
Paula Danziger Author 1944
Robertson Davies Quotes Robertson Davies Novelist 1913
Terrell Davis Quotes Terrell Davis Athlete 1972
Marvin Davis Businessman 1925
Dan Deacon Quotes Dan Deacon Musician 1981
Kool Moe Dee Musician 1962
David Dewhurst Quotes David Dewhurst Politician 1945
Paul Dirac Quotes Paul Dirac Physicist 1902
Rita Dove Quotes Rita Dove Poet 1952
Roger Federer Quotes Roger Federer Athlete 1981
Marshall Field Quotes Marshall Field Businessman 1834
Just Fontaine Athlete 1933
Janet Frame Quotes Janet Frame Novelist 1924
Ben Gazzara Quotes Ben Gazzara Actor 1930
Timothy Geithner Quotes Timothy Geithner Public Servant 1961
George Gerbner Journalist 1919
Umberto Giordano Quotes Umberto Giordano Composer 1867
Louie Gohmert Quotes Louie Gohmert Politician 1953
Arthur Goldberg Quotes Arthur Goldberg Judge 1908
Austan Goolsbee Quotes Austan Goolsbee Public Servant 1969
Morris Graves Artist 1910
Robert Greenwald Quotes Robert Greenwald Director 1945
Umberto Guidoni Quotes Umberto Guidoni Astronaut 1954
Jean Guitton Philosopher 1901
Armie Hammer Quotes Armie Hammer Actor 1986
Marvin Harris Quotes Marvin Harris Scientist 1927
Brian Harvey Quotes Brian Harvey Musician 1974
Beth Henley Playwright 1952
Matthew Henson Quotes Matthew Henson Explorer 1866
Gertrude Himmelfarb Historian 1922
Dustin Hoffman Quotes Dustin Hoffman Actor 1937
James Wong Howe Quotes James Wong Howe Director 1899
Jane D. Hull Quotes Jane D. Hull Politician 1935
Francis Hutcheson Philosopher 1694
Marvin Isley Musician 1953
Alija Izetbegovic Quotes Alija Izetbegovic Activist 1925
Richard D. James Quotes Richard D. James Musician 1971
Ma Jian Writer 1953
Rafer Johnson Athlete 1935
Eugene Kennedy Psychologist 1928
Jack Kirby Quotes Jack Kirby Cartoonist 1917
Dino De Laurentiis Quotes Dino De Laurentiis Director 1919
Ernest Lawrence Quotes Ernest Lawrence Scientist 1901
Denis Leary Quotes Denis Leary Actor 1957
Meriwether Lewis Quotes Meriwether Lewis Explorer 1774
Nigel Mansell Quotes Nigel Mansell Athlete 1953
Paul Martin Quotes Paul Martin Politician 1938
Francis John McConnell Activist 1871
Nelson A. Miles Quotes Nelson A. Miles Soldier 1839
Luc Montagnier Quotes Luc Montagnier Scientist 1932
Donny Most Quotes Donny Most Actor 1953
Martin Mull Quotes Martin Mull Actor 1943
Robert Nelson Politician 1794
Edward Norton Quotes Edward Norton Actor 1969
Deborah Norville Quotes Deborah Norville Celebrity 1958
Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit Quotes Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit Diplomat 1900
Roger Penrose Quotes Roger Penrose Physicist 1931
Roger Tory Peterson Quotes Roger Tory Peterson Environmentalist 1908
Llewelyn Powys Writer 1884
Jason Priestley Quotes Jason Priestley Actor 1969
Robin Quivers Quotes Robin Quivers Celebrity 1952
Robert Redford Quotes Robert Redford Actor 1937
LeAnn Rimes Quotes LeAnn Rimes Musician 1982
Melissa Rosenberg Quotes Melissa Rosenberg Writer 1962
Lord John Russell Quotes Lord John Russell Politician 1792
Andy Samberg Quotes Andy Samberg Comedian 1978
Sheryl Sandberg Quotes Sheryl Sandberg Businesswoman 1969
John Scarlett Quotes John Scarlett Celebrity 1948
Marge Schott Quotes Marge Schott Businesswoman 1928
Junipero Serra Quotes Junipero Serra Clergyman 1784
Sylvia Sidney Quotes Sylvia Sidney Actress 1910
Benjamin Silliman Quotes Benjamin Silliman Educator 1779
Webb Simpson Quotes Webb Simpson Athlete 1985
David Soul Quotes David Soul Actor 1943
Scott Stapp Quotes Scott Stapp Musician 1973
Connie Stevens Quotes Connie Stevens Actress 1938
Madeleine Stowe Quotes Madeleine Stowe Actress 1958
Patrick Swayze Quotes Patrick Swayze Actor 1952
Sara Teasdale Quotes Sara Teasdale Author 1884
Joe Tex Musician 1933
Mel Tillis Quotes Mel Tillis Musician 1932
Shania Twain Quotes Shania Twain Musician 1965
Jack Vance Quotes Jack Vance Author 1916
Bryan Volpenhein Athlete 1976
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Quotes Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Poet 1749
Quvenzhane Wallis Actress 2003
Caspar Weinberger Quotes Caspar Weinberger Public Servant 1917
Larry Wilcox Actor 1947
Esther Williams Quotes Esther Williams Actress 1921
Shelley Winters Quotes Shelley Winters Actress 1920
Marguerite Young Author 1908
Emiliano Zapata Quotes Emiliano Zapata Revolutionary 1879