Authors Born on August, 5st

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August, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Ben Affleck Quotes Ben Affleck Actor 1972
Conrad Aiken Quotes Conrad Aiken Author 1889
Al Alvarez Quotes Al Alvarez Poet 1929
Martin Amis Quotes Martin Amis Author 1949
Loni Anderson Quotes Loni Anderson Actress 1946
Anthony Anderson Quotes Anthony Anderson Actor 1970
Princess Anne Quotes Princess Anne Royalty 1950
Anne Archer Quotes Anne Archer Actress 1947
Neil Armstrong Quotes Neil Armstrong Astronaut 1930
Sri Aurobindo Quotes Sri Aurobindo Philosopher 1872
John Badham Director 1939
David Baldacci Quotes David Baldacci Novelist 1960
Ethel Barrymore Quotes Ethel Barrymore Actress 1879
Bruce Barton Author 1886
Mary Ritter Beard Historian 1876
Leonard Bernstein Quotes Leonard Bernstein Composer 1918
Wendell Berry Quotes Wendell Berry Poet 1934
Judy Biggert Quotes Judy Biggert Politician 1937
Rachel Bilson Quotes Rachel Bilson Actress 1981
Conrad Black Quotes Conrad Black Businessman 1944
Robert Bolt Playwright 1924
Napoleon Bonaparte Leader 1769
Stephen Breyer Quotes Stephen Breyer Judge 1938
Herb Brooks Quotes Herb Brooks Coach 1937
Preston Brooks Quotes Preston Brooks Politician 1819
Tim Burton Quotes Tim Burton Director 1958
Vivian Campbell Quotes Vivian Campbell Musician 1962
David Canary Actor 1938
Lillian Gordy Carter Quotes Lillian Gordy Carter Celebrity 1898
Julia Child Quotes Julia Child Chef 1912
Terri Clark Quotes Terri Clark Musician 1968
James Hal Cone Quotes James Hal Cone Theologian 1938
Sean Connery Quotes Sean Connery Actor 1930
Elvis Costello Quotes Elvis Costello Musician 1954
Walter Crane Quotes Walter Crane Artist 1845
Billy Ray Cyrus Quotes Billy Ray Cyrus Musician 1961
Jim Dale Quotes Jim Dale Musician 1935
Nathan Deal Quotes Nathan Deal Politician 1942
Rick Derringer Quotes Rick Derringer Musician 1947
Geoff Downes Quotes Geoff Downes Musician 1952
Dorothy Dunnett Novelist 1923
Linda Ellerbee Journalist 1944
Patrick Ewing Quotes Patrick Ewing Athlete 1962
Lorrie Fair Quotes Lorrie Fair Athlete 1978
William Feather Author 1889
Edna Ferber Quotes Edna Ferber Novelist 1885
Gianfranco Ferre Designer 1944
Mel Ferrer Quotes Mel Ferrer Actor 1917
Frederick Forsyth Quotes Frederick Forsyth Author 1938
Lukas Foss Composer 1922
Melinda Gates Quotes Melinda Gates Businesswoman 1964
Althea Gibson Quotes Althea Gibson Athlete 1927
Robert F. Goheen Quotes Robert F. Goheen Educator 1919
Duff Green Politician 1791
Monty Hall Quotes Monty Hall Actor 1921
Florence Harding Quotes Florence Harding First Lady 1860
Bret Harte Author 1836
Benjamin Hawkins Quotes Benjamin Hawkins Diplomat 1754
Natasha Henstridge Quotes Natasha Henstridge Actress 1974
Wendy Hiller Quotes Wendy Hiller Actress 1912
Harold Edward Holt Quotes Harold Edward Holt Politician 1908
Erich Honecker Quotes Erich Honecker Politician 1912
John Huston Quotes John Huston Director 1906
Jacques Ibert Quotes Jacques Ibert Composer 1890
Darrell Johnson Athlete 1928
Vernon Jordan Quotes Vernon Jordan Businessman 1935
Walt Kelly Quotes Walt Kelly Cartoonist 1913
Steig Larsson Quotes Steig Larsson Author 1954
Jennifer Lawrence Quotes Jennifer Lawrence Actress 1990
James Lick Quotes James Lick Celebrity 1796
Blake Lively Quotes Blake Lively Actress 1987
Jack Lynch Quotes Jack Lynch Statesman 1917
Thomas Babington Macaulay Quotes Thomas Babington Macaulay Poet 1800
Guy de Maupassant Quotes Guy de Maupassant Writer 1850
Debi Mazar Quotes Debi Mazar Actress 1964
Maureen McCormick Quotes Maureen McCormick Actress 1956
Peter McWilliams Writer 1949
Debra Messing Quotes Debra Messing Actress 1968
Stanley Milgram Psychologist 1933
Kel Mitchell Actor 1978
John Monks Quotes John Monks Leader 1945
Brian Moore Novelist 1921
Taslima Nasrin Quotes Taslima Nasrin Writer 1962
Xavier Niel Businessman 1967
Edgar Wilson Nye Quotes Edgar Wilson Nye Journalist 1850
Oscar Peterson Quotes Oscar Peterson Musician 1925
Regis Philbin Quotes Regis Philbin Entertainer 1933
Abbe Pierre Quotes Abbe Pierre Clergyman 1912
Allan Pinkerton Quotes Allan Pinkerton Businessman 1819
Lewis Thompson Preston Businessman 1926
Thomas de Quincey Quotes Thomas de Quincey Author 1785
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani Quotes Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani Politician 1934
Paul Rand Quotes Paul Rand Designer 1914
Rachael Ray Quotes Rachael Ray Businesswoman 1968
Nicolas Roeg Quotes Nicolas Roeg Director 1928
John Saxon Actor 1935
Claudia Schiffer Quotes Claudia Schiffer Model 1970
Phyllis Schlafly Quotes Phyllis Schlafly Activist 1924
Andres Serrano Quotes Andres Serrano Photographer 1950
Wayne Shorter Quotes Wayne Shorter Musician 1933
Gene Simmons Quotes Gene Simmons Musician 1949
Alexander Skarsgard Quotes Alexander Skarsgard Actor 1976
Tom Skerritt Quotes Tom Skerritt Actor 1933
Erika Slezak Quotes Erika Slezak Actress 1946
Henry James Sumner Maine Quotes Henry James Sumner Maine Historian 1822
Leon Theremin Quotes Leon Theremin Inventor 1896
Blair Underwood Quotes Blair Underwood Actor 1964
George C. Wallace Quotes George C. Wallace Politician 1919
Kerri Walsh Quotes Kerri Walsh Athlete 1978
Maxine Waters Quotes Maxine Waters Politician 1938
Jimmy Webb Quotes Jimmy Webb Composer 1946
R. Foster Winans Quotes R. Foster Winans Journalist 1948
Lizz Winstead Comedian 1961
Joe Wright Quotes Joe Wright Director 1972
Adam Yauch Quotes Adam Yauch Musician 1964
Khaleda Zia Quotes Khaleda Zia Statesman 1945