Authors Born on August, 3st

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August, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Arthur Adamov Playwright 1908
George Matthew Adams Editor 1878
Felix Adler Educator 1851
Giovanni Agnelli Quotes Giovanni Agnelli Designer 1866
Jonathan Aitken Politician 1942
Shaun Alexander Quotes Shaun Alexander Athlete 1977
Kenneth Joseph Arrow Quotes Kenneth Joseph Arrow Economist 1921
Elizabeth Ashley Quotes Elizabeth Ashley Actress 1939
Stephen Baker Athlete 1964
Stanley Baldwin Quotes Stanley Baldwin Statesman 1867
Kathleen Battle Quotes Kathleen Battle Actress 1948
Geoffrey Beene Designer 1927
Tony Bennett Quotes Tony Bennett Musician 1926
Steven Berkoff Actor 1937
William Bernbach Businessman 1911
Lewis Black Quotes Lewis Black Comedian 1948
Ron Blomberg Athlete 1948
Joan Blondell Quotes Joan Blondell Actress 1906
Danny Bonaduce Quotes Danny Bonaduce Actor 1959
Timothy Bottoms Actor 1951
Tom Brady Quotes Tom Brady Athlete 1977
Rupert Brooke Quotes Rupert Brooke Poet 1887
Julie Brown Quotes Julie Brown Actress 1958
Kobe Bryant Quotes Kobe Bryant Athlete 1978
Warren Buffett Quotes Warren Buffett Businessman 1930
H. C. Bunner Quotes H. C. Bunner Journalist 1855
James MacGregor Burns Author 1918
Scott Caan Quotes Scott Caan Actor 1976
Julian Casablancas Quotes Julian Casablancas Musician 1978
Roy Castle Musician 1932
Michael Chiklis Quotes Michael Chiklis Actor 1963
Bobby Clarke Quotes Bobby Clarke Athlete 1949
Eldridge Cleaver Quotes Eldridge Cleaver Activist 1935
James Coburn Quotes James Coburn Actor 1928
John Sherman Cooper Quotes John Sherman Cooper Politician 1901
Jerome Corsi Author 1946
Natalie Coughlin Quotes Natalie Coughlin Athlete 1982
Bob Crosby Quotes Bob Crosby Musician 1913
Robert Crumb Quotes Robert Crumb Artist 1943
Will Cuppy Quotes Will Cuppy Writer 1884
Georges Cuvier Quotes Georges Cuvier Scientist 1769
Jacques-Louis David Quotes Jacques-Louis David Artist 1748
Fred Davis Celebrity 1913
Nelson DeMille Author 1943
Cameron Diaz Quotes Cameron Diaz Actress 1972
Lincoln Diaz-Balart Politician 1954
Marcel Dionne Quotes Marcel Dionne Athlete 1951
Hugh Douglas Athlete 1971
Jourdan Dunn Quotes Jourdan Dunn Model 1990
Sylvia Earle Quotes Sylvia Earle Scientist 1935
Barbara Eden Quotes Barbara Eden Actress 1934
Charles Edison Quotes Charles Edison Businessman 1890
Joycelyn Elders Quotes Joycelyn Elders Public Servant 1933
Hamilton Fish Quotes Hamilton Fish Politician 1808
Dan Fogelberg Quotes Dan Fogelberg Musician 1951
Daryl Gates Quotes Daryl Gates Public Servant 1926
Theophile Gautier Poet 1811
Clifford Geertz Quotes Clifford Geertz Scientist 1926
Richard Gere Quotes Richard Gere Actor 1949
Debbie Gibson Quotes Debbie Gibson Musician 1970
L. Wolfe Gilbert Musician 1886
Arthur Godfrey Quotes Arthur Godfrey Entertainer 1903
George Grove Quotes George Grove Writer 1820
John Gunther Journalist 1901
Buddy Hackett Quotes Buddy Hackett Comedian 1924
Carl Hagelin Quotes Carl Hagelin Athlete 1988
Scott Hamilton Athlete 1958
Fred Hampton Quotes Fred Hampton Activist 1948
Denis Healey Quotes Denis Healey Politician 1917
Hermann von Helmholtz Quotes Hermann von Helmholtz Physicist 1821
William Ernest Henley Quotes William Ernest Henley Poet 1849
James Hetfield Quotes James Hetfield Musician 1963
Alfred Hitchcock Quotes Alfred Hitchcock Director 1899
Ben Hogan Quotes Ben Hogan Athlete 1912
Pope Shenouda III Quotes Pope Shenouda III Clergyman 1923
Molly Ivins Quotes Molly Ivins Journalist 1944
Lawrence Jackson Quotes Lawrence Jackson Athlete 1985
P. D. James Novelist 1920
Mathieu Kassovitz Quotes Mathieu Kassovitz Director 1967
Guy Kawasaki Quotes Guy Kawasaki Businessman 1954
Gene Kelly Quotes Gene Kelly Actor 1912
Jean-Claude Killy Quotes Jean-Claude Killy Athlete 1942
Karlie Kloss Quotes Karlie Kloss Model 1992
Robert Kocharian Quotes Robert Kocharian Statesman 1954
Maggie Kuhn Quotes Maggie Kuhn Activist 1905
Bert Lahr Quotes Bert Lahr Actor 1895
John Landis Quotes John Landis Actor 1950
Alan Jay Lerner Quotes Alan Jay Lerner Dramatist 1918
Marv Levy Coach 1925
Karl Liebknecht Quotes Karl Liebknecht Politician 1871
Jeremy Lin Quotes Jeremy Lin Athlete 1988
Peggy Lipton Quotes Peggy Lipton Actress 1947
Ryan Lochte Quotes Ryan Lochte Athlete 1984
Huey Long Quotes Huey Long Politician 1893
Shelley Long Actress 1949
Bernard Manning Quotes Bernard Manning Comedian 1931
Tom Marino Quotes Tom Marino Politician 1952
Edgar Lee Masters Quotes Edgar Lee Masters Poet 1868
John C. McGinley Quotes John C. McGinley Actor 1959
Tug McGraw Quotes Tug McGraw Athlete 1944
Thomas Francis Meagher Quotes Thomas Francis Meagher Soldier 1823
Michael Michele Actor 1966
Vera Miles Quotes Vera Miles Actress 1929
Roscoe Mitchell Quotes Roscoe Mitchell Composer 1940
Jay Mohr Quotes Jay Mohr Actor 1970
Maria Montessori Quotes Maria Montessori Educator 1870
Keith Moon Quotes Keith Moon Musician 1947
Evelyn de Morgan Quotes Evelyn de Morgan Artist 1855
Van Morrison Quotes Van Morrison Musician 1945
Edwin Moses Quotes Edwin Moses Athlete 1955
Hassan Nasrallah Quotes Hassan Nasrallah Revolutionary 1960
Hideo Nomo Quotes Hideo Nomo Athlete 1968
Paul Oakenfold Quotes Paul Oakenfold Musician 1963
John Peel Quotes John Peel Entertainer 1939
Itzhak Perlman Quotes Itzhak Perlman Musician 1945
Oliver Perry Quotes Oliver Perry Soldier 1785
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Quotes Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Writer 1844
John Phillips Musician 1935
River Phoenix Quotes River Phoenix Actor 1970
Edward M. Purcell Quotes Edward M. Purcell Scientist 1912
Ernie Pyle Quotes Ernie Pyle Journalist 1900
Jean-Pierre Raffarin Quotes Jean-Pierre Raffarin Politician 1948
Andrew Rannells Quotes Andrew Rannells Actor 1978
Lee R. Raymond Quotes Lee R. Raymond Businessman 1938
Charles Reznikoff Poet 1894
Herb Ritts Quotes Herb Ritts Photographer 1952
Frank Robinson Quotes Frank Robinson Athlete 1935
Andy Roddick Quotes Andy Roddick Athlete 1982
Galen Rowell Photographer 1940
Vera Rubin Quotes Vera Rubin Scientist 1928
Mark Russell Writer 1932
Ernest Rutherford Quotes Ernest Rutherford Scientist 1871
Anthony Sampson Writer 1926
Frederick Sanger Quotes Frederick Sanger Scientist 1918
Billy Joe Saunders Quotes Billy Joe Saunders Athlete 1989
Dore Schary Producer 1905
Kyle Schmid Quotes Kyle Schmid Actor 1984
Daniel Schorr Quotes Daniel Schorr Journalist 1916
George Sewell Actor 1924
William Shawn Editor 1907
Alan Shearer Quotes Alan Shearer Athlete 1970
George Shearing Quotes George Shearing Musician 1919
Martin Sheen Quotes Martin Sheen Actor 1940
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Quotes Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Author 1797
Clifford D. Simak Quotes Clifford D. Simak Writer 1904
Hannah Simone Quotes Hannah Simone Actress 1980
Goldwin Smith Quotes Goldwin Smith Historian 1823
Merrie Spaeth Writer 1948
Rick Springfield Quotes Rick Springfield Musician 1949
John C. Stennis Quotes John C. Stennis Politician 1901
Lucy Stone Quotes Lucy Stone Activist 1818
Mark Strong Quotes Mark Strong Actor 1963
Theodor Svedberg Quotes Theodor Svedberg Scientist 1884
Koichi Tanaka Scientist 1959
William Thomas Athlete 1968
Peter Thomson Athlete 1929
Edward Thorndike Quotes Edward Thorndike Psychologist 1874
Kenneth Tomlinson Editor 1944
Chris Tucker Quotes Chris Tucker Actor 1972
Leon Uris Quotes Leon Uris Writer 1924
Gary Webb Quotes Gary Webb Journalist 1955
Marc Webb Quotes Marc Webb Director 1974
Kitty Wells Quotes Kitty Wells Musician 1919
Roy Wilkins Quotes Roy Wilkins Activist 1901
Ted Williams Quotes Ted Williams Athlete 1918
Raymond Williams Quotes Raymond Williams Novelist 1921
Pete Wilson Quotes Pete Wilson Politician 1933
Terry Wogan Quotes Terry Wogan Entertainer 1938
Walter Wriston Businessman 1919
James Wyatt Quotes James Wyatt Architect 1746
Stefan Wyszynski Quotes Stefan Wyszynski Theologian 1901