Authors Born on August, 2st

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August, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Arthur Adamov Playwright 1908
George Matthew Adams Editor 1878
Amy Adams Quotes Amy Adams Actress 1974
Casey Affleck Quotes Casey Affleck Actor 1975
George Aiken Quotes George Aiken Politician 1892
George D. Aiken Quotes George D. Aiken Politician 1892
Robert G. Allen Politician 1902
Joan Allen Quotes Joan Allen Actress 1956
Isabel Allende Quotes Isabel Allende Writer 1942
GG Allin Quotes GG Allin Musician 1956
Martin Amis Quotes Martin Amis Author 1949
Tori Amos Quotes Tori Amos Musician 1963
Marliece Andrada Quotes Marliece Andrada Actress 1972
Guillaume Apollinaire Quotes Guillaume Apollinaire Novelist 1880
Anne Archer Quotes Anne Archer Actress 1947
Kenneth Joseph Arrow Quotes Kenneth Joseph Arrow Economist 1921
Richard Attenborough Quotes Richard Attenborough Actor 1923
Irving Babbitt Critic 1865
John Badham Director 1939
Kenny Baker Actor 1934
Janet Baker Quotes Janet Baker Musician 1933
James A. Baldwin Quotes James A. Baldwin Author 1924
Count Basie Quotes Count Basie Musician 1904
Katharine Lee Bates Quotes Katharine Lee Bates Author 1859
Bob Beamon Quotes Bob Beamon Athlete 1946
Greg Bear Quotes Greg Bear Writer 1951
Aubrey Beardsley Quotes Aubrey Beardsley Artist 1872
Max Beerbohm Quotes Max Beerbohm Actor 1872
Henry Bergh Quotes Henry Bergh Activist 1811
Ingrid Bergman Quotes Ingrid Bergman Actress 1915
Leonard Bernstein Quotes Leonard Bernstein Composer 1918
Marion Berry Politician 1942
John Betjeman Quotes John Betjeman Poet 1906
Bruno Bettelheim Quotes Bruno Bettelheim Writer 1903
Earl Derr Biggers Novelist 1884
Rachel Bilson Quotes Rachel Bilson Actress 1981
Conrad Black Quotes Conrad Black Businessman 1944
Brand Blanshard Quotes Brand Blanshard Philosopher 1892
H. P. Blavatsky Quotes H. P. Blavatsky Philosopher 1831
Ron Blomberg Athlete 1948
Usain Bolt Quotes Usain Bolt Athlete 1986
Shirley Booth Quotes Shirley Booth Actress 1907
Jorge Luis Borges Quotes Jorge Luis Borges Poet 1899
Billy Boyd Quotes Billy Boyd Actor 1968
Ray Bradbury Quotes Ray Bradbury Writer 1920
Benjamin C. Bradlee Quotes Benjamin C. Bradlee Editor 1921
Ben Bradlee Quotes Ben Bradlee Editor 1921
James Brady Quotes James Brady Activist 1940
Chris Brasher Athlete 1928
Fernand Braudel Historian 1902
Sergey Brin Quotes Sergey Brin Businessman 1973
Inge de Bruijn Quotes Inge de Bruijn Athlete 1973
Kobe Bryant Quotes Kobe Bryant Athlete 1978
John Buchan Quotes John Buchan Politician 1875
Jack Buck Quotes Jack Buck Celebrity 1924
Chris Burke Actor 1965
Tim Burton Quotes Tim Burton Director 1958
Mangosuthu Buthelezi Quotes Mangosuthu Buthelezi Leader 1928
Scott Caan Quotes Scott Caan Actor 1976
Eileen Caddy Quotes Eileen Caddy Celebrity 1917
Arthur Calwell Quotes Arthur Calwell Politician 1896
Vivian Campbell Quotes Vivian Campbell Musician 1962
David Canary Actor 1938
Jim Capaldi Quotes Jim Capaldi Musician 1944
Orson Scott Card Quotes Orson Scott Card Writer 1951
John Carmack Quotes John Carmack Scientist 1970
Humphrey Carpenter Author 1946
Edward Carpenter Quotes Edward Carpenter Activist 1844
Caleb Carr Novelist 1955
Henri Cartier-Bresson Quotes Henri Cartier-Bresson Photographer 1908
Julian Casablancas Quotes Julian Casablancas Musician 1978
Steve Case Businessman 1958
Kim Cattrall Quotes Kim Cattrall Actress 1956
John Cazale Quotes John Cazale Actor 1935
Sarah Chalke Quotes Sarah Chalke Actress 1976
Wilt Chamberlain Quotes Wilt Chamberlain Athlete 1936
Dave Chappelle Quotes Dave Chappelle Comedian 1973
Leroy Chiao Quotes Leroy Chiao Astronaut 1960
Sri Chinmoy Quotes Sri Chinmoy Philosopher 1931
Connie Chung Quotes Connie Chung Journalist 1946
Cyril Clarke Quotes Cyril Clarke Scientist 1907
Albert Claude Scientist 1899
Max Cleland Quotes Max Cleland Politician 1942
Paulo Coelho Quotes Paulo Coelho Novelist 1947
William S. Cohen Quotes William S. Cohen Politician 1940
Phil Condit Businessman 1941
Sean Connery Quotes Sean Connery Actor 1930
John Sherman Cooper Quotes John Sherman Cooper Politician 1901
Diana Cooper Quotes Diana Cooper Celebrity 1892
James Corden Quotes James Corden Actor 1978
Bob Corker Quotes Bob Corker Politician 1952
Julio Cortazar Quotes Julio Cortazar Writer 1914
Elvis Costello Quotes Elvis Costello Musician 1954
Natalie Coughlin Quotes Natalie Coughlin Athlete 1982
Malcolm Cowley Quotes Malcolm Cowley Critic 1898
Wes Craven Quotes Wes Craven Director 1939
Francis Marion Crawford Quotes Francis Marion Crawford Writer 1854
Bob Crosby Quotes Bob Crosby Musician 1913
Anthony Crosland Politician 1918
John Culberson Quotes John Culberson Politician 1956
Macaulay Culkin Quotes Macaulay Culkin Actor 1980
Will Cuppy Quotes Will Cuppy Writer 1884
Richard Cardinal Cushing Quotes Richard Cardinal Cushing Clergyman 1895
Georges Cuvier Quotes Georges Cuvier Scientist 1769
Billy Ray Cyrus Quotes Billy Ray Cyrus Musician 1961
Dimebag Darrell Quotes Dimebag Darrell Musician 1966
Robertson Davies Quotes Robertson Davies Novelist 1913
Marvin Davis Businessman 1925
Terrell Davis Quotes Terrell Davis Athlete 1972
Charles G. Dawes Quotes Charles G. Dawes Vice President 1865
Saint Francis de Sales Quotes Saint Francis de Sales Clergyman 1567
Dan Deacon Quotes Dan Deacon Musician 1981
Nathan Deal Quotes Nathan Deal Politician 1942
Claude Debussy Quotes Claude Debussy Composer 1862
Grey DeLisle Musician 1973
Cecil B. DeMille Quotes Cecil B. DeMille Producer 1881
Nelson DeMille Author 1943
Dorothy Denning Public Servant 1945
John Derek Quotes John Derek Actor 1926
Jackie DeShannon Quotes Jackie DeShannon Musician 1944
Loretta Devine Quotes Loretta Devine Actress 1949
Betty Dodson Educator 1929
Hugh Douglas Athlete 1971
Lloyd C. Douglas Clergyman 1877
Rita Dove Quotes Rita Dove Poet 1952
Geoff Downes Quotes Geoff Downes Musician 1952
Ernest Dowson Quotes Ernest Dowson Poet 1867
Theodore Dreiser Quotes Theodore Dreiser Novelist 1871
John Dudley Quotes John Dudley Politician 1501
Dorothy Dunnett Novelist 1923
Fred Durst Quotes Fred Durst Musician 1970
Bernard Ebbers Businessman 1941
Barbara Eden Quotes Barbara Eden Actress 1934
Greg Egan Scientist 1961
Barbara Ehrenreich Quotes Barbara Ehrenreich Writer 1941
Todd English Chef 1960
Julius J. Epstein Quotes Julius J. Epstein Dramatist 1909
Laurent Fabius Quotes Laurent Fabius Statesman 1946
James Fallows Quotes James Fallows Journalist 1949
William Feather Author 1889
Pierre de Fermat Quotes Pierre de Fermat Lawyer 1601
Geraldine Ferraro Quotes Geraldine Ferraro Politician 1935
Mel Ferrer Quotes Mel Ferrer Actor 1917
Charles Fillmore Educator 1854
Tom Ford Quotes Tom Ford Designer 1961
Lee De Forest Quotes Lee De Forest Inventor 1873
Frederick Forsyth Quotes Frederick Forsyth Author 1938
Janet Frame Quotes Janet Frame Novelist 1924
Antonia Fraser Quotes Antonia Fraser Author 1932
Frank Kelly Freas Quotes Frank Kelly Freas Writer 1922
Pauline Frederick Quotes Pauline Frederick Actress 1883
Nancy Friday Author 1933
William Friedkin Quotes William Friedkin Director 1939
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Quotes Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Philosopher 1770
Stephen Fry Quotes Stephen Fry Comedian 1957
Samuel Fuller Quotes Samuel Fuller Director 1911
Edward Furlong Actor 1977
Zona Gale Quotes Zona Gale Playwright 1874
Rajiv Gandhi Quotes Rajiv Gandhi Statesman 1944
Andrew Garfield Quotes Andrew Garfield Actor 1983
Ben Gazzara Quotes Ben Gazzara Actor 1930
Clifford Geertz Quotes Clifford Geertz Scientist 1926
Althea Gibson Quotes Althea Gibson Athlete 1927
Hutton Gibson Writer 1918
Umberto Giordano Quotes Umberto Giordano Composer 1867
William Goldman Quotes William Goldman Novelist 1931
Elliott Gould Quotes Elliott Gould Actor 1938
Temple Grandin Quotes Temple Grandin Educator 1947
Morris Graves Artist 1910
Elisha Gray Quotes Elisha Gray Inventor 1835
William H. Gray Quotes William H. Gray Politician 1941
John Green Author 1977
Robert Greenwald Quotes Robert Greenwald Director 1945
Bruce Greenwood Quotes Bruce Greenwood Actor 1956
Rupert Grint Quotes Rupert Grint Actor 1988
Edgar Guest Quotes Edgar Guest Poet 1881
Kenny Guinn Quotes Kenny Guinn Politician 1936
Thom Gunn Poet 1929
Steve Guttenberg Quotes Steve Guttenberg Actor 1958
Chris Hadfield Quotes Chris Hadfield Astronaut 1959
Carl Hagelin Quotes Carl Hagelin Athlete 1988
Radclyffe Hall Quotes Radclyffe Hall Poet 1880
Monty Hall Quotes Monty Hall Actor 1921
Johann Georg Hamann Quotes Johann Georg Hamann Philosopher 1730
Edith Hamilton Quotes Edith Hamilton Writer 1867
Armie Hammer Quotes Armie Hammer Actor 1986
Pauline Hanson Quotes Pauline Hanson Politician 1954
James Harden Quotes James Harden Athlete 1989
Valerie Harper Quotes Valerie Harper Actress 1940
Jared Harris Actor 1961
Benjamin Harrison Quotes Benjamin Harrison President 1833
Bret Harte Author 1836
Karl Amadeus Hartmann Composer 1905
Isaac Hayes Quotes Isaac Hayes Musician 1942
William Least Heat-Moon Quotes William Least Heat-Moon Writer 1939
William Ernest Henley Quotes William Ernest Henley Poet 1849
Ken Hensley Quotes Ken Hensley Musician 1945
Ruben Hinojosa Quotes Ruben Hinojosa Politician 1940
Bob Holden Quotes Bob Holden Politician 1949
Francois Hollande Quotes Francois Hollande Statesman 1954
Oliver Wendell Holmes Writer 1809
Erich Honecker Quotes Erich Honecker Politician 1912
John Lee Hooker Quotes John Lee Hooker Musician 1917
James Wong Howe Quotes James Wong Howe Director 1899
John Howe Artist 1957
Mike Huckabee Quotes Mike Huckabee Politician 1955
Garth Hudson Quotes Garth Hudson Musician 1937
Shirley Hufstedler Quotes Shirley Hufstedler Public Servant 1925
Glenn Hughes Quotes Glenn Hughes Musician 1952
Lamar Hunt Quotes Lamar Hunt Entertainer 1932
Christopher Isherwood Quotes Christopher Isherwood Author 1904
Lance Ito Judge 1950
Michael Jackson Quotes Michael Jackson Musician 1958
Victoria Jackson Quotes Victoria Jackson Comedian 1959
Michael Jeter Quotes Michael Jeter Actor 1952
Lyndon B. Johnson Quotes Lyndon B. Johnson President 1908
Darrell Johnson Athlete 1928
Sam J. Jones Actor 1954
Donald Justice Quotes Donald Justice Poet 1925
Duke Kahanamoku Quotes Duke Kahanamoku Athlete 1890
Mel Karmazin Businessman 1943
Gene Kelly Quotes Gene Kelly Actor 1912
Walt Kelly Quotes Walt Kelly Cartoonist 1913
Bob Kerrey Quotes Bob Kerrey Politician 1943
Charles Kettering Quotes Charles Kettering Inventor 1876
Sue Monk Kidd Writer 1948
Jack Kirby Quotes Jack Kirby Cartoonist 1917
James Kirkwood Playwright 1930
Mark Knopfler Quotes Mark Knopfler Musician 1949
Peter Krause Quotes Peter Krause Actor 1965
Aleksandr Kuprin Quotes Aleksandr Kuprin Writer 1870
Johann Heinrich Lambert Quotes Johann Heinrich Lambert Mathematician 1728
Bernhard Langer Quotes Bernhard Langer Athlete 1957
Giada De Laurentiis Quotes Giada De Laurentiis Chef 1970
Antoine Lavoisier Quotes Antoine Lavoisier Scientist 1743
Robin Leach Writer 1941
Frank Leahy Quotes Frank Leahy Coach 1908
John Leech Artist 1817
Ira Levin Novelist 1929
Jacob Lew Quotes Jacob Lew Public Servant 1955
Jamal Lewis Quotes Jamal Lewis Athlete 1979
James Lick Quotes James Lick Celebrity 1796
Alex Lifeson Quotes Alex Lifeson Musician 1953
Jeremy Lin Quotes Jeremy Lin Athlete 1988
Jacques Lipchitz Quotes Jacques Lipchitz Sculptor 1891
Blake Lively Quotes Blake Lively Actress 1987
John Locke Quotes John Locke Philosopher 1632
Earl Long Quotes Earl Long Politician 1895
Shelley Long Actress 1949
Al Lopez Quotes Al Lopez Coach 1908
Demi Lovato Quotes Demi Lovato Musician 1992
H. P. Lovecraft Quotes H. P. Lovecraft Novelist 1890
Rich Lowry Editor 1968
Myrna Loy Quotes Myrna Loy Actress 1905
Ken Lucas Politician 1933
Phil Lynott Quotes Phil Lynott Musician 1949
Thomas Babington Macaulay Quotes Thomas Babington Macaulay Poet 1800
Ken MacLeod Quotes Ken MacLeod Writer 1954
Maurice Maeterlinck Quotes Maurice Maeterlinck Dramatist 1862
Joe Manchin Quotes Joe Manchin Politician 1947
Shirley Manson Quotes Shirley Manson Musician 1966
Princess Margaret Quotes Princess Margaret Royalty 1930
Branford Marsalis Quotes Branford Marsalis Musician 1960
Amanda Marshall Quotes Amanda Marshall Musician 1972
James Marsters Quotes James Marsters Actor 1962
Paul Martin Quotes Paul Martin Politician 1938
Edgar Lee Masters Quotes Edgar Lee Masters Poet 1868
Christy Mathewson Quotes Christy Mathewson Athlete 1880
Marlee Matlin Quotes Marlee Matlin Actress 1965
John McCain Quotes John McCain Politician 1936
Melissa McCarthy Quotes Melissa McCarthy Actress 1970
Bill McCartney Celebrity 1940
Vince McMahon Quotes Vince McMahon Entertainer 1945
Jim McMahon Quotes Jim McMahon Athlete 1959
Ken Mehlman Politician 1966
Carlos Mesa Quotes Carlos Mesa Statesman 1953
Pat Metheny Quotes Pat Metheny Musician 1954
Jules Michelet Quotes Jules Michelet Historian 1798
Vera Miles Quotes Vera Miles Actress 1929
Kel Mitchell Actor 1978
George J. Mitchell Quotes George J. Mitchell Politician 1933
Kenji Miyazawa Quotes Kenji Miyazawa Poet 1896
Jay Mohr Quotes Jay Mohr Actor 1970
Thomas S. Monson Quotes Thomas S. Monson Clergyman 1927
George Montgomery Artist 1916
Keith Moon Quotes Keith Moon Musician 1947
Brian Moore Novelist 1921
Rebecca De Mornay Quotes Rebecca De Mornay Actress 1961
Mark Morris Quotes Mark Morris Dancer 1956
Mohammed Morsi Quotes Mohammed Morsi Politician 1951
Julius Sterling Morton Quotes Julius Sterling Morton Scientist 1832
Carrie-Anne Moss Quotes Carrie-Anne Moss Actress 1967
Chad Michael Murray Quotes Chad Michael Murray Actor 1981
Taslima Nasrin Quotes Taslima Nasrin Writer 1962
Campbell Newman Quotes Campbell Newman Politician 1963
Xavier Niel Businessman 1967
Mojo Nixon Quotes Mojo Nixon Musician 1957
Jean Nouvel Quotes Jean Nouvel Architect 1945
Diana Nyad Author 1949
Edgar Wilson Nye Quotes Edgar Wilson Nye Journalist 1850
Adam Oates Quotes Adam Oates Athlete 1962
Carroll O'Connor Actor 1922
Christine O'Donnell Politician 1969
Peter O'Toole Actor 1932
Buck Owens Quotes Buck Owens Musician 1929
Carl Paladino Quotes Carl Paladino Politician 1946
Hayden Panettiere Quotes Hayden Panettiere Actress 1989
Bill Parcells Coach 1941
Ruth Park Quotes Ruth Park Author 1923
Charlie Parker Quotes Charlie Parker Musician 1920
Christopher Parker Actor 1983
Theodore Parker Quotes Theodore Parker Theologian 1810
Aaron Paul Quotes Aaron Paul Actor 1979
Ron Paul Quotes Ron Paul Politician 1935
Liam Payne Quotes Liam Payne Musician 1993
Melvin Van Peebles Quotes Melvin Van Peebles Actor 1932
Westbrook Pegler Quotes Westbrook Pegler Journalist 1894
William Pepper Quotes William Pepper Scientist 1843
Shimon Peres Quotes Shimon Peres Statesman 1923
Oliver Perry Quotes Oliver Perry Soldier 1785
Roger Tory Peterson Quotes Roger Tory Peterson Environmentalist 1908
Debbi Peterson Quotes Debbi Peterson Musician 1961
Eckhard Pfeiffer Businessman 1941
Regis Philbin Quotes Regis Philbin Entertainer 1933
River Phoenix Quotes River Phoenix Actor 1970
Allan Pinkerton Quotes Allan Pinkerton Businessman 1819
Robert Plant Quotes Robert Plant Musician 1948
John Poindexter Quotes John Poindexter Public Servant 1936
Dennis Prager Quotes Dennis Prager Journalist 1948
Jason Priestley Quotes Jason Priestley Actor 1969
Annie Proulx Journalist 1935
Salvatore Quasimodo Quotes Salvatore Quasimodo Author 1901
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani Quotes Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani Politician 1934
Ted Rall Quotes Ted Rall Cartoonist 1963
Andrew Rannells Quotes Andrew Rannells Actor 1978
Man Ray Quotes Man Ray Photographer 1890
Rachael Ray Quotes Rachael Ray Businesswoman 1968
Leon Redbone Quotes Leon Redbone Musician 1949
Dave Reichert Quotes Dave Reichert Politician 1950
Paul Reubens Quotes Paul Reubens Comedian 1952
Marjorie Reynolds Quotes Marjorie Reynolds Actress 1917
Jean Rhys Novelist 1894
Richard Richards Astronaut 1946
Charles Richet Quotes Charles Richet Scientist 1850
Tom Ridge Quotes Tom Ridge Politician 1946
Leni Riefenstahl Quotes Leni Riefenstahl Director 1902
LeAnn Rimes Quotes LeAnn Rimes Musician 1982
Mary Roberts Rinehart Quotes Mary Roberts Rinehart Novelist 1876
Kenny Rogers Quotes Kenny Rogers Musician 1938
Al Roker Quotes Al Roker Entertainer 1954
James Rollins Quotes James Rollins Author 1961
Jules Romains Quotes Jules Romains Author 1885
Melissa Rosenberg Quotes Melissa Rosenberg Writer 1962
Julius Rosenwald Quotes Julius Rosenwald Businessman 1862
Galen Rowell Photographer 1940
Robert E. Rubin Quotes Robert E. Rubin Businessman 1938
Vera Rubin Quotes Vera Rubin Scientist 1928
Bob Rubin Quotes Bob Rubin Businessman 1938
Jimmy Rushing Quotes Jimmy Rushing Musician 1901
Mark Russell Writer 1932
David O. Russell Quotes David O. Russell Director 1958
Muqtada al Sadr Clergyman 1973
Pete Sampras Quotes Pete Sampras Athlete 1971
Sheryl Sandberg Quotes Sheryl Sandberg Businesswoman 1969
Claudia Schiffer Quotes Claudia Schiffer Model 1970
John G. Schmitz Politician 1930
Erwin Schrodinger Quotes Erwin Schrodinger Scientist 1887
Barbet Schroeder Quotes Barbet Schroeder Director 1941
Joel Schumacher Quotes Joel Schumacher Director 1939
Norman Schwarzkopf Quotes Norman Schwarzkopf Soldier 1934
Bill Scott Actor 1920
Junipero Serra Quotes Junipero Serra Clergyman 1784
Ben Shneiderman Quotes Ben Shneiderman Scientist 1947
Wayne Shorter Quotes Wayne Shorter Musician 1933
Gene Simmons Quotes Gene Simmons Musician 1949
Valerie Simpson Musician 1946
Alexander Skarsgard Quotes Alexander Skarsgard Actor 1976
Tom Skerritt Quotes Tom Skerritt Actor 1933
John French Sloan Quotes John French Sloan Artist 1871
Russell Smith Novelist 1963
Kevin Smith Quotes Kevin Smith Director 1970
John W. Snow Quotes John W. Snow Economist 1939
George Soros Quotes George Soros Businessman 1930
David Soul Quotes David Soul Actor 1943
Robert Southey Quotes Robert Southey Poet 1774
Merrie Spaeth Writer 1948
Dick Spring Politician 1950
Rick Springfield Quotes Rick Springfield Musician 1949
Layne Staley Quotes Layne Staley Musician 1967
Karlheinz Stockhausen Quotes Karlheinz Stockhausen Composer 1928
Robert Stone Novelist 1937
George Stoneman Quotes George Stoneman Soldier 1822
Joe Strummer Quotes Joe Strummer Musician 1952
Preston Sturges Quotes Preston Sturges Writer 1898
Jacqueline Susann Quotes Jacqueline Susann Author 1918
Dominique Swain Actress 1980
Serj Tankian Quotes Serj Tankian Musician 1967
Mother Teresa Quotes Mother Teresa Leader 1910
Jim Thome Quotes Jim Thome Athlete 1970
Peter Thomson Athlete 1929
Paul Tillich Quotes Paul Tillich Theologian 1886
Charles Townshend Quotes Charles Townshend Politician 1725
Rose Tremain Novelist 1943
Shania Twain Quotes Shania Twain Musician 1965
Jeff Tweedy Quotes Jeff Tweedy Musician 1967
John Tyndall Quotes John Tyndall Physicist 1820
Blair Underwood Quotes Blair Underwood Actor 1964
Jack Vance Quotes Jack Vance Author 1916
Gerald Vann Theologian 1906
Alexa Vega Quotes Alexa Vega Actress 1988
Hans Urs von Balthasar Theologian 1905
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Quotes Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Poet 1749
Tim Wakefield Quotes Tim Wakefield Athlete 1966
George C. Wallace Quotes George C. Wallace Politician 1919
David Walliams Actor 1971
Quvenzhane Wallis Actress 2003
Robert Walpole Quotes Robert Walpole Statesman 1676
Tom Walsh Celebrity 1964
Jack L. Warner Quotes Jack L. Warner Businessman 1892
Mel Watt Quotes Mel Watt Politician 1945
Mark Webber Quotes Mark Webber Celebrity 1976
Peter Weir Quotes Peter Weir Director 1944
Kristen Wiig Quotes Kristen Wiig Actress 1973
William Wilberforce Quotes William Wilberforce Politician 1759
Pete Wilson Quotes Pete Wilson Politician 1933
Jeanette Winterson Quotes Jeanette Winterson Novelist 1959
Alicia Witt Actress 1975
Edward Witten Quotes Edward Witten Mathematician 1951
Stephen Wolfram Quotes Stephen Wolfram Scientist 1959
Sam Worthington Quotes Sam Worthington Actor 1976
Max Wright Actor 1943
Lawrence Wright Quotes Lawrence Wright Author 1947
Joe Wright Quotes Joe Wright Director 1972
Deng Xiaoping Quotes Deng Xiaoping Leader 1904
Carl Yastrzemski Quotes Carl Yastrzemski Athlete 1939
Marguerite Young Author 1908
Rick Yune Quotes Rick Yune Actor 1971