Authors Born on April, 9st

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April, 9st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Hasil Adkins Quotes Hasil Adkins Musician 1937
Andre Agassi Quotes Andre Agassi Athlete 1970
Moustapha Akkad Quotes Moustapha Akkad Director 1909
Mukesh Ambani Quotes Mukesh Ambani Businessman 1957
Fisher Ames Quotes Fisher Ames Statesman 1758
John Arbuthnot Quotes John Arbuthnot Physicist 1667
Alexis Arguello Quotes Alexis Arguello Athlete 1952
Frank Auerbach Quotes Frank Auerbach Artist 1931
Charles Baudelaire Quotes Charles Baudelaire Poet 1821
Sean Bean Quotes Sean Bean Actor 1959
Thomas Beecham Quotes Thomas Beecham Composer 1879
Leon Blum Quotes Leon Blum Politician 1872
Nathaniel Branden Psychologist 1930
Mo Brooks Politician 1954
Fred Brooks Quotes Fred Brooks Scientist 1931
Isambard K. Brunel Quotes Isambard K. Brunel Inventor 1806
Richard Carlson Quotes Richard Carlson Author 1912
Thomas Cavendish Quotes Thomas Cavendish Explorer 1908
Hayden Christensen Quotes Hayden Christensen Actor 1981
Paul Cullen Clergyman 1803
Tim Curry Quotes Tim Curry Actor 1946
Daniel Day-Lewis Quotes Daniel Day-Lewis Actor 1957
Lonnie Donegan Quotes Lonnie Donegan Musician 1931
Antal Dorati Composer 1906
Nora Dunn Actress 1952
Dale Earnhardt Quotes Dale Earnhardt Celebrity 1951
Duke Ellington Quotes Duke Ellington Musician 1899
Jackie Evancho Quotes Jackie Evancho Musician 2000
Sam Ewing Athlete 1949
Elle Fanning Quotes Elle Fanning Actress 1998
Stanley Fish Writer 1938
Robbie Fowler Quotes Robbie Fowler Athlete 1975
Jim Fowler Scientist 1932
James Franco Quotes James Franco Actor 1978
J. William Fulbright Quotes J. William Fulbright Politician 1905
Margaret Haddix Author 1964
William Randolph Hearst Quotes William Randolph Hearst Publisher 1863
Hugh Hefner Quotes Hugh Hefner Publisher 1926
James Hibberd Athlete 1981
Emperor Hirohito Quotes Emperor Hirohito Royalty 1901
Celeste Holm Quotes Celeste Holm Actress 1919
Hugh Hopper Quotes Hugh Hopper Musician 1945
King Hu Director 1931
Kate Hudson Quotes Kate Hudson Actress 1979
Richard Hughes Writer 1900
Sol Hurok Quotes Sol Hurok Musician 1888
David Icke Quotes David Icke Athlete 1952
Marc Jacobs Quotes Marc Jacobs Designer 1963
Curtis Joseph Quotes Curtis Joseph Athlete 1967
Ashley Judd Quotes Ashley Judd Actress 1968
Frank King Cartoonist 1883
Richard Kline Quotes Richard Kline Actor 1944
Suge Knight Quotes Suge Knight Producer 1965
Alexis Korner Quotes Alexis Korner Musician 1928
Paul Krassner Journalist 1932
Joshua Ledet Musician 1992
Francis Lee Quotes Francis Lee Athlete 1944
Tom Lehrer Quotes Tom Lehrer Musician 1928
Leopoldo Lopez Quotes Leopoldo Lopez Politician 1971
Margo MacDonald Quotes Margo MacDonald Politician 1943
Jayne Mansfield Quotes Jayne Mansfield Actress 1932
Jesse McCartney Quotes Jesse McCartney Musician 1987
James S. McDonnell Businessman 1899
Rod McKuen Quotes Rod McKuen Poet 1933
Carrie P. Meek Politician 1926
Leighton Meester Quotes Leighton Meester Actress 1986
Tom Metzger Celebrity 1938
Luis Miguel Quotes Luis Miguel Musician 1970
Johnny Miller Athlete 1947
Keith Miller Quotes Keith Miller Author 1927
Dudley Moore Quotes Dudley Moore Celebrity 1935
Kate Mulgrew Quotes Kate Mulgrew Actress 1955
Yitzhak Navon Quotes Yitzhak Navon Politician 1921
Eliot Ness Quotes Eliot Ness Public Servant 1903
Adela Florence Nicolson Quotes Adela Florence Nicolson Poet 1865
Cynthia Nixon Quotes Cynthia Nixon Actress 1966
Phillip Noyce Quotes Phillip Noyce Director 1950
Candace Parker Quotes Candace Parker Athlete 1986
Austin Peck Quotes Austin Peck Actor 1971
Carl Perkins Quotes Carl Perkins Musician 1932
Michelle Pfeiffer Quotes Michelle Pfeiffer Actress 1958
Paloma Picasso Quotes Paloma Picasso Designer 1949
Henri Poincare Quotes Henri Poincare Mathematician 1854
Paulina Porizkova Quotes Paulina Porizkova Model 1965
Alan Price Musician 1942
Paul Robeson Quotes Paul Robeson Actor 1898
Otis Rush Quotes Otis Rush Musician 1934
Jim Ryun Athlete 1947
Rafael Sabatini Novelist 1875
Aulis Sallinen Composer 1935
Dick Sargent Quotes Dick Sargent Actor 1930
Joe Scarborough Quotes Joe Scarborough Politician 1963
Jerry Seinfeld Quotes Jerry Seinfeld Comedian 1955
Maria Sharapova Quotes Maria Sharapova Athlete 1987
Edward Rowland Sill Poet 1841
Charles Simmons Politician 1893
Iain Duncan Smith Quotes Iain Duncan Smith Politician 1954
Valerie Solanas Quotes Valerie Solanas Writer 1936
George Allen, Sr. Coach 1918
Debbie Stabenow Quotes Debbie Stabenow Politician 1950
Rachel Stevens Musician 1978
Kristen Stewart Quotes Kristen Stewart Actress 1990
Maurice Strong Quotes Maurice Strong Businessman 1929
Maxwell D. Taylor Quotes Maxwell D. Taylor Soldier 1987
Toots Thielemans Quotes Toots Thielemans Musician 1922
Jeremy Thorpe Politician 1929
Uma Thurman Quotes Uma Thurman Actress 1970
Victor Vasarely Artist 1906
Jacques Villeneuve Quotes Jacques Villeneuve Celebrity 1971
Ruby Wax Quotes Ruby Wax Comedian 1953
Gerard Way Quotes Gerard Way 1977
Dar Williams Quotes Dar Williams Musician 1967
Carnie Wilson Musician 1968
Bernie Worrell Quotes Bernie Worrell Musician 1944
Fred Zinnemann Quotes Fred Zinnemann Director 1907
Jeff Zucker Quotes Jeff Zucker Businessman 1965
Hirohito Quotes Hirohito Leader 1901