Authors Born on April, 7st

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April, 7st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Frank Abagnale Celebrity 1948
Anouk Aimee Quotes Anouk Aimee Actress 1932
Lindsay Anderson Quotes Lindsay Anderson Director 1923
Daisy Ashford Quotes Daisy Ashford Writer 1881
Ray Stannard Baker Quotes Ray Stannard Baker Journalist 1870
Chris Barber Quotes Chris Barber Musician 1930
Victoria Beckham Quotes Victoria Beckham Musician 1974
Ludwig Bemelmans Author 1898
Jack Black Quotes Jack Black Actor 1969
Hugh Blair Quotes Hugh Blair Theologian 1718
Cory Booker Quotes Cory Booker Politician 1969
Robert Brady Politician 1945
Robert A. Brady Politician 1945
Eric Bristow Quotes Eric Bristow Celebrity 1957
Jerry Brown Quotes Jerry Brown Politician 1938
Arthur Frank Burns Quotes Arthur Frank Burns Economist 1904
Miguel Cabrera Quotes Miguel Cabrera Athlete 1983
Jackie Chan Quotes Jackie Chan Actor 1954
William Ellery Channing Writer 1780
Samuel Chase Quotes Samuel Chase Judge 1741
Adam Clymer Journalist 1937
Francis Ford Coppola Quotes Francis Ford Coppola Director 1939
Russell Crowe Quotes Russell Crowe Actor 1964
Mitch Daniels Quotes Mitch Daniels Politician 1949
Christopher Darden Lawyer 1956
Isak Dinesen Quotes Isak Dinesen Writer 1885
Arielle Dombasle Quotes Arielle Dombasle Actress 1955
Tony Dorsett Quotes Tony Dorsett Athlete 1954
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Quotes Marjory Stoneman Douglas Journalist 1890
Spencer Dryden Quotes Spencer Dryden Musician 1938
Allen Dulles Quotes Allen Dulles Public Servant 1893
Sheena Easton Quotes Sheena Easton Musician 1959
Daniel Ellsberg Quotes Daniel Ellsberg Celebrity 1931
Boomer Esiason Quotes Boomer Esiason Athlete 1961
Michael Fish Celebrity 1944
Sandra Fluke Quotes Sandra Fluke Activist 1981
John Ford Quotes John Ford Dramatist 1586
Charles Fourier Quotes Charles Fourier Philosopher 1772
Ace Frehley Quotes Ace Frehley Musician 1951
Frederick Carl Frieseke Quotes Frederick Carl Frieseke Artist 1874
David Frost Quotes David Frost Journalist 1939
Billy Fury Quotes Billy Fury Musician 1941
Jennifer Garner Quotes Jennifer Garner Actress 1972
James Garner Quotes James Garner Activist 1928
Edward Gibbon Quotes Edward Gibbon Historian 1737
Ulysses S. Grant Quotes Ulysses S. Grant President 1822
David Grayson Journalist 1870
Harry Hay Quotes Harry Hay Celebrity 1912
William Holden Quotes William Holden Actor 1918
Billie Holiday Quotes Billie Holiday Musician 1915
Nick Hornby Quotes Nick Hornby Writer 1957
Rogers Hornsby Quotes Rogers Hornsby Athlete 1896
Freddie Hubbard Quotes Freddie Hubbard Musician 1938
Janis Ian Quotes Janis Ian Musician 1951
Iris Johansen Author 1938
Casey Kasem Quotes Casey Kasem Actor 1932
Maynard James Keenan Quotes Maynard James Keenan Musician 1964
Nikita Khrushchev Quotes Nikita Khrushchev Statesman 1894
Coretta Scott King Quotes Coretta Scott King Activist 1927
Jack Klugman Quotes Jack Klugman Actor 1922
Ted Kotcheff Director 1931
Nicholas D. Kristof Quotes Nicholas D. Kristof Writer 1959
Tim LaHaye Clergyman 1926
C. Day Lewis Quotes C. Day Lewis Poet 1904
David Low Cartoonist 1891
Francis Cabot Lowell Businessman 1775
Bronislaw Malinowski Quotes Bronislaw Malinowski Scientist 1884
Valentina Matviyenko Quotes Valentina Matviyenko Politician 1949
Bob Metcalfe Quotes Bob Metcalfe Scientist 1946
Robert Metcalfe Quotes Robert Metcalfe Inventor 1946
Gabriela Mistral Quotes Gabriela Mistral Poet 1889
J. P. Morgan Quotes J. P. Morgan Businessman 1837
Samuel Morse Quotes Samuel Morse Inventor 1791
John Oates Quotes John Oates Musician 1948
Babatunde Olatunji Quotes Babatunde Olatunji Musician 1927
Frederick Law Olmsted Quotes Frederick Law Olmsted Architect 1822
Cynthia Ozick Novelist 1928
Liz Phair Quotes Liz Phair Musician 1967
Julia Phillips Quotes Julia Phillips Author 1944
Ferdinand Piech Quotes Ferdinand Piech Designer 1937
Harry Reasoner Quotes Harry Reasoner Journalist 1923
Alain Robert Quotes Alain Robert Athlete 1962
Joel Robuchon Quotes Joel Robuchon Chef 1945
Wayne Rogers Quotes Wayne Rogers Actor 1933
Eric Schmidt Quotes Eric Schmidt Businessman 1955
Artur Schnabel Musician 1882
Gerhard Schroder Quotes Gerhard Schroder Statesman 1944
George Seaton Quotes George Seaton Playwright 1911
Ravi Shankar Quotes Ravi Shankar Musician 1920
Robert Shea Quotes Robert Shea Author 1909
John Sheffield Quotes John Sheffield Poet 1648
Herbert Spencer Quotes Herbert Spencer Philosopher 1820
John Stott Quotes John Stott Clergyman 1921
John Thorn Quotes John Thorn Historian 1947
Kerry Thornley Quotes Kerry Thornley Philosopher 1938
Flora Tristan Activist 1803
Benjamin Tucker Quotes Benjamin Tucker Activist 1854
Chavela Vargas Quotes Chavela Vargas Musician 1919
Henry Vaughan Poet 1622
William H. Wharton Politician 1802
Edward Whymper Quotes Edward Whymper Explorer 1840
Thornton Wilder Quotes Thornton Wilder Novelist 1897
August Wilson Quotes August Wilson Playwright 1945
Walter Winchell Quotes Walter Winchell Journalist 1897
Mary Wollstonecraft Quotes Mary Wollstonecraft Writer 1759
Leonard Woolley Scientist 1880
William Wordsworth Quotes William Wordsworth Poet 1770
Francis Xavier Quotes Francis Xavier Clergyman 1506
Soundarya Quotes Soundarya Actress 2004