Authors Born on April, 5st

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April, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Eden Ahbez Quotes Eden Ahbez Musician 1908
Krista Allen Quotes Krista Allen Actress 1972
Manal al-Sharif Quotes Manal al-Sharif Activist 1979
Jeffrey Archer Quotes Jeffrey Archer Politician 1940
Andrea Arnold Quotes Andrea Arnold Actress 1961
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Quotes Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Statesman 1947
Jane Asher Quotes Jane Asher Actress 1946
Evelyn Ashford Athlete 1957
Eric Avery Quotes Eric Avery Musician 1965
Hank Azaria Quotes Hank Azaria Actor 1964
Howard Berman Quotes Howard Berman Politician 1941
Robert Bloch Quotes Robert Bloch Writer 1917
Corrie Ten Boom Quotes Corrie Ten Boom Author 1892
Chester Bowles Diplomat 1901
William J. Brennan Quotes William J. Brennan Judge 1906
William J. Brennan, Jr. Judge 1906
Joseph E. Brown Quotes Joseph E. Brown Politician 1821
Melvin Burgess Author 1954
Wilhelm Busch Quotes Wilhelm Busch Artist 1832
Claudia Cardinale Quotes Claudia Cardinale Actress 1938
Bliss Carman Quotes Bliss Carman Poet 1861
Roy Clark Quotes Roy Clark Entertainer 1933
Hugo Claus Quotes Hugo Claus Novelist 1929
Jane Clayson Journalist 1967
Paula Cole Quotes Paula Cole Musician 1968
Kim Collins Quotes Kim Collins Athlete 1976
Michael Cooper Athlete 1956
Roger Corman Quotes Roger Corman Producer 1926
Oliver Cromwell Quotes Oliver Cromwell Soldier 1599
Randy Cross Quotes Randy Cross Athlete 1954
Johan Cruijff Quotes Johan Cruijff Athlete 1947
Bette Davis Quotes Bette Davis Actress 1908
Joe Davis Quotes Joe Davis Celebrity 1901
Melvyn Douglas Quotes Melvyn Douglas Actor 1901
K. Eric Drexler Quotes K. Eric Drexler Scientist 1955
Alexander Duff Quotes Alexander Duff Clergyman 1806
Tim Duncan Quotes Tim Duncan Athlete 1976
Emile Durkheim Quotes Emile Durkheim Sociologist 1858
Richard Eberhart Quotes Richard Eberhart Poet 1904
Dave Edmunds Quotes Dave Edmunds Musician 1944
Matt Emmons Athlete 1981
Leonhard Euler Quotes Leonhard Euler Mathematician 1707
Agnetha Faltskog Quotes Agnetha Faltskog Musician 1950
Dan Farmer Quotes Dan Farmer Scientist 1962
James Fenton Poet 1949
Ella Fitzgerald Quotes Ella Fitzgerald Musician 1918
Samantha Fox Quotes Samantha Fox Model 1966
Charles Fried Quotes Charles Fried Lawyer 1935
Frank Gaffney Writer 1953
Stephen Gardiner Quotes Stephen Gardiner Architect 1924
Jay Garner Quotes Jay Garner Soldier 1938
Frank Gorshin Quotes Frank Gorshin Actor 1933
Peter Greenaway Quotes Peter Greenaway Director 1942
Edward Grey Politician 1862
John Grigg Writer 1924
Arthur Hailey Quotes Arthur Hailey Novelist 1920
Katherine Harris Politician 1957
Thomas Hobbes Quotes Thomas Hobbes Philosopher 1588
Kim Il-sung Quotes Kim Il-sung Leader 1912
Lily James Actress 1989
Henry James Quotes Henry James Writer 1843
Lara St. John Quotes Lara St. John Musician 1971
Benjamin Jowett Quotes Benjamin Jowett Theologian 1817
Peter Jurasik Quotes Peter Jurasik Actor 1950
Dean Kamen Quotes Dean Kamen Inventor 1951
John Keble Quotes John Keble Clergyman 1792
Albert King Quotes Albert King Musician 1923
Peter King Politician 1944
Felix Klein Quotes Felix Klein Mathematician 1849
Jon Kyl Quotes Jon Kyl Politician 1942
Kenneth Lay Businessman 1942
Jerry Leiber Musician 1933
Joseph Lelyveld Editor 1937
Flora Lewis Quotes Flora Lewis Journalist 1918
Goddard Lieberson Quotes Goddard Lieberson Businessman 1911
Joseph Lister Scientist 1827
Ernest Mandel Quotes Ernest Mandel Author 1923
Tom Mann Businessman 1856
Guglielmo Marconi Quotes Guglielmo Marconi Scientist 1874
Neville Marriner Quotes Neville Marriner Musician 1924
Paul Mazursky Quotes Paul Mazursky Actor 1930
Mike McCready Quotes Mike McCready Musician 1965
Joe Meek Quotes Joe Meek Businessman 1929
Marguerite Moreau Quotes Marguerite Moreau Actress 1977
Michael Moriarty Actor 1941
John Lothrop Motley Historian 1814
Edward R. Murrow Quotes Edward R. Murrow Journalist 1908
Ed O'Brien Musician 1968
Al Pacino Quotes Al Pacino Actor 1940
Evan Parker Quotes Evan Parker Musician 1944
Wolfgang Pauli Quotes Wolfgang Pauli Physicist 1900
Gregory Peck Quotes Gregory Peck Actor 1916
John L. Phillips Quotes John L. Phillips Astronaut 1951
Mitch Pileggi Actor 1952
Colin Powell Quotes Colin Powell Statesman 1937
David Powers Quotes David Powers Politician 1912
Waverley Lewis Root Journalist 1903
Talia Shire Actress 1946
Bessie Smith Quotes Bessie Smith Musician 1894
Frank Richard Stockton Quotes Frank Richard Stockton Writer 1834
Algernon Charles Swinburne Quotes Algernon Charles Swinburne Poet 1837
Thomas Szasz Quotes Thomas Szasz Psychologist 1920
Nguyen Van Thieu Quotes Nguyen Van Thieu Statesman 1923
Emma Thompson Quotes Emma Thompson Actress 1959
Spencer Tracy Quotes Spencer Tracy Actor 1900
Tomas Transtromer Quotes Tomas Transtromer Writer 1931
Bjorn Ulvaeus Quotes Bjorn Ulvaeus Musician 1945
Leonardo da Vinci Quotes Leonardo da Vinci Artist 1452
Booker T. Washington Quotes Booker T. Washington Educator 1856
Walter Washington Quotes Walter Washington Politician 1915
Harold Washington Quotes Harold Washington Politician 1922
Emma Watson Quotes Emma Watson Actress 1990
Richard von Weizsaecker Quotes Richard von Weizsaecker Politician 1920
Jason Wiles Actor 1970
Pharrell Williams Quotes Pharrell Williams Musician 1973
Renee Zellweger Quotes Renee Zellweger Actress 1969
Vladimir Zhirinovsky Quotes Vladimir Zhirinovsky Politician 1946