Authors Born on April, 3st

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April, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Don Adams Quotes Don Adams Comedian 1926
Lyle Alzado Athlete 1949
Ken Auletta Quotes Ken Auletta Journalist 1942
Sebastian Bach Quotes Sebastian Bach Musician 1968
Alec Baldwin Quotes Alec Baldwin Actor 1958
Hosea Ballou Quotes Hosea Ballou Clergyman 1771
Lloyd Banks Quotes Lloyd Banks Musician 1982
Samuel Beckett Quotes Samuel Beckett Playwright 1906
Tony Benn Quotes Tony Benn Politician 1925
Jan Berry Quotes Jan Berry Musician 1941
Valerie Bertinelli Quotes Valerie Bertinelli Actress 1960
Henry Bolingbroke Quotes Henry Bolingbroke Royalty 1367
Eric Braeden Quotes Eric Braeden Actor 1941
John Braine Novelist 1922
Jonathan Brandis Quotes Jonathan Brandis Actor 1976
Marlon Brando Quotes Marlon Brando Actor 1924
Charles Farrar Browne Quotes Charles Farrar Browne Writer 1834
Peabo Bryson Musician 1951
James Buchanan Quotes James Buchanan President 1791
John Burroughs Quotes John Burroughs Author 1837
Amanda Bynes Quotes Amanda Bynes Actress 1986
Herb Caen Quotes Herb Caen Journalist 1916
Roberto Calvi Quotes Roberto Calvi Businessman 1920
Ben Nighthorse Campbell Quotes Ben Nighthorse Campbell Politician 1933
Jane Campion Quotes Jane Campion Director 1954
Duane G. Carey Quotes Duane G. Carey Astronaut 1957
Camille Chamoun Quotes Camille Chamoun Leader 1900
Jack Chick Quotes Jack Chick Cartoonist 1924
Jack T. Chick Quotes Jack T. Chick Cartoonist 1924
Alan Clark Quotes Alan Clark Politician 1928
Jill Clayburgh Quotes Jill Clayburgh Actress 1944
Ray Combs Quotes Ray Combs Comedian 1956
Bill Conti Quotes Bill Conti Director 1943
Jim Costa Politician 1952
Judy Davis Quotes Judy Davis Actress 1955
Susan Davis Quotes Susan Davis Politician 1944
Peter Davison Quotes Peter Davison Actor 1951
Doris Day Quotes Doris Day Actress 1924
Carlos Salinas de Gortari Quotes Carlos Salinas de Gortari Statesman 1948
Sandra Dee Quotes Sandra Dee Actress 1944
Chauncey Depew Politician 1834
Bernadette Devlin Quotes Bernadette Devlin Politician 1947
Joyce DeWitt Quotes Joyce DeWitt Actress 1949
Annie Dillard Quotes Annie Dillard Author 1945
J. P. Donleavy Dramatist 1926
Stephen Douglas Quotes Stephen Douglas Politician 1813
Allan Dwan Quotes Allan Dwan Director 1885
Jeffrey Eugenides Quotes Jeffrey Eugenides Novelist 1960
Nigel Farage Quotes Nigel Farage Politician 1964
Bram Fischer Lawyer 1908
James Anthony Froude Quotes James Anthony Froude Historian 1818
Jennie Garth Quotes Jennie Garth Actress 1972
Carl Friedrich Gauss Quotes Carl Friedrich Gauss Mathematician 1777
Don Gibson Musician 1928
Jane Goodall Quotes Jane Goodall Scientist 1934
Amy Goodman Quotes Amy Goodman Journalist 1957
Al Green Quotes Al Green Musician 1946
Edward Everett Hale Quotes Edward Everett Hale Clergyman 1822
Barry Hannah Novelist 1942
Stephen Harper Quotes Stephen Harper Politician 1959
Kaspar Hauser Quotes Kaspar Hauser Celebrity 1812
Seamus Heaney Quotes Seamus Heaney Poet 1939
Percy Heath Quotes Percy Heath Musician 1923
George Herbert Quotes George Herbert Poet 1593
Willie Herenton Politician 1940
Michael Herr Journalist 1940
Christopher Hitchens Quotes Christopher Hitchens Author 1949
Washington Irving Quotes Washington Irving Writer 1783
Thomas Jefferson Quotes Thomas Jefferson President 1743
Queen Juliana Quotes Queen Juliana Royalty 1909
Howard Keel Quotes Howard Keel Actor 1919
Jaime King Quotes Jaime King Actress 1979
Helmut Kohl Quotes Helmut Kohl Politician 1930
Alexandra Kosteniuk Quotes Alexandra Kosteniuk Celebrity 1984
Jacques Lacan Quotes Jacques Lacan Psychologist 1901
Cloris Leachman Quotes Cloris Leachman Actress 1926
Franz Lehar Quotes Franz Lehar Composer 1870
Al Lewis Actor 1910
Joseph Barber Lightfoot Quotes Joseph Barber Lightfoot Theologian 1828
Bob Livingston Quotes Bob Livingston Politician 1943
George Lopez Quotes George Lopez Comedian 1961
Isaac Low Businessman 1735
John Lubbock Statesman 1834
Henry R. Luce Editor 1898
John Lyly Writer 1908
Lee Majors Quotes Lee Majors Actor 1939
Richard Manuel Quotes Richard Manuel Musician 1943
Edwin Markham Quotes Edwin Markham Poet 1852
Mick Mars Quotes Mick Mars Musician 1956
Marsha Mason Quotes Marsha Mason Actress 1942
Michael Moore Quotes Michael Moore Activist 1954
John E. Moss Quotes John E. Moss Politician 1915
Frank Murphy Quotes Frank Murphy Politician 1890
Eddie Murphy Quotes Eddie Murphy Comedian 1961
Willie Nelson Quotes Willie Nelson Musician 1933
Wayne Newton Quotes Wayne Newton Musician 1942
Larry Niven Quotes Larry Niven Writer 1938
Lord North Quotes Lord North Statesman 1732
Madalyn Murray O'Hair Writer 1919
Roy Orbison Quotes Roy Orbison Musician 1936
Thomas Nelson Page Quotes Thomas Nelson Page Writer 1853
Lester B. Pearson Quotes Lester B. Pearson Politician 1897
Thomas Percy Writer 1729
Ron Perlman Quotes Ron Perlman Actor 1950
David Hyde Pierce Quotes David Hyde Pierce Actor 1959
Max Planck Quotes Max Planck Scientist 1858
Sergei Prokofiev Quotes Sergei Prokofiev Composer 1891
Roger de Rabutin Quotes Roger de Rabutin Writer 1618
Caroline Rhea Quotes Caroline Rhea Comedian 1964
Bruno Rossi Quotes Bruno Rossi Scientist 1905
Dora Russell Quotes Dora Russell Celebrity 1894
Carlos Salinas Quotes Carlos Salinas Statesman 1948
Michael Schiavo Quotes Michael Schiavo Celebrity 1963
Rick Schroder Quotes Rick Schroder Actor 1970
Theodore William Schultz Quotes Theodore William Schultz Economist 1902
Bobby Scott Politician 1947
Claude Shannon Quotes Claude Shannon Mathematician 1916
Roger Sherman Quotes Roger Sherman Politician 1721
Lorenzo Snow Quotes Lorenzo Snow Clergyman 1814
Paul Sorvino Quotes Paul Sorvino Actor 1939
Warren Spahn Quotes Warren Spahn Athlete 1921
Aries Spears Actor 1975
Harold Stassen Quotes Harold Stassen Politician 1907
George Steiner Critic 1929
Picabo Street Athlete 1971
Shirley Temple Quotes Shirley Temple Actress 1928
Isaiah Thomas Quotes Isaiah Thomas Athlete 1961
Richard Thompson Quotes Richard Thompson Musician 1949
Alice B. Toklas Quotes Alice B. Toklas Editor 1877
Lars von Trier Quotes Lars von Trier Director 1956
Boss Tweed Quotes Boss Tweed Politician 1823
Fred Upton Politician 1953
Justin Vernon Musician 1981
Herve Villechaize Quotes Herve Villechaize Actor 1943
J. M. W. Turner Quotes J. M. W. Turner Artist 1775
Barry Watson Actor 1974
Max Weinberg Quotes Max Weinberg Musician 1951
Otto Weininger Quotes Otto Weininger Philosopher 1880
Eudora Welty Quotes Eudora Welty Author 1909
Thomas Wentworth Politician 1593
Lanford Wilson Quotes Lanford Wilson Playwright 1937
Burt Young Quotes Burt Young Actor 1940
Halston Quotes Halston Designer 1932