Authors Born on September, 8st

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September, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Scott Adams Quotes Scott Adams Cartoonist 1957
Lance Armstrong Quotes Lance Armstrong Athlete 1971
David Arquette Quotes David Arquette Actor 1971
Leon Askin Quotes Leon Askin Actor 1907
Frankie Avalon Quotes Frankie Avalon Actor 1939
Brigitte Bardot Quotes Brigitte Bardot Actress 1934
Ann Beattie Quotes Ann Beattie Writer 1947
Robert Foster Bennett Quotes Robert Foster Bennett Politician 1933
Robert Blake Quotes Robert Blake Actor 1933
Sherwood Boehlert Quotes Sherwood Boehlert Politician 1936
Francis Bowen Philosopher 1811
Scotty Bowman Quotes Scotty Bowman Coach 1933
Avery Brundage Quotes Avery Brundage Athlete 1887
Brooke Burke Quotes Brooke Burke Model 1971
Frank Cady Quotes Frank Cady Actor 1915
Sid Caesar Quotes Sid Caesar Actor 1922
Al Capp Quotes Al Capp Cartoonist 1909
Benjamin Carson Quotes Benjamin Carson Scientist 1951
Neko Case Quotes Neko Case Musician 1970
Pete Cashmore Quotes Pete Cashmore Businessman 1985
Joshua Chamberlain Quotes Joshua Chamberlain Soldier 1828
Marin Cilic Quotes Marin Cilic Athlete 1988
Georges Clemenceau Quotes Georges Clemenceau Leader 1841
Patsy Cline Quotes Patsy Cline Musician 1932
Adrian Cronauer Quotes Adrian Cronauer Entertainer 1938
George Crook Quotes George Crook Soldier 1828
Peter Maxwell Davies Quotes Peter Maxwell Davies Composer 1934
John G. Diefenbaker Quotes John G. Diefenbaker Statesman 1895
Howard Dietz Musician 1896
Hilary Duff Quotes Hilary Duff Actress 1987
Alan Dundes Quotes Alan Dundes Educator 1935
Antonin Dvorak Quotes Antonin Dvorak Composer 1841
David R. Ellis Director 1952
Debbi Fields Businesswoman 1956
Peter Finch Quotes Peter Finch Actor 1916
Mark Foley Quotes Mark Foley Politician 1954
June Foray Quotes June Foray Actress 1917
Wendell H. Ford Quotes Wendell H. Ford Politician 1924
Leon Foucault Quotes Leon Foucault Inventor 1819
Henry Fox Statesman 1705
Michael Frayn Playwright 1933
Martin Freeman Quotes Martin Freeman Actor 1971
Bruce Froemming Athlete 1939
James Gandolfini Quotes James Gandolfini Actor 1961
Greta Garbo Quotes Greta Garbo Actress 1905
Janeane Garofalo Quotes Janeane Garofalo Comedian 1964
Philip Greenspun Quotes Philip Greenspun Scientist 1963
Harlan Howard Musician 1927
Alfred Jarry Quotes Alfred Jarry Writer 1873
Michael Johns Quotes Michael Johns Politician 1964
Samuel Johnson Quotes Samuel Johnson Author 1709
Jeffrey Jones Actor 1946
Ben E. King Quotes Ben E. King Musician 1938
Thomas Kretschmann Actor 1962
Sylvia Kristel Quotes Sylvia Kristel Actress 1952
Nguyen Cao Ky Quotes Nguyen Cao Ky Politician 1930
Steve Largent Quotes Steve Largent Athlete 1954
Alison Lohman Quotes Alison Lohman Actress 1979
Diosdado Macapagal Quotes Diosdado Macapagal Politician 1910
Lata Mangeshkar Quotes Lata Mangeshkar Musician 1929
Aimee Mann Quotes Aimee Mann Musician 1960
Bam Margera Quotes Bam Margera Celebrity 1979
James Marsden Quotes James Marsden Actor 1973
Marcello Mastroianni Quotes Marcello Mastroianni Actor 1924
Jim McCrery Politician 1949
David O. McKay Quotes David O. McKay Clergyman 1873
Grace Metalious Quotes Grace Metalious Novelist 1924
Agnes de Mille Quotes Agnes de Mille Dancer 1905
Richard Morris Clergyman 1833
Sam Nunn Quotes Sam Nunn Politician 1938
Benjamin Orr Quotes Benjamin Orr Musician 1947
Carre Otis Model 1968
William S. Paley Quotes William S. Paley Businessman 1901
Claude Pepper Quotes Claude Pepper Politician 1900
Ellis Peters Quotes Ellis Peters Author 1913
Steven Pinker Quotes Steven Pinker Scientist 1954
Rick Pitino Quotes Rick Pitino Athlete 1952
Jack Prelutsky Poet 1940
Dee Dee Ramone Quotes Dee Dee Ramone Musician 1952
Elmer Rice Quotes Elmer Rice Playwright 1892
Derek Harold Richard Barton Scientist 1918
Ryne Sandberg Quotes Ryne Sandberg Athlete 1959
Bernie Sanders Quotes Bernie Sanders Politician 1941
Bernard Sanders Quotes Bernard Sanders Politician 1941
Siegfried Sassoon Quotes Siegfried Sassoon Poet 1886
John Sayles Quotes John Sayles Director 1950
Max Schmeling Quotes Max Schmeling Athlete 1905
Florent Schmitt Quotes Florent Schmitt Composer 1870
Peter Shilton Quotes Peter Shilton Athlete 1949
Mike Simpson Politician 1950
Michael K. Simpson Politician 1950
Swami Sivananda Quotes Swami Sivananda Philosopher 1887
Jada Pinkett Smith Quotes Jada Pinkett Smith Actress 1971
Mira Sorvino Quotes Mira Sorvino Actress 1970
Stephen Spender Quotes Stephen Spender Poet 1909
Latrell Sprewell Athlete 1970
Joseph Story Quotes Joseph Story Judge 1779
Jason Sudeikis Quotes Jason Sudeikis Actor 1975
Ed Sullivan Quotes Ed Sullivan Entertainer 1902
Robert A. Taft Quotes Robert A. Taft Politician 1889
Robert Taft Quotes Robert Taft Politician 1889
Harold Taylor Politician 1914
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Actor 1981
Willie Tyler Quotes Willie Tyler Comedian 1940
Aisha Tyler Quotes Aisha Tyler Actress 1970
August Wilhelm von Schlegel Poet 1767
David Walker 1785
J. T. Walsh Quotes J. T. Walsh Actor 1943
Naomi Watts Quotes Naomi Watts Actress 1968
Bernard Werber Quotes Bernard Werber Writer 1961
Frances E. Willard Quotes Frances E. Willard Activist 1839
Fred Willard Quotes Fred Willard Comedian 1939
Terry Tempest Williams Author 1955
Francis Parker Yockey Writer 1917
Moon Unit Zappa Quotes Moon Unit Zappa Musician 1967
Pink Quotes Pink Musician 1979
Sivananda Quotes Sivananda Scientist 1887