Authors Born on October, 9st

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October, 9st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Renata Adler Journalist 1938
Ralph Bakshi Quotes Ralph Bakshi Director 1938
Scott Bakula Quotes Scott Bakula Actor 1954
Amanda Beard Quotes Amanda Beard Athlete 1981
Daniel J. Bernstein Quotes Daniel J. Bernstein Mathematician 1971
Maurice Bishop Quotes Maurice Bishop Politician 1983
Louis Blanc Quotes Louis Blanc Politician 1811
James Boswell Quotes James Boswell Lawyer 1740
Fanny Brice Quotes Fanny Brice Comedian 1891
Jackson Browne Quotes Jackson Browne Musician 1948
Sylvia Browne Celebrity 1936
Thomas Browne Quotes Thomas Browne Scientist 1605
Arleigh Burke Quotes Arleigh Burke Soldier 1901
Steve Burns Quotes Steve Burns Actor 1973
John Byng Quotes John Byng Soldier 1704
David Cameron Quotes David Cameron Politician 1966
John le Carre Quotes John le Carre Writer 1931
Rodney Carrington Comedian 1968
Amy Carter Quotes Amy Carter Celebrity 1967
Lewis Cass Quotes Lewis Cass Soldier 1782
Dan Castellaneta Quotes Dan Castellaneta Actor 1957
Bruce Catton Quotes Bruce Catton Historian 1899
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Quotes Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Scientist 1910
John Clayton Clergyman 1709
Artur Davis Quotes Artur Davis Politician 1967
Sunny Deol Quotes Sunny Deol Actor 1956
Helene Deutsch Quotes Helene Deutsch Psychologist 1884
Richard Dreyfuss Quotes Richard Dreyfuss Actor 1947
John Edward Entertainer 1969
Hope Emerson Actress 1897
John Entwistle Quotes John Entwistle Musician 1944
Jon Favreau Quotes Jon Favreau Actor 1966
Brendan Fehr Quotes Brendan Fehr Actor 1977
Marsilio Ficino Quotes Marsilio Ficino Philosopher 1433
Heinz Fischer Quotes Heinz Fischer Statesman 1938
Joely Fisher Quotes Joely Fisher Actress 1967
Bobby Flay Quotes Bobby Flay Celebrity 1964
Michael Gambon Actor 1940
Henry Green Novelist 1905
Peter Green Quotes Peter Green Musician 1946
Breaux Greer Athlete 1976
Eddie Guerrero Quotes Eddie Guerrero Entertainer 1967
Lord Hailsham Politician 1907
Edmond Halley Quotes Edmond Halley Scientist 1656
Desmond Harrington Quotes Desmond Harrington Actor 1976
P. J. Harvey Quotes P. J. Harvey Musician 1969
Matthew Hayden Quotes Matthew Hayden Athlete 1971
Samuel Hoffenstein Writer 1890
Evander Holyfield Quotes Evander Holyfield Athlete 1962
Ma Huateng Businessman 1971
Leigh Hunt Poet 1784
Abdullah Ibrahim Quotes Abdullah Ibrahim Musician 1934
Patricia Ireland Activist 1945
Kate Jackson Quotes Kate Jackson Actress 1948
Al Jourgensen Quotes Al Jourgensen Musician 1958
Chris Kattan Quotes Chris Kattan Comedian 1970
Dirk Kempthorne Quotes Dirk Kempthorne Politician 1951
Brian Lamb Quotes Brian Lamb Businessman 1941
Yusef Lateef Quotes Yusef Lateef Musician 1920
Max von Laue Quotes Max von Laue Scientist 1879
Martin Lel Quotes Martin Lel Athlete 1978
John Lennon Quotes John Lennon Musician 1940
Sean Lennon Quotes Sean Lennon Musician 1975
Paul LePage Quotes Paul LePage Politician 1948
John Lithgow Quotes John Lithgow Actor 1945
Leonard Little Athlete 1974
Trent Lott Quotes Trent Lott Politician 1941
Samora Machel Quotes Samora Machel Leader 1986
Laure Manaudou Quotes Laure Manaudou Athlete 1986
Bill Mauldin Quotes Bill Mauldin Cartoonist 1921
Peter Max Quotes Peter Max Artist 1937
Scotty McCreery Quotes Scotty McCreery Musician 1993
Aimee Semple McPherson Quotes Aimee Semple McPherson Clergyman 1890
Charles E. Merrill Businessman 1885
Pras Michel Musician 1972
Louis Mumford Historian 1895
Lewis Mumford Quotes Lewis Mumford Sociologist 1895
Grover Norquist Quotes Grover Norquist Politician 1956
Alan Nunnelee Quotes Alan Nunnelee Politician 1958
Queen Marie of Romania Quotes Queen Marie of Romania Royalty 1875
John O'Hurley Actor 1954
Sharon Osbourne Quotes Sharon Osbourne Entertainer 1952
Franz von Papen Quotes Franz von Papen Politician 1879
Trey Parker Quotes Trey Parker Artist 1969
Ty Pennington Quotes Ty Pennington Entertainer 1964
John Pilger Quotes John Pilger Journalist 1939
Keith Preston Activist 1966
Philip Pullman Quotes Philip Pullman Writer 1946
Robert Reed Quotes Robert Reed Actor 1932
David Remnick Quotes David Remnick Journalist 1958
Jim Rogers Quotes Jim Rogers Businessman 1942
Brandon Routh Quotes Brandon Routh Actor 1979
Winona Ryder Quotes Winona Ryder Actress 1971
Tony Shalhoub Quotes Tony Shalhoub Actor 1953
Donald Sinden Quotes Donald Sinden Actor 1923
Simon Sinek Quotes Simon Sinek Author 1973
Mike Singletary Quotes Mike Singletary Athlete 1959
George Adam Smith Clergyman 1856
Daniel Smith Politician 1748
Ted Solotaroff Writer 1928
Wolfgang Staudte Director 1906
Michael Steele Quotes Michael Steele Politician 1958
Guillermo del Toro Quotes Guillermo del Toro Director 1964
Peter Tosh Quotes Peter Tosh Musician 1944
Marina Tsvetaeva Quotes Marina Tsvetaeva Poet 1892
Gabrielle Union Quotes Gabrielle Union Actress 1972
Andrew Vachss Author 1942
Mark Viduka Quotes Mark Viduka Athlete 1975
Edward Wadsworth Quotes Edward Wadsworth Artist 1889
John Woolman Clergyman 1720