Authors Born on October, 7st

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October, 7st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Diane Ackerman Poet 1948
Sherman Alexie Quotes Sherman Alexie Writer 1966
Henry Alford Quotes Henry Alford Clergyman 1810
June Allyson Quotes June Allyson Actress 1917
Owen Arthur Quotes Owen Arthur Statesman 1949
Shawn Ashmore Quotes Shawn Ashmore Actor 1979
Robert Atkins Celebrity 1930
Enid Bagnold Quotes Enid Bagnold Author 1889
Amiri Baraka Quotes Amiri Baraka Poet 1934
Roberto Benigni Quotes Roberto Benigni Actor 1952
Paul Bert Quotes Paul Bert Scientist 1833
William Billings Composer 1746
Niels Bohr Quotes Niels Bohr Physicist 1885
Simon Le Bon Quotes Simon Le Bon Musician 1958
Toni Braxton Quotes Toni Braxton Musician 1968
Jimmy Breslin Quotes Jimmy Breslin Entertainer 1930
Sam Brown Activist 1964
Georg Buchner Quotes Georg Buchner Dramatist 1813
Warren Christopher Quotes Warren Christopher Statesman 1925
John Cleese Quotes John Cleese Actor 1939
Montgomery Clift Quotes Montgomery Clift Actor 1920
James Cook Quotes James Cook Explorer 1728
Simon Cowell Quotes Simon Cowell Entertainer 1959
Christiaan Rudolf de Wet Quotes Christiaan Rudolf de Wet Politician 1854
Ruby Dee Quotes Ruby Dee Actress 1924
Matt Drudge Celebrity 1966
Cotton Fitzsimmons Coach 1931
Giovanni Giolitti Quotes Giovanni Giolitti Statesman 1842
Elinor Glyn Quotes Elinor Glyn Author 1864
Virgil Goode Quotes Virgil Goode Politician 1946
Lee Greenwood Quotes Lee Greenwood Musician 1942
Alfred Whitney Griswold Quotes Alfred Whitney Griswold Educator 1906
H. R. Haldeman Quotes H. R. Haldeman Politician 1926
Childe Hassam Quotes Childe Hassam Artist 1859
Rita Hayworth Quotes Rita Hayworth Actress 1919
Joe Hill Quotes Joe Hill Activist 1879
David Hobson Politician 1936
Glenn Hoddle Quotes Glenn Hoddle Athlete 1957
Doris Humphrey Quotes Doris Humphrey Dancer 1895
Alan Jackson Quotes Alan Jackson Musician 1958
Clive James Quotes Clive James Writer 1939
J. A. Jance Author 1944
Elizabeth Janeway Author 1913
Wyclef Jean Quotes Wyclef Jean Musician 1972
Richard Mentor Johnson Quotes Richard Mentor Johnson Politician 1780
William Samuel Johnson Quotes William Samuel Johnson Politician 1727
Mike Judge Quotes Mike Judge Producer 1962
Thomas Keneally Quotes Thomas Keneally Novelist 1935
Margot Kidder Quotes Margot Kidder Actress 1948
Ralph Kiner Quotes Ralph Kiner Athlete 1922
Maxine Hong Kingston Quotes Maxine Hong Kingston Writer 1940
Chris Kirkpatrick Quotes Chris Kirkpatrick Musician 1971
Evel Knievel Quotes Evel Knievel Entertainer 1938
R. D. Laing Quotes R. D. Laing Psychologist 1927
Robert Lansing Quotes Robert Lansing Politician 1864
William Laud Quotes William Laud Clergyman 1573
Simon LeBon Quotes Simon LeBon Musician 1958
Fran Lebowitz Quotes Fran Lebowitz Journalist 1951
Meyer Levin Novelist 1905
Roy Lichtenstein Quotes Roy Lichtenstein Artist 1923
John D. Long Quotes John D. Long Politician 1838
Edward Luck Author 1948
Diana Lynn Quotes Diana Lynn Actress 1926
Yo-Yo Ma Quotes Yo-Yo Ma Musician 1955
Norm MacDonald Quotes Norm MacDonald Actor 1963
Matthew Macfadyen Quotes Matthew Macfadyen Actor 1974
Catharine MacKinnon Activist 1946
Cameron Mackintosh Quotes Cameron Mackintosh Businessman 1946
Vanessa Mae Quotes Vanessa Mae Musician 1978
Marla Maples Actress 1963
Ziggy Marley Quotes Ziggy Marley Musician 1968
John Marston Poet 1576
Rachel McAdams Quotes Rachel McAdams Actress 1976
Michael McKean Quotes Michael McKean Actor 1947
Ulrike Meinhof Quotes Ulrike Meinhof Journalist 1934
John Mellencamp Quotes John Mellencamp Musician 1951
Rick Mercer Quotes Rick Mercer Comedian 1969
Adam Michnik Quotes Adam Michnik Editor 1946
Arthur Miller Quotes Arthur Miller Playwright 1915
Vaughn Monroe Quotes Vaughn Monroe Musician 1911
George Nethercutt Politician 1944
Oliver North Quotes Oliver North Soldier 1943
Kelly Osbourne Quotes Kelly Osbourne Actress 1984
Niccolo Paganini Quotes Niccolo Paganini Musician 1782
Sylvia Plath Quotes Sylvia Plath Poet 1932
Emily Post Quotes Emily Post Author 1872
Roscoe Pound Quotes Roscoe Pound Lawyer 1870
Vladimir Putin Quotes Vladimir Putin Statesman 1952
Kimi Raikkonen Quotes Kimi Raikkonen Celebrity 1979
Aron Ralston Quotes Aron Ralston Celebrity 1975
Ivan Reitman Quotes Ivan Reitman Actor 1946
James Whitcomb Riley Quotes James Whitcomb Riley Poet 1849
Caesar Rodney Quotes Caesar Rodney Lawyer 1728
Theodore Roosevelt Quotes Theodore Roosevelt President 1858
Henry Rutgers Quotes Henry Rutgers Soldier 1745
Fritz Sauckel Quotes Fritz Sauckel Soldier 1894
Graeme Le Saux Quotes Graeme Le Saux Athlete 1968
Dan Savage Quotes Dan Savage Writer 1964
Neil Sheehan Journalist 1936
Michael W. Smith Quotes Michael W. Smith Musician 1957
Carrie Snodgress Quotes Carrie Snodgress Actress 1946
Oliver Tambo Quotes Oliver Tambo Politician 1917
Charles Templeton Cartoonist 1915
Dylan Thomas Quotes Dylan Thomas Poet 1914
Michael Tolkin Quotes Michael Tolkin Writer 1950
Dick Trickle Quotes Dick Trickle Celebrity 1941
Desmond Tutu Quotes Desmond Tutu Leader 1931
Bruce Vento Politician 1940
Benjamin F. Wade Quotes Benjamin F. Wade Politician 1800
Helmut Walcha Musician 1907
Henry A. Wallace Quotes Henry A. Wallace Vice President 1888
Alice Walton Businesswoman 1949
Scott Weiland Quotes Scott Weiland Musician 1967
George Wendt Quotes George Wendt Actor 1948
Nathanael West Writer 1903
Paul Weyrich Quotes Paul Weyrich Critic 1942
John Wilkes Quotes John Wilkes Journalist 1727
A. N. Wilson Writer 1950
Teresa Wright Quotes Teresa Wright Actress 1918
Thom Yorke Quotes Thom Yorke Musician 1968
Owen D. Young Businessman 1874
Zhao Ziyang Quotes Zhao Ziyang Statesman 1919
Eminem Quotes Eminem Musician 1972