Authors Born on October, 5st

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October, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Peter Ackroyd Author 1949
Naima Adedapo Quotes Naima Adedapo Musician 1984
Karen Allen Quotes Karen Allen Actress 1951
Jon Anderson Quotes Jon Anderson Musician 1944
Michael Andretti Quotes Michael Andretti Athlete 1962
Chester A. Arthur Quotes Chester A. Arthur President 1830
Daniel Baldwin Quotes Daniel Baldwin Actor 1960
Clive Barker Quotes Clive Barker Writer 1952
Billy Barty Quotes Billy Barty Actor 1924
John Berryman Quotes John Berryman Poet 1914
Georges Bidault Politician 1899
Isabella Bird Quotes Isabella Bird Writer 1831
Georges Bizet Quotes Georges Bizet Composer 1838
Harold Brodkey Author 1930
Richard E. Byrd Quotes Richard E. Byrd Explorer 1888
Italo Calvino Journalist 1923
Nancy Cartwright Quotes Nancy Cartwright Actress 1957
James Carville Quotes James Carville Lawyer 1944
Rene Cassin Quotes Rene Cassin Judge 1887
Henry Chadwick Writer 1824
Jay Chiat Businessman 1931
Diane Cilento Quotes Diane Cilento Actress 1933
Alan Cohen Businessman 1954
Henry Steele Commager Historian 1902
Jack Kent Cooke Businessman 1912
Steve Crocker Businessman 1944
Bill Dana Comedian 1924
Jane Darwell Quotes Jane Darwell Actress 1879
Paige Davis Quotes Paige Davis Actress 1969
Denis Diderot Quotes Denis Diderot Editor 1713
Bill Dixon Musician 1925
Jonathan Edwards Clergyman 1703
Jesse Eisenberg Quotes Jesse Eisenberg Actor 1983
John Erskine Poet 1879
Levi Eshkol Quotes Levi Eshkol Statesman 1895
Michel Foucault Quotes Michel Foucault Historian 1926
Dan Gable Athlete 1948
John Kenneth Galbraith Quotes John Kenneth Galbraith Economist 1908
Michael Gartner Journalist 1938
Bob Geldof Quotes Bob Geldof Actor 1954
Thomas Goodwin Quotes Thomas Goodwin Clergyman 1600
Vaclav Havel Quotes Vaclav Havel Leader 1936
Teresa Heinz Quotes Teresa Heinz Celebrity 1938
John Heisman Quotes John Heisman Coach 1869
Grant Hill Quotes Grant Hill Athlete 1972
Nicky Hilton Quotes Nicky Hilton Model 1983
Philip Hone Quotes Philip Hone Politician 1780
Evan Hunter Quotes Evan Hunter Author 1926
Lee Iacocca Quotes Lee Iacocca Businessman 1924
Tito Jackson Quotes Tito Jackson Musician 1953
Bill James Quotes Bill James Writer 1949
Glynis Johns Actress 1923
Abdul Kalam Quotes Abdul Kalam Statesman 1931
Bil Keane Quotes Bil Keane Cartoonist 1922
John P. Kennedy Quotes John P. Kennedy Soldier 1795
David Kirk Athlete 1961
Bobby Knight Quotes Bobby Knight Coach 1940
Lawrence Kohlberg Educator 1927
Ray Kroc Quotes Ray Kroc Businessman 1902
Emeril Lagasse Quotes Emeril Lagasse Celebrity 1959
Linda Lavin Quotes Linda Lavin Actress 1937
Jim Leach Quotes Jim Leach Politician 1942
James A. Leach Quotes James A. Leach Politician 1942
Mario Lemeiux Quotes Mario Lemeiux Athlete 1965
Mario Lemieux Quotes Mario Lemieux Athlete 1965
Mikhail Lermontov Quotes Mikhail Lermontov Poet 1814
Saunders Lewis Quotes Saunders Lewis Poet 1893
Maya Lin Quotes Maya Lin Architect 1959
Joshua Logan Quotes Joshua Logan Director 1908
Auguste Lumiere Quotes Auguste Lumiere Director 1864
Bernie Mac Quotes Bernie Mac Actor 1958
Thomas Macaulay Quotes Thomas Macaulay Poet 1800
Vanessa Marcil Actress 1969
Penny Marshall Quotes Penny Marshall Actress 1942
Pedro Martinez Quotes Pedro Martinez Athlete 1971
Barry McGuire Quotes Barry McGuire Musician 1937
Tom McMillan Politician 1945
Larry Miller Comedian 1953
Parminder Nagra Quotes Parminder Nagra Actress 1975
Mira Nair Quotes Mira Nair Director 1957
Friedrich Nietzsche Philosopher 1844
Flann O'Brien Writer 1911
Jim Palmer Quotes Jim Palmer Athlete 1945
Adam Pascal Quotes Adam Pascal Actor 1970
Guy Pearce Quotes Guy Pearce Actor 1967
Minnie Pearl Quotes Minnie Pearl Musician 1912
Leonard Peikoff Quotes Leonard Peikoff Philosopher 1933
Katy Perry Quotes Katy Perry Musician 1984
Pablo Picasso Quotes Pablo Picasso Artist 1881
Donald Pleasence Quotes Donald Pleasence Actor 1919
Mario Puzo Quotes Mario Puzo Novelist 1921
Helen Reddy Quotes Helen Reddy Actress 1941
Marion Ross Quotes Marion Ross Actor 1928
Patrick Roy Quotes Patrick Roy Athlete 1965
Henry Norris Russell Scientist 1877
Thomas Sankara Quotes Thomas Sankara Politician 1987
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Historian 1917
Rusty Schweickart Quotes Rusty Schweickart Astronaut 1935
Yitzhak Shamir Quotes Yitzhak Shamir Statesman 1915
Moshe Sharett Quotes Moshe Sharett Statesman 1894
Chad Smith Quotes Chad Smith Musician 1961
Todd Solondz Quotes Todd Solondz Writer 1959
Jock Stein Quotes Jock Stein Celebrity 1922
Max Stirner Quotes Max Stirner Philosopher 1806
Marie Stopes Quotes Marie Stopes Author 1880
Marie Carmichael Stopes Quotes Marie Carmichael Stopes Author 1880
Barry Switzer Quotes Barry Switzer Coach 1937
Bob Thaves Cartoonist 1924
Bobby Thomson Quotes Bobby Thomson Athlete 1923
Glenn Tipton Quotes Glenn Tipton Musician 1948
Evangelista Torricelli Quotes Evangelista Torricelli Scientist 1608
David Trimble Quotes David Trimble Politician 1944
Robert Trout Journalist 1909
Anne Tyler Novelist 1941
Jessie Ware Quotes Jessie Ware Musician 1984
Walter Jon Williams Quotes Walter Jon Williams Writer 1953
Edith Wilson Quotes Edith Wilson First Lady 1872
P. G. Wodehouse Quotes P. G. Wodehouse Writer 1881
Smokey Joe Wood Quotes Smokey Joe Wood Athlete 1889
Chely Wright Quotes Chely Wright Musician 1970
Tecumseh Quotes Tecumseh Leader 1813