Authors Born on November, 2st

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November, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
James Agee Quotes James Agee Novelist 1909
Amos Bronson Alcott Quotes Amos Bronson Alcott Educator 1799
Louisa May Alcott Quotes Louisa May Alcott Novelist 1832
Charles Mengel Allen Judge 1916
James F. Amos Quotes James F. Amos Soldier 1946
Margaret Anderson Editor 1886
Poul Anderson Quotes Poul Anderson Writer 1926
Katharine Anthony Quotes Katharine Anthony Writer 1877
Marie Antoinette Quotes Marie Antoinette Royalty 1755
R. W. Apple, Jr. Journalist 1934
Christina Applegate Quotes Christina Applegate Actress 1971
Curtis Armstrong Actor 1953
Brooks Atkinson Critic 1894
Warren R. Austin Politician 1877
John Bacon Sculptor 1740
Beryl Bainbridge Quotes Beryl Bainbridge Novelist 1934
Alben W. Barkley Quotes Alben W. Barkley Vice President 1877
John D. Barrow Scientist 1952
Roland Barthes Quotes Roland Barthes Critic 1915
Richard Baxter Quotes Richard Baxter Clergyman 1615
Charles A. Beard Quotes Charles A. Beard Historian 1874
Martha Beck Author 1962
Boris Becker Quotes Boris Becker Athlete 1967
Chris Bell Politician 1959
Busby Berkeley Quotes Busby Berkeley Director 1895
Alexander Berkman Quotes Alexander Berkman Writer 1870
Edward Bernays Quotes Edward Bernays Celebrity 1891
Pete Best Quotes Pete Best Musician 1941
Joe Biden Quotes Joe Biden Vice President 1942
John Bigelow Quotes John Bigelow Lawyer 1817
Kathryn Bigelow Quotes Kathryn Bigelow Director 1952
Rose Bird Quotes Rose Bird Judge 1936
Jim Bishop Journalist 1907
Harry A. Blackmun Quotes Harry A. Blackmun Judge 1908
Manolo Blahnik Quotes Manolo Blahnik Designer 1942
William Blake Quotes William Blake Poet 1757
Matt Blunt Quotes Matt Blunt Politician 1970
Andrew Bogut Quotes Andrew Bogut Athlete 1984
John Bolton Statesman 1948
Diego Boneta Quotes Diego Boneta Musician 1990
George Boole Quotes George Boole Mathematician 1815
Daniel Boone Quotes Daniel Boone Explorer 1734
Amar Bose Inventor 1929
Ian Botham Quotes Ian Botham Athlete 1955
Hjalmar Branting Quotes Hjalmar Branting Statesman 1860
Phil Bredesen Quotes Phil Bredesen Politician 1943
Benjamin Britten Quotes Benjamin Britten Composer 1913
David Brock Author 1962
Kelly Brook Quotes Kelly Brook Model 1979
Tina Brown Quotes Tina Brown Editor 1953
Rita Mae Brown Writer 1944
Steven Brust Quotes Steven Brust Author 1955
Pat Buchanan Quotes Pat Buchanan Journalist 1938
William F. Buckley, Jr. Journalist 1925
Lois McMaster Bujold Quotes Lois McMaster Bujold Writer 1949
John Bunyan Quotes John Bunyan Clergyman 1628
Frances Hodgson Burnett Quotes Frances Hodgson Burnett Playwright 1849
Jenna Bush Quotes Jenna Bush Celebrity 1981
Steve Buyer Politician 1958
Robert Byrd Quotes Robert Byrd Politician 1917
Matt Cameron Quotes Matt Cameron Musician 1962
Al Campanis Businessman 1916
Hoagy Carmichael Quotes Hoagy Carmichael Composer 1899
Dale Carnegie Quotes Dale Carnegie Writer 1888
Andrew Carnegie Businessman 1835
Eric Carr Quotes Eric Carr Musician 1991
Paul Celan Quotes Paul Celan Poet 1920
Steven Curtis Chapman Quotes Steven Curtis Chapman Musician 1962
Martin Charnin Director 1934
Thomas Chatterton Quotes Thomas Chatterton Poet 1752
Don Cheadle Quotes Don Cheadle Actor 1964
Michael Chertoff Quotes Michael Chertoff Public Servant 1953
Jacques Chirac Quotes Jacques Chirac Statesman 1932
Dick Clark Quotes Dick Clark Entertainer 1929
Richard J. Codey Quotes Richard J. Codey Politician 1946
Joel Coen Quotes Joel Coen Director 1954
Carlo Collodi Quotes Carlo Collodi Writer 1826
Nadia Comaneci Quotes Nadia Comaneci Athlete 1961
Barber Conable Politician 1922
Billy Connolly Quotes Billy Connolly Comedian 1942
Tom Conti Quotes Tom Conti Actor 1941
Alistair Cooke Journalist 1908
Barry Cornwall Poet 1787
Victor Cousin Quotes Victor Cousin Philosopher 1792
William Cowper Quotes William Cowper Poet 1731
Denise Crosby Quotes Denise Crosby Actress 1957
Jamie Lee Curtis Quotes Jamie Lee Curtis Actress 1958
Cyril Cusack Quotes Cyril Cusack Actor 1910
Miley Cyrus Quotes Miley Cyrus Musician 1992
Rodney Dangerfield Quotes Rodney Dangerfield Comedian 1921
Joe Dante Quotes Joe Dante Director 1946
Alistair Darling Quotes Alistair Darling Politician 1953
Gavyn Davies Businessman 1950
Richard Dawson Quotes Richard Dawson Actor 1932
L. Sprague de Camp Quotes L. Sprague de Camp Author 1907
Kim Delaney Quotes Kim Delaney Actress 1961
Shelagh Delaney Playwright 1939
Don DeLillo Quotes Don DeLillo Novelist 1936
Simon van der Meer Physicist 1925
Bo Derek Quotes Bo Derek Actress 1955
Taisen Deshimaru Philosopher 1914
Michael Diamond Musician 1965
Joe DiMaggio Quotes Joe DiMaggio Athlete 1914
Thelma Drake Politician 1949
Alexander Dubcek Quotes Alexander Dubcek Politician 1921
Dick Durbin Quotes Dick Durbin Politician 1944
Bob Ehrlich Quotes Bob Ehrlich Politician 1957
Robert. L. Ehrlich Quotes Robert. L. Ehrlich Politician 1957
George Eliot Quotes George Eliot Author 1819
Odysseas Elytis Quotes Odysseas Elytis Writer 1911
Rahm Emanuel Quotes Rahm Emanuel Politician 1959
Keith Emerson Quotes Keith Emerson Musician 1944
Michael Ende Quotes Michael Ende Writer 1929
Friedrich Engels Quotes Friedrich Engels Philosopher 1820
Harry Essex Writer 1910
Joe Eszterhas Writer 1944
Shawn Fanning Quotes Shawn Fanning Businessman 1980
Anna Faris Quotes Anna Faris Actress 1976
Chaka Fattah Quotes Chaka Fattah Politician 1956
Oded Fehr Quotes Oded Fehr Actor 1970
Martin Feldstein Economist 1939
Nick Ferguson Quotes Nick Ferguson Athlete 1974
Jerry Ferrara Quotes Jerry Ferrara Actor 1979
Marlin Fitzwater Public Servant 1942
John Ambrose Fleming Quotes John Ambrose Fleming Inventor 1849
Ernie Fletcher Quotes Ernie Fletcher Politician 1952
Marilyn French Quotes Marilyn French Author 1929
Karl von Frisch Quotes Karl von Frisch Scientist 1886
Helen Gahagan Quotes Helen Gahagan Actress 1900
Jim Garrison Quotes Jim Garrison Public Servant 1921
Charles de Gaulle Quotes Charles de Gaulle Leader 1890
Joe Gibbs Quotes Joe Gibbs Coach 1940
Ryan Giggs Quotes Ryan Giggs Athlete 1973
Cass Gilbert Quotes Cass Gilbert Architect 1859
George Gilder Quotes George Gilder Writer 1939
Terry Gilliam Quotes Terry Gilliam Director 1940
Carol Gilligan Quotes Carol Gilligan Psychologist 1936
George Gissing Quotes George Gissing Novelist 1857
Robin Givens Actress 1964
Dan Glickman Quotes Dan Glickman Politician 1944
Lefty Gomez Quotes Lefty Gomez Athlete 1908
Andrew Goodman Quotes Andrew Goodman Activist 1943
Nadine Gordimer Quotes Nadine Gordimer Novelist 1923
Herman Gorter Quotes Herman Gorter Poet 1864
Ryan Gosling Quotes Ryan Gosling Actor 1980
Porter Goss Quotes Porter Goss Public Servant 1938
Bill Gothard Quotes Bill Gothard Clergyman 1934
Victoria Gotti Celebrity 1962
Klement Gottwald Politician 1896
Michael Gough Quotes Michael Gough Actor 1916
Chester Gould Quotes Chester Gould Cartoonist 1900
Robert Goulet Quotes Robert Goulet Musician 1933
Lucas Grabeel Quotes Lucas Grabeel Actor 1984
Gloria Grahame Quotes Gloria Grahame Actress 1923
Amy Grant Quotes Amy Grant Musician 1960
Celia Green Author 1935
Alex Grey Quotes Alex Grey Artist 1953
Arthur Guiterman Quotes Arthur Guiterman Comedian 1871
Marilyn Hacker Poet 1942
Peter Hall Quotes Peter Hall Director 1930
Colin Hanks Quotes Colin Hanks Actor 1977
Kathleen Hanna Quotes Kathleen Hanna Musician 1969
Warren G. Harding Quotes Warren G. Harding President 1865
Tonya Harding Quotes Tonya Harding Athlete 1970
Charlaine Harris Quotes Charlaine Harris Author 1951
Ed Harris Quotes Ed Harris Actor 1950
Randy Harrison Quotes Randy Harrison Actor 1977
Gary Hart Quotes Gary Hart Politician 1936
Steve Harvey Quotes Steve Harvey Actor 1956
Anne Hathaway Quotes Anne Hathaway Actress 1982
Davey Havok Quotes Davey Havok Musician 1975
Coleman Hawkins Quotes Coleman Hawkins Musician 1904
Goldie Hawn Quotes Goldie Hawn Actress 1945
Henry Hazlitt Quotes Henry Hazlitt Philosopher 1894
Katherine Heigl Quotes Katherine Heigl Actress 1978
Mariel Hemingway Quotes Mariel Hemingway Actress 1961
Shirley Henderson Quotes Shirley Henderson Actress 1965
Jimi Hendrix Quotes Jimi Hendrix Musician 1942
Jill Hennessy Quotes Jill Hennessy Actress 1968
Nazim Hikmet Quotes Nazim Hikmet Poet 1901
Arthur Hiller Quotes Arthur Hiller Director 1923
Judy Horacek Cartoonist 1961
Bruce Hornsby Quotes Bruce Hornsby Musician 1954
Janette Turner Hospital Novelist 1942
Edwin Powell Hubble Quotes Edwin Powell Hubble Scientist 1889
Kim Hunter Quotes Kim Hunter Actress 1922
Jeffrey Hunter Quotes Jeffrey Hunter Actor 1926
Dolores Ibarruri Quotes Dolores Ibarruri Politician 1895
Aga Khan III Quotes Aga Khan III Statesman 1877
Eugene Ionesco Quotes Eugene Ionesco Dramatist 1912
William L. Jenkins Politician 1936
Carly Rae Jepsen Quotes Carly Rae Jepsen Musician 1985
Scarlett Johansson Quotes Scarlett Johansson Actress 1984
Mary Johnston Novelist 1870
Tom Joyner Quotes Tom Joyner Celebrity 1949
Garson Kanin Quotes Garson Kanin Playwright 1912
Boris Karloff Quotes Boris Karloff Actor 1887
Alphonse Karr Quotes Alphonse Karr Critic 1808
Petra Kelly Quotes Petra Kelly Politician 1947
Grace Kelly Quotes Grace Kelly Actress 1929
Caroline Kennedy Quotes Caroline Kennedy Celebrity 1957
Robert Kennedy Quotes Robert Kennedy Politician 1925
Charles Kennedy Quotes Charles Kennedy Politician 1959
Corita Kent Quotes Corita Kent Artist 1918
Shahrukh Khan Quotes Shahrukh Khan Actor 1965
Imran Khan Quotes Imran Khan Athlete 1952
Callie Khouri Quotes Callie Khouri Writer 1957
Billie Jean King Quotes Billie Jean King Athlete 1943
Hugh Kingsmill Writer 1889
Joel Kinnaman Actor 1979
Jerry Kleczka Politician 1943
Saku Koivu Quotes Saku Koivu Athlete 1974
Alfredo Kraus Musician 1927
Joseph Wood Krutch Quotes Joseph Wood Krutch Environmentalist 1893
Emir Kusturica Quotes Emir Kusturica Director 1954
Ryan Kwanten Quotes Ryan Kwanten Actor 1976
Joseph Lancaster Quotes Joseph Lancaster Educator 1778
Burt Lancaster Quotes Burt Lancaster Actor 1913
Mary Landrieu Quotes Mary Landrieu Politician 1955
K. D. Lang Quotes K. D. Lang Musician 1961
Brooke Langton Actress 1970
Wilfrid Laurier Quotes Wilfrid Laurier Statesman 1841
Jerry Lawler Quotes Jerry Lawler Entertainer 1949
Patrice Leconte Quotes Patrice Leconte Director 1947
Bruce Lee Quotes Bruce Lee Actor 1940
Abe Lemons Coach 1922
Rasmus Lerdorf Quotes Rasmus Lerdorf Scientist 1968
Claude Levi-Strauss Quotes Claude Levi-Strauss Scientist 1908
Reggie Lewis Athlete 1965
C. S. Lewis Quotes C. S. Lewis Author 1898
John Lindsay Quotes John Lindsay Politician 1921
Ben Lindsey Judge 1869
Hal Lindsey Writer 1929
Cody Linley Quotes Cody Linley Actor 1989
El Lissitzky Quotes El Lissitzky Artist 1890
Rich Little Quotes Rich Little Comedian 1938
Sabrina Lloyd Actress 1970
Bobby Locke Athlete 1917
Robert Lowth Quotes Robert Lowth Author 1710
Lorna Luft Quotes Lorna Luft Actress 1952
John Lynch Politician 1952
Rene Magritte Quotes Rene Magritte Artist 1898
Jena Malone Quotes Jena Malone Actress 1984
Benoit Mandelbrot Quotes Benoit Mandelbrot Mathematician 1924
Chuck Mangione Quotes Chuck Mangione Musician 1940
Jack Markell Quotes Jack Markell Politician 1960
Ricky Martin Quotes Ricky Martin Musician 1971
Harpo Marx Quotes Harpo Marx Comedian 1888
Richard Masur Quotes Richard Masur Actor 1948
Konosuke Matsushita Businessman 1894
John Mayall Quotes John Mayall Musician 1933
Henry Mayhew Journalist 1812
Joseph McCabe Quotes Joseph McCabe Writer 1867
Andrew McCarthy Quotes Andrew McCarthy Actor 1962
John McGahern Quotes John McGahern Writer 1934
Joel McHale Quotes Joel McHale Comedian 1971
David Merrick Producer 1912
John Metcalf Editor 1938
Al Michaels Quotes Al Michaels Entertainer 1944
Juliet Mills Quotes Juliet Mills Actor 1941
Radha Mitchell Quotes Radha Mitchell Actress 1973
Nancy Mitford Quotes Nancy Mitford Author 1904
Chris Moneymaker Quotes Chris Moneymaker Celebrity 1975
Meredith Monk Composer 1942
Earl Monroe Athlete 1944
Ricardo Montalban Actor 1920
Ronnie Montrose Quotes Ronnie Montrose Musician 1947
Michael Moorer Athlete 1967
Alberto Moravia Quotes Alberto Moravia Novelist 1907
Dick Morris Author 1948
Willie Morris Writer 1934
George Moscone Quotes George Moscone Politician 1929
Megan Mullally Quotes Megan Mullally Actress 1958
Graeme Murphy Dancer 1950
Janet Napolitano Quotes Janet Napolitano Politician 1957
Carry Nation Quotes Carry Nation Activist 1846
Judd Nelson Quotes Judd Nelson Actor 1959
Franco Nero Quotes Franco Nero Actor 1941
Pauline Neville-Jones Quotes Pauline Neville-Jones Public Servant 1939
Randy Newman Quotes Randy Newman Comedian 1943
Harold Nicolson Diplomat 1886
Gena Lee Nolin Quotes Gena Lee Nolin Actress 1971
Edward Norman Historian 1938
Bill Nye Quotes Bill Nye Educator 1955
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Quotes Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Journalist 1978
Barney Oliver Scientist 1995
Rita Ora Quotes Rita Ora Musician 1990
John Oxenham Quotes John Oxenham Journalist 1852
Luis Palau Clergyman 1934
Bruce Paltrow Producer 1943
Gilbert Parker Quotes Gilbert Parker Politician 1862
Bob Parsons Quotes Bob Parsons Businessman 1950
Estelle Parsons Quotes Estelle Parsons Actress 1927
Tim Pawlenty Quotes Tim Pawlenty Politician 1960
Arthur Peacocke Theologian 1924
Claiborne Pell Politician 1918
Daniel Petrie Director 1920
Wendell Phillips Quotes Wendell Phillips Activist 1811
Franklin Pierce Quotes Franklin Pierce President 1804
Augusto Pinochet Quotes Augusto Pinochet Soldier 1915
Oscar Pistorius Quotes Oscar Pistorius Athlete 1986
Frederik Pohl Quotes Frederik Pohl Writer 1919
Nicole Polizzi Quotes Nicole Polizzi Celebrity 1987
James K. Polk Quotes James K. Polk President 1795
Harry Pollitt Quotes Harry Pollitt Politician 1890
Wiley Post Quotes Wiley Post Aviator 1898
Eleanor Powell Quotes Eleanor Powell Actress 1912
Asafa Powell Quotes Asafa Powell Athlete 1982
Dawn Powell Quotes Dawn Powell Writer 1896
Stefanie Powers Quotes Stefanie Powers Actress 1942
Harold Ramis Quotes Harold Ramis Actor 1944
John Ray Quotes John Ray Environmentalist 1627
Jack Reed Quotes Jack Reed Politician 1949
Frank Reynolds Quotes Frank Reynolds Journalist 1923
Michael Ritchie Director 1938
Oscar Robertson Quotes Oscar Robertson Athlete 1938
Spider Robinson Quotes Spider Robinson Writer 1948
Auguste Rodin Quotes Auguste Rodin Sculptor 1840
Ernst Rohm Quotes Ernst Rohm Soldier 1887
Isaac Rosenberg Quotes Isaac Rosenberg Poet 1890
Dennis Ross Quotes Dennis Ross Diplomat 1948
Percy Ross Businessman 1916
Rick Ross Quotes Rick Ross Celebrity 1952
Arundhati Roy Quotes Arundhati Roy Novelist 1961
Josiah Royce Quotes Josiah Royce Philosopher 1855
Anton Rubinstein Musician 1829
Mark Ruffalo Quotes Mark Ruffalo Actor 1967
Jon Runyan Quotes Jon Runyan Politician 1973
Bobby Rush Politician 1946
Ann Rutherford Quotes Ann Rutherford Actress 1917
Jil Sander Designer 1943
Marjane Satrapi Quotes Marjane Satrapi Artist 1969
Ferdinand de Saussure Quotes Ferdinand de Saussure Educator 1857
Friedrich Schleiermacher Quotes Friedrich Schleiermacher Theologian 1768
Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg Quotes Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg Celebrity 1957
Alfred Schnittke Quotes Alfred Schnittke Composer 1934
Gunther Schuller Composer 1925
Dwight Schultz Quotes Dwight Schultz Actor 1947
Charles M. Schulz Quotes Charles M. Schulz Cartoonist 1922
Charles Schumer Quotes Charles Schumer Politician 1950
Arthur Schwartz Quotes Arthur Schwartz Composer 1900
Dougray Scott Actor 1965
Vin Scully Quotes Vin Scully Celebrity 1927
Roman Sebrle Quotes Roman Sebrle Athlete 1974
Richard Serra Quotes Richard Serra Sculptor 1939
Eric Sevareid Quotes Eric Sevareid Journalist 1912
Garry Shandling Quotes Garry Shandling Comedian 1949
Harlow Shapley Quotes Harlow Shapley Scientist 1885
Wallace Shawn Quotes Wallace Shawn Actor 1943
Gail Sheehy Writer 1937
Art Shell Athlete 1946
Nicollette Sheridan Quotes Nicollette Sheridan Actress 1963
Nicolette Sheridan Quotes Nicolette Sheridan Actress 1963
Charles Scott Sherrington Quotes Charles Scott Sherrington Scientist 1857
Eric Shinseki Quotes Eric Shinseki Soldier 1942
William E. Simon Quotes William E. Simon Public Servant 1927
Arthur Smith Comedian 1954
Anna Nicole Smith Quotes Anna Nicole Smith Model 1967
Dick Smothers Quotes Dick Smothers Comedian 1939
Philippe Sollers Writer 1936
Georges Sorel Quotes Georges Sorel Philosopher 1847
Margaret Spellings Quotes Margaret Spellings Public Servant 1957
Baruch Spinoza Quotes Baruch Spinoza Philosopher 1632
Jo Stafford Quotes Jo Stafford Musician 1917
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Quotes Elizabeth Cady Stanton Activist 1815
Ben Stein Quotes Ben Stein Actor 1944
Leslie Stephen Quotes Leslie Stephen Author 1832
Andy Stern Quotes Andy Stern Activist 1950
Laurence Stern Quotes Laurence Stern Clergyman 1713
Laurence Sterne Quotes Laurence Sterne Novelist 1713
Fisher Stevens Quotes Fisher Stevens Actor 1963
Jon Stewart Quotes Jon Stewart Entertainer 1962
Ezra Stiles Quotes Ezra Stiles Clergyman 1727
Michael Strahan Quotes Michael Strahan Athlete 1971
Billy Strayhorn Quotes Billy Strayhorn Composer 1915
Anna Louise Strong Quotes Anna Louise Strong Journalist 1885
Jalal Talabani Quotes Jalal Talabani Politician 1933
Major Taylor Quotes Major Taylor Athlete 1878
Zachary Taylor Quotes Zachary Taylor President 1784
Edward Teach Quotes Edward Teach Celebrity 1675
John Templeton Businessman 1912
Lewis Thomas Scientist 1913
Marlo Thomas Quotes Marlo Thomas Actress 1937
Norman Thomas Quotes Norman Thomas Activist 1884
Virgil Thomson Quotes Virgil Thomson Composer 1896
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Quotes Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Artist 1864
Robert Towne Quotes Robert Towne Actor 1934
Nigel Tranter Historian 1909
Merle Travis Quotes Merle Travis Musician 1917
Herbert Trench Quotes Herbert Trench Poet 1865
Linda Tripp Celebrity 1949
Tina Turner Quotes Tina Turner Musician 1939
Ville Valo Quotes Ville Valo Musician 1976
Robert Vaughn Quotes Robert Vaughn Actor 1932
Lope de Vega Quotes Lope de Vega Playwright 1562
Bruce Vilanch Quotes Bruce Vilanch Comedian 1948
Scott Walker Politician 1967
Diane Watson Quotes Diane Watson Politician 1933
Chaim Weizmann Quotes Chaim Weizmann Leader 1874
Tina Weymouth Quotes Tina Weymouth Musician 1950
Ellen G. White Quotes Ellen G. White Writer 1827
Meredith Whitney Quotes Meredith Whitney Businesswoman 1969
Sue Wicks Quotes Sue Wicks Athlete 1966
Norbert Wiener Quotes Norbert Wiener Mathematician 1894
Bert Williams Quotes Bert Williams Entertainer 1875
Malcolm Williamson Composer 1931
William Griffith Wilson Quotes William Griffith Wilson Celebrity 1895
Teddy Wilson Quotes Teddy Wilson Musician 1912
Ernie Wise Quotes Ernie Wise Comedian 1925
Naomi Wolf Quotes Naomi Wolf Author 1962
Judy Woodruff Quotes Judy Woodruff Journalist 1946
Leonard Woolf Quotes Leonard Woolf Author 1880
Alfonso X Quotes Alfonso X Royalty 1221
Pope John XXIII Quotes Pope John XXIII Clergyman 1881
Sean Young Quotes Sean Young Actress 1959
Neil Young Quotes Neil Young Musician 1945
John Zimmerman Quotes John Zimmerman Athlete 1973
Stefan Zweig Quotes Stefan Zweig Writer 1881
Nelly Quotes Nelly Musician 1974
Voltaire Writer 1694