Authors Born on November, 1st

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November, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Grace Abbott Quotes Grace Abbott Activist 1878
Chinua Achebe Quotes Chinua Achebe Writer 1930
Gary Ackerman Quotes Gary Ackerman Politician 1942
Franklin P. Adams Quotes Franklin P. Adams Journalist 1881
Franklin Pierce Adams Quotes Franklin Pierce Adams Writer 1881
Maude Adams Quotes Maude Adams Actress 1872
Thomas Bailey Aldrich Quotes Thomas Bailey Aldrich Poet 1836
Lily Aldridge Model 1985
Ayaan Hirsi Ali Quotes Ayaan Hirsi Ali Politician 1969
Mose Allison Quotes Mose Allison Musician 1927
Gordon W. Allport Quotes Gordon W. Allport Psychologist 1897
James F. Amos Quotes James F. Amos Soldier 1946
David Amram Composer 1930
Charles Anthon Quotes Charles Anthon Writer 1797
Yasser Arafat Quotes Yasser Arafat Leader 2004
Francis Arinze Quotes Francis Arinze Clergyman 1932
Michael Arlen Writer 1895
Karen Armstrong Writer 1944
Peter Arnett Quotes Peter Arnett Journalist 1934
Sholem Asch Novelist 1880
Ed Asner Quotes Ed Asner Actor 1929
Tom Atkins Politician 1935
Margaret Atwood Quotes Margaret Atwood Novelist 1939
Warren R. Austin Politician 1877
Nnamdi Azikiwe Quotes Nnamdi Azikiwe Statesman 1904
Beryl Bainbridge Quotes Beryl Bainbridge Novelist 1934
Oksana Baiul Athlete 1977
Howard Baker Quotes Howard Baker Statesman 1925
Howard H. Baker, Jr. Politician 1925
J. G. Ballard Quotes J. G. Ballard Author 1930
Hank Ballard Musician 1936
Daniel Barenboim Quotes Daniel Barenboim Musician 1942
Travis Barker Quotes Travis Barker Musician 1975
Roland Barthes Quotes Roland Barthes Critic 1915
Daisy Bates Activist 1914
Richard Baxter Quotes Richard Baxter Clergyman 1615
Pierre Bayle Quotes Pierre Bayle Philosopher 1647
Alexander Berkman Quotes Alexander Berkman Writer 1870
Aneurin Bevan Quotes Aneurin Bevan Politician 1897
Leslie Bibb Quotes Leslie Bibb Actress 1974
Bo Bice Quotes Bo Bice Musician 1975
Jim Bishop Journalist 1907
Harry A. Blackmun Quotes Harry A. Blackmun Judge 1908
Edmund Blunden Quotes Edmund Blunden Poet 1896
John Boehner Quotes John Boehner Politician 1949
Nicolas Boileau Quotes Nicolas Boileau Poet 1636
Pam Bondi Quotes Pam Bondi Public Servant 1965
Lisa Bonet Quotes Lisa Bonet Actress 1967
Jo Bonner Politician 1959
Hugh Bonneville Quotes Hugh Bonneville Actor 1963
Edwin Booth Quotes Edwin Booth Actor 1833
Amado Boudou Quotes Amado Boudou Businessman 1963
Boutros Boutros-Ghali Quotes Boutros Boutros-Ghali Public Servant 1922
Barbara Boxer Quotes Barbara Boxer Politician 1940
Louis D. Brandeis Quotes Louis D. Brandeis Judge 1856
Justice Brandeis Quotes Justice Brandeis Lawyer 1856
Terry Branstad Quotes Terry Branstad Politician 1946
Phil Bredesen Quotes Phil Bredesen Politician 1943
John Bright Quotes John Bright Politician 1811
John Britton Mathematician 1927
Hermann Broch Quotes Hermann Broch Writer 1886
Louise Brooks Quotes Louise Brooks Actress 1906
James Broughton Quotes James Broughton Director 1913
Aaron Brown Quotes Aaron Brown Journalist 1948
Tina Brown Quotes Tina Brown Editor 1953
Corrine Brown Politician 1946
Frank Bruno Quotes Frank Bruno Athlete 1961
Jeff Buckley Quotes Jeff Buckley Musician 1966
Richard Burton Quotes Richard Burton Actor 1925
Carter Burwell Composer 1955
Gerard Butler Quotes Gerard Butler Actor 1969
Charles Buxton Public Servant 1823
Roy Campanella Quotes Roy Campanella Athlete 1921
Jim Cantalupo Quotes Jim Cantalupo Businessman 1943
George Carey Quotes George Carey Clergyman 1935
Wendy Carlos Musician 1939
Roberto Cavalli Quotes Roberto Cavalli Designer 1940
Dick Cavett Quotes Dick Cavett Entertainer 1936
Saxby Chambliss Quotes Saxby Chambliss Politician 1943
Steven Curtis Chapman Quotes Steven Curtis Chapman Musician 1962
Prince Charles Quotes Prince Charles Royalty 1948
William Merritt Chase Quotes William Merritt Chase Artist 1849
Petula Clark Quotes Petula Clark Musician 1932
Gene Clark Quotes Gene Clark Musician 1944
George Rogers Clark Quotes George Rogers Clark Soldier 1752
Karl Von Clausewitz Quotes Karl Von Clausewitz Soldier 1831
Voltairine de Cleyre Quotes Voltairine de Cleyre Activist 1866
Imogene Coca Quotes Imogene Coca Actress 1908
Stanley Cohen Scientist 1922
Monique Coleman Quotes Monique Coleman Actress 1980
Toni Collette Quotes Toni Collette Actress 1971
Nadia Comaneci Quotes Nadia Comaneci Athlete 1961
Eddie Condon Quotes Eddie Condon Musician 1904
Bruce Conner Sculptor 1933
Frances Conroy Actress 1953
Tim Cook Quotes Tim Cook Businessman 1960
Peter Cook Quotes Peter Cook Writer 1937
Aaron Copland Composer 1900
Barry Cornwall Poet 1787
Stephen Crane Writer 1871
Victor Cruz Athlete 1986
Ann Curry Quotes Ann Curry Journalist 1956
Lloyd Cutler Lawyer 1917
Lloyd Norton Cutler Lawyer 1917
John Nelson Darby Quotes John Nelson Darby Clergyman 1800
Grace Darling Quotes Grace Darling Celebrity 1815
Clarence Day Quotes Clarence Day Author 1874
Howard Dean Quotes Howard Dean Politician 1948
Gail Devers Athlete 1966
Danny DeVito Quotes Danny DeVito Actor 1944
Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes Leonardo DiCaprio Actor 1974
Gordon R. Dickson Quotes Gordon R. Dickson Author 1923
Wilhelm Dilthey Quotes Wilhelm Dilthey Historian 1833
Rocco DiSpirito Quotes Rocco DiSpirito Celebrity 1966
Dorothy Dix Quotes Dorothy Dix Journalist 1887
Fyodor Dostoevsky Novelist 1821
Elizabeth Drew Journalist 1935
Peter Drucker Quotes Peter Drucker Businessman 1909
Josh Duhamel Quotes Josh Duhamel Actor 1972
Dick Durbin Quotes Dick Durbin Politician 1944
Lindsay Ellingson Quotes Lindsay Ellingson Model 1986
Odysseas Elytis Quotes Odysseas Elytis Writer 1911
Roland Emmerich Quotes Roland Emmerich Director 1955
Michael Ende Quotes Michael Ende Writer 1929
Hans Magnus Enzensberger Author 1929
Mike Epps Quotes Mike Epps Comedian 1970
Kevin Eubanks Quotes Kevin Eubanks Musician 1957
Linda Evans Quotes Linda Evans Actress 1942
Daniel J. Evans Quotes Daniel J. Evans Politician 1925
Chaka Fattah Quotes Chaka Fattah Politician 1956
Charles Simon Favart Quotes Charles Simon Favart Dramatist 1710
Allyson Felix Quotes Allyson Felix Athlete 1985
Vanessa Ferrari Quotes Vanessa Ferrari Athlete 1990
Ernie Fletcher Quotes Ernie Fletcher Politician 1952
Abraham Flexner Educator 1866
Calista Flockhart Quotes Calista Flockhart Actress 1964
Darren Flutie Athlete 1966
Larry Flynt Quotes Larry Flynt Publisher 1942
Shelby Foote Quotes Shelby Foote Author 1916
Alan Dean Foster Quotes Alan Dean Foster Author 1946
Jodie Foster Quotes Jodie Foster Actress 1962
Felix Frankfurter Quotes Felix Frankfurter Judge 1882
Marilyn French Quotes Marilyn French Author 1929
Kinky Friedman Quotes Kinky Friedman Musician 1944
Daisy Fuentes Quotes Daisy Fuentes Actress 1966
Carlos Fuentes Quotes Carlos Fuentes Novelist 1929
Stefano Gabbana Quotes Stefano Gabbana Designer 1962
Neil Gaiman Quotes Neil Gaiman Author 1960
George Gallup Quotes George Gallup Businessman 1901
Indira Gandhi Quotes Indira Gandhi Statesman 1917
James A. Garfield Quotes James A. Garfield President 1831
Laura San Giacomo Quotes Laura San Giacomo Actress 1962
William Gilbert Composer 1836
W. S. Gilbert Quotes W. S. Gilbert Dramatist 1836
Whoopi Goldberg Quotes Whoopi Goldberg Actress 1949
Oliver Goldsmith Quotes Oliver Goldsmith Poet 1730
Dwight Gooden Quotes Dwight Gooden Athlete 1964
Ryan Gosling Quotes Ryan Gosling Actor 1980
Asa Gray Quotes Asa Gray Scientist 1810
Anna Katharine Green Quotes Anna Katharine Green Author 1846
Bruce Grocott Politician 1940
Maggie Gyllenhaal Quotes Maggie Gyllenhaal Actress 1977
David Hackworth Quotes David Hackworth Soldier 1930
Matthew Hale Historian 1609
Kirk Hammett Quotes Kirk Hammett Musician 1962
William Christopher Handy Quotes William Christopher Handy Musician 1873
Lee Haney Quotes Lee Haney Athlete 1959
Kathleen Hanna Quotes Kathleen Hanna Musician 1969
Mary Hansen Quotes Mary Hansen Musician 1966
Isaac Hanson Quotes Isaac Hanson Musician 1980
Tonya Harding Quotes Tonya Harding Athlete 1970
Rafik Hariri Quotes Rafik Hariri Statesman 1944
Tom Harkin Quotes Tom Harkin Politician 1939
W. Averell Harriman Quotes W. Averell Harriman Politician 1891
Noah Hathaway Quotes Noah Hathaway Actor 1971
Anne Hathaway Quotes Anne Hathaway Actress 1982
Coleman Hawkins Quotes Coleman Hawkins Musician 1904
Goldie Hawn Quotes Goldie Hawn Actress 1945
Ofra Haza Quotes Ofra Haza Musician 1957
Bobby Heenan Quotes Bobby Heenan Entertainer 1944
William Herschel Quotes William Herschel Scientist 1738
George V. Higgins Novelist 1939
Bernard Hinault Quotes Bernard Hinault Athlete 1954
Paul Hindemith Musician 1895
Paul Hirsch Politician 1868
Alger Hiss Quotes Alger Hiss Public Servant 1904
Jim Hodges Quotes Jim Hodges Politician 1956
William Hogarth Quotes William Hogarth Artist 1697
Soichiro Honda Businessman 1906
Judy Horacek Cartoonist 1961
Janette Turner Hospital Novelist 1942
James D. Houston Writer 1933
Rock Hudson Quotes Rock Hudson Actor 1925
Tim Huelskamp Quotes Tim Huelskamp Politician 1968
Johann Nepomuk Hummel Quotes Johann Nepomuk Hummel Composer 1778
Kim Hunter Quotes Kim Hunter Actress 1922
King Hussein Quotes King Hussein Royalty 1935
Lauren Hutton Quotes Lauren Hutton Model 1944
King Hussein I Quotes King Hussein I Statesman 1935
Dolores Ibarruri Quotes Dolores Ibarruri Politician 1895
James Inhofe Politician 1934
Darrell Issa Politician 1953
Alec Issigonis Quotes Alec Issigonis Designer 1906
Allison Janney Quotes Allison Janney Actress 1960
Valerie Jarrett Quotes Valerie Jarrett Lawyer 1956
Roy Jenkins Quotes Roy Jenkins Politician 1920
Carly Rae Jepsen Quotes Carly Rae Jepsen Musician 1985
Richard Jewell Celebrity 1962
Roland Joffe Quotes Roland Joffe Director 1945
Jon Johansen Quotes Jon Johansen Celebrity 1983
Russell Johnson Quotes Russell Johnson Actor 1924
Bill Johnson Politician 1954
Ron Johnson Politician 1966
Mary Johnston Novelist 1870
John Joly Scientist 1857
Mikhail Kalashnikov Quotes Mikhail Kalashnikov Inventor 1919
Mitchell Kapor Quotes Mitchell Kapor Businessman 1950
Mitch Kapor Quotes Mitch Kapor Businessman 1950
George S. Kaufman Quotes George S. Kaufman Dramatist 1889
Charlie Kaufman Quotes Charlie Kaufman Writer 1958
Grace Kelly Quotes Grace Kelly Actress 1929
Mwai Kibaki Quotes Mwai Kibaki Statesman 1931
Anthony Kiedis Quotes Anthony Kiedis Musician 1962
Jimmy Kimmel Quotes Jimmy Kimmel Celebrity 1967
Larry King Quotes Larry King Entertainer 1933
Hugh Kingsmill Writer 1889
Jeane Kirkpatrick Quotes Jeane Kirkpatrick Diplomat 1926
Calvin Klein Quotes Calvin Klein Designer 1942
Rem Koolhaas Quotes Rem Koolhaas Architect 1944
Yaphet Kotto Actor 1937
Diana Krall Quotes Diana Krall Musician 1964
Carson Kressley Quotes Carson Kressley Celebrity 1969
Saul Kripke Quotes Saul Kripke Philosopher 1940
Aleksander Kwasniewski Quotes Aleksander Kwasniewski Politician 1954
Greg Lake Quotes Greg Lake Musician 1947
Veronica Lake Quotes Veronica Lake Actress 1919
Harold Larwood Quotes Harold Larwood Athlete 1904
Robert B. Laughlin Quotes Robert B. Laughlin Physicist 1950
Johann Kaspar Lavater Theologian 1741
Amanda Lear Quotes Amanda Lear Musician 1946
Patrice Leconte Quotes Patrice Leconte Director 1947
Virginie LeDoyen Quotes Virginie LeDoyen Actress 1976
Yuan T. Lee Quotes Yuan T. Lee Scientist 1936
Curtis LeMay Quotes Curtis LeMay Soldier 1906
Abe Lemons Coach 1922
Wyndham Lewis Quotes Wyndham Lewis Author 1882
Reggie Lewis Athlete 1965
Stephen Lewis Quotes Stephen Lewis Politician 1937
Gordon Lightfoot Quotes Gordon Lightfoot Musician 1938
Astrid Lindgren Quotes Astrid Lindgren Author 1907
Vachel Lindsay Quotes Vachel Lindsay Poet 1879
Cesare Lombroso Quotes Cesare Lombroso Psychologist 1835
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Quotes Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Politician 1953
Victoria de los Angeles Musician 1923
Lyle Lovett Quotes Lyle Lovett Musician 1956
Lorna Luft Quotes Lorna Luft Actress 1952
Martin Luther Quotes Martin Luther Leader 1483
Charles Lyell Quotes Charles Lyell Lawyer 1797
Norman MacCaig Quotes Norman MacCaig Poet 1910
Rene Magritte Quotes Rene Magritte Artist 1898
Jena Malone Quotes Jena Malone Actress 1984
Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre Quotes Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre Artist 1787
Wilma Mankiller Quotes Wilma Mankiller Statesman 1945
Marya Mannes Journalist 1904
Joe Mantegna Quotes Joe Mantegna Actor 1947
Sophie Marceau Quotes Sophie Marceau Actress 1966
Frances Marion Quotes Frances Marion Writer 1888
Jacques Maritain Quotes Jacques Maritain Philosopher 1882
John Phillips Marquand Novelist 1893
Edward Marsh Editor 1872
Garry Marshall Quotes Garry Marshall Actor 1934
Logan Marshall-Green Quotes Logan Marshall-Green Actor 1976
Harvey Martin Athlete 1950
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Actress 1958
Heather Matarazzo Actress 1982
Gene Mauch Quotes Gene Mauch Athlete 1925
Joseph McCabe Quotes Joseph McCabe Writer 1867
Barry McCaffrey Quotes Barry McCaffrey Soldier 1942
Joseph R. McCarthy Quotes Joseph R. McCarthy Politician 1909
Jenny McCarthy Quotes Jenny McCarthy Model 1972
John McGahern Quotes John McGahern Writer 1934
James McHenry Quotes James McHenry Politician 1753
Terence McKenna Quotes Terence McKenna Writer 1946
Scott McNealy Quotes Scott McNealy Businessman 1954
Russell Means Quotes Russell Means Activist 1939
Mike Melville Quotes Mike Melville Aviator 1940
Johnny Mercer Quotes Johnny Mercer Musician 1909
John Metcalf Editor 1938
Lorne Michaels Quotes Lorne Michaels Producer 1944
Al Michaels Quotes Al Michaels Entertainer 1944
Jonny Lee Miller Quotes Jonny Lee Miller Actor 1972
Laura Miller Politician 1958
Juliet Mills Quotes Juliet Mills Actor 1941
Yuri Milner Quotes Yuri Milner Businessman 1961
Iskander Mirza Quotes Iskander Mirza Statesman 1899
Radha Mitchell Quotes Radha Mitchell Actress 1973
Shigeru Miyamoto Quotes Shigeru Miyamoto Designer 1952
Steven Moffat Quotes Steven Moffat Writer 1961
Claude Monet Quotes Claude Monet Artist 1840
Chris Moneymaker Quotes Chris Moneymaker Celebrity 1975
Earl Monroe Athlete 1944
Bernard Law Montgomery Quotes Bernard Law Montgomery Soldier 1887
Alan Moore Quotes Alan Moore Writer 1953
Marianne Moore Quotes Marianne Moore Poet 1887
Michael Moorer Athlete 1967
Ennio Morricone Quotes Ennio Morricone Composer 1928
Oswald Mosley Quotes Oswald Mosley Politician 1896
Jamie Moyer Quotes Jamie Moyer Athlete 1962
Megan Mullally Quotes Megan Mullally Actress 1958
Dennis Muren Quotes Dennis Muren Artist 1946
Maureen Murphy Politician 1952
Brittany Murphy Quotes Brittany Murphy Actress 1977
Kevin Nealon Quotes Kevin Nealon Comedian 1953
Jawaharlal Nehru Quotes Jawaharlal Nehru Leader 1889
Harold Nicolson Diplomat 1886
Anna de Noailles Writer 1876
Isamu Noguchi Quotes Isamu Noguchi Sculptor 1904
Charles Eliot Norton Quotes Charles Eliot Norton Writer 1827
Chris Noth Quotes Chris Noth Actor 1954
Robert Nozick Quotes Robert Nozick Philosopher 1938
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Quotes Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Journalist 1978
Georgia O'Keeffe Artist 1887
Sharon Olds Poet 1942
Alexander O'Neal Musician 1953
Eugene Ormandy Quotes Eugene Ormandy Musician 1899
P. J. O'Rourke Comedian 1947
Daniel Ortega Quotes Daniel Ortega Statesman 1945
John Oxenham Quotes John Oxenham Journalist 1852
George S. Patton Quotes George S. Patton Soldier 1885
Padraic Pearse Quotes Padraic Pearse Writer 1879
Spencer Perceval Quotes Spencer Perceval Statesman 1762
Elizabeth Perkins Quotes Elizabeth Perkins Actress 1960
Andy Pick Coach 1963
Jimmy Piersall Quotes Jimmy Piersall Athlete 1929
Gary Player Quotes Gary Player Athlete 1935
Martha Plimpton Quotes Martha Plimpton Model 1970
Antonio Porchia Poet 1886
Eleanor Powell Quotes Eleanor Powell Actress 1912
Dick Powell Quotes Dick Powell Actor 1904
William Proxmire Politician 1915
Kathleen Quinlan Actress 1954
Aishwarya Rai Quotes Aishwarya Rai Actress 1973
Harold Ramis Quotes Harold Ramis Actor 1944
Michael Ramsey Quotes Michael Ramsey Clergyman 1904
Jack Reed Quotes Jack Reed Politician 1949
Jodi Rell Quotes Jodi Rell Politician 1946
Susan Rice Quotes Susan Rice Statesman 1964
Tim Rice Quotes Tim Rice Musician 1944
Grantland Rice Quotes Grantland Rice Journalist 1880
Condoleezza Rice Quotes Condoleezza Rice Statesman 1954
Bill Richardson Quotes Bill Richardson Politician 1947
Jerome Richardson Musician 1920
Lee Ritenour Quotes Lee Ritenour Musician 1952
Dayron Robles Quotes Dayron Robles Athlete 1986
Auguste Rodin Quotes Auguste Rodin Sculptor 1840
Erwin Rommel Quotes Erwin Rommel Soldier 1891
Stephen Root Quotes Stephen Root Actor 1951
Michael Rostovtzeff Quotes Michael Rostovtzeff Historian 1870
Constance Rourke Quotes Constance Rourke Author 1885
Robert Ryan Quotes Robert Ryan Actor 1909
Meg Ryan Quotes Meg Ryan Actress 1961
Edward Said Quotes Edward Said Writer 1935
Harrison Salisbury Journalist 1908
Mark Sanchez Quotes Mark Sanchez Athlete 1986
August Sander Quotes August Sander Photographer 1876
Jose Saramago Quotes Jose Saramago Writer 1922
Jack Scalia Actor 1951
Roy Scheider Quotes Roy Scheider Actor 1932
Vincent Schiavelli Quotes Vincent Schiavelli Actor 1948
Friedrich Schiller Quotes Friedrich Schiller Dramatist 1759
Curt Schilling Quotes Curt Schilling Athlete 1966
Friedrich Schleiermacher Quotes Friedrich Schleiermacher Theologian 1768
Martin Scorsese Quotes Martin Scorsese Director 1942
Tom Seaver Quotes Tom Seaver Athlete 1944
Compay Segundo Quotes Compay Segundo Musician 1907
George Seldes Quotes George Seldes Journalist 1890
Kate Seredy Quotes Kate Seredy Writer 1896
Chloe Sevigny Quotes Chloe Sevigny Actress 1974
Karl Shapiro Quotes Karl Shapiro Poet 1913
Wallace Shawn Quotes Wallace Shawn Actor 1943
Gary Sheffield Quotes Gary Sheffield Athlete 1968
Duncan Sheik Quotes Duncan Sheik Musician 1969
Kevin Shelley Politician 1955
William Shenstone Quotes William Shenstone Poet 1714
Alan Shepard Quotes Alan Shepard Astronaut 1923
Nicollette Sheridan Quotes Nicollette Sheridan Actress 1963
Nicolette Sheridan Quotes Nicolette Sheridan Actress 1963
Kiernan Shipka Quotes Kiernan Shipka Actress 1999
Paul Signac Quotes Paul Signac Artist 1863
Josh Silver Musician 1962
Christian Siriano Quotes Christian Siriano Designer 1985
George Smathers Quotes George Smathers Politician 1913
Lamar S. Smith Quotes Lamar S. Smith Politician 1947
Dana Snyder Quotes Dana Snyder Actor 1973
John Spratt Politician 1942
Jo Stafford Quotes Jo Stafford Musician 1917
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Quotes Elizabeth Cady Stanton Activist 1815
Pete Stark Quotes Pete Stark Politician 1931
Claus von Stauffenberg Quotes Claus von Stauffenberg Soldier 1907
William Steig Quotes William Steig Cartoonist 1907
Jim Steinman Quotes Jim Steinman Musician 1948
Ted Stevens Quotes Ted Stevens Politician 1923
Robert Louis Stevenson Quotes Robert Louis Stevenson Writer 1850
McLean Stevenson Quotes McLean Stevenson Actor 1929
David A. Stockman Quotes David A. Stockman Playwright 1946
Michael Strahan Quotes Michael Strahan Athlete 1971
Lee Strasberg Quotes Lee Strasberg Director 1901
Hudson Stuck Quotes Hudson Stuck Explorer 1865
Susan Sullivan Actress 1942
Billy Sunday Quotes Billy Sunday Clergyman 1862
D. B. Sweeney Quotes D. B. Sweeney Actor 1961
Jalal Talabani Quotes Jalal Talabani Politician 1933
Allen Tate Quotes Allen Tate Poet 1899
Ellen Tauscher Quotes Ellen Tauscher Politician 1951
Marlo Thomas Quotes Marlo Thomas Actress 1937
Tommy Thompson Quotes Tommy Thompson Politician 1941
Howard Thurman Educator 1900
Gene Tierney Quotes Gene Tierney Actress 1920
Herbert Trench Quotes Herbert Trench Poet 1865
Obie Trice Quotes Obie Trice Musician 1977
Rachel True Actress 1966
Sojourner Truth Quotes Sojourner Truth Activist 1787
Ted Turner Quotes Ted Turner Businessman 1938
Frederick Jackson Turner Historian 1932
Immanuel Velikovsky Historian 1979
Dominique de Villepin Quotes Dominique de Villepin Diplomat 1953
Richard Virenque Quotes Richard Virenque Athlete 1969
Carl Maria von Weber Quotes Carl Maria von Weber Composer 1786
Kurt Vonnegut Quotes Kurt Vonnegut Author 1922
Henry Wade Quotes Henry Wade Lawyer 1914
George Wald Quotes George Wald Scientist 1906
Marcia Wallace Quotes Marcia Wallace Actress 1942
Patrick Warburton Quotes Patrick Warburton Actor 1964
Mark Warkentin Athlete 1979
Sam Waterston Quotes Sam Waterston Actor 1940
Diane Watson Quotes Diane Watson Politician 1933
J. C. Watts Quotes J. C. Watts Politician 1957
Auberon Waugh Author 1939
Jack Welch Quotes Jack Welch Businessman 1935
Matt Welsh Quotes Matt Welsh Athlete 1976
Oskar Werner Quotes Oskar Werner Actor 1922
June Whitfield Actress 1925
Eugene Wigner Quotes Eugene Wigner Physicist 1902
Michael Wilbon Quotes Michael Wilbon Journalist 1958
Crane Wilbur Quotes Crane Wilbur Writer 1886
Kim Wilde Quotes Kim Wilde Musician 1960
Howard Wilkinson Coach 1943
Laura Wilkinson Athlete 1977
Jason Williams Athlete 1975
Bert Williams Quotes Bert Williams Entertainer 1875
Malcolm Williamson Composer 1931
Charles E. Wilson Businessman 1886
Owen Wilson Quotes Owen Wilson Actor 1968
Peta Wilson Quotes Peta Wilson Actress 1970
Jonathan Winters Quotes Jonathan Winters Comedian 1925
Naomi Wolf Quotes Naomi Wolf Author 1962
Louis XVIII Quotes Louis XVIII Royalty 1755
Zhang Yimou Director 1950
Arthur Young Writer 1741
James Young Musician 1949
Alan Young Quotes Alan Young Actor 1919
Neil Young Quotes Neil Young Musician 1945
Steve Zahn Quotes Steve Zahn Actor 1967
Michael Zaslow Actor 1944
Fuzzy Zoeller Quotes Fuzzy Zoeller Athlete 1951
Paracelsus Quotes Paracelsus Scientist 1493
Yanni Quotes Yanni Musician 1954
Voltaire Writer 1694
Sinbad Quotes Sinbad Comedian 1956