Authors Born on May, 9st

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May, 9st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Charles Adams Activist 1770
Isaac Albeniz Quotes Isaac Albeniz Musician 1860
Carmelo Anthony Quotes Carmelo Anthony Athlete 1984
John Ashcroft Quotes John Ashcroft Public Servant 1942
Nancy Astor Quotes Nancy Astor Politician 1879
Kemal Ataturk Quotes Kemal Ataturk Soldier 1881
J. M. Barrie Quotes J. M. Barrie Novelist 1860
James M. Barrie Quotes James M. Barrie Playwright 1860
Ana Beatriz Barros Quotes Ana Beatriz Barros Model 1982
Gregory Bateson Quotes Gregory Bateson Scientist 1904
Annette Bening Quotes Annette Bening Actress 1958
Alan Bennett Quotes Alan Bennett Dramatist 1934
Bruce Bennett Quotes Bruce Bennett Actor 1906
Candice Bergen Quotes Candice Bergen Actress 1946
Daniel Berrigan Quotes Daniel Berrigan Clergyman 1921
Francis Biddle Quotes Francis Biddle Lawyer 1886
Edward de Bono Quotes Edward de Bono Psychologist 1933
Ralph Boston Athlete 1939
James L. Brooks Quotes James L. Brooks Producer 1940
Melanie Brown Quotes Melanie Brown Musician 1975
Vince Cable Quotes Vince Cable Politician 1943
Howard Carter Quotes Howard Carter Scientist 1874
Colin Chapman Quotes Colin Chapman Inventor 1928
Gilbert K. Chesterton Quotes Gilbert K. Chesterton Writer 1874
John Corbett Quotes John Corbett Actor 1961
Richard Cowper Writer 1926
Harvey Cox Theologian 1929
Eric Davis Quotes Eric Davis Athlete 1962
Rosario Dawson Quotes Rosario Dawson Actress 1979
William Duane Lawyer 1780
Paul R. Ehrlich Quotes Paul R. Ehrlich Scientist 1932
Manfred Eigen Quotes Manfred Eigen Scientist 1927
Danny Elfman Quotes Danny Elfman Musician 1953
Nora Ephron Quotes Nora Ephron Author 1941
Melissa Etheridge Quotes Melissa Etheridge Musician 1961
Rupert Everett Quotes Rupert Everett Actor 1959
Albert Finney Actor 1936
Eugene Forsey Quotes Eugene Forsey Politician 1904
Noel Gallagher Quotes Noel Gallagher Musician 1967
Kevin Garnett Quotes Kevin Garnett Athlete 1976
John Gilling Director 1912
Pancho Gonzales Quotes Pancho Gonzales Athlete 1928
Tony Gwynn Quotes Tony Gwynn Athlete 1960
Lorraine Hansberry Quotes Lorraine Hansberry Playwright 1930
Bert Hardy Photographer 1913
John Harsanyi Quotes John Harsanyi Educator 1920
David Hartman Journalist 1935
Patrick Henry Quotes Patrick Henry Politician 1736
James P. Hoffa Quotes James P. Hoffa Businessman 1941
Bob Hope Quotes Bob Hope Comedian 1903
LaToya Jackson Quotes LaToya Jackson Musician 1956
Glenda Jackson Quotes Glenda Jackson Actress 1936
Billy Joel Quotes Billy Joel Musician 1949
Pamela Hansford Johnson Critic 1912
Henry J. Kaiser Quotes Henry J. Kaiser Businessman 1882
John F. Kennedy Quotes John F. Kennedy President 1917
Riley Keough Actress 1989
Erich Wolfgang Korngold Quotes Erich Wolfgang Korngold Composer 1897
Bill Laimbeer Quotes Bill Laimbeer Coach 1957
Jim Lehrer Quotes Jim Lehrer Journalist 1934
Ted Levine Quotes Ted Levine Actor 1958
Beatrice Lillie Quotes Beatrice Lillie Actress 1894
Mohsen Makhmalbaf Quotes Mohsen Makhmalbaf Director 1957
Nick Mancuso Quotes Nick Mancuso Actor 1948
Berenice Marlohe Quotes Berenice Marlohe Actress 1979
William Moulton Marston Quotes William Moulton Marston Psychologist 1893
Gerald Massey Quotes Gerald Massey Poet 1828
Peter Mayhew Actor 1944
Aaron McGruder Quotes Aaron McGruder Artist 1974
Nellie Melba Quotes Nellie Melba Musician 1861
Ho Chi Minh Quotes Ho Chi Minh Revolutionary 1890
Wilson Mizner Quotes Wilson Mizner Dramatist 1876
Jerry Moran Quotes Jerry Moran Politician 1954
Tenzing Norgay Quotes Tenzing Norgay Explorer 1986
Abraham Pais Quotes Abraham Pais Scientist 1918
Frank Perdue Quotes Frank Perdue Businessman 1920
Charles W. Pickering Judge 1937
Jodi Picoult Quotes Jodi Picoult Author 1966
Herbert Prochnow Businessman 1897
Jordan Pruitt Quotes Jordan Pruitt Artist 1991
Theo de Raadt Quotes Theo de Raadt Scientist 1968
Mohammad Rabbani Politician 1909
Joey Ramone Quotes Joey Ramone Musician 1951
Adam Rickitt Actor 1978
Gene Robinson Quotes Gene Robinson Clergyman 1947
Ida Pauline Rolf Quotes Ida Pauline Rolf Scientist 1896
Barbara Ann Scott Quotes Barbara Ann Scott Athlete 1928
Charles Simic Poet 1938
Nicole Brown Simpson Celebrity 1959
Hank Snow Quotes Hank Snow Musician 1914
Oswald Spengler Quotes Oswald Spengler Philosopher 1880
Pete Townshend Quotes Pete Townshend Musician 1945
Al Unser Quotes Al Unser Athlete 1939
Harry Vardon Quotes Harry Vardon Athlete 1870
Fay Vincent Quotes Fay Vincent Lawyer 1938
Abdoulaye Wade Quotes Abdoulaye Wade Statesman 1926
Mike Wallace Journalist 1918
Lisa Whelchel Actor 1963
T. H. White Writer 1906
David Wilkerson Clergyman 1931
Sandy Wilson Composer 1924
Victoria Wood Quotes Victoria Wood Comedian 1953
Malcolm X Quotes Malcolm X Activist 1925
Malcom X Quotes Malcom X Clergyman 1925
Jose Ortega y Gasset Philosopher 1883
Steve Yzerman Quotes Steve Yzerman Athlete 1965