Authors Born on May, 1st

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May, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Agha Hasan Abedi Businessman 1922
Joseph Addison Quotes Joseph Addison Writer 1672
Roger Ailes Businessman 1940
Malin Akerman Quotes Malin Akerman Actress 1978
Carl Albert Quotes Carl Albert Lawyer 1908
Madeleine Albright Quotes Madeleine Albright Statesman 1937
Arthur Alexander Quotes Arthur Alexander Musician 1940
Sasha Alexander Actress 1975
Fred Allen Quotes Fred Allen Comedian 1894
Stewart Alsop Writer 1914
Don Ameche Quotes Don Ameche Actor 1908
Wes Anderson Quotes Wes Anderson Writer 1969
John Albion Andrew Quotes John Albion Andrew Politician 1818
Elizabeth Andrews Politician 1943
Francesca Annis Actress 1944
Stuart Appleby Quotes Stuart Appleby Athlete 1971
Eddy Arnold Quotes Eddy Arnold Musician 1918
Bea Arthur Quotes Bea Arthur Actress 1923
Mary Kay Ash Quotes Mary Kay Ash Businesswoman 1918
Fred Astaire Quotes Fred Astaire Actor 1899
Mackenzie Astin Actor 1973
Nancy Astor Quotes Nancy Astor Politician 1879
Kemal Ataturk Quotes Kemal Ataturk Soldier 1881
Christian Audigier Quotes Christian Audigier Designer 1958
Richard Avedon Quotes Richard Avedon Photographer 1923
Milton Babbitt Quotes Milton Babbitt Composer 1916
Johann Sebastian Bach Quotes Johann Sebastian Bach Composer 1685
Burt Bacharach Quotes Burt Bacharach Composer 1928
Stephen Baldwin Quotes Stephen Baldwin Actor 1966
Robert Baldwin Quotes Robert Baldwin Politician 1804
Fairuza Balk Quotes Fairuza Balk Actress 1974
Azealia Banks Quotes Azealia Banks Musician 1991
Henri Barbusse Quotes Henri Barbusse Novelist 1873
Clive Barnes Journalist 1927
Karl Barth Quotes Karl Barth Theologian 1886
H. E. Bates Quotes H. E. Bates Writer 1905
L. Frank Baum Quotes L. Frank Baum Author 1856
Ulrich Beck Quotes Ulrich Beck Sociologist 1944
Paul Begala Quotes Paul Begala Journalist 1961
Daniel Bell Quotes Daniel Bell Sociologist 1919
Cool Papa Bell Quotes Cool Papa Bell Athlete 1903
Bruce Bennett Quotes Bruce Bennett Actor 1906
James Gordon Bennett Editor 1841
Julie Benz Quotes Julie Benz Actress 1972
Tom Berenger Actor 1949
Hans Berger Quotes Hans Berger Scientist 1873
Arthur Berger Composer 1912
Dennis Bergkamp Quotes Dennis Bergkamp Athlete 1969
Irving Berlin Quotes Irving Berlin Musician 1888
John Desmond Bernal Quotes John Desmond Bernal Scientist 1901
Eric Berne Quotes Eric Berne Psychologist 1910
Yogi Berra Quotes Yogi Berra Athlete 1925
Joseph Beuys Quotes Joseph Beuys Artist 1921
Jason Biggs Quotes Jason Biggs Actor 1978
Cate Blanchett Quotes Cate Blanchett Actress 1969
Carla Bley Quotes Carla Bley Musician 1938
Heston Blumenthal Quotes Heston Blumenthal Celebrity 1966
Jim Bolger Quotes Jim Bolger Statesman 1935
John Bonham Quotes John Bonham Musician 1948
Edward de Bono Quotes Edward de Bono Psychologist 1933
Frederick William Borden Quotes Frederick William Borden Politician 1847
David Boreanaz Quotes David Boreanaz Actor 1969
Hal Borland Author 1900
Phyllis Bottome Novelist 1884
Bruce Boxleitner Quotes Bruce Boxleitner Actor 1950
Georges Braque Quotes Georges Braque Artist 1882
T. Berry Brazelton Quotes T. Berry Brazelton Author 1918
George Brett Quotes George Brett Athlete 1953
Arthur C. Brooks Author 1964
Foster Brooks Quotes Foster Brooks Actor 1912
Pierce Brosnan Quotes Pierce Brosnan Actor 1953
Paul Broun Quotes Paul Broun Politician 1946
Chester Brown Quotes Chester Brown Cartoonist 1960
Bill Bruford Quotes Bill Bruford Musician 1949
John Bruton Quotes John Bruton Politician 1947
Larry Bucshon Quotes Larry Bucshon Politician 1962
John Bulwer Quotes John Bulwer Scientist 1606
Eric Burdon Quotes Eric Burdon Musician 1941
Raymond Burr Quotes Raymond Burr Actor 1917
Prescott Bush Quotes Prescott Bush Politician 1895
Joseph Butler Quotes Joseph Butler Clergyman 1692
Gabriel Byrne Quotes Gabriel Byrne Actor 1950
Hall Caine Quotes Hall Caine Novelist 1853
Frank Capra Quotes Frank Capra Director 1897
Andrew Card Quotes Andrew Card Politician 1947
George Carlin Quotes George Carlin Comedian 1937
Tucker Carlson Quotes Tucker Carlson Journalist 1969
Rudolf Carnap Philosopher 1891
Betty Carter Quotes Betty Carter Musician 1930
Maybelle Carter Quotes Maybelle Carter Musician 1909
Nick Cassavetes Quotes Nick Cassavetes Actor 1959
Laetitia Casta Quotes Laetitia Casta Model 1978
Camilo Jose Cela Quotes Camilo Jose Cela Writer 1916
Leslie Charteris Quotes Leslie Charteris Writer 1907
David Clennon Actor 1943
Dan Coats Quotes Dan Coats Politician 1943
Jacqueline Cochran Quotes Jacqueline Cochran Aviator 1906
Tom Cochrane Quotes Tom Cochrane Musician 1953
Stephen Colbert Quotes Stephen Colbert Comedian 1964
James S. Coleman Sociologist 1926
Judy Collins Quotes Judy Collins Musician 1939
Perry Como Quotes Perry Como Musician 1912
John Conyers Quotes John Conyers Politician 1929
Rita Coolidge Quotes Rita Coolidge Musician 1944
Caroline B. Cooney Writer 1947
Jeff Cooper Quotes Jeff Cooper Celebrity 1920
Sofia Coppola Quotes Sofia Coppola Director 1971
Marie Corelli Quotes Marie Corelli Novelist 1855
Andrea Corr Quotes Andrea Corr Musician 1974
Norris Cotton Quotes Norris Cotton Politician 1900
Archibald Cox Quotes Archibald Cox Public Servant 1912
Harvey Cox Theologian 1929
Yvonne Craig Quotes Yvonne Craig Actress 1937
Robert Creeley Poet 1926
Pierre Curie Quotes Pierre Curie Scientist 1859
Jessica Cutler Quotes Jessica Cutler Celebrity 1978
Tom Daley Quotes Tom Daley Athlete 1994
Richard J. Daley Quotes Richard J. Daley Politician 1902
Salvador Dali Quotes Salvador Dali Artist 1904
Josephus Daniels Quotes Josephus Daniels Politician 1862
Bobby Darin Quotes Bobby Darin Musician 1936
Alphonse Daudet Quotes Alphonse Daudet Novelist 1840
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Quotes Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Philosopher 1881
Patrick Dennis Author 1921
Indra Devi Quotes Indra Devi Celebrity 1899
Ted Dexter Athlete 1935
Caroline Dhavernas Quotes Caroline Dhavernas Actress 1978
Edsger Dijkstra Quotes Edsger Dijkstra Scientist 1930
James Donald Actor 1917
Stephen R. Donaldson Quotes Stephen R. Donaldson Writer 1947
Im Dong-Hyun Athlete 1986
Jeffrey Donovan Quotes Jeffrey Donovan Actor 1968
Thomas Dooley Athlete 1961
Byron Dorgan Quotes Byron Dorgan Politician 1942
Diane Duane Quotes Diane Duane Writer 1952
Lena Dunham Quotes Lena Dunham Actress 1986
Ariel Durant Author 1898
Albrecht Durer Quotes Albrecht Durer Artist 1471
Ian Dury Quotes Ian Dury Musician 1942
Clint Eastwood Quotes Clint Eastwood Actor 1930
Bob Edwards Quotes Bob Edwards Journalist 1947
Kurt Eisner Quotes Kurt Eisner Politician 1867
Andrew Eldritch Quotes Andrew Eldritch Musician 1959
Chris Elliott Quotes Chris Elliott Comedian 1960
Lincoln Ellsworth Quotes Lincoln Ellsworth Explorer 1880
Julian Eltinge Quotes Julian Eltinge Actor 1881
William Emerson Mathematician 1701
Brian Eno Quotes Brian Eno Musician 1948
Nora Ephron Quotes Nora Ephron Author 1941
Emilio Estevez Quotes Emilio Estevez Actor 1962
Linda Evangelista Quotes Linda Evangelista Model 1965
Clifton Fadiman Quotes Clifton Fadiman Writer 1904
Giovanni Falcone Quotes Giovanni Falcone Judge 1939
Louis Farrakhan Quotes Louis Farrakhan Activist 1933
Colin Farrell Quotes Colin Farrell Actor 1976
Tom Feeney Athlete 1958
Craig Ferguson Quotes Craig Ferguson Comedian 1962
Tina Fey Quotes Tina Fey Comedian 1970
Richard P. Feynman Quotes Richard P. Feynman Physicist 1918
Thom Filicia Designer 1968
David Fincher Quotes David Fincher Director 1962
Tim Flock Quotes Tim Flock Celebrity 1924
Phil Foglio Quotes Phil Foglio Cartoonist 1956
Henry Fonda Quotes Henry Fonda Actor 1905
Margot Fonteyn Dancer 1919
B. C. Forbes Quotes B. C. Forbes Journalist 1880
William Cameron Forbes Quotes William Cameron Forbes Diplomat 1870
Glenn Ford Quotes Glenn Ford Actor 1916
Harold Ford Quotes Harold Ford Politician 1970
Megan Fox Quotes Megan Fox Actress 1986
Otto Frank Quotes Otto Frank Celebrity 1889
Al Franken Quotes Al Franken Comedian 1951
Missy Franklin Quotes Missy Franklin Athlete 1995
Malcolm Fraser Quotes Malcolm Fraser Politician 1930
Max Frisch Quotes Max Frisch Novelist 1911
Al From Politician 1943
Elizabeth Fry Quotes Elizabeth Fry Clergyman 1780
Jean Gabin Quotes Jean Gabin Actor 1904
James Gadsden Politician 1788
Thomas Gainsborough Quotes Thomas Gainsborough Artist 1727
Valentino Garavani Quotes Valentino Garavani Designer 1932
Kevin Garnett Quotes Kevin Garnett Athlete 1976
David Gest Celebrity 1953
Philip Gibbs Quotes Philip Gibbs Journalist 1877
Nadia Giosia Chef 1980
Domhnall Gleeson Quotes Domhnall Gleeson Actor 1983
Sharon Gless Quotes Sharon Gless Actress 1943
Alma Gluck Quotes Alma Gluck Musician 1884
Tracey Gold Quotes Tracey Gold Actress 1969
Bernard Goldberg Quotes Bernard Goldberg Writer 1945
Martha Graham Quotes Martha Graham Dancer 1894
Joe Grant Artist 1908
Mike Gravel Quotes Mike Gravel Politician 1930
Wavy Gravy Quotes Wavy Gravy Activist 1936
Nancy Greene Quotes Nancy Greene Athlete 1943
Walter Gropius Quotes Walter Gropius Architect 1883
Edward T. Hall Quotes Edward T. Hall Scientist 1914
Armand Hammer Businessman 1898
Susan Hampshire Actress 1937
Tony Hancock Quotes Tony Hancock Comedian 1924
Lorraine Hansberry Quotes Lorraine Hansberry Playwright 1930
Bert Hardy Photographer 1913
Lou Harrison Quotes Lou Harrison Composer 1917
Gregory Harrison Quotes Gregory Harrison Actor 1950
Corey Hart Quotes Corey Hart Musician 1962
David Hartman Journalist 1935
Richard Hatch Quotes Richard Hatch Actor 1946
James Haven Director 1973
Tony Hawk Quotes Tony Hawk Athlete 1968
John Michael Hayes Writer 1919
Dave Heineman Quotes Dave Heineman Politician 1948
Joseph Heller Quotes Joseph Heller Novelist 1923
Katharine Hepburn Quotes Katharine Hepburn Actress 1907
Woody Herman Quotes Woody Herman Musician 1913
John S. Herrington Politician 1939
Antony Hewish Scientist 1924
Dwayne Hickman Quotes Dwayne Hickman Actor 1934
John Higgins Quotes John Higgins Celebrity 1975
Ethan A. Hitchcock Quotes Ethan A. Hitchcock Soldier 1798
James P. Hoffa Quotes James P. Hoffa Businessman 1941
Joshua Homme Quotes Joshua Homme Musician 1973
Dennis Hopper Quotes Dennis Hopper Actor 1936
Frank Hornby Quotes Frank Hornby Inventor 1863
Harriet Van Horne Journalist 1920
Eddie House Quotes Eddie House Athlete 1978
Jean Houston Author 1937
Jim Hunt Quotes Jim Hunt Politician 1937
David Hunt Politician 1942
Duncan Hunter Quotes Duncan Hunter Politician 1948
J. Allen Hynek Scientist 1910
Michael Ignatieff Quotes Michael Ignatieff Politician 1947
Nicholas II Quotes Nicholas II Royalty 1868
Andres Iniesta Quotes Andres Iniesta Athlete 1984
Janet Jackson Quotes Janet Jackson Musician 1966
Henry M. Jackson Politician 1912
Reggie Jackson Quotes Reggie Jackson Athlete 1946
Jane Jacobs Quotes Jane Jacobs Sociologist 1916
Anna Jameson Quotes Anna Jameson Writer 1794
Judith Jamison Dancer 1943
Calamity Jane Quotes Calamity Jane Soldier 1852
Michael Patrick Jann Actor 1970
Robert Jarvik Inventor 1946
Jim Jeffords Quotes Jim Jeffords Politician 1934
Edward Jenner Quotes Edward Jenner Scientist 1749
Alfred Jodl Quotes Alfred Jodl Soldier 1890
Jasper Johns Quotes Jasper Johns Artist 1930
Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Businessman 1955
Harry Carey, Jr. Actor 1921
John Kasich Quotes John Kasich Politician 1952
Andreas Katsulas Quotes Andreas Katsulas Actor 1946
Alan Kay Quotes Alan Kay Scientist 1940
John Keegan Historian 1934
Harvey Keitel Quotes Harvey Keitel Actor 1939
Phil Keoghan Quotes Phil Keoghan Celebrity 1967
Clark Kerr Quotes Clark Kerr Economist 1911
Ayatollah Khomeini Quotes Ayatollah Khomeini Statesman 1900
Morris Kline Writer 1908
Jordan Knight Quotes Jordan Knight Musician 1970
Olga Korbut Quotes Olga Korbut Athlete 1955
Chantal Kreviazuk Quotes Chantal Kreviazuk Musician 1974
Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes Jiddu Krishnamurti Philosopher 1895
David Krumholtz Quotes David Krumholtz Actor 1978
Christian Lacroix Quotes Christian Lacroix Designer 1951
Bill Laimbeer Quotes Bill Laimbeer Coach 1957
Edward Lear Quotes Edward Lear Artist 1812
Robert N. Lee Writer 1890
Allen Leech Quotes Allen Leech Actor 1981
Miranda Leek Athlete 1993
Karl Lehmann Quotes Karl Lehmann Clergyman 1936
Jim Lehrer Quotes Jim Lehrer Journalist 1934
Daniel De Leon Quotes Daniel De Leon Activist 1914
Sugar Ray Leonard Quotes Sugar Ray Leonard Athlete 1956
Ray Lewis Quotes Ray Lewis Athlete 1975
Daniel Libeskind Quotes Daniel Libeskind Architect 1946
Robert Jay Lifton Quotes Robert Jay Lifton Psychologist 1926
William Lilly Celebrity 1602
Henry Cabot Lodge Quotes Henry Cabot Lodge Politician 1850
Jonah Lomu Quotes Jonah Lomu Athlete 1975
Matt Long Actor 1980
Trini Lopez Quotes Trini Lopez Musician 1937
Joe Louis Quotes Joe Louis Athlete 1914
George Lucas Quotes George Lucas Director 1944
Joanna Lumley Quotes Joanna Lumley Actress 1946
Jamie Luner Quotes Jamie Luner Actress 1971
Gabriel Mann Actor 1972
Manning Marable Quotes Manning Marable Educator 1950
Berenice Marlohe Quotes Berenice Marlohe Actress 1979
Don Martin Cartoonist 1931
Billy Martin Quotes Billy Martin Businessman 1928
Dave Mason Quotes Dave Mason Musician 1945
Jules Massenet Quotes Jules Massenet Composer 1842
Natalie Massenet Businesswoman 1965
Samantha Mathis Actress 1970
Armistead Maupin Quotes Armistead Maupin Novelist 1944
Daphne du Maurier Quotes Daphne du Maurier Novelist 1907
Peter Mayhew Actor 1944
Doug McClure Quotes Doug McClure Actor 1935
Page McConnell Quotes Page McConnell Musician 1963
Bruce McCulloch Actor 1961
Kevin McDonald Quotes Kevin McDonald Comedian 1961
Tim McGraw Quotes Tim McGraw Musician 1967
Matthew McGrory Quotes Matthew McGrory Actor 1973
John McKinley Quotes John McKinley Politician 1780
Fred Melamed Quotes Fred Melamed Actor 1956
Nellie Melba Quotes Nellie Melba Musician 1861
Bob Merrill Musician 1921
Prince Metternich Quotes Prince Metternich Politician 1773
Merton Miller Quotes Merton Miller Economist 1923
Joe Miller Politician 1967
Ho Chi Minh Quotes Ho Chi Minh Revolutionary 1890
Wilson Mizner Quotes Wilson Mizner Dramatist 1876
Alan Mollohan Politician 1943
Claudio Monteverdi Quotes Claudio Monteverdi Composer 1567
James P. Moran Quotes James P. Moran Politician 1945
Eric Morecambe Quotes Eric Morecambe Comedian 1926
Samantha Morton Quotes Samantha Morton Actress 1977
Mark Mothersbaugh Quotes Mark Mothersbaugh Musician 1950
Andy Murray Quotes Andy Murray Athlete 1987
Joe Namath Quotes Joe Namath Athlete 1943
Ben Nelson Quotes Ben Nelson Politician 1941
Don Nelson Quotes Don Nelson Coach 1940
Richard John Neuhaus Writer 1936
Florence Nightingale Quotes Florence Nightingale Activist 1820
Birgit Nilsson Quotes Birgit Nilsson Musician 1918
Yannick Noah Quotes Yannick Noah Athlete 1960
Dudley North Economist 1641
Krist Novoselic Quotes Krist Novoselic Musician 1965
Ellen Ochoa Quotes Ellen Ochoa Astronaut 1958
Alexander Dale Oen Athlete 1985
Mike Oldfield Quotes Mike Oldfield Musician 1953
Peter Oliver Artist 1908
Robert Owen Quotes Robert Owen Writer 1771
Jack Paar Quotes Jack Paar Entertainer 1916
Abraham Pais Quotes Abraham Pais Scientist 1918
Chazz Palminteri Quotes Chazz Palminteri Actor 1952
Archie Panjabi Quotes Archie Panjabi Actress 1972
Anne Parillaud Quotes Anne Parillaud Actress 1960
Tony Parker Quotes Tony Parker Athlete 1982
John Patrick Quotes John Patrick Playwright 1905
Chris Patten Quotes Chris Patten Politician 1944
Robert Pattinson Quotes Robert Pattinson Actor 1986
Pope John Paul II Quotes Pope John Paul II Clergyman 1920
Jeremy Paxman Quotes Jeremy Paxman Journalist 1950
Bill Paxton Quotes Bill Paxton Actor 1955
Johnny Paycheck Quotes Johnny Paycheck Musician 1938
Norman Vincent Peale Quotes Norman Vincent Peale Clergyman 1898
Tony Perez Quotes Tony Perez Athlete 1942
Fred Perry Quotes Fred Perry Athlete 1909
Gina Philips Actress 1970
Zara Phillips Quotes Zara Phillips Royalty 1981
Jodi Picoult Quotes Jodi Picoult Author 1966
Witold Pilecki Quotes Witold Pilecki Soldier 1901
Alexander Pope Quotes Alexander Pope Poet 1688
Jon Porter Politician 1955
Katherine Anne Porter Quotes Katherine Anne Porter Journalist 1890
Dennis Potter Quotes Dennis Potter Dramatist 1935
Miuccia Prada Designer 1949
John Prescott Quotes John Prescott Politician 1938
Herbert Prochnow Businessman 1897
Jordan Pruitt Quotes Jordan Pruitt Artist 1991
Martha Quinn Celebrity 1959
Theo de Raadt Quotes Theo de Raadt Scientist 1968
Joey Ramone Quotes Joey Ramone Musician 1951
Bill Rancic Quotes Bill Rancic Businessman 1971
Nikki Reed Quotes Nikki Reed Actress 1988
Theodor Reik Psychologist 1888
Judge Reinhold Quotes Judge Reinhold Actor 1957
Jean Renoir Quotes Jean Renoir Director 1894
Trent Reznor Quotes Trent Reznor Musician 1965
Ving Rhames Actor 1959
Marc Ribot Quotes Marc Ribot Musician 1954
Adrienne Rich Quotes Adrienne Rich Poet 1929
Natasha Richardson Quotes Natasha Richardson Actress 1963
Jonathan Richman Quotes Jonathan Richman Musician 1951
Harold Robbins Author 1916
Mary Robinson Quotes Mary Robinson Statesman 1944
Ann Robinson Actress 1935
William Heath Robinson Quotes William Heath Robinson Cartoonist 1872
Winthrop Rockefeller Politician 1912
Dennis Rodman Quotes Dennis Rodman Athlete 1961
Ida Pauline Rolf Quotes Ida Pauline Rolf Scientist 1896
Jon Ronson Quotes Jon Ronson Journalist 1967
Joel Rosenberg Author 1954
Ronald Ross Quotes Ronald Ross Scientist 1857
Dante Gabriel Rossetti Quotes Dante Gabriel Rossetti Poet 1828
Tim Roth Quotes Tim Roth Actor 1961
Henri Rousseau Quotes Henri Rousseau Artist 1844
Darius Rucker Quotes Darius Rucker Musician 1966
Warren Rudman Quotes Warren Rudman Politician 1930
Juan Rulfo Quotes Juan Rulfo Novelist 1917
Bertrand Russell Quotes Bertrand Russell Philosopher 1872
Raphael Saadiq Quotes Raphael Saadiq Musician 1966
Fred Saberhagen Quotes Fred Saberhagen Author 1930
Bob Saget Quotes Bob Saget Actor 1956
Mort Sahl Quotes Mort Sahl Journalist 1927
Andrei Sakharov Quotes Andrei Sakharov Physicist 1921
Georgia Salpa Quotes Georgia Salpa Model 1985
Paul Samuelson Quotes Paul Samuelson Economist 1915
Rick Santorum Quotes Rick Santorum Politician 1958
Erik Satie Quotes Erik Satie Composer 1866
W. G. Sebald Writer 1944
Kathleen Sebelius Quotes Kathleen Sebelius Politician 1948
David O. Selznick Quotes David O. Selznick Producer 1902
William H. Seward Quotes William H. Seward Statesman 1801
Athene Seyler Actress 1889
Horatio Seymour Quotes Horatio Seymour Politician 1810
Peter Shaffer Playwright 1926
Lindsey Shaw Actress 1989
Brooke Shields Quotes Brooke Shields Actress 1965
Carol Shields Author 1935
Norodom Sihamoni Quotes Norodom Sihamoni Royalty 1953
Ignazio Silone Author 1900
Phil Silvers Quotes Phil Silvers Actor 1911
Dave Sim Quotes Dave Sim Cartoonist 1956
Nicole Brown Simpson Celebrity 1959
Walter Sisulu Quotes Walter Sisulu Activist 1912
Albion W. Small Sociologist 1854
Huston Smith Quotes Huston Smith Theologian 1919
L. Neil Smith Writer 1946
Emmitt Smith Quotes Emmitt Smith Athlete 1969
Howard K. Smith Quotes Howard K. Smith Journalist 1914
Kate Smith Quotes Kate Smith Musician 1907
Tom Snyder Quotes Tom Snyder Celebrity 1936
Terry Southern Writer 1924
Jared Sparks Quotes Jared Sparks Educator 1789
Tori Spelling Quotes Tori Spelling Actress 1973
Ralph Steadman Quotes Ralph Steadman Cartoonist 1936
Wilhelm Steinitz Quotes Wilhelm Steinitz Celebrity 1836
Frank Stella Quotes Frank Stella Artist 1936
Mike Stoller Musician 1933
George Strait Quotes George Strait Musician 1952
Gregor Strasser Quotes Gregor Strasser Soldier 1892
Gustav Stresemann Quotes Gustav Stresemann Politician 1878
Kurt Student Quotes Kurt Student Soldier 1890
Arthur Sullivan Quotes Arthur Sullivan Composer 1842
Pat Summerall Quotes Pat Summerall Celebrity 1930
Shunryu Suzuki Quotes Shunryu Suzuki Leader 1904
Amber Tamblyn Quotes Amber Tamblyn Actress 1983
Studs Terkel Quotes Studs Terkel Journalist 1912
Denis Thatcher Quotes Denis Thatcher Businessman 1915
Lea Thompson Quotes Lea Thompson Actress 1961
Kenan Thompson Quotes Kenan Thompson Comedian 1978
Ludwig Tieck Quotes Ludwig Tieck Poet 1773
Paul Tournier Quotes Paul Tournier Author 1898
Pete Townshend Quotes Pete Townshend Musician 1945
Franjo Tudjman Quotes Franjo Tudjman Statesman 1922
Tom Udall Quotes Tom Udall Politician 1948
Holly Valance Quotes Holly Valance Musician 1983
Marguerite de Valois Quotes Marguerite de Valois Royalty 1553
Emily VanCamp Quotes Emily VanCamp Actress 1986
Ken Venturi Athlete 1931
Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud Quotes Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud Statesman 1753
Sid Vicious Quotes Sid Vicious Musician 1957
Marianne Vos Quotes Marianne Vos Athlete 1987
Terry Waite Author 1939
Rick Wakeman Quotes Rick Wakeman Musician 1949
Fats Waller Quotes Fats Waller Musician 1904
John Walters Musician 1938
Zoe Wanamaker Actress 1949
Mike Weir Quotes Mike Weir Athlete 1970
Ai Weiwei Quotes Ai Weiwei Artist 1957
Julius Wellhausen Quotes Julius Wellhausen Educator 1844
Eric West Musician 1982
Walt Whitman Quotes Walt Whitman Poet 1819
David Wilkerson Clergyman 1931
Edward Bennett Williams Quotes Edward Bennett Williams Lawyer 1920
George C. Williams Quotes George C. Williams Scientist 1926
Larry Williams Quotes Larry Williams Musician 1935
Ricky Williams Quotes Ricky Williams Athlete 1977
Dave Willis Quotes Dave Willis Actor 1976
Wesley Willis Quotes Wesley Willis Musician 1963
John Wilson Writer 1785
Sandy Wilson Composer 1924
Debra Winger Quotes Debra Winger Actor 1955
Robert Charles Winthrop Quotes Robert Charles Winthrop Politician 1809
Steve Winwood Quotes Steve Winwood Musician 1948
Stevie Wonder Quotes Stevie Wonder Musician 1950
John Woo Quotes John Woo Director 1946
Victoria Wood Quotes Victoria Wood Comedian 1953
Judith Wright Poet 1915
Philip Wylie Quotes Philip Wylie Writer 1902
Malcolm X Quotes Malcolm X Activist 1925
Malcom X Quotes Malcom X Clergyman 1925
Peter Yarrow Quotes Peter Yarrow Musician 1938
Aaron Yoo Quotes Aaron Yoo Actor 1979
Isabel Yosito Artist 1953
William P. Young Quotes William P. Young Author 1955
Chow Yun-Fat Quotes Chow Yun-Fat Actor 1955
Ahmet Zappa Musician 1974
Abraham Zapruder Quotes Abraham Zapruder Businessman 1905
Roger Zelazny Quotes Roger Zelazny Writer 1937
Robert Zemeckis Quotes Robert Zemeckis Director 1952
Ron Ziegler Politician 1939
Barry Zito Quotes Barry Zito Athlete 1978
Mark Zuckerberg Quotes Mark Zuckerberg Businessman 1984
Terry Zwigoff Quotes Terry Zwigoff Director 1949
Bono Quotes Bono Musician 1960
Liberace Quotes Liberace Entertainer 1919
Gotye Quotes Gotye Musician 1980
Enya Quotes Enya Musician 1961