Authors Born on March, 9st

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March, 9st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Howard Aiken Quotes Howard Aiken Scientist 1900
Josef Albers Quotes Josef Albers Artist 1888
Eben Alexander Educator 1851
William Allingham Quotes William Allingham Poet 1821
Ursula Andress Quotes Ursula Andress Actress 1936
Richie Ashburn Quotes Richie Ashburn Athlete 1927
Pearl Bailey Quotes Pearl Bailey Actress 1918
Samuel Barber Quotes Samuel Barber Composer 1910
Luis Barragan Quotes Luis Barragan Architect 1902
Richard Rodney Bennett Composer 1936
Michael Bergin Actor 1969
Ernest Bevin Quotes Ernest Bevin Public Servant 1881
Juliette Binoche Quotes Juliette Binoche Actress 1964
Rachel Blanchard Quotes Rachel Blanchard Actress 1976
Emma Bonino Quotes Emma Bonino Politician 1948
Brian Bosworth Quotes Brian Bosworth Athlete 1965
William Jennings Bryan Quotes William Jennings Bryan Lawyer 1860
James L. Buckley Quotes James L. Buckley Politician 1923
Richard Francis Burton Quotes Richard Francis Burton Explorer 1821
John Cale Quotes John Cale Musician 1942
Bert Campaneris Athlete 1942
Earl Campbell Quotes Earl Campbell Athlete 1955
Jennifer Capriati Quotes Jennifer Capriati Athlete 1976
Billy Carter Quotes Billy Carter Celebrity 1937
James E. Casey Quotes James E. Casey Businessman 1888
Glenn Close Quotes Glenn Close Actress 1947
William Cobbett Quotes William Cobbett Politician 1763
Ornette Coleman Quotes Ornette Coleman Musician 1930
Tommy Cooper Quotes Tommy Cooper Comedian 1921
Paul Crouch Clergyman 1934
Bernard Dowiyogo Quotes Bernard Dowiyogo Politician 2003
Wyatt Earp Quotes Wyatt Earp Public Servant 1848
Al Edwards Politician 1937
Perry Farrell Quotes Perry Farrell Musician 1959
Linda Fiorentino Actress 1960
Bobby Fischer Quotes Bobby Fischer Celebrity 1943
James Van Fleet Quotes James Van Fleet Soldier 1892
Martin Fleischmann Quotes Martin Fleischmann Scientist 1927
Vito Fossella Politician 1965
Eddie Foy Actor 1856
Martin Fry Quotes Martin Fry Musician 1958
Yuri Gagarin Quotes Yuri Gagarin Astronaut 1934
Adolf Galland Quotes Adolf Galland Soldier 1912
Carlos Ghosn Quotes Carlos Ghosn Businessman 1954
Robert Gibbs Quotes Robert Gibbs Public Servant 1971
Mickey Gilley Quotes Mickey Gilley Musician 1936
Brendan Gleeson Actor 1955
Herbert Gold Author 1924
Jill Goodacre Model 1965
Judith Guest Novelist 1936
James Hansen Quotes James Hansen Scientist 1941
Michel Hazanavicius Quotes Michel Hazanavicius Director 1967
Elias Hicks Quotes Elias Hicks Clergyman 1748
Megan Hilty Quotes Megan Hilty Actress 1981
Luther H. Hodges Quotes Luther H. Hodges Politician 1898
Lou Henry Hoover Quotes Lou Henry Hoover First Lady 1874
Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr Quotes Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr Novelist 1831
Eric Idle Quotes Eric Idle Comedian 1943
Brian Jordan Quotes Brian Jordan Athlete 1967
Kato Kaelin Quotes Kato Kaelin Celebrity 1959
Johnny Kelly Quotes Johnny Kelly Musician 1968
Michael Kinsley Journalist 1951
Walter Kohn Quotes Walter Kohn Physicist 1923
Hans Kung Quotes Hans Kung Theologian 1928
Neil LaBute Director 1963
Christopher Lambert Quotes Christopher Lambert Actor 1957
Lucy Lawless Quotes Lucy Lawless Actress 1968
Emmanuel Lewis Quotes Emmanuel Lewis Actor 1971
Ben Lexcen Quotes Ben Lexcen Celebrity 1936
Howard Lindsay Producer 1889
David Livingstone Quotes David Livingstone Explorer 1813
Lara Logan Quotes Lara Logan Journalist 1971
Haniel Long Author 1888
Lavrenti Lopes Actor 1985
Edwin Lutyens Quotes Edwin Lutyens Architect 1869
Elle Macpherson Quotes Elle Macpherson Model 1964
John Major Quotes John Major Politician 1943
Pauline Marois Quotes Pauline Marois Politician 1949
Eugene McCarthy Politician 1916
Patrick McGoohan Actor 1928
Lennart Meri Quotes Lennart Meri Statesman 1929
David Minge Politician 1942
Mario Monti Quotes Mario Monti Public Servant 1943
Ed Parker Athlete 1931
Jef Raskin Quotes Jef Raskin Scientist 1943
Max Reger Quotes Max Reger Composer 1873
Godfrey Reggio Quotes Godfrey Reggio Director 1940
George Lincoln Rockwell Quotes George Lincoln Rockwell Activist 1918
Edith Rogers Politician 1881
Ed Rollins Businessman 1943
Charles Marion Russell Quotes Charles Marion Russell Artist 1864
Charles M. Russell Quotes Charles M. Russell Artist 1864
Vita Sackville-West Quotes Vita Sackville-West Novelist 1892
Victor Salva Quotes Victor Salva Director 1958
Bobby Sands Quotes Bobby Sands Activist 1954
Brent Scowcroft Quotes Brent Scowcroft Public Servant 1925
Amy Sedaris Quotes Amy Sedaris Actress 1961
Billy Sheehan Quotes Billy Sheehan Musician 1953
John J. Sirica Judge 1904
Marina Sirtis Quotes Marina Sirtis Actress 1959
Tobias Smollett Quotes Tobias Smollett Writer 1721
Brittany Snow Quotes Brittany Snow Actress 1986
Mickey Spillane Quotes Mickey Spillane Author 1918
Leland Stanford Quotes Leland Stanford Businessman 1824
Gustav Stickley Quotes Gustav Stickley Architect 1858
Norman Tebbit Quotes Norman Tebbit Statesman 1931
Robin Trower Quotes Robin Trower Musician 1945
John Tyler Quotes John Tyler President 1790
Irving Wallace Author 1916
Sam Walton Quotes Sam Walton Businessman 1918
Rob Walton Athlete 1949
Earl Warren Quotes Earl Warren Judge 1891
Bruce Weber Quotes Bruce Weber Photographer 1946
Harvey Weinstein Quotes Harvey Weinstein Producer 1952
Eric Williams Quotes Eric Williams Historian 1981
Richard Williams Director 1933
Bruce Willis Quotes Bruce Willis Actor 1955
Michael Winterbottom Quotes Michael Winterbottom Director 1961
Isaac Mayer Wise Quotes Isaac Mayer Wise Clergyman 1819
Douglas Wood Writer 1957
Cy Young Quotes Cy Young Athlete 1867
Benjamin Zander Quotes Benjamin Zander Musician 1939
Chingy Musician 1980