Authors Born on March, 6st

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March, 6st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Mahmoud Abbas Quotes Mahmoud Abbas Statesman 1935
Marcus Allen Quotes Marcus Allen Athlete 1960
Alan Arkin Quotes Alan Arkin Actor 1934
Tom Arnold Quotes Tom Arnold Actor 1959
Maurice Ashley Quotes Maurice Ashley Celebrity 1966
Francis Atterbury Quotes Francis Atterbury Politician 1663
Wilhelm Backhaus Quotes Wilhelm Backhaus Musician 1884
Harry Banks Quotes Harry Banks Soldier 1896
Todd Barry Quotes Todd Barry Comedian 1964
Marion Barry Quotes Marion Barry Politician 1936
Edward Bellamy Quotes Edward Bellamy Author 1850
Cyrano de Bergerac Quotes Cyrano de Bergerac Playwright 1619
Bernardo Bertolucci Quotes Bernardo Bertolucci Writer 1940
Kit Bond Quotes Kit Bond Politician 1939
Christopher Bond Politician 1939
Rosa Bonheur Quotes Rosa Bonheur Artist 1822
Pierre Boulez Composer 1925
Connie Britton Quotes Connie Britton Actress 1967
George E. Brown, Jr. Politician 1920
Elizabeth Barrett Browning Quotes Elizabeth Barrett Browning Poet 1806
Michael Owen Bruce Musician 1948
Brooke Burns Quotes Brooke Burns Actress 1978
James Caan Quotes James Caan Actor 1940
Sarah Caldwell Quotes Sarah Caldwell Celebrity 1924
Joseph Campbell Quotes Joseph Campbell Author 1904
Lincoln Chafee Quotes Lincoln Chafee Politician 1953
Jason Chaffetz Quotes Jason Chaffetz Politician 1967
Kenny Chesney Quotes Kenny Chesney Musician 1968
George Clymer Quotes George Clymer Politician 1739
John Churton Collins Critic 1848
James Bryant Conant Quotes James Bryant Conant Scientist 1893
Gordon Cooper Quotes Gordon Cooper Astronaut 1927
Gregory Corso Quotes Gregory Corso Poet 1930
Lou Costello Quotes Lou Costello Comedian 1906
Joseph Crowley Politician 1962
Rene Daumal Quotes Rene Daumal Writer 1908
Alan Davies Quotes Alan Davies Actor 1966
Richard Dawkins Quotes Richard Dawkins Scientist 1941
Ernst Engel Quotes Ernst Engel Economist 1821
Jon English Quotes Jon English Musician 1949
Paul Erdos Quotes Paul Erdos Mathematician 1913
Erik Estrada Quotes Erik Estrada Actor 1949
Michael Finley Quotes Michael Finley Athlete 1973
Tommy Flanagan Quotes Tommy Flanagan Musician 1930
Flavor Flav Quotes Flavor Flav Musician 1959
Thomas S. Foley Quotes Thomas S. Foley Politician 1929
Dick Fosbury Quotes Dick Fosbury Athlete 1947
Viktor E. Frankl Quotes Viktor E. Frankl Psychologist 1905
Robert Frost Quotes Robert Frost Poet 1874
Victor Garber Quotes Victor Garber Actor 1949
Bronislaw Geremek Quotes Bronislaw Geremek Historian 1932
Konrad von Gesner Quotes Konrad von Gesner Scientist 1516
Alexi Giannoulias Quotes Alexi Giannoulias Politician 1976
Leeza Gibbons Quotes Leeza Gibbons Celebrity 1957
Lewis Gilbert Director 1920
David Gilmour Quotes David Gilmour Musician 1946
Maxim Gorky Quotes Maxim Gorky Novelist 1868
Stedman Graham Quotes Stedman Graham Educator 1951
Lauren Graham Quotes Lauren Graham Actress 1967
Alan Greenspan Quotes Alan Greenspan Economist 1926
Francesco Guicciardini Quotes Francesco Guicciardini Historian 1483
William Hague Quotes William Hague Politician 1961
Sterling Hayden Quotes Sterling Hayden Actor 1916
Shuler Hensley Quotes Shuler Hensley Actor 1967
Alice Hoffman Author 1952
Alfred Edward Housman Quotes Alfred Edward Housman Poet 1859
A. E. Housman Quotes A. E. Housman Poet 1859
Vernon Howard Author 1918
D. L. Hughley Quotes D. L. Hughley Actor 1963
Isabelle Huppert Quotes Isabelle Huppert Actress 1955
James Iha Quotes James Iha Musician 1968
Erica Jong Novelist 1942
Jon Huntsman, Jr. Politician 1960
Vine Deloria, Jr. Author 1933
Kiri Te Kanawa Musician 1944
Bernard Katz Scientist 1911
Herbert Kaufman Writer 1878
Catherine Keener Quotes Catherine Keener Actress 1960
Moira Kelly Actress 1968
Ron Kind Politician 1963
Jim Knight Quotes Jim Knight Politician 1965
Keira Knightley Quotes Keira Knightley Actress 1985
Ring Lardner Quotes Ring Lardner Comedian 1885
Henry Laurens Quotes Henry Laurens Politician 1724
Vicki Lawrence Quotes Vicki Lawrence Comedian 1949
Stanislaw Lec Quotes Stanislaw Lec Poet 1909
Jerry Lewis Quotes Jerry Lewis Comedian 1926
Lorin Maazel Quotes Lorin Maazel Musician 1930
James Madison Quotes James Madison President 1751
Leslie Mann Quotes Leslie Mann Actor 1972
Mike Mansfield Quotes Mike Mansfield Politician 1903
Gabriel Garcia Marquez Quotes Gabriel Garcia Marquez Novelist 1927
Willie Mays Quotes Willie Mays Athlete 1931
Mercedes McCambridge Quotes Mercedes McCambridge Actress 1916
Todd McFarlane Quotes Todd McFarlane Artist 1961
Leo McKern Quotes Leo McKern Actor 1920
Ed McMahon Quotes Ed McMahon Entertainer 1923
Wes Montgomery Quotes Wes Montgomery Musician 1925
Daniel Patrick Moynihan Politician 1927
Ellen Muth Quotes Ellen Muth Actress 1981
Jimmy Nail Actor 1954
Leonard Nimoy Quotes Leonard Nimoy Actor 1931
Pat Nixon Quotes Pat Nixon First Lady 1912
Sandra Day O'Connor Judge 1930
Shaquille O'Neal Athlete 1972
Larry Page Quotes Larry Page Businessman 1973
Nancy Pelosi Quotes Nancy Pelosi Politician 1940
Agnieszka Radwanska Quotes Agnieszka Radwanska Athlete 1989
Rob Reiner Quotes Rob Reiner Director 1947
Frederick Reines Quotes Frederick Reines Physicist 1918
Luke Richardson Quotes Luke Richardson Coach 1969
Diana Ross Quotes Diana Ross Actress 1944
Martin Short Quotes Martin Short Actor 1950
Beanie Sigel Quotes Beanie Sigel Musician 1974
Curtis Sliwa Quotes Curtis Sliwa Celebrity 1954
Amy Smart Quotes Amy Smart Actress 1976
Gerrit Smith Quotes Gerrit Smith Politician 1797
Bubba Sparxxx Quotes Bubba Sparxxx Musician 1977
Hollis Stacy Athlete 1954
Willie Stargell Quotes Willie Stargell Athlete 1940
John Stossel Quotes John Stossel Journalist 1947
Valentina Tereshkova Quotes Valentina Tereshkova Astronaut 1937
Palmiro Togliatti Quotes Palmiro Togliatti Politician 1893
David Del Tredici Composer 1937
Alan Tudyk Quotes Alan Tudyk Actor 1971
Steven Tyler Quotes Steven Tyler Musician 1948
Steve Tyler Quotes Steve Tyler Musician 1948
Andrzej Wajda Quotes Andrzej Wajda Director 1926
Jerry Jeff Walker Quotes Jerry Jeff Walker Musician 1942
William Hedgcock Webster Quotes William Hedgcock Webster Public Servant 1924
Sanford I. Weill Quotes Sanford I. Weill Businessman 1933
Margaret Weis Quotes Margaret Weis Writer 1948
William Westmoreland Quotes William Westmoreland Soldier 1914
Tennessee Williams Quotes Tennessee Williams Dramatist 1911
Bob Woodward Quotes Bob Woodward Journalist 1943
Henny Youngman Quotes Henny Youngman Comedian 1906
Michelangelo Quotes Michelangelo Artist 1475