Authors Born on March, 4st

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March, 4st

Image Author Type Birthyear
John Amery Quotes John Amery Politician 1912
Louie Anderson Comedian 1953
Dwayne Andreas Businessman 1918
Fatty Arbuckle Quotes Fatty Arbuckle Comedian 1887
Diane Arbus Quotes Diane Arbus Photographer 1923
Raymond Aron Quotes Raymond Aron Philosopher 1905
Buck Baker Quotes Buck Baker Celebrity 1919
Robert T. Bakker Quotes Robert T. Bakker Scientist 1945
Joseph Barbera Quotes Joseph Barbera Cartoonist 1911
Joel Barlow Quotes Joel Barlow Poet 1754
Les Baxter Musician 1922
Jamie Bell Quotes Jamie Bell Actor 1986
Lake Bell Quotes Lake Bell Actress 1979
Peter Bichsel Quotes Peter Bichsel Writer 1935
Frank Borman Quotes Frank Borman Astronaut 1928
Lara Flynn Boyle Quotes Lara Flynn Boyle Actress 1970
Eleanor Bron Actress 1934
Vanessa Brown Quotes Vanessa Brown Actress 1928
John Buford Quotes John Buford Soldier 1826
David Byrne Quotes David Byrne Musician 1952
Michael Caine Quotes Michael Caine Actor 1933
Julia Cameron Author 1948
Jasper Carrott Quotes Jasper Carrott Comedian 1945
Gene Cernan Quotes Gene Cernan Astronaut 1934
Mary Cheney Quotes Mary Cheney Celebrity 1969
Tom Coburn Quotes Tom Coburn Politician 1948
Joseph Force Crater Quotes Joseph Force Crater Judge 1909
Fanny Crosby Quotes Fanny Crosby Musician 1820
Billy Crystal Quotes Billy Crystal Comedian 1947
Kenny Dalglish Quotes Kenny Dalglish Athlete 1951
Evan Dando Quotes Evan Dando Musician 1967
Thayer David Actor 1927
Thomas Dewey Quotes Thomas Dewey Politician 1902
Charles Dibdin Musician 1745
Albert Einstein Quotes Albert Einstein Physicist 1879
James Ellroy Quotes James Ellroy Writer 1948
Robert Emmet Quotes Robert Emmet Activist 1780
R. Lee Ermey Quotes R. Lee Ermey Soldier 1944
Hans Eysenck Quotes Hans Eysenck Psychologist 1916
Lawrence Ferlinghetti Quotes Lawrence Ferlinghetti Poet 1919
Francois Fillon Quotes Francois Fillon Politician 1954
Dario Fo Quotes Dario Fo Playwright 1926
Jan Garbarek Quotes Jan Garbarek Musician 1947
John Garfield Quotes John Garfield Actor 1913
Horace Gray Quotes Horace Gray Judge 1828
Jerry Greenfield Quotes Jerry Greenfield Businessman 1951
Joan Greenwood Actress 1921
Christine Gregoire Quotes Christine Gregoire Politician 1947
Bernard Haitink Quotes Bernard Haitink Musician 1929
Alyson Hannigan Quotes Alyson Hannigan Actress 1974
Curtis Hanson Quotes Curtis Hanson Director 1945
Taylor Hanson Quotes Taylor Hanson Musician 1983
John Harrison Quotes John Harrison Inventor 1693
Patricia Heaton Quotes Patricia Heaton Actress 1958
Dorothy Height Quotes Dorothy Height Activist 1912
Robert Heilbroner Economist 1919
Tommy Hilfiger Quotes Tommy Hilfiger Designer 1951
Harry Houdini Quotes Harry Houdini Entertainer 1874
Ada Louise Huxtable Critic 1921
David Irving Quotes David Irving Author 1938
Kevin Johnson Quotes Kevin Johnson Athlete 1966
Star Jones Quotes Star Jones Entertainer 1962
Quincy Jones Quotes Quincy Jones Musician 1933
Steve Kanaly Actor 1946
Ryszard Kapuscinski Quotes Ryszard Kapuscinski Journalist 1932
Hank Ketcham Quotes Hank Ketcham Cartoonist 1920
Rufus King Quotes Rufus King Lawyer 1755
James Lankford Quotes James Lankford Politician 1968
Kelly LeBrock Actress 1960
Nick Lowe Quotes Nick Lowe Musician 1949
Adrian Lyne Director 1941
Agnes Macphail Quotes Agnes Macphail Politician 1890
Miriam Makeba Quotes Miriam Makeba Musician 1932
Peyton Manning Quotes Peyton Manning Athlete 1976
Thomas R. Marshall Quotes Thomas R. Marshall Vice President 1854
Steve McQueen Quotes Steve McQueen Actor 1930
Donella Meadows Environmentalist 1941
Andrew Mellon Quotes Andrew Mellon Businessman 1855
William Morris Quotes William Morris Designer 1834
Marston Morse Quotes Marston Morse Mathematician 1892
Malcolm Muggeridge Quotes Malcolm Muggeridge Journalist 1903
Emily Murphy Quotes Emily Murphy Activist 1868
Petra Nemcova Quotes Petra Nemcova Model 1979
Tancredo Neves Quotes Tancredo Neves Politician 1910
Jason Newsted Musician 1963
Catherine O'Hara Actress 1954
Jean O'Leary Activist 1948
Robert Orben Entertainer 1927
Arthur O'Shaughnessy Poet 1844
Tatjana Patitz Quotes Tatjana Patitz Model 1966
Rick Perry Quotes Rick Perry Politician 1950
Wolfgang Petersen Quotes Wolfgang Petersen Director 1941
Lee Petty Quotes Lee Petty Celebrity 1913
John Wesley Powell Quotes John Wesley Powell Explorer 1834
Jiang Qing Quotes Jiang Qing Revolutionary 1914
Wilhelm Reich Quotes Wilhelm Reich Psychologist 1897
Alice Rivlin Economist 1931
Knute Rockne Quotes Knute Rockne Coach 1888
Olive Schreiner Quotes Olive Schreiner Writer 1855
Peter Schuyler Quotes Peter Schuyler Writer 1950
Annabella Sciorra Quotes Annabella Sciorra Actress 1964
Billy Sherwood Quotes Billy Sherwood Musician 1965
Peter Shumlin Quotes Peter Shumlin Politician 1956
Alan Sillitoe Quotes Alan Sillitoe Writer 1928
George Sisler Quotes George Sisler Athlete 1893
Stephen Sprouse Designer 2004
Chris Squire Quotes Chris Squire Musician 1948
Alan Sugar Quotes Alan Sugar Businessman 1947
David Suzuki Quotes David Suzuki Scientist 1936
Dionigi Tettamanzi Quotes Dionigi Tettamanzi Clergyman 1934
Kiana Tom Model 1965
Edward Tufte Quotes Edward Tufte Educator 1942
Roberto Unger Quotes Roberto Unger Politician 1947
Tim Vine Quotes Tim Vine Comedian 1967
Edward Weston Quotes Edward Weston Photographer 1886
Pearl White Quotes Pearl White Musician 1889
Tad Williams Writer 1957
Kevin Williamson Quotes Kevin Williamson Author 1965
Bobby Womack Quotes Bobby Womack Musician 1944