Authors Born on March, 3st

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March, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Peter Abrahams Quotes Peter Abrahams Novelist 1919
Ama Ata Aidoo Author 1942
Damon Albarn Quotes Damon Albarn Musician 1968
Marty Allen Comedian 1922
Herb Alpert Quotes Herb Alpert Musician 1935
Alejandro Amenabar Director 1972
Ivo Andric Quotes Ivo Andric Writer 1975
Walter Annenberg Quotes Walter Annenberg Businessman 1908
Jack Antonoff Musician 1984
Thomas Gold Appleton Quotes Thomas Gold Appleton Critic 1812
Yann Arthus-Bertrand Quotes Yann Arthus-Bertrand Photographer 1946
John Astin Quotes John Astin Actor 1930
Stefan Banach Quotes Stefan Banach Mathematician 1892
Roger Bannister Quotes Roger Bannister Athlete 1929
Warren Beatty Quotes Warren Beatty Actor 1937
Brian Behlendorf Quotes Brian Behlendorf Scientist 1973
Alexander Graham Bell Quotes Alexander Graham Bell Inventor 1847
James Theodore Bent Quotes James Theodore Bent Explorer 1852
Lindy Boggs Politician 1916
Julius Boros Athlete 1920
Julie Bowen Quotes Julie Bowen Actress 1970
Wernher von Braun Quotes Wernher von Braun Scientist 1912
Craig Breedlove Quotes Craig Breedlove Celebrity 1937
James Brown Quotes James Brown Musician 1920
McGeorge Bundy Quotes McGeorge Bundy Celebrity 1919
Basil Bunting Poet 1900
Leo Buscaglia Quotes Leo Buscaglia Author 1924
Georg Cantor Quotes Georg Cantor Mathematician 1845
Dennis Cardoza Politician 1959
Joyce Carey Actress 1898
Richard Chamberlain Quotes Richard Chamberlain Actor 1934
Tracy Chapman Quotes Tracy Chapman Musician 1964
Cesar Chavez Quotes Cesar Chavez Activist 1927
Marc Cherry Quotes Marc Cherry Writer 1962
Mary Boykin Chesnut Quotes Mary Boykin Chesnut Author 1823
Eric Clapton Quotes Eric Clapton Musician 1945
Adam Clayton Quotes Adam Clayton Musician 1960
Schuyler Colfax Quotes Schuyler Colfax Politician 1823
Robbie Coltraine Quotes Robbie Coltraine Actor 1950
Robbie Coltrane Quotes Robbie Coltrane Actor 1950
Mark Consuelos Actor 1971
Joan Crawford Quotes Joan Crawford Actress 1905
Countee Cullen Quotes Countee Cullen Poet 1903
William Daniels Quotes William Daniels Actor 1927
Jo Davidson Quotes Jo Davidson Sculptor 1883
Hope Davis Actress 1964
Marc Davis Artist 1913
Dana Delany Quotes Dana Delany Actress 1956
Rene Descartes Quotes Rene Descartes Mathematician 1596
Trent Dilfer Quotes Trent Dilfer Athlete 1972
Jamie Dimon Quotes Jamie Dimon Businessman 1956
Jason Dohring Quotes Jason Dohring Actor 1982
Michael F. Easley Quotes Michael F. Easley Politician 1950
Will Eisner Quotes Will Eisner Cartoonist 1917
Richard L. Evans Clergyman 1906
Fannie Farmer Quotes Fannie Farmer Celebrity 1857
Abigail Fillmore Quotes Abigail Fillmore First Lady 1798
Edward Fitzgerald Poet 1809
Janet Flanner Quotes Janet Flanner Journalist 1892
Tyler Florence Chef 1971
John Fowles Quotes John Fowles Novelist 1926
Barney Frank Quotes Barney Frank Politician 1940
Jacque Fresco Quotes Jacque Fresco Inventor 1916
Erich Fromm Psychologist 1900
Yasmeen Ghauri Model 1971
Ira Glass Quotes Ira Glass Journalist 1959
William Godwin Quotes William Godwin Writer 1756
Vincent Van Gogh Quotes Vincent Van Gogh Artist 1853
Nikolai Gogol Quotes Nikolai Gogol Writer 1809
Howard Gordon Quotes Howard Gordon Writer 1961
Al Gore Vice President 1948
Julian Grenfell Quotes Julian Grenfell Poet 1888
Juan Gris Quotes Juan Gris Artist 1887
Charles Guggenheim Director 1924
Robert Hamer Director 1911
Michael Haneke Quotes Michael Haneke Director 1942
Augustus Hare Quotes Augustus Hare Writer 1834
Jean Harlow Quotes Jean Harlow Actress 1911
Joseph Haydn Quotes Joseph Haydn Composer 1732
Roy Haynes Quotes Roy Haynes Musician 1925
Bella Heathcote Quotes Bella Heathcote Actress 1988
Richard M. Helms Quotes Richard M. Helms Celebrity 1913
Richard Helms Quotes Richard Helms Celebrity 1913
Sidney Hillman Quotes Sidney Hillman Activist 1887
Emile Hirsch Quotes Emile Hirsch Actor 1985
Robyn Hitchcock Quotes Robyn Hitchcock Musician 1953
John Hoeven Quotes John Hoeven Politician 1957
Gordie Howe Quotes Gordie Howe Athlete 1928
L. Ron Hubbard Quotes L. Ron Hubbard Author 1911
Reed Hundt Public Servant 1948
William Morris Hunt Quotes William Morris Hunt Artist 1824
Maynard Jackson Quotes Maynard Jackson Politician 1938
John Jakes Writer 1932
Ron Jaworski Quotes Ron Jaworski Athlete 1951
George Jessel Judge 1824
Jack Johnson Quotes Jack Johnson Athlete 1878
Shirley Jones Quotes Shirley Jones Actress 1933
Norah Jones Quotes Norah Jones Musician 1979
Jackie Joyner-Kersee Athlete 1962
Ingvar Kamprad Quotes Ingvar Kamprad Businessman 1926
Willie Keeler Quotes Willie Keeler Athlete 1872
Chaka Khan Quotes Chaka Khan Musician 1953
Jason Kidd Quotes Jason Kidd Athlete 1973
Melanie Klein Psychologist 1882
Viktor Korchnoi Quotes Viktor Korchnoi Celebrity 1931
Charles Krauthammer Journalist 1950
Akira Kurosawa Quotes Akira Kurosawa Director 1910
John LaFarge Quotes John LaFarge Artist 1835
Andrew Lang Quotes Andrew Lang Poet 1844
Sidney Lanier Quotes Sidney Lanier Poet 1842
Pierre Laplace Quotes Pierre Laplace Mathematician 1749
Patrick Leahy Quotes Patrick Leahy Politician 1940
Tone Loc Musician 1966
Percival Lowell Quotes Percival Lowell Scientist 1855
Stephen F. Lynch Quotes Stephen F. Lynch Politician 1955
Trofim Lysenko Quotes Trofim Lysenko Celebrity 1909
Arthur Machen Quotes Arthur Machen Author 1863
William H. Macy Quotes William H. Macy Actor 1950
Moses Malone Quotes Moses Malone Athlete 1954
Andrew Marvell Quotes Andrew Marvell Writer 1621
Danny Masterson Quotes Danny Masterson Actor 1976
John J. McCloy Quotes John J. McCloy Lawyer 1895
Craig McCracken Quotes Craig McCracken Artist 1971
Karen McDougal Quotes Karen McDougal Model 1971
Ewan McGregor Quotes Ewan McGregor Actor 1971
Harry Melling Actor 1989
James Merrill Quotes James Merrill Poet 1926
Roger Q. Mills Quotes Roger Q. Mills Politician 1832
Lord Milner Quotes Lord Milner Politician 1854
Andrew Mitchell Quotes Andrew Mitchell Politician 1956
Paul Morand Quotes Paul Morand Diplomat 1888
Ted Morgan Writer 1932
Cillian Murphy Quotes Cillian Murphy Actor 1974
Arnold Newman Photographer 1918
Michael Nyman Quotes Michael Nyman Composer 1944
Sean O'Casey Playwright 1880
Stacie Orrico Quotes Stacie Orrico Musician 1986
Octavio Paz Quotes Octavio Paz Poet 1914
Marge Piercy Writer 1936
Gail Porter Quotes Gail Porter Celebrity 1971
Michael K. Powell Quotes Michael K. Powell Politician 1963
Joseph Priestley Quotes Joseph Priestley Scientist 1733
Henri Queuille Quotes Henri Queuille Politician 1884
Ludwig Quidde Quotes Ludwig Quidde Critic 1858
Mick Ralphs Quotes Mick Ralphs Musician 1944
Paul Reiser Quotes Paul Reiser Comedian 1957
Miranda Richardson Quotes Miranda Richardson Actress 1958
Matthew B. Ridgway Quotes Matthew B. Ridgway Soldier 1895
Robert Riskin Playwright 1897
Kim Stanley Robinson Quotes Kim Stanley Robinson Writer 1952
Judith Rossner Quotes Judith Rossner Novelist 1935
Keri Russell Quotes Keri Russell Actress 1976
Mark Rydell Quotes Mark Rydell Director 1934
Johan Santana Quotes Johan Santana Athlete 1979
Michael Savage Celebrity 1942
Steven Saylor Quotes Steven Saylor Author 1956
Kaya Scodelario Quotes Kaya Scodelario Actress 1992
Giorgos Seferis Quotes Giorgos Seferis Poet 1900
Anna Sewell Quotes Anna Sewell Writer 1820
Kim Smith Actress 1983
David Steel Quotes David Steel Politician 1938
Samantha Stosur Quotes Samantha Stosur Athlete 1984
Barry Took Quotes Barry Took Comedian 2002
Jim Trelease Educator 1941
Paul Verlaine Quotes Paul Verlaine Poet 1844
Christopher Walken Quotes Christopher Walken Actor 1943
Herschel Walker Quotes Herschel Walker Athlete 1962
Edmund Waller Quotes Edmund Waller Poet 1606
Hugh Walpole Writer 1884
Doc Watson Quotes Doc Watson Musician 1923
Beatrice Wood Artist 1893
Angus Young Quotes Angus Young Musician 1959
Philip Zimbardo Psychologist 1933
Maimonides Quotes Maimonides Philosopher 1135