Authors Born on March, 2st

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March, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Mahmoud Abbas Quotes Mahmoud Abbas Statesman 1935
Gianni Agnelli Quotes Gianni Agnelli Businessman 1921
Freema Agyeman Quotes Freema Agyeman Actress 1979
Ama Ata Aidoo Author 1942
Damon Albarn Quotes Damon Albarn Musician 1968
Edward Albee Quotes Edward Albee Dramatist 1928
Sholom Aleichem Quotes Sholom Aleichem Writer 1859
Nelson Algren Quotes Nelson Algren Novelist 1909
Marty Allen Comedian 1922
Marcus Allen Quotes Marcus Allen Athlete 1960
Louie Anderson Comedian 1953
Kevin J. Anderson Quotes Kevin J. Anderson Writer 1962
Janos Arany Quotes Janos Arany Journalist 1817
Fatty Arbuckle Quotes Fatty Arbuckle Comedian 1887
Alan Arkin Quotes Alan Arkin Actor 1934
Desi Arnaz Quotes Desi Arnaz Actor 1917
Robert Ashley Composer 1930
Catherine Ashton Quotes Catherine Ashton Politician 1956
John Aubrey Quotes John Aubrey Writer 1626
J. L. Austin Philosopher 1911
Wilhelm Backhaus Quotes Wilhelm Backhaus Musician 1884
Pearl Bailey Quotes Pearl Bailey Actress 1918
Robert T. Bakker Quotes Robert T. Bakker Scientist 1945
Steve Ballmer Quotes Steve Ballmer Businessman 1956
Toni Cade Bambara Quotes Toni Cade Bambara Author 1939
Russell Banks Quotes Russell Banks Author 1940
George Linnaeus Banks Writer 1821
Roger Bannister Quotes Roger Bannister Athlete 1929
Joseph Barbera Quotes Joseph Barbera Cartoonist 1911
Carl Barks Quotes Carl Barks Artist 1901
Joel Barlow Quotes Joel Barlow Poet 1754
Matthew Barney Quotes Matthew Barney Artist 1967
Todd Barry Quotes Todd Barry Comedian 1964
Rick Barry Quotes Rick Barry Athlete 1944
Bela Bartok Quotes Bela Bartok Composer 1881
Isabella Beeton Quotes Isabella Beeton Author 1836
Lake Bell Quotes Lake Bell Actress 1979
Edward Bellamy Quotes Edward Bellamy Author 1850
Richard Rodney Bennett Composer 1936
Chester Bennington Quotes Chester Bennington Musician 1976
George Benson Quotes George Benson Musician 1943
George Berkeley Quotes George Berkeley Philosopher 1685
Peter Bichsel Quotes Peter Bichsel Writer 1935
Jessica Biel Quotes Jessica Biel Actress 1982
Alan Bleasdale Dramatist 1936
Wolf Blitzer Quotes Wolf Blitzer Journalist 1948
Dirk Bogarde Quotes Dirk Bogarde Actor 1921
Derek Bok Lawyer 1930
Norman Borlaug Quotes Norman Borlaug Scientist 1914
Pierre Boulez Composer 1925
Abdelaziz Bouteflika Quotes Abdelaziz Bouteflika Statesman 1937
Lara Flynn Boyle Quotes Lara Flynn Boyle Actress 1970
Ernest Bramah Writer 1868
Wernher von Braun Quotes Wernher von Braun Scientist 1912
Craig Breedlove Quotes Craig Breedlove Celebrity 1937
Aristide Briand Quotes Aristide Briand Statesman 1862
Susie Bright Quotes Susie Bright Writer 1958
Matthew Broderick Quotes Matthew Broderick Actor 1962
Peter Brook Quotes Peter Brook Producer 1925
Vanessa Brown Quotes Vanessa Brown Actress 1928
James Brown Quotes James Brown Musician 1920
Jesse Brown Quotes Jesse Brown Politician 1944
Henry Billings Brown Quotes Henry Billings Brown Judge 1836
Zbigniew Brzezinski Quotes Zbigniew Brzezinski Politician 1928
Deborah Bull Dancer 1963
Solomon Burke Quotes Solomon Burke Musician 1940
Rhonda Byrne Writer 1951
James Caan Quotes James Caan Actor 1940
James Callaghan Quotes James Callaghan Leader 1912
Earl Campbell Quotes Earl Campbell Athlete 1955
Joseph Campbell Quotes Joseph Campbell Author 1904
Jennifer Capriati Quotes Jennifer Capriati Athlete 1976
Karen Carpenter Quotes Karen Carpenter Musician 1950
Billy Carter Quotes Billy Carter Celebrity 1937
James E. Casey Quotes James E. Casey Businessman 1888
Lincoln Chafee Quotes Lincoln Chafee Politician 1953
Jason Chaffetz Quotes Jason Chaffetz Politician 1967
Iris Chang Quotes Iris Chang Historian 1968
John Jay Chapman Poet 1862
Marc Cherry Quotes Marc Cherry Writer 1962
Kenny Chesney Quotes Kenny Chesney Musician 1968
Leonard Chess Businessman 1917
Thomas Clarkson Quotes Thomas Clarkson Activist 1760
DeWitt Clinton Quotes DeWitt Clinton Politician 1769
Brian Clough Quotes Brian Clough Athlete 1935
James Coco Quotes James Coco Actor 1930
Schuyler Colfax Quotes Schuyler Colfax Politician 1823
John Churton Collins Critic 1848
John Comenius Quotes John Comenius Educator 1592
James Bryant Conant Quotes James Bryant Conant Scientist 1893
Kent Conrad Quotes Kent Conrad Politician 1948
Gregory Corso Quotes Gregory Corso Poet 1930
Howard Cosell Quotes Howard Cosell Lawyer 1918
Bob Costas Quotes Bob Costas Celebrity 1952
Rene Coty Quotes Rene Coty Statesman 1882
Graham Coxon Quotes Graham Coxon Musician 1969
Daniel Craig Quotes Daniel Craig Actor 1968
Joan Crawford Quotes Joan Crawford Actress 1905
Fanny Crosby Quotes Fanny Crosby Musician 1820
Marcia Cross Quotes Marcia Cross Actress 1962
Paul Crouch Clergyman 1934
Timothy Dalton Quotes Timothy Dalton Actor 1946
Hope Davis Actress 1964
Richard Dawkins Quotes Richard Dawkins Scientist 1941
John Dawkins Politician 1947
Rosa DeLauro Quotes Rosa DeLauro Politician 1943
Daniel Dennett Quotes Daniel Dennett Philosopher 1942
Camille Desmoulins Quotes Camille Desmoulins Journalist 1760
Thomas Dewey Quotes Thomas Dewey Politician 1902
Kate DiCamillo Author 1964
Philip K. Dick Quotes Philip K. Dick Writer 1928
Carrie Donovan Editor 1928
Mary Douglas Quotes Mary Douglas Scientist 1921
Michael F. Easley Quotes Michael F. Easley Politician 1950
Aaron Eckhart Quotes Aaron Eckhart Actor 1968
Charles William Eliot Quotes Charles William Eliot Educator 1834
Charles W. Eliot Quotes Charles W. Eliot Educator 1834
Shusaku Endo Author 1923
Ernst Engel Quotes Ernst Engel Economist 1821
Jon English Quotes Jon English Musician 1949
John Ensign Quotes John Ensign Politician 1958
Paul Erdos Quotes Paul Erdos Mathematician 1913
R. Lee Ermey Quotes R. Lee Ermey Soldier 1944
Richard L. Evans Clergyman 1906
Richard Eyre Director 1943
Fannie Farmer Quotes Fannie Farmer Celebrity 1857
Tommy Farr Quotes Tommy Farr Athlete 1914
Perry Farrell Quotes Perry Farrell Musician 1959
Russ Feingold Quotes Russ Feingold Politician 1953
Barbara Feldon Quotes Barbara Feldon Actress 1932
Edward Felten Quotes Edward Felten Scientist 1963
Lawrence Ferlinghetti Quotes Lawrence Ferlinghetti Poet 1919
Fred F. Fielding Lawyer 1939
Steve Finley Quotes Steve Finley Athlete 1965
Martin Fleischmann Quotes Martin Fleischmann Scientist 1927
Tom Flores Athlete 1937
Dario Fo Quotes Dario Fo Playwright 1926
William Foege Quotes William Foege Scientist 1936
John W. Foster Quotes John W. Foster Soldier 1836
Viktor E. Frankl Quotes Viktor E. Frankl Psychologist 1905
Aretha Franklin Quotes Aretha Franklin Musician 1942
Wilhelm Frick Quotes Wilhelm Frick Celebrity 1877
Jerome Isaac Friedman Physicist 1930
Erich Fromm Psychologist 1900
Robert Frost Quotes Robert Frost Poet 1874
Paul Fussell Quotes Paul Fussell Historian 1924
Lady Gaga Quotes Lady Gaga Musician 1986
Konrad von Gesner Quotes Konrad von Gesner Scientist 1516
Yasmeen Ghauri Model 1971
Leeza Gibbons Quotes Leeza Gibbons Celebrity 1957
Robert Gibbs Quotes Robert Gibbs Public Servant 1971
Emily Giffin Author 1972
Walter Gilbert Quotes Walter Gilbert Scientist 1932
Ellen Glasgow Quotes Ellen Glasgow Novelist 1874
Brendan Gleeson Actor 1955
Julian Glover Quotes Julian Glover Actor 1935
Jonah Goldberg Quotes Jonah Goldberg Celebrity 1969
Jill Goodacre Model 1965
Horace Gray Quotes Horace Gray Judge 1828
Christine Gregoire Quotes Christine Gregoire Politician 1947
Juan Gris Quotes Juan Gris Artist 1887
Philip Guedalla Historian 1889
Judith Guest Novelist 1936
Charlie Haas Quotes Charlie Haas Athlete 1972
Ernst Haas Quotes Ernst Haas Photographer 1921
William Hague Quotes William Hague Politician 1961
Virginia Hamilton Author 1936
Michael Haneke Quotes Michael Haneke Director 1942
Alyson Hannigan Quotes Alyson Hannigan Actress 1974
James Hansen Quotes James Hansen Scientist 1941
Pamela Harriman Quotes Pamela Harriman Celebrity 1920
John Harrison Quotes John Harrison Inventor 1693
Harry Harrison Quotes Harry Harrison Author 1925
Teresa Nielsen Hayden Quotes Teresa Nielsen Hayden Writer 1956
Sterling Hayden Quotes Sterling Hayden Actor 1916
Michel Hazanavicius Quotes Michel Hazanavicius Director 1967
Jeff Healey Quotes Jeff Healey Musician 1966
Dorothy Height Quotes Dorothy Height Activist 1912
Robert Heilbroner Economist 1919
Carl Hiaasen Quotes Carl Hiaasen Writer 1953
Tommy Hilfiger Quotes Tommy Hilfiger Designer 1951
Sidney Hillman Quotes Sidney Hillman Activist 1887
Megan Hilty Quotes Megan Hilty Actress 1981
Hans Hofmann Quotes Hans Hofmann Artist 1880
John Clellon Holmes Quotes John Clellon Holmes Writer 1926
Lou Henry Hoover Quotes Lou Henry Hoover First Lady 1874
Harry Houdini Quotes Harry Houdini Entertainer 1874
Alfred Edward Housman Quotes Alfred Edward Housman Poet 1859
A. E. Housman Quotes A. E. Housman Poet 1859
Sam Houston Quotes Sam Houston Politician 1793
Bryce Dallas Howard Quotes Bryce Dallas Howard Actress 1981
Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr Quotes Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr Novelist 1831
Miller Huggins Quotes Miller Huggins Athlete 1879
Basil Hume Quotes Basil Hume Clergyman 1923
William Hurt Quotes William Hurt Actor 1950
King James I Quotes King James I Royalty 1625
Athenagoras I Quotes Athenagoras I Clergyman 1886
Henrik Ibsen Quotes Henrik Ibsen Poet 1828
Eric Idle Quotes Eric Idle Comedian 1943
James Iha Quotes James Iha Musician 1968
Robert Iler Actor 1985
David Irving Quotes David Irving Author 1938
John Irving Quotes John Irving Novelist 1942
Maynard Jackson Quotes Maynard Jackson Politician 1938
A. J. Jacobs Quotes A. J. Jacobs Journalist 1968
Al Jarreau Quotes Al Jarreau Musician 1940
Ron Jaworski Quotes Ron Jaworski Athlete 1951
Elton John Quotes Elton John Musician 1947
Star Jones Quotes Star Jones Entertainer 1962
Jennifer Jones Quotes Jennifer Jones Actress 1919
Erica Jong Novelist 1942
Brian Jordan Quotes Brian Jordan Athlete 1967
Nafisa Joseph Quotes Nafisa Joseph Model 1978
Jon Bon Jovi Quotes Jon Bon Jovi Musician 1962
Jon Huntsman, Jr. Politician 1960
Vine Deloria, Jr. Author 1933
Benito Juarez Quotes Benito Juarez Statesman 1806
Karen Kain Dancer 1951
Bernard Katz Scientist 1911
Catherine Keener Quotes Catherine Keener Actress 1960
Herb Kelleher Quotes Herb Kelleher Businessman 1931
Jack Kerouac Quotes Jack Kerouac Novelist 1922
Thomas Hewitt Key Writer 1799
Chaka Khan Quotes Chaka Khan Musician 1953
Jason Kidd Quotes Jason Kidd Athlete 1973
Rufus King Quotes Rufus King Lawyer 1755
Neil Kinnock Quotes Neil Kinnock Politician 1942
Lane Kirkland Quotes Lane Kirkland Activist 1922
Werner Klemperer Quotes Werner Klemperer Actor 1920
Keira Knightley Quotes Keira Knightley Actress 1985
Viktor Korchnoi Quotes Viktor Korchnoi Celebrity 1931
Akira Kurosawa Quotes Akira Kurosawa Director 1910
Ricardo Lagos Quotes Ricardo Lagos Politician 1938
Christopher Lambert Quotes Christopher Lambert Actor 1957
Corliss Lamont Philosopher 1902
Louis L'Amour Author 1908
Pierre Laplace Quotes Pierre Laplace Mathematician 1749
Jeremy Larner Author 1937
Vernon Law Quotes Vernon Law Athlete 1930
Lucy Lawless Quotes Lucy Lawless Actress 1968
Vicki Lawrence Quotes Vicki Lawrence Comedian 1949
Irving Layton Poet 1912
David Lean Quotes David Lean Director 1908
Kelly LeBrock Actress 1960
Spike Lee Quotes Spike Lee Director 1957
Ryan Lewis Quotes Ryan Lewis Musician 1988
Cory Lidle Quotes Cory Lidle Athlete 1972
Hal Linden Quotes Hal Linden Actor 1931
Howard Lindsay Producer 1889
Jay Livingston Composer 1915
Mario Vargas Llosa Quotes Mario Vargas Llosa Writer 1936
Lara Logan Quotes Lara Logan Journalist 1971
Lavrenti Lopes Actor 1985
James A. Lovell Quotes James A. Lovell Astronaut 1928
Nick Lowe Quotes Nick Lowe Musician 1949
Edwin Lutyens Quotes Edwin Lutyens Architect 1869
Ed Macauley Athlete 1928
Hugh MacLennan Author 1907
Agnes Macphail Quotes Agnes Macphail Politician 1890
Elle Macpherson Quotes Elle Macpherson Model 1964
Margaret Mahy Quotes Margaret Mahy Author 1936
John Major Quotes John Major Politician 1943
Karl Malden Quotes Karl Malden Actor 1912
Moses Malone Quotes Moses Malone Athlete 1954
Heinrich Mann Quotes Heinrich Mann Novelist 1871
Golo Mann Quotes Golo Mann Historian 1909
Leslie Mann Quotes Leslie Mann Actor 1972
Peyton Manning Quotes Peyton Manning Athlete 1976
Marcel Marceau Quotes Marcel Marceau Actor 1923
Mary Ellen Mark Photographer 1940
Pauline Marois Quotes Pauline Marois Politician 1949
Agnes Martin Artist 1912
Chris Martin Quotes Chris Martin Musician 1977
Chico Marx Quotes Chico Marx Actor 1887
Tom McCall Quotes Tom McCall Politician 1913
Eugene McCarthy Politician 1916
Karen McDougal Quotes Karen McDougal Model 1971
Reba McEntire Quotes Reba McEntire Musician 1955
Gates McFadden Quotes Gates McFadden Actress 1949
Phyllis McGinley Quotes Phyllis McGinley Author 1905
David McKinley Quotes David McKinley Politician 1947
Marian McPartland Quotes Marian McPartland Musician 1918
Katharine McPhee Quotes Katharine McPhee Musician 1984
Steve McQueen Quotes Steve McQueen Actor 1930
Andrew Mellon Quotes Andrew Mellon Businessman 1855
Lennart Meri Quotes Lennart Meri Statesman 1929
Stephanie Mills Musician 1957
Lord Milner Quotes Lord Milner Politician 1854
Liza Minelli Quotes Liza Minelli Entertainer 1946
Liza Minnelli Quotes Liza Minnelli Actress 1946
Andrew Mitchell Quotes Andrew Mitchell Politician 1956
Matthew Modine Quotes Matthew Modine Actor 1959
Thomas Monaghan Quotes Thomas Monaghan Soldier 1937
Edward Moore Dramatist 1712
William Morris Quotes William Morris Designer 1834
Marston Morse Quotes Marston Morse Mathematician 1892
Malcolm Muggeridge Quotes Malcolm Muggeridge Journalist 1903
Brian Mulroney Quotes Brian Mulroney Statesman 1939
Frank Murkowski Quotes Frank Murkowski Politician 1933
Dale Murphy Quotes Dale Murphy Athlete 1956
Edmund S. Muskie Quotes Edmund S. Muskie Politician 1914
Jerome Myers Quotes Jerome Myers Artist 1867
Haywood Nelson Quotes Haywood Nelson Actor 1960
Petra Nemcova Quotes Petra Nemcova Model 1979
Allen Neuharth Businessman 1924
Simon Newcomb Quotes Simon Newcomb Mathematician 1835
Harold Nicholas Quotes Harold Nicholas Dancer 1921
Earl Nightingale Entertainer 1921
Vaslav Nijinsky Quotes Vaslav Nijinsky Dancer 1890
Leonard Nimoy Quotes Leonard Nimoy Actor 1931
Edmund H. North Writer 1911
Michael Nyman Quotes Michael Nyman Composer 1944
Richard O'Brien Actor 1942
Sandra Day O'Connor Judge 1930
Flannery O'Connor Author 1925
Rosie O'Donnell Comedian 1962
Saint Teresa of Avila Quotes Saint Teresa of Avila Saint 1515
Gary Oldman Quotes Gary Oldman Actor 1958
Gene Oliver Athlete 1935
Bobby Orr Quotes Bobby Orr Athlete 1948
Mel Ott Quotes Mel Ott Athlete 1909
John Otto Musician 1977
A. J. P. Taylor Quotes A. J. P. Taylor Historian 1906
Larry Page Quotes Larry Page Businessman 1973
Sarah Jessica Parker Quotes Sarah Jessica Parker Actress 1965
Michael Parkinson Quotes Michael Parkinson Journalist 1935
Tatjana Patitz Quotes Tatjana Patitz Model 1966
Danica Patrick Quotes Danica Patrick Celebrity 1982
James Patterson Quotes James Patterson Author 1947
Jean Paul Quotes Jean Paul Author 1763
Karl Pearson Quotes Karl Pearson Mathematician 1857
Nancy Pelosi Quotes Nancy Pelosi Politician 1940
Pauley Perrette Quotes Pauley Perrette Actress 1969
Gail Porter Quotes Gail Porter Celebrity 1971
Richard Pound Quotes Richard Pound Businessman 1942
John Wesley Powell Quotes John Wesley Powell Explorer 1834
Michael K. Powell Quotes Michael K. Powell Politician 1963
Nizar Qabbani Quotes Nizar Qabbani Diplomat 1923
Mike Quade Quotes Mike Quade Coach 1957
Ludwig Quidde Quotes Ludwig Quidde Critic 1858
Robert Quillen Journalist 1887
Mariano Rajoy Quotes Mariano Rajoy Politician 1955
Lou Reed Quotes Lou Reed Musician 1942
Jerry Reed Quotes Jerry Reed Musician 1937
Godfrey Reggio Quotes Godfrey Reggio Director 1940
Wilhelm Reich Quotes Wilhelm Reich Psychologist 1897
Carl Reiner Quotes Carl Reiner Actor 1922
Luke Richardson Quotes Luke Richardson Coach 1969
Burton Richter Quotes Burton Richter Scientist 1931
William Bell Riley Clergyman 1861
Pat Riley Quotes Pat Riley Coach 1945
Martin Ritt Quotes Martin Ritt Actor 1914
Pat Robertson Quotes Pat Robertson Clergyman 1930
Kim Stanley Robinson Quotes Kim Stanley Robinson Writer 1952
Fred Rogers Quotes Fred Rogers Celebrity 1928
Eric Rohmer Quotes Eric Rohmer Director 1920
Christy Romano Quotes Christy Romano Actress 1984
Mitt Romney Quotes Mitt Romney Politician 1947
Diana Ross Quotes Diana Ross Actress 1944
Murray Rothbard Quotes Murray Rothbard Economist 1926
Gabrielle Roy Quotes Gabrielle Roy Author 1909
Rudy Rucker Quotes Rudy Rucker Scientist 1946
Jane Rule Quotes Jane Rule Author 1931
Keri Russell Quotes Keri Russell Actress 1976
William Howard Russell Quotes William Howard Russell Journalist 1821
Mark Rydell Quotes Mark Rydell Director 1934
Ken Salazar Quotes Ken Salazar Politician 1955
Victor Salva Quotes Victor Salva Director 1958
Eisaku Sato Quotes Eisaku Sato Politician 1901
Steven Saylor Quotes Steven Saylor Author 1956
Wally Schirra Quotes Wally Schirra Astronaut 1923
Olive Schreiner Quotes Olive Schreiner Writer 1855
Budd Schulberg Quotes Budd Schulberg Writer 1914
Carl Schurz Quotes Carl Schurz Revolutionary 1829
Annabella Sciorra Quotes Annabella Sciorra Actress 1964
Paul Scott Novelist 1920
Big Sean Quotes Big Sean Musician 1988
Amy Sedaris Quotes Amy Sedaris Actress 1961
Adam Sedgwick Quotes Adam Sedgwick Scientist 1785
Ayrton Senna Quotes Ayrton Senna Celebrity 1960
Dr. Seuss Quotes Dr. Seuss Writer 1904
Gene Shalit Quotes Gene Shalit Critic 1932
William Shatner Quotes William Shatner Actor 1931
Martin Short Quotes Martin Short Actor 1950
Peter Shumlin Quotes Peter Shumlin Politician 1956
Simone Signoret Quotes Simone Signoret Actress 1921
Marina Sirtis Quotes Marina Sirtis Actress 1959
George Sisler Quotes George Sisler Athlete 1893
B. F. Skinner Quotes B. F. Skinner Psychologist 1904
Curtis Sliwa Quotes Curtis Sliwa Celebrity 1954
Amy Smart Quotes Amy Smart Actress 1976
Thorne Smith Writer 1892
Stephen Sommers Director 1962
Stephen Sondheim Quotes Stephen Sondheim Composer 1930
Vivian Stanshall Quotes Vivian Stanshall Musician 1943
Edward Steichen Quotes Edward Steichen Photographer 1879
Leigh Steinberg Quotes Leigh Steinberg Businessman 1949
Gloria Steinem Quotes Gloria Steinem Activist 1934
Julia Stiles Quotes Julia Stiles Actress 1981
Elvis Stojko Quotes Elvis Stojko Athlete 1972
Peter Straub Quotes Peter Straub Writer 1943
Alan Sugar Quotes Alan Sugar Businessman 1947
George Sutherland Quotes George Sutherland Judge 1862
David Suzuki Quotes David Suzuki Scientist 1936
Sheryl Swoopes Quotes Sheryl Swoopes Athlete 1971
Quentin Tarantino Quotes Quentin Tarantino Director 1963
James Taylor Quotes James Taylor Musician 1948
Frederick W. Taylor Quotes Frederick W. Taylor Scientist 1856
Norman Tebbit Quotes Norman Tebbit Statesman 1931
Saint Teresa Saint 1515
David Thewlis Quotes David Thewlis Actor 1963
Debi Thomas Athlete 1967
William Hepworth Thompson Quotes William Hepworth Thompson Educator 1810
Palmiro Togliatti Quotes Palmiro Togliatti Politician 1893
Arturo Toscanini Quotes Arturo Toscanini Musician 1867
Jim Trelease Educator 1941
Patrick Troughton Quotes Patrick Troughton Actor 1920
Steven Tyler Quotes Steven Tyler Musician 1948
Steve Tyler Quotes Steve Tyler Musician 1948
John Tyler Quotes John Tyler President 1790
Nobuo Uematsu Quotes Nobuo Uematsu Composer 1959
Roberto Unger Quotes Roberto Unger Politician 1947
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Quotes Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Architect 1886
Cyrus Vance Quotes Cyrus Vance Statesman 1917
Sarah Vaughan Quotes Sarah Vaughan Musician 1924
Vince Vaughn Quotes Vince Vaughn Actor 1970
Alfred de Vigny Poet 1797
M. Emmet Walsh Quotes M. Emmet Walsh Actor 1935
Sam Walton Quotes Sam Walton Businessman 1918
Rob Walton Athlete 1949
Mary Webb Quotes Mary Webb Novelist 1881
Andrew Lloyd Webber Quotes Andrew Lloyd Webber Composer 1948
Bruce Weber Quotes Bruce Weber Photographer 1946
Ben Webster Quotes Ben Webster Musician 1909
Chris Wedge Director 1957
Kurt Weill Quotes Kurt Weill Composer 1900
Jennifer Weiner Writer 1970
William Westmoreland Quotes William Westmoreland Soldier 1914
Edward Weston Quotes Edward Weston Photographer 1886
Deryck Whibley Quotes Deryck Whibley Musician 1980
Mary Beth Whitehead Quotes Mary Beth Whitehead Celebrity 1986
Paul Whiteman Quotes Paul Whiteman Celebrity 1890
Dianne Wiest Quotes Dianne Wiest Actress 1948
Tennessee Williams Quotes Tennessee Williams Dramatist 1911
Eric Williams Quotes Eric Williams Historian 1981
Michael Winterbottom Quotes Michael Winterbottom Director 1961
Isaac Mayer Wise Quotes Isaac Mayer Wise Clergyman 1819
Reese Witherspoon Quotes Reese Witherspoon Actress 1976
Tom Wolfe Quotes Tom Wolfe Journalist 1931
Bob Woodward Quotes Bob Woodward Journalist 1943
David Wooster Quotes David Wooster Soldier 1710
Cale Yarborough Quotes Cale Yarborough Celebrity 1939
Tim Yeo Politician 1945
Andrew Young Quotes Andrew Young Clergyman 1932
Cy Young Quotes Cy Young Athlete 1867
Florenz Ziegfeld Quotes Florenz Ziegfeld Producer 1869
Philip Zimbardo Psychologist 1933
Multatuli Quotes Multatuli Writer 1820