Authors Born on March, 1st

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March, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Ralph Abernathy Quotes Ralph Abernathy Activist 1926
Jensen Ackles Quotes Jensen Ackles Actor 1978
Douglas Adams Quotes Douglas Adams Writer 1952
Gianni Agnelli Quotes Gianni Agnelli Businessman 1921
Edward Albee Quotes Edward Albee Dramatist 1928
Josef Albers Quotes Josef Albers Artist 1888
Ivan Allen Politician 1911
William Allingham Quotes William Allingham Poet 1821
Herb Alpert Quotes Herb Alpert Musician 1935
Gil Amelio Businessman 1943
Alejandro Amenabar Director 1972
Jeff Ament Quotes Jeff Ament Musician 1963
John Amery Quotes John Amery Politician 1912
Ursula Andress Quotes Ursula Andress Actress 1936
Joe Andrew Public Servant 1960
Ivo Andric Quotes Ivo Andric Writer 1975
Keren Ann Quotes Keren Ann Musician 1974
Walter Annenberg Quotes Walter Annenberg Businessman 1908
Jack Antonoff Musician 1984
Thomas Gold Appleton Quotes Thomas Gold Appleton Critic 1812
Diane Arbus Quotes Diane Arbus Photographer 1923
Raymond Aron Quotes Raymond Aron Philosopher 1905
Yann Arthus-Bertrand Quotes Yann Arthus-Bertrand Photographer 1946
Richie Ashburn Quotes Richie Ashburn Athlete 1927
Ron Atkinson Quotes Ron Atkinson Athlete 1939
John Aubrey Quotes John Aubrey Writer 1626
Harry Banks Quotes Harry Banks Soldier 1896
Javier Bardem Quotes Javier Bardem Actor 1969
Roy Barnes Quotes Roy Barnes Politician 1948
Sammy Baugh Quotes Sammy Baugh Athlete 1914
Les Baxter Musician 1922
Alan Bean Quotes Alan Bean Astronaut 1932
Cesare Beccaria Quotes Cesare Beccaria Judge 1738
Isabella Beeton Quotes Isabella Beeton Author 1836
Bix Beiderbecke Quotes Bix Beiderbecke Musician 1903
Harry Belafonte Quotes Harry Belafonte Musician 1927
Jamie Bell Quotes Jamie Bell Actor 1986
Dirk Benedict Quotes Dirk Benedict Actor 1945
Nikolai Berdyaev Quotes Nikolai Berdyaev Philosopher 1874
Peter Berg Quotes Peter Berg Actor 1964
Peter L. Berger Sociologist 1929
Michael Bergin Actor 1969
George Berkeley Quotes George Berkeley Philosopher 1685
Harry Bertoia Quotes Harry Bertoia Sculptor 1915
Bernardo Bertolucci Quotes Bernardo Bertolucci Writer 1940
Luc Besson Quotes Luc Besson Director 1959
Justin Bieber Quotes Justin Bieber Musician 1994
Thora Birch Quotes Thora Birch Actress 1982
Bonnie Blair Quotes Bonnie Blair Athlete 1964
Rachel Blanchard Quotes Rachel Blanchard Actress 1976
Sepp Blatter Quotes Sepp Blatter Leader 1936
Dave Blood Musician 2004
Lindy Boggs Politician 1916
David Boies Quotes David Boies Lawyer 1941
Rosa Bonheur Quotes Rosa Bonheur Artist 1822
Robert Bork Quotes Robert Bork Public Servant 1927
Frank Borman Quotes Frank Borman Astronaut 1928
Thomas Boston Quotes Thomas Boston Clergyman 1676
John Breaux Politician 1944
Edie Brickell Quotes Edie Brickell Musician 1966
Matthew Broderick Quotes Matthew Broderick Actor 1962
Eleanor Bron Actress 1934
Peter Brook Quotes Peter Brook Producer 1925
Michael Owen Bruce Musician 1948
William Jennings Bryan Quotes William Jennings Bryan Lawyer 1860
Young Buck Quotes Young Buck Musician 1981
Solomon Burke Quotes Solomon Burke Musician 1940
Brooke Burns Quotes Brooke Burns Actress 1978
Richard Francis Burton Quotes Richard Francis Burton Explorer 1821
Lance Burton Entertainer 1960
Leo Buscaglia Quotes Leo Buscaglia Author 1924
Vannevar Bush Quotes Vannevar Bush Scientist 1890
Rhonda Byrne Writer 1951
David Byrne Quotes David Byrne Musician 1952
Michael Caine Quotes Michael Caine Actor 1933
John C. Calhoun Quotes John C. Calhoun Statesman 1782
Kim Campbell Quotes Kim Campbell Statesman 1947
Malcolm Campbell Quotes Malcolm Campbell Celebrity 1885
Jerry Cantrell Quotes Jerry Cantrell Musician 1966
Harry Caray Quotes Harry Caray Entertainer 1914
Dennis Cardoza Politician 1959
Jasper Carrott Quotes Jasper Carrott Comedian 1945
Brad Carson Quotes Brad Carson Lawyer 1967
Dan T. Cathy Businessman 1953
Edgar Cayce Quotes Edgar Cayce Celebrity 1877
Gene Cernan Quotes Gene Cernan Astronaut 1934
Thomas Chalmers Quotes Thomas Chalmers Clergyman 1780
Neville Chamberlain Quotes Neville Chamberlain Politician 1869
Richard Chamberlain Quotes Richard Chamberlain Actor 1934
Tina Charles Quotes Tina Charles Musician 1954
Cesar Chavez Quotes Cesar Chavez Activist 1927
Mary Cheney Quotes Mary Cheney Celebrity 1969
Neneh Cherry Quotes Neneh Cherry Musician 1964
Mary Boykin Chesnut Quotes Mary Boykin Chesnut Author 1823
Leonard Chess Businessman 1917
Frederic Chopin Quotes Frederic Chopin Composer 1810
Galeazzo Ciano Quotes Galeazzo Ciano Politician 1903
Laurel Clark Quotes Laurel Clark Astronaut 1961
Adam Clayton Quotes Adam Clayton Musician 1960
Grover Cleveland Quotes Grover Cleveland President 1837
Glenn Close Quotes Glenn Close Actress 1947
Brian Clough Quotes Brian Clough Athlete 1935
George Clymer Quotes George Clymer Politician 1739
Howard Coble Politician 1931
Tom Coburn Quotes Tom Coburn Politician 1948
James Coco Quotes James Coco Actor 1930
Nat King Cole Quotes Nat King Cole Musician 1919
Ornette Coleman Quotes Ornette Coleman Musician 1930
Lily Collins Quotes Lily Collins Actress 1989
Robert Conrad Quotes Robert Conrad Director 1935
Kent Conrad Quotes Kent Conrad Politician 1948
Dane Cook Quotes Dane Cook Comedian 1972
George Cooper Celebrity 1907
Tommy Cooper Quotes Tommy Cooper Comedian 1921
Piers Corbyn Scientist 1947
Barbara Corcoran Businesswoman 1949
Billy Corgan Quotes Billy Corgan Musician 1967
Caroline Corr Quotes Caroline Corr Musician 1973
Graham Coxon Quotes Graham Coxon Musician 1969
David Cronenberg Quotes David Cronenberg Director 1943
Joseph Crowley Politician 1962
Billy Crystal Quotes Billy Crystal Comedian 1947
Timothy Dalton Quotes Timothy Dalton Actor 1946
Roger Daltrey Quotes Roger Daltrey Musician 1944
Brittany Daniel Quotes Brittany Daniel Actress 1976
William Daniels Quotes William Daniels Actor 1927
Rene Daumal Quotes Rene Daumal Writer 1908
Jack Davenport Actor 1973
Sylvia Day Writer 1973
Dana Delany Quotes Dana Delany Actress 1956
Rene Descartes Quotes Rene Descartes Mathematician 1596
Rudolf Diesel Quotes Rudolf Diesel Inventor 1858
Trent Dilfer Quotes Trent Dilfer Athlete 1972
Jamie Dimon Quotes Jamie Dimon Businessman 1956
Frank Dobson Politician 1940
Sam Donaldson Quotes Sam Donaldson Journalist 1934
Brad Dourif Quotes Brad Dourif Actor 1950
Wayne Dyer Quotes Wayne Dyer Psychologist 1940
George Eads Quotes George Eads Actor 1967
Wyatt Earp Quotes Wyatt Earp Public Servant 1848
Aaron Eckhart Quotes Aaron Eckhart Actor 1968
Al Edwards Politician 1937
Albert Einstein Quotes Albert Einstein Physicist 1879
David Elkind Psychologist 1931
Ralph Ellison Quotes Ralph Ellison Author 1914
Erik Estrada Quotes Erik Estrada Actor 1949
Tommy Farr Quotes Tommy Farr Athlete 1914
Barbara Feldon Quotes Barbara Feldon Actress 1932
Fred F. Fielding Lawyer 1939
Abigail Fillmore Quotes Abigail Fillmore First Lady 1798
Steve Finley Quotes Steve Finley Athlete 1965
Deb Fischer Quotes Deb Fischer Politician 1951
Edward Fitzgerald Poet 1809
Tommy Flanagan Quotes Tommy Flanagan Musician 1930
Michael Flanders Quotes Michael Flanders Actor 1922
Janet Flanner Quotes Janet Flanner Journalist 1892
Flavor Flav Quotes Flavor Flav Musician 1959
James Van Fleet Quotes James Van Fleet Soldier 1892
Tom Flores Athlete 1937
William Foege Quotes William Foege Scientist 1936
John Fowles Quotes John Fowles Novelist 1926
Ron Francis Quotes Ron Francis Coach 1963
Barney Frank Quotes Barney Frank Politician 1940
Jacque Fresco Quotes Jacque Fresco Inventor 1916
Wilhelm Frick Quotes Wilhelm Frick Celebrity 1877
David Friedman Musician 1944
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel Poet 1772
Bill Frisell Quotes Bill Frisell Musician 1951
Adolf Galland Quotes Adolf Galland Soldier 1912
Victor Garber Quotes Victor Garber Actor 1949
Mitch Gaylord Athlete 1961
Lou Gerstner Businessman 1942
Louis Gerstner Businessman 1942
Alexi Giannoulias Quotes Alexi Giannoulias Politician 1976
Wolcott Gibbs Writer 1902
William Gibson Quotes William Gibson Writer 1948
Walter Gilbert Quotes Walter Gilbert Scientist 1932
Michael Giles Musician 1942
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quotes Ruth Bader Ginsburg Judge 1933
Dorothy Gish Quotes Dorothy Gish Actress 1898
Nikolai Gogol Quotes Nikolai Gogol Writer 1809
Joe Gold Businessman 1922
Jonah Goldberg Quotes Jonah Goldberg Celebrity 1969
Howard Gordon Quotes Howard Gordon Writer 1961
Al Gore Vice President 1948
Maxim Gorky Quotes Maxim Gorky Novelist 1868
Mark-Paul Gosselaar Quotes Mark-Paul Gosselaar Actor 1974
Lauren Graham Quotes Lauren Graham Actress 1967
Philip Green Businessman 1952
Kate Greenaway Quotes Kate Greenaway Writer 1846
Jerry Greenfield Quotes Jerry Greenfield Businessman 1951
Lady Gregory Dramatist 1852
Brian Griese Athlete 1975
Morgan Griffith Quotes Morgan Griffith Politician 1958
Philip Guedalla Historian 1889
Charles Guggenheim Director 1924
Jasmine Guy Actress 1964
Nina Hagen Quotes Nina Hagen Musician 1955
Paul Haggis Quotes Paul Haggis Director 1953
Manly Hall Philosopher 1901
Robert Hamer Director 1911
Tyler Hamilton Quotes Tyler Hamilton Athlete 1971
Virginia Hamilton Author 1936
Jon Hamm Quotes Jon Hamm Actor 1971
Mia Hamm Athlete 1972
Taylor Hanson Quotes Taylor Hanson Musician 1983
Augustus Hare Quotes Augustus Hare Writer 1834
Renny Harlin Director 1959
Harry Harrison Quotes Harry Harrison Author 1925
Robert Hass Poet 1941
Michael Hayden Public Servant 1945
Teresa Nielsen Hayden Quotes Teresa Nielsen Hayden Writer 1956
Joseph Haydn Quotes Joseph Haydn Composer 1732
Roy Haynes Quotes Roy Haynes Musician 1925
Eva Herzigova Quotes Eva Herzigova Model 1973
Walter Rudolf Hess Quotes Walter Rudolf Hess Scientist 1881
Carl Hiaasen Quotes Carl Hiaasen Writer 1953
Elias Hicks Quotes Elias Hicks Clergyman 1748
Emile Hirsch Quotes Emile Hirsch Actor 1985
Judd Hirsch Actor 1935
John Hoeven Quotes John Hoeven Politician 1957
Alice Hoffman Author 1952
Hans Hofmann Quotes Hans Hofmann Artist 1880
John Clellon Holmes Quotes John Clellon Holmes Writer 1926
Arthur Honegger Composer 1892
Mark Hoppus Quotes Mark Hoppus Musician 1972
Vernon Howard Author 1918
Terrence Howard Quotes Terrence Howard Actor 1969
Gordie Howe Quotes Gordie Howe Athlete 1928
William Dean Howells Quotes William Dean Howells Author 1837
L. Ron Hubbard Quotes L. Ron Hubbard Author 1911
Randy Hultgren Quotes Randy Hultgren Politician 1966
William Morris Hunt Quotes William Morris Hunt Artist 1824
Isabelle Huppert Quotes Isabelle Huppert Actress 1955
Ada Louise Huxtable Critic 1921
Harold L. Ickes Quotes Harold L. Ickes Politician 1874
Jean Ingelow Quotes Jean Ingelow Poet 1820
James Irwin Quotes James Irwin Astronaut 1930
Andrew Jackson Quotes Andrew Jackson President 1767
John Jakes Writer 1932
Al Jarreau Quotes Al Jarreau Musician 1940
George Jessel Judge 1824
Jack Johnson Quotes Jack Johnson Athlete 1878
Allen Johnson Athlete 1971
Bobby Jones Athlete 1902
Shirley Jones Quotes Shirley Jones Actress 1933
Quincy Jones Quotes Quincy Jones Musician 1933
Benito Juarez Quotes Benito Juarez Statesman 1806
Mark Boone Junior Quotes Mark Boone Junior Actor 1955
Steve Kanaly Actor 1946
Herb Kelleher Quotes Herb Kelleher Businessman 1931
Jack Kerouac Quotes Jack Kerouac Novelist 1922
Nik Kershaw Musician 1958
Hank Ketcham Quotes Hank Ketcham Cartoonist 1920
Ron Kind Politician 1963
Lane Kirkland Quotes Lane Kirkland Activist 1922
Johnny Knoxville Quotes Johnny Knoxville Actor 1971
Takeru Kobayashi Quotes Takeru Kobayashi Celebrity 1978
Oskar Kokoschka Quotes Oskar Kokoschka Artist 1886
Charles Krauthammer Journalist 1950
Jonathan Krohn Author 1995
Hans Kung Quotes Hans Kung Theologian 1928
Neil LaBute Director 1963
John LaFarge Quotes John LaFarge Artist 1835
Andrew Lang Quotes Andrew Lang Poet 1844
Helmut Lang Designer 1956
Queen Latifah Quotes Queen Latifah Musician 1970
Vernon Law Quotes Vernon Law Athlete 1930
Nigel Lawson Quotes Nigel Lawson Politician 1932
Irving Layton Poet 1912
Patrick Leahy Quotes Patrick Leahy Politician 1940
Katie Ledecky Quotes Katie Ledecky Athlete 1997
John Leeson Quotes John Leeson Actor 1943
Siegfried Lenz Quotes Siegfried Lenz Writer 1926
Phil Lesh Quotes Phil Lesh Musician 1940
Adam Levine Quotes Adam Levine Musician 1979
Jerry Lewis Quotes Jerry Lewis Comedian 1926
Ben Lexcen Quotes Ben Lexcen Celebrity 1936
Penelope Lively Quotes Penelope Lively Author 1933
David Livingstone Quotes David Livingstone Explorer 1813
Lisa Loeb Quotes Lisa Loeb Musician 1968
Henry Longhurst Journalist 1909
Eva Longoria Quotes Eva Longoria Actress 1975
Mike Love Quotes Mike Love Musician 1941
Rob Lowe Quotes Rob Lowe Actor 1964
Percival Lowell Quotes Percival Lowell Scientist 1855
Robert Lowell Quotes Robert Lowell Poet 1917
Stephen F. Lynch Quotes Stephen F. Lynch Politician 1955
Cheryl Lynn Musician 1957
Trofim Lysenko Quotes Trofim Lysenko Celebrity 1909
William H. Macy Quotes William H. Macy Actor 1950
Joel Madden Quotes Joel Madden Musician 1979
James Madison Quotes James Madison President 1751
Margaret Mahy Quotes Margaret Mahy Author 1936
Maxwell Maltz Scientist 1899
Mike Mansfield Quotes Mike Mansfield Politician 1903
Thomas R. Marshall Quotes Thomas R. Marshall Vice President 1854
Andrew Marvell Quotes Andrew Marvell Writer 1621
Danny Masterson Quotes Danny Masterson Actor 1976
Jessie Matthews Quotes Jessie Matthews Actress 1907
Mercedes McCambridge Quotes Mercedes McCambridge Actress 1916
Karen McCarthy Politician 1947
John J. McCloy Quotes John J. McCloy Lawyer 1895
Craig McCracken Quotes Craig McCracken Artist 1971
Todd McFarlane Quotes Todd McFarlane Artist 1961
Bobby McFerrin Quotes Bobby McFerrin Musician 1950
Phyllis McGinley Quotes Phyllis McGinley Author 1905
Patrick McGoohan Actor 1928
Mark McGrath Quotes Mark McGrath Musician 1968
Ewan McGregor Quotes Ewan McGregor Actor 1971
Leo McKern Quotes Leo McKern Actor 1920
Cynthia McKinney Quotes Cynthia McKinney Politician 1955
Marian McPartland Quotes Marian McPartland Musician 1918
Alexander McQueen Quotes Alexander McQueen Designer 1969
Donella Meadows Environmentalist 1941
William Lamb Melbourne Quotes William Lamb Melbourne Politician 1779
Harry Melling Actor 1989
Bret Michaels Quotes Bret Michaels Musician 1963
Shannon Miller Quotes Shannon Miller Athlete 1977
Glenn Miller Quotes Glenn Miller Musician 1904
Liza Minelli Quotes Liza Minelli Entertainer 1946
David Minge Politician 1942
Liza Minnelli Quotes Liza Minnelli Actress 1946
Dimitri Mitropoulos Quotes Dimitri Mitropoulos Composer 1896
Mario Monti Quotes Mario Monti Public Servant 1943
Paul Morand Quotes Paul Morand Diplomat 1888
Daniel Patrick Moynihan Politician 1927
Rupert Murdoch Quotes Rupert Murdoch Publisher 1931
Emily Murphy Quotes Emily Murphy Activist 1868
Dale Murphy Quotes Dale Murphy Athlete 1956
Cillian Murphy Quotes Cillian Murphy Actor 1974
W. H. Murray Athlete 1913
Jimmy Nail Actor 1954
Simon Newcomb Quotes Simon Newcomb Mathematician 1835
Alfred Newman Composer 1900
Earl Nightingale Entertainer 1921
Vaslav Nijinsky Quotes Vaslav Nijinsky Dancer 1890
David Niven Quotes David Niven Actor 1909
Pat Nixon Quotes Pat Nixon First Lady 1912
Chuck Norris Quotes Chuck Norris Actor 1940
Edmund H. North Writer 1911
Gale Norton Quotes Gale Norton Public Servant 1954
Rudolf Nureyev Quotes Rudolf Nureyev Dancer 1938
Keith O'Brien Clergyman 1938
Rosie O'Donnell Comedian 1962
Ben Okri Poet 1959
Gary Oldman Quotes Gary Oldman Actor 1958
Arthur O'Shaughnessy Poet 1844
Wilfred Owen Quotes Wilfred Owen Soldier 1893
Robert Treat Paine Quotes Robert Treat Paine Politician 1731
Ed Parker Athlete 1931
Jean Paul Quotes Jean Paul Author 1763
Rob Paulsen Quotes Rob Paulsen Actor 1956
Octavio Paz Quotes Octavio Paz Poet 1914
Wolfgang Petersen Quotes Wolfgang Petersen Director 1941
Lee Petty Quotes Lee Petty Celebrity 1913
Marge Piercy Writer 1936
George Plimpton Quotes George Plimpton Journalist 1927
Michael Polanyi Quotes Michael Polanyi Scientist 1891
Archer John Porter Martin Quotes Archer John Porter Martin Scientist 1910
Charley Pride Quotes Charley Pride Athlete 1938
Reince Priebus Quotes Reince Priebus Politician 1972
Joseph Priestley Quotes Joseph Priestley Scientist 1733
Nizar Qabbani Quotes Nizar Qabbani Diplomat 1923
Jiang Qing Quotes Jiang Qing Revolutionary 1914
Mike Quade Quotes Mike Quade Coach 1957
Henri Queuille Quotes Henri Queuille Politician 1884
Yitzhak Rabin Statesman 1922
Mick Ralphs Quotes Mick Ralphs Musician 1944
Michael Rapaport Actor 1970
Rodrigo Rato Quotes Rodrigo Rato Politician 1949
Max Reger Quotes Max Reger Composer 1873
Frederick Reines Quotes Frederick Reines Physicist 1918
Jacques Rivette Director 1928
Edith Rogers Politician 1881
Ed Rollins Businessman 1943
Mitt Romney Quotes Mitt Romney Politician 1947
Stuart Rose Businessman 1949
Judith Rossner Quotes Judith Rossner Novelist 1935
Pete Rozelle Quotes Pete Rozelle Celebrity 1926
Rick Rubin Quotes Rick Rubin Businessman 1963
Charles M. Russell Quotes Charles M. Russell Artist 1864
Charles Marion Russell Quotes Charles Marion Russell Artist 1864
Kurt Russell Quotes Kurt Russell Actor 1951
Bayard Rustin Quotes Bayard Rustin Leader 1910
Augustus Saint-Gaudens Quotes Augustus Saint-Gaudens Sculptor 1848
Emeli Sande Quotes Emeli Sande Musician 1987
Johan Santana Quotes Johan Santana Athlete 1979
Hank Sauer Quotes Hank Sauer Athlete 1917
Michael Savage Celebrity 1942
Andy Sawford Politician 1976
Antonin Scalia Quotes Antonin Scalia Judge 1936
Wally Schirra Quotes Wally Schirra Astronaut 1923
Tom Scholz Quotes Tom Scholz Musician 1947
Peter Schuyler Quotes Peter Schuyler Writer 1950
Kaya Scodelario Quotes Kaya Scodelario Actress 1992
Brent Scowcroft Quotes Brent Scowcroft Public Servant 1925
John Sebastian Quotes John Sebastian Musician 1944
Giorgos Seferis Quotes Giorgos Seferis Poet 1900
Ayrton Senna Quotes Ayrton Senna Celebrity 1960
Billy Sheehan Quotes Billy Sheehan Musician 1953
Billy Sherwood Quotes Billy Sherwood Musician 1965
Georg Simmel Quotes Georg Simmel Sociologist 1858
Gary Sinise Quotes Gary Sinise Actor 1955
John J. Sirica Judge 1904
Tobias Smollett Quotes Tobias Smollett Writer 1721
Dee Snider Quotes Dee Snider Musician 1955
Burning Spear Quotes Burning Spear Musician 1945
Hollis Stacy Athlete 1954
Vivian Stanshall Quotes Vivian Stanshall Musician 1943
David Steel Quotes David Steel Politician 1938
Sly Stone Quotes Sly Stone Musician 1944
Sharon Stone Quotes Sharon Stone Actress 1958
Lytton Strachey Quotes Lytton Strachey Critic 1880
Henry Benedict Stuart Statesman 1725
Jimmy Swaggart Quotes Jimmy Swaggart Clergyman 1935
Gloria Swanson Quotes Gloria Swanson Actress 1899
Torquato Tasso Quotes Torquato Tasso Poet 1544
James Taylor Quotes James Taylor Musician 1948
Cecil Taylor Quotes Cecil Taylor Musician 1930
Dionigi Tettamanzi Quotes Dionigi Tettamanzi Clergyman 1934
Alan Thicke Quotes Alan Thicke Actor 1947
Lawrence Tierney Actor 1919
Kiana Tom Model 1965
Barry Took Quotes Barry Took Comedian 2002
David Del Tredici Composer 1937
Alan Tudyk Quotes Alan Tudyk Actor 1971
Edward Tufte Quotes Edward Tufte Educator 1942
Nobuo Uematsu Quotes Nobuo Uematsu Composer 1959
Carrie Underwood Quotes Carrie Underwood Musician 1983
John Updike Quotes John Updike Novelist 1932
Jim Valvano Coach 1946
Boris Vian Quotes Boris Vian Writer 1920
Joe Viterelli Actor 1941
Christopher Walken Quotes Christopher Walken Actor 1943
Jerry Jeff Walker Quotes Jerry Jeff Walker Musician 1942
Larry Wall Quotes Larry Wall Author 1949
Irving Wallace Author 1916
Hugh Walpole Writer 1884
Raoul Walsh Quotes Raoul Walsh 1887
Earl Warren Quotes Earl Warren Judge 1891
Lew Wasserman Quotes Lew Wasserman Producer 1913
Chris Webber Quotes Chris Webber Athlete 1973
Gene Ween Quotes Gene Ween Musician 1970
Sanford I. Weill Quotes Sanford I. Weill Businessman 1933
Harvey Weinstein Quotes Harvey Weinstein Producer 1952
Margaret Weis Quotes Margaret Weis Writer 1948
Lawrence Welk Quotes Lawrence Welk Musician 1908
Deryck Whibley Quotes Deryck Whibley Musician 1980
Richard Wilbur Poet 1921
Olivia Wilde Quotes Olivia Wilde Actress 1984
Vanessa Williams Musician 1963
Tad Williams Writer 1957
Richard Williams Director 1933
Kevin Williamson Quotes Kevin Williamson Author 1965
Bruce Willis Quotes Bruce Willis Actor 1955
Harold Wilson Quotes Harold Wilson Statesman 1916
Stephen Samuel Wise Clergyman 1874
Christa Wolf Writer 1929
Douglas Wood Writer 1957
Lana Wood Actress 1946
Angus Young Quotes Angus Young Musician 1959
Andrew Young Quotes Andrew Young Clergyman 1932
Henny Youngman Quotes Henny Youngman Comedian 1906
Florenz Ziegfeld Quotes Florenz Ziegfeld Producer 1869
Chuck Zito Celebrity 1953
Jerry Zucker Director 1950
Kesha Quotes Kesha Musician 1987