Authors Born on June, 8st

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June, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Red Adair Quotes Red Adair Celebrity 1915
Chris Van Allsburg Quotes Chris Van Allsburg Author 1949
Eric Ambler Writer 1909
George Antheil Quotes George Antheil Composer 1900
Robert Asprin Quotes Robert Asprin Author 1946
Emanuel Ax Quotes Emanuel Ax Musician 1949
Colin Baker Quotes Colin Baker Actor 1943
Howard Barker Playwright 1946
Kathy Bates Quotes Kathy Bates Actress 1948
Don Baylor Quotes Don Baylor Coach 1949
Peter Baynham Comedian 1963
John S. Bell Quotes John S. Bell Physicist 1928
Tim Berners-Lee Quotes Tim Berners-Lee Inventor 1955
Hans Blix Quotes Hans Blix Diplomat 1928
Malcolm Boyd Clergyman 1923
Sonia Braga Quotes Sonia Braga Actress 1950
Matthew Bright Director 1952
Barbara Broccoli Quotes Barbara Broccoli Producer 1960
Lou Brock Quotes Lou Brock Athlete 1939
Mel Brooks Quotes Mel Brooks Comedian 1926
Kurt Browning Quotes Kurt Browning Athlete 1966
Steve Burton Actor 1970
Barbara Bush Quotes Barbara Bush First Lady 1925
Sammy Cahn Quotes Sammy Cahn Musician 1913
Ken Calvert Quotes Ken Calvert Politician 1953
John W. Campbell Writer 1910
Alexis Carrel Quotes Alexis Carrel Scientist 1873
Kim Clijsters Quotes Kim Clijsters Athlete 1983
Francis Crick Quotes Francis Crick Scientist 1916
Phil Crosby Businessman 1926
Kenny Cunningham Athlete 1971
John Cusack Quotes John Cusack Actor 1966
James Darren Quotes James Darren Actor 1936
Lindsay Davenport Quotes Lindsay Davenport Athlete 1976
Bruce Davison Quotes Bruce Davison Actor 1946
Harold W. Dodds Educator 1889
Lexa Doig Quotes Lexa Doig Actress 1973
Griffin Dunne Quotes Griffin Dunne Actor 1955
John Eaton Politician 1790
Roger Ebert Critic 1942
John Elway Athlete 1960
Harold Evans Quotes Harold Evans Journalist 1928
Frederick William Faber Quotes Frederick William Faber Theologian 1814
Mike Fitzpatrick Quotes Mike Fitzpatrick Politician 1963
Richard Fleeshman Quotes Richard Fleeshman Actor 1989
Esther Forbes Author 1891
Gail Godwin Quotes Gail Godwin Novelist 1937
Ivan Goncharov Quotes Ivan Goncharov Novelist 1812
Emm Gryner Musician 1975
Jurgen Habermas Quotes Jurgen Habermas Philosopher 1929
Jane Harman Quotes Jane Harman Politician 1945
Mark Helprin Novelist 1947
Auberon Herbert Quotes Auberon Herbert Writer 1838
Eric Hobsbawm Quotes Eric Hobsbawm Historian 1917
William Hooper Quotes William Hooper Politician 1742
Uday Hussein Quotes Uday Hussein Celebrity 1964
Mike Johanns Quotes Mike Johanns Politician 1950
Donald Johanson Scientist 1943
Junior Johnson Quotes Junior Johnson Celebrity 1931
Carol Kane Actress 1952
Bill Keller Quotes Bill Keller Editor 1949
Karen Kingsbury Novelist 1963
Jim Kolbe Quotes Jim Kolbe Politician 1942
Jerzy Kosinski Quotes Jerzy Kosinski Novelist 1933
Pierre Laval Quotes Pierre Laval Politician 1883
Tim Berners Lee Quotes Tim Berners Lee Inventor 1955
Carl Levin Quotes Carl Levin Politician 1934
George Lloyd Quotes George Lloyd Composer 1913
Jeanette MacDonald Quotes Jeanette MacDonald Actress 1903
George Leigh Mallory Quotes George Leigh Mallory Celebrity 1886
Jeff Malone Athlete 1961
Julianna Margulies Quotes Julianna Margulies Actress 1966
Millicent Martin Actress 1934
Mary Stuart Masterson Quotes Mary Stuart Masterson Actress 1966
Thabo Mbeki Quotes Thabo Mbeki Statesman 1942
Paul McCartney Quotes Paul McCartney Musician 1942
Maria Menounos Quotes Maria Menounos Actress 1978
Louise Mensch Author 1971
Robert Mondavi Quotes Robert Mondavi Businessman 1913
Ashley Montagu Quotes Ashley Montagu Scientist 1905
George Morgan Musician 1924
Pat Morita Quotes Pat Morita Actor 1932
Alison Moyet Quotes Alison Moyet Musician 1961
Elon Musk Quotes Elon Musk Businessman 1971
LeRoy Neiman Quotes LeRoy Neiman Artist 1921
Dan O'Brien Athlete 1966
Major R. Owens Politician 1936
Major Owens Politician 1936
Leon Panetta Quotes Leon Panetta Public Servant 1938
Sara Paretsky Quotes Sara Paretsky Author 1947
Ed Pastor Politician 1943
Luigi Pirandello Quotes Luigi Pirandello Playwright 1867
Richard Powers Novelist 1957
Georgi Purvanov Quotes Georgi Purvanov Statesman 1957
Raymond Radiguet Quotes Raymond Radiguet Author 1903
Gilda Radner Quotes Gilda Radner Comedian 1946
Charles Reade Quotes Charles Reade Novelist 1814
Nick Rhodes Musician 1962
Joan Rivers Quotes Joan Rivers Comedian 1933
Brian Roberts Quotes Brian Roberts Businessman 1959
Jay Rockefeller Quotes Jay Rockefeller Politician 1937
Richard Rodgers Quotes Richard Rodgers Composer 1902
Isabella Rossellini Quotes Isabella Rossellini Actress 1952
Jean-Jacques Rousseau Quotes Jean-Jacques Rousseau Philosopher 1712
Peter Paul Rubens Quotes Peter Paul Rubens Artist 1577
Boz Scaggs Quotes Boz Scaggs Musician 1944
Rupert Sheldrake Quotes Rupert Sheldrake Scientist 1942
Blake Shelton Quotes Blake Shelton Musician 1976
Nancy Sinatra Quotes Nancy Sinatra Musician 1940
Alexis Smith Quotes Alexis Smith Actress 1921
Delia Smith Entertainer 1941
Jerry Stiller Quotes Jerry Stiller Comedian 1927
Bonnie Tyler Quotes Bonnie Tyler Musician 1953
Troy Vincent Quotes Troy Vincent Athlete 1971
Lalla Ward Actor 1951
Keenen Ivory Wayans Comedian 1958
Andrew Weil Scientist 1942
Carolyn Wells Author 1862
Kanye West Quotes Kanye West Musician 1977
Byron White Quotes Byron White Judge 1916
William Whitelaw Quotes William Whitelaw Politician 1918
Kenneth G. Wilson Scientist 1936
Frank Lloyd Wright Quotes Frank Lloyd Wright Architect 1867