Authors Born on June, 5st

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June, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
E. T. A. Hoffmann Quotes E. T. A. Hoffmann Critic 1822
Laurie Anderson Quotes Laurie Anderson Musician 1947
Yuri Andropov Quotes Yuri Andropov Statesman 1914
Ion Antonescu Quotes Ion Antonescu Statesman 1882
John Bach Actor 1946
Dusty Baker Quotes Dusty Baker Athlete 1949
James Belushi Quotes James Belushi Actor 1954
Ruth Benedict Quotes Ruth Benedict Scientist 1887
Wade Boggs Quotes Wade Boggs Athlete 1958
Anthony Bourdain Quotes Anthony Bourdain Author 1956
David Brudnoy Quotes David Brudnoy Entertainer 1940
Linda Cardellini Quotes Linda Cardellini Actress 1975
Eric Carle Author 1929
Helene Cixous Quotes Helene Cixous Writer 1937
Amy Clampitt Poet 1920
Joe Clark Quotes Joe Clark Scientist 1939
Ivy Compton-Burnett Quotes Ivy Compton-Burnett Novelist 1884
James Connolly Quotes James Connolly Politician 1868
Salvatore J. Cordileone Quotes Salvatore J. Cordileone Clergyman 1956
Georges Courteline Dramatist 1858
Courteney Cox Quotes Courteney Cox Actress 1964
John C. Crosby Politician 1859
Ice Cube Quotes Ice Cube Musician 1969
Mario Cuomo Quotes Mario Cuomo Politician 1932
Eileen Davidson Actress 1959
Whitfield Diffie Quotes Whitfield Diffie Scientist 1944
Margaret Drabble Novelist 1939
Crystal Eastman Quotes Crystal Eastman Lawyer 1881
Erik H. Erikson Quotes Erik H. Erikson Psychologist 1902
Erik Erikson Quotes Erik Erikson Psychologist 1902
Peter Erskine Quotes Peter Erskine Musician 1954
Tim Finn Quotes Tim Finn Musician 1952
Eddie Floyd Quotes Eddie Floyd Musician 1935
Ken Follet Quotes Ken Follet Author 1949
Ken Follett Quotes Ken Follett Author 1949
Garrett Fort Quotes Garrett Fort Writer 1900
Sam Francis Quotes Sam Francis Artist 1923
Kenny G Quotes Kenny G Musician 1956
Erroll Garner Quotes Erroll Garner Musician 1921
Antonio Gaudi Quotes Antonio Gaudi Architect 1852
Phyllis George Quotes Phyllis George Journalist 1949
Dorothy Gilman Quotes Dorothy Gilman Novelist 1923
Spalding Gray Quotes Spalding Gray Actor 1941
Edvard Grieg Quotes Edvard Grieg Composer 1843
Moses Hadas Writer 1900
David Hare Playwright 1947
Neil Patrick Harris Quotes Neil Patrick Harris Actor 1973
Eric Heiden Quotes Eric Heiden Athlete 1958
Robert Henri Quotes Robert Henri Artist 1865
Trevor Huddleston Quotes Trevor Huddleston Activist 1913
Helen Hunt Quotes Helen Hunt Actress 1963
Waylon Jennings Quotes Waylon Jennings Musician 1937
Craig Johnston Athlete 1960
Oliver Kahn Quotes Oliver Kahn Athlete 1969
Alfred Kazin Critic 1915
John Maynard Keynes Quotes John Maynard Keynes Economist 1883
Vladimir Kramnik Quotes Vladimir Kramnik Celebrity 1975
Rick Larsen Politician 1965
Matt LeBlanc Quotes Matt LeBlanc Actor 1967
Ron Livingston Quotes Ron Livingston Actor 1968
June Lockhart Quotes June Lockhart Actress 1925
Federico Garcia Lorca Quotes Federico Garcia Lorca Poet 1898
Sidney Lumet Quotes Sidney Lumet Director 1924
Yann Martel Quotes Yann Martel Author 1963
Robert Mayer Businessman 1879
Bob McDonnell Quotes Bob McDonnell Politician 1954
William McFee Writer 1881
Brian McKnight Quotes Brian McKnight Musician 1969
James Meredith Quotes James Meredith Celebrity 1933
George Michael Quotes George Michael Musician 1963
Roger Michell Quotes Roger Michell Actor 1956
Nicholas Mosley Novelist 1923
Marion Motley Quotes Marion Motley Athlete 1920
Lord Mountbatten Quotes Lord Mountbatten Soldier 1900
Harry Nilsson Quotes Harry Nilsson Musician 1941
Hermann Oberth Quotes Hermann Oberth Scientist 1894
Lord Thomson of Fleet Quotes Lord Thomson of Fleet Publisher 1894
Suze Orman Quotes Suze Orman Author 1951
George Orwell Quotes George Orwell Author 1903
Hugo Pratt Quotes Hugo Pratt Cartoonist 1927
Jamie Redknapp Quotes Jamie Redknapp Athlete 1973
John Redwood Politician 1951
Willis Reed Athlete 1942
Nigel Rees Quotes Nigel Rees Author 1944
Leah Remini Actress 1970
Tony Richardson Director 1928
David Rockefeller Businessman 1915
David Rose Quotes David Rose Musician 1910
Luke Scott Quotes Luke Scott Athlete 1978
Harry Seidler Quotes Harry Seidler Architect 1923
Herbert Simon Quotes Herbert Simon Scientist 1916
Carly Simon Quotes Carly Simon Musician 1945
Adam Smith Quotes Adam Smith Economist 1723
Alberto Sordi Quotes Alberto Sordi Actor 1920
Sonia Sotomayor Quotes Sonia Sotomayor Judge 1954
William Howard Stein Quotes William Howard Stein Scientist 1911
Saul Steinberg Artist 1914
George Stephen Quotes George Stephen Businessman 1829
Roy Thomson Publisher 1894
Mac Thornberry Quotes Mac Thornberry Politician 1958
Todd Tiahrt Quotes Todd Tiahrt Politician 1951
Anna Torv Quotes Anna Torv Actress 1978
Mo Udall Quotes Mo Udall Politician 1922
Jim Varney Quotes Jim Varney Actor 1949
Robert Venturi Quotes Robert Venturi Architect 1925
Pancho Villa Quotes Pancho Villa Activist 1877
Mark Wahlberg Quotes Mark Wahlberg Actor 1971
Jimmie Walker Quotes Jimmie Walker Actor 1947
Frank Waters Writer 1902
Ezer Weizman Quotes Ezer Weizman Statesman 1924