Authors Born on July, 6st

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July, 6st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Gracie Allen Quotes Gracie Allen Comedian 1895
Roald Amundsen Quotes Roald Amundsen Explorer 1872
Adolf Anderssen Quotes Adolf Anderssen Celebrity 1818
Sharron Angle Quotes Sharron Angle Politician 1949
Ludovico Ariosto Quotes Ludovico Ariosto Poet 1533
Eberhard Arnold Theologian 1883
Gerard Arpey Businessman 1958
Roger Babson Quotes Roger Babson Educator 1875
Joshua Barney Quotes Joshua Barney Soldier 1759
Ned Beatty Quotes Ned Beatty Actor 1937
Kate Beckinsale Quotes Kate Beckinsale Actress 1973
Ruben Blades Quotes Ruben Blades Musician 1948
Marc Bloch Quotes Marc Bloch Historian 1886
Anita Brookner Historian 1938
Sandra Bullock Quotes Sandra Bullock Actress 1964
Mark Burnett Quotes Mark Burnett Businessman 1960
George W. Bush Quotes George W. Bush President 1946
John Byrne Quotes John Byrne Author 1950
Brian Celio Novelist 1981
Gary Cherone Quotes Gary Cherone Musician 1961
Norman Cook Quotes Norman Cook Musician 1963
Stewart Copeland Quotes Stewart Copeland Musician 1952
Margaret Smith Court Quotes Margaret Smith Court Athlete 1942
Desmond Dekker Quotes Desmond Dekker Musician 1941
Jose de Diego Quotes Jose de Diego Poet 1918
Jerry Doyle Quotes Jerry Doyle Actor 1956
Mary Baker Eddy Quotes Mary Baker Eddy Theologian 1821
Blake Edwards Quotes Blake Edwards Director 1922
Hanns Eisler Quotes Hanns Eisler Composer 1898
Elliott Erwitt Quotes Elliott Erwitt Photographer 1928
Mari Evans Poet 1923
Douglas Feith Quotes Douglas Feith Public Servant 1953
Corey Feldman Quotes Corey Feldman Actor 1971
Will Ferrell Quotes Will Ferrell Comedian 1967
Michael Flatley Quotes Michael Flatley Dancer 1958
Charles Frohman Quotes Charles Frohman Producer 1860
John Gallagher Businessman 1916
Paul Gallico Quotes Paul Gallico Writer 1897
Pau Gasol Quotes Pau Gasol Athlete 1980
Susan George Quotes Susan George Activist 1950
Andy Goldsworthy Artist 1956
Oscar Goodman Lawyer 1939
Genevieve Gorder Designer 1974
Robert Graves Quotes Robert Graves Novelist 1895
Merv Griffin Quotes Merv Griffin Entertainer 1925
Nanci Griffith Quotes Nanci Griffith Musician 1953
George Grosz Quotes George Grosz Artist 1893
Bill Haley Quotes Bill Haley Musician 1925
Dorothy Hamill Quotes Dorothy Hamill Athlete 1956
Bessie Head Writer 1937
Alexis Herman Public Servant 1947
David Heyman Quotes David Heyman Producer 1961
John Howard Quotes John Howard Statesman 1939
Kathryn Hulme Quotes Kathryn Hulme Writer 1900
Aldous Huxley Quotes Aldous Huxley Novelist 1894
Miguel Indurain Quotes Miguel Indurain Athlete 1964
Curtis Jackson Quotes Curtis Jackson Musician 1975
Shoeless Joe Jackson Quotes Shoeless Joe Jackson Athlete 1889
Joseph Jackson Businessman 1929
Mick Jagger Quotes Mick Jagger Musician 1943
Wojciech Jaruzelski Quotes Wojciech Jaruzelski Leader 1923
Jimmy Johnson Coach 1943
John Paul Jones Quotes John Paul Jones Soldier 1747
Carl Jung Quotes Carl Jung Psychologist 1875
Frida Kahlo Quotes Frida Kahlo Artist 1907
Mickey Kaus Quotes Mickey Kaus Journalist 1951
Stanley Kubrick Quotes Stanley Kubrick Director 1928
Dalai Lama Quotes Dalai Lama Leader 1935
Barbara Lee Quotes Barbara Lee Politician 1946
Ivy Lee Quotes Ivy Lee Writer 1877
Janet Leigh Quotes Janet Leigh Actress 1927
Eino Leino Quotes Eino Leino Poet 1878
Trygve Lie Quotes Trygve Lie Politician 1896
Bob Lilly Athlete 1939
Jesse Livermore Quotes Jesse Livermore Businessman 1877
James Lovelock Quotes James Lovelock Scientist 1919
Arthur Lydiard Athlete 1917
Antonio Machado Quotes Antonio Machado Poet 1875
Alfred Marshall Quotes Alfred Marshall Economist 1842
Andre Maurois Writer 1885
Neal A. Maxwell Clergyman 1926
Will McDonough Writer 1935
Helen Mirren Quotes Helen Mirren Actress 1945
Daniel Morgan Quotes Daniel Morgan Soldier 1736
Tia Mowry Actress 1978
Bess Myerson Model 1924
Pat Paulsen Quotes Pat Paulsen Comedian 1927
Donald M. Payne Quotes Donald M. Payne Politician 1934
Jeremy Piven Quotes Jeremy Piven Actor 1965
Nancy Reagan Quotes Nancy Reagan First Lady 1921
Orville Redenbacher Businessman 1907
Della Reese Quotes Della Reese Musician 1931
Joshua Reynolds Quotes Joshua Reynolds Artist 1723
Mike Rogers Politician 1958
Ginger Rogers Quotes Ginger Rogers Actress 1911
Geoffrey Rush Quotes Geoffrey Rush Actor 1951
Tim Ryan Politician 1973
Barry Sanders Quotes Barry Sanders Athlete 1968
Jennifer Saunders Quotes Jennifer Saunders Comedian 1958
Stanley Shapiro Writer 1925
George Bernard Shaw Quotes George Bernard Shaw Dramatist 1856
Robert Sheckley Quotes Robert Sheckley Author 1928
Jean Shepherd Quotes Jean Shepherd Writer 1921
Norman Sherry Novelist 1935
Claude Simon Writer 2005
Peter Singer Quotes Peter Singer Philosopher 1946
Kevin Spacey Quotes Kevin Spacey Actor 1959
Sylvester Stallone Quotes Sylvester Stallone Actor 1946
Barbara Stanwyck Quotes Barbara Stanwyck Actress 1907
Sheri S. Tepper Author 1929
William Irwin Thompson Quotes William Irwin Thompson Philosopher 1938
Dick Thornburgh Quotes Dick Thornburgh Politician 1932
Mario Vazquez Celebrity 1978
Nana Visitor Quotes Nana Visitor Actress 1957
Burt Ward Quotes Burt Ward Actor 1945
Ida B. Wells Quotes Ida B. Wells Activist 1862
Olivia Williams Quotes Olivia Williams Actress 1968