Authors Born on July, 4st

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July, 4st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Victoria Abril Quotes Victoria Abril Actress 1959
Bella Abzug Quotes Bella Abzug Lawyer 1920
John Aniston Quotes John Aniston Actor 1937
Thomas John Barnardo Quotes Thomas John Barnardo Celebrity 1845
Ingmar Bergman Quotes Ingmar Bergman Director 1918
James W. Black Scientist 1924
Simon Bolivar Quotes Simon Bolivar Revolutionary 1783
Barry Bonds Quotes Barry Bonds Athlete 1964
Robert Bourassa Quotes Robert Bourassa Politician 1933
Abigail Van Buren Quotes Abigail Van Buren Journalist 1918
Ruth Buzzi Quotes Ruth Buzzi Actress 1936
Rose Byrne Quotes Rose Byrne Actress 1979
Irving Caesar Composer 1895
Arthur Capper Quotes Arthur Capper Politician 1865
Lynda Carter Quotes Lynda Carter Actress 1951
Oswald Chambers Quotes Oswald Chambers Theologian 1874
John Chancellor Quotes John Chancellor Journalist 1927
Happy Chandler Quotes Happy Chandler Politician 1898
Kristin Chenoweth Quotes Kristin Chenoweth Actress 1968
Calvin Coolidge Quotes Calvin Coolidge President 1872
Charlie Crist Quotes Charlie Crist Politician 1956
John Philpot Curran Public Servant 1750
Al Davis Quotes Al Davis Businessman 1929
Alexander Jackson Davis Quotes Alexander Jackson Davis Architect 1803
Gerard Debreu Quotes Gerard Debreu Mathematician 1921
Alexandre Dumas Quotes Alexandre Dumas Dramatist 1802
Alexander Dumas Quotes Alexander Dumas Novelist 1802
Lord Dunsany Quotes Lord Dunsany Novelist 1878
Buenaventura Durruti Quotes Buenaventura Durruti Revolutionary 1896
Esther Dyson Quotes Esther Dyson Scientist 1951
Amelia Earhart Quotes Amelia Earhart Aviator 1898
Oriana Fallaci Quotes Oriana Fallaci Journalist 1929
Sam Farr Quotes Sam Farr Politician 1941
Gerald Finzi Quotes Gerald Finzi Composer 1901
Zelda Fitzgerald Quotes Zelda Fitzgerald Writer 1900
Gerald R. Ford Quotes Gerald R. Ford President 1913
Rick Fox Quotes Rick Fox Actor 1969
Matthew Fox Quotes Matthew Fox Actor 1966
Northrop Frye Quotes Northrop Frye Critic 1912
Giuseppe Garibaldi Quotes Giuseppe Garibaldi Soldier 1807
Christian Furchtegott Gellert Quotes Christian Furchtegott Gellert Poet 1715
William Gillette Quotes William Gillette Actor 1853
Mark Goddard Quotes Mark Goddard Actor 1936
Rube Goldberg Quotes Rube Goldberg Cartoonist 1883
Erwin Griswold Quotes Erwin Griswold Lawyer 1904
Woody Guthrie Quotes Woody Guthrie Musician 1912
Nathaniel Hawthorne Quotes Nathaniel Hawthorne Novelist 1804
Leona Helmsley Quotes Leona Helmsley Businesswoman 1920
Ammon Hennacy Quotes Ammon Hennacy Activist 1893
Bindi Irwin Quotes Bindi Irwin Celebrity 1998
Patrick J. Kennedy Quotes Patrick J. Kennedy Politician 1967
Claudia Kennedy Quotes Claudia Kennedy Soldier 1947
Gustav Klimt Quotes Gustav Klimt Artist 1862
Ann Landers Quotes Ann Landers Journalist 1918
Arthur Laurents Quotes Arthur Laurents Playwright 1918
Jerome Lawrence Playwright 1915
Mike Lee Politician 1971
Gina Lollobrigida Quotes Gina Lollobrigida Actress 1927
Jennifer Lopez Quotes Jennifer Lopez Musician 1970
Karl Malone Quotes Karl Malone Athlete 1963
Susana Martinez Quotes Susana Martinez Politician 1959
Francis Maude Quotes Francis Maude Politician 1953
Louis B. Mayer Quotes Louis B. Mayer Director 1882
Claire McCaskill Quotes Claire McCaskill Politician 1953
Kenneth R. Miller Quotes Kenneth R. Miller Scientist 1948
Johannes P. Muller Quotes Johannes P. Muller Scientist 1801
George Murphy Quotes George Murphy Dancer 1902
Thomas Nagel Quotes Thomas Nagel Philosopher 1937
John Newton Quotes John Newton Soldier 1725
Bruce Oldfield Quotes Bruce Oldfield Designer 1950
Pat Oliphant Cartoonist 1935
Emmeline Pankhurst Quotes Emmeline Pankhurst Activist 1858
Anna Paquin Quotes Anna Paquin Actress 1982
Richard Petty Quotes Richard Petty Athlete 1937
Charles Pierce Entertainer 1926
Ben Pimlott Quotes Ben Pimlott Historian 1945
Pasquier Quesnel Theologian 1634
Marc Racicot Politician 1948
Ruggiero Ricci Quotes Ruggiero Ricci Musician 1918
Geraldo Rivera Quotes Geraldo Rivera Journalist 1943
Jerry Rubin Quotes Jerry Rubin Activist 1938
William Ruckelshaus Quotes William Ruckelshaus Lawyer 1932
Elie Saab Quotes Elie Saab Designer 1964
Eva Marie Saint Quotes Eva Marie Saint Actress 1924
Gus Van Sant Quotes Gus Van Sant Director 1952
Bob Schaffer Quotes Bob Schaffer Politician 1962
Brian Sibley Quotes Brian Sibley Writer 1949
Joel Silver Quotes Joel Silver Producer 1952
Neil Simon Quotes Neil Simon Playwright 1927
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quotes Isaac Bashevis Singer Novelist 1904
Javier Solana Quotes Javier Solana Politician 1942
Jeremy Spencer Quotes Jeremy Spencer Musician 1948
Harry Dean Stanton Quotes Harry Dean Stanton Actor 1926
George Steinbrenner Quotes George Steinbrenner Businessman 1930
Gloria Stuart Quotes Gloria Stuart Actress 1910
Junichiro Tanizaki Quotes Junichiro Tanizaki Author 1886
Chuck Tanner Athlete 1929
Lionel Trilling Quotes Lionel Trilling Critic 1905
Richard Trumka Quotes Richard Trumka Activist 1949
Charles Tennyson Turner Poet 1808
Alvaro Uribe Quotes Alvaro Uribe Statesman 1952
William Weaver Author 1923
Frank Wedekind Quotes Frank Wedekind Playwright 1864
James Whistler Artist 1834
Geoffrey Wilkinson Quotes Geoffrey Wilkinson Scientist 1921
Torrie Wilson Quotes Torrie Wilson Celebrity 1975
Owen Wister Quotes Owen Wister Writer 1860
Bill Withers Quotes Bill Withers Musician 1938
Diane Wood Judge 1950
Mortimer Zuckerman Publisher 1937
Gallagher Comedian 1946