Authors Born on January, 8st

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January, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Alan Alda Quotes Alan Alda Actor 1936
Brady Anderson Quotes Brady Anderson Athlete 1964
Peter Arno Cartoonist 1904
Dave Attell Quotes Dave Attell Comedian 1965
Emily Greene Balch Quotes Emily Greene Balch Educator 1867
John Banner Quotes John Banner Actor 1910
Lou Barletta Quotes Lou Barletta Politician 1956
Edmund Barton Quotes Edmund Barton Politician 1849
Charles F. Bass Quotes Charles F. Bass Politician 1952
Charles Foster Bass Quotes Charles Foster Bass Politician 1952
Amber Benson Quotes Amber Benson Actress 1977
Acker Bilk Musician 1929
John Boorman Quotes John Boorman Director 1933
Walther Bothe Quotes Walther Bothe Physicist 1891
David Bowie Quotes David Bowie Musician 1947
Terry Brooks Quotes Terry Brooks Writer 1944
Amanda Burton Actress 1957
Henry James Byron Quotes Henry James Byron Dramatist 1835
Nick Carter Quotes Nick Carter Musician 1980
Graham Chapman Quotes Graham Chapman Comedian 1941
Sidonie Gabrielle Colette Quotes Sidonie Gabrielle Colette Novelist 1873
Wilkie Collins Quotes Wilkie Collins Novelist 1824
Kevin Costner Quotes Kevin Costner Actor 1955
Richard Courant Quotes Richard Courant Mathematician 1888
Elijah Cummings Politician 1951
John Curtin Quotes John Curtin Statesman 1885
Frank Darabont Quotes Frank Darabont Director 1959
Ruben Dario Quotes Ruben Dario Poet 1867
Jonathan Davis Quotes Jonathan Davis Musician 1971
Gilles Deleuze Quotes Gilles Deleuze Philosopher 1925
Henry Austin Dobson Quotes Henry Austin Dobson Poet 1840
Ray Dolby Inventor 1933
Dave Eggers Quotes Dave Eggers Writer 1970
Jessica Ennis Quotes Jessica Ennis Athlete 1986
Curt Flood Quotes Curt Flood Athlete 1938
John Galliano Quotes John Galliano Designer 1960
Jason Giambi Quotes Jason Giambi Athlete 1971
Baltasar Gracian Quotes Baltasar Gracian Philosopher 1601
Bill Graham Quotes Bill Graham Politician 1931
Kay Granger Politician 1943
Cary Grant Quotes Cary Grant Actor 1904
Bo Gritz Soldier 1939
Oliver Hardy Quotes Oliver Hardy Actor 1892
Stephen Hawking Quotes Stephen Hawking Physicist 1942
Paul Henderson Quotes Paul Henderson Athlete 1943
Ken Hill Playwright 1937
Jane Horrocks Actress 1964
John Hume Quotes John Hume Politician 1937
Storm Jameson Writer 1891
Thomas Jordan Jarvis Quotes Thomas Jordan Jarvis Politician 1836
Danny Kaye Quotes Danny Kaye Actor 1913
Paul Keating Quotes Paul Keating Politician 1944
R. Kelly Quotes R. Kelly Musician 1969
Takeshi Kitano Quotes Takeshi Kitano Actor 1947
Junichiro Koizumi Quotes Junichiro Koizumi Statesman 1942
Robby Krieger Quotes Robby Krieger Musician 1946
Warren De la Rue Quotes Warren De la Rue Scientist 1815
Lewis H. Lapham Editor 1935
David Lodge Author 1935
James Longstreet Quotes James Longstreet Soldier 1821
Seth Low Quotes Seth Low Educator 1850
Ernst Lubitsch Quotes Ernst Lubitsch Director 1892
Alexander Mackenzie Quotes Alexander Mackenzie Statesman 1822
Ralph Marston Writer 1955
Jose Marti Quotes Jose Marti Activist 1853
Sarah McLachlan Quotes Sarah McLachlan Musician 1968
John McTiernan Director 1951
Mark Messier Quotes Mark Messier Athlete 1961
A. A. Milne Quotes A. A. Milne Author 1882
Charles de Montesquieu Quotes Charles de Montesquieu Philosopher 1689
Baron de Montesquieu Quotes Baron de Montesquieu Philosopher 1689
Ron Moody Quotes Ron Moody Actor 1924
Samantha Mumba Quotes Samantha Mumba Musician 1983
A. J. Muste Quotes A. J. Muste Activist 1885
Joanna Newsom Quotes Joanna Newsom Musician 1982
Claes Oldenburg Quotes Claes Oldenburg Sculptor 1929
Martin O'Malley Politician 1963
David Ortiz Quotes David Ortiz Athlete 1975
Charles Osgood Journalist 1933
Sylvia Pankhurst Quotes Sylvia Pankhurst Activist 1882
Sean Paul Quotes Sean Paul Musician 1973
Sam Phillips Quotes Sam Phillips Businessman 1962
Sarah Polley Quotes Sarah Polley Actress 1979
Jackson Pollock Quotes Jackson Pollock Artist 1912
Richard Pombo Quotes Richard Pombo Politician 1961
Elvis Presley Quotes Elvis Presley Musician 1935
Nick Price Quotes Nick Price Athlete 1957
Arthur Ransome Quotes Arthur Ransome Author 1884
Alexandra Ripley Quotes Alexandra Ripley Writer 1934
Mo Rocca Quotes Mo Rocca Writer 1969
Carl Rogers Quotes Carl Rogers Psychologist 1902
Arthur Rubinstein Quotes Arthur Rubinstein Musician 1887
David Ruffin Quotes David Ruffin Musician 1941
Mark Rylance Actor 1960
Nicolas Sarkozy Quotes Nicolas Sarkozy Statesman 1955
Samuel Schmid Quotes Samuel Schmid Politician 1947
Joe Schmidt Quotes Joe Schmidt Athlete 1932
Robert Schumann Quotes Robert Schumann Composer 1810
Leonardo Sciascia Quotes Leonardo Sciascia Writer 1921
Charles de Secondat Quotes Charles de Secondat Philosopher 1689
Jason Segel Quotes Jason Segel Actor 1980
Susan Sontag Quotes Susan Sontag Author 1933
Gerry Spence Lawyer 1929
Bob Taft Quotes Bob Taft Politician 1942
Bennie Thompson Quotes Bennie Thompson Politician 1948
Libby Trickett Quotes Libby Trickett Athlete 1985
Boris Vallejo Quotes Boris Vallejo Artist 1941
Gilles Villeneuve Quotes Gilles Villeneuve Celebrity 1950
Alfred Russel Wallace Quotes Alfred Russel Wallace Scientist 1823
Daniel Webster Quotes Daniel Webster Statesman 1782
Robert Anton Wilson Quotes Robert Anton Wilson Writer 1932
Ariel Winter Quotes Ariel Winter Actress 1998
Elijah Wood Quotes Elijah Wood Actor 1981
Robert Wyatt Quotes Robert Wyatt Musician 1945
Kevin Yoder Quotes Kevin Yoder Politician 1976