Authors Born on January, 3st

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January, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Trace Adkins Quotes Trace Adkins Musician 1962
John Agar Actor 1921
Peter Agre Quotes Peter Agre Scientist 1949
Lloyd Alexander Quotes Lloyd Alexander Writer 1924
Horatio Alger Quotes Horatio Alger Author 1832
Saul Alinsky Quotes Saul Alinsky Activist 1909
Richard Dean Anderson Quotes Richard Dean Anderson Actor 1950
Philip Warren Anderson Quotes Philip Warren Anderson Scientist 1923
Clement Atlee Quotes Clement Atlee Statesman 1883
Clement Attlee Quotes Clement Attlee Leader 1883
Joe Baca Quotes Joe Baca Politician 1947
John Baldacci Quotes John Baldacci Politician 1955
Christian Bale Quotes Christian Bale Actor 1974
Tallulah Bankhead Quotes Tallulah Bankhead Actress 1903
Bernard Barton Poet 1784
Georg Baselitz Quotes Georg Baselitz Artist 1938
Richard Ben-Veniste Quotes Richard Ben-Veniste Lawyer 1943
Traci Bingham Quotes Traci Bingham Actress 1968
Orlando Bloom Quotes Orlando Bloom Actor 1977
Victor Borge Quotes Victor Borge Musician 1909
Matthew Bourne Quotes Matthew Bourne Dancer 1960
F. H. Bradley Quotes F. H. Bradley Philosopher 1846
Richard Brautigan Quotes Richard Brautigan Writer 1935
Sydney Brenner Quotes Sydney Brenner Scientist 1927
Ruth Brown Quotes Ruth Brown Musician 1928
Larry Buchanan Director 1923
Gelett Burgess Quotes Gelett Burgess Author 1866
Gary Burton Quotes Gary Burton Musician 1943
Eddie Cantor Quotes Eddie Cantor Comedian 1892
Thomas Carper Quotes Thomas Carper Economist 1947
Adelbert von Chamisso Quotes Adelbert von Chamisso Poet 1781
Carol Channing Quotes Carol Channing Actress 1923
Salmon P. Chase Politician 1808
Salmon Portland Chase Politician 1808
Paddy Chayefsky Quotes Paddy Chayefsky Dramatist 1923
Dick Cheney Quotes Dick Cheney Vice President 1941
Bryan Clay Quotes Bryan Clay Athlete 1980
Nick Clooney Quotes Nick Clooney Politician 1934
Dabney Coleman Actor 1932
Phil Collins Quotes Phil Collins Musician 1951
Wayne Coyne Quotes Wayne Coyne Musician 1961
Herbert Croly Quotes Herbert Croly Author 1869
Elmer Davis Quotes Elmer Davis Journalist 1890
Peter Dawson Quotes Peter Dawson Musician 1882
Patrick Dempsey Quotes Patrick Dempsey Actor 1966
Ngo Dinh Diem Quotes Ngo Dinh Diem Statesman 1901
Jeane Dixon Quotes Jeane Dixon Celebrity 1918
Minnie Driver Quotes Minnie Driver Actress 1971
Trevor Dunn Quotes Trevor Dunn Musician 1968
Dan Duryea Quotes Dan Duryea Actor 1907
Charles S. Dutton Quotes Charles S. Dutton Actor 1951
Nicole Eggert Actress 1972
Sergei Eisenstein Quotes Sergei Eisenstein Director 1898
Douglas Engelbart Quotes Douglas Engelbart Inventor 1925
Paul Feyerabend Philosopher 1924
Dick Gephardt Quotes Dick Gephardt Politician 1941
Gil Gerard Quotes Gil Gerard Actor 1943
Philip Glass Quotes Philip Glass Composer 1937
Antonio Gramsci Quotes Antonio Gramsci Politician 1891
Zane Grey Quotes Zane Grey Author 1872
George Gurdjieff Quotes George Gurdjieff Philosopher 1872
G. I. Gurdjieff Quotes G. I. Gurdjieff Educator 1872
Gene Hackman Quotes Gene Hackman Actor 1930
John Hancock Quotes John Hancock Politician 1737
Mariska Hargitay Quotes Mariska Hargitay Actress 1964
Rutger Hauer Quotes Rutger Hauer Actor 1944
Bill Hayden Quotes Bill Hayden Politician 1933
Shirley Hazzard Novelist 1931
Carolyn Heilbrun Quotes Carolyn Heilbrun Writer 1926
Carolyn Gold Heilbrun Quotes Carolyn Gold Heilbrun Author 1926
Liam Hemsworth Quotes Liam Hemsworth Actor 1990
David Hilbert Quotes David Hilbert Mathematician 1862
Bill Huizenga Quotes Bill Huizenga Politician 1969
Bobby Hull Quotes Bobby Hull Athlete 1939
James Huneker Writer 1857
William Hung Quotes William Hung Entertainer 1983
Dana Hussein Athlete 1986
Don Hutson Quotes Don Hutson Athlete 1913
Tokugawa Ieyasu Quotes Tokugawa Ieyasu Leader 1543
King Abdullah II Quotes King Abdullah II Statesman 1962
Abdallah II Quotes Abdallah II Leader 1962
Derek Jarman Quotes Derek Jarman Director 1942
Tom Jenkinson Quotes Tom Jenkinson Musician 1974
Douglas William Jerrold Quotes Douglas William Jerrold Dramatist 1803
Stan Jones Politician 1943
Terry Kath Quotes Terry Kath Musician 1946
Dexter Scott King Actor 1961
Fred Korematsu Quotes Fred Korematsu Celebrity 1919
Ernie Kovacs Quotes Ernie Kovacs Comedian 1919
Jerry Kramer Athlete 1936
Doutzen Kroes Quotes Doutzen Kroes Model 1985
Walter Savage Landor Quotes Walter Savage Landor Poet 1775
Irving Langmuir Quotes Irving Langmuir Scientist 1881
Anthony LaPaglia Quotes Anthony LaPaglia Actor 1959
Erik Larson Author 1954
Frank Lautenberg Quotes Frank Lautenberg Politician 1924
Sergio Leone Quotes Sergio Leone Director 1929
Jack Levine Quotes Jack Levine Artist 1915
Alex D. Linz Actor 1989
Laura Lippman Quotes Laura Lippman Author 1959
Robert Loggia Quotes Robert Loggia Actor 1930
Bernard Loiseau Quotes Bernard Loiseau Celebrity 1951
Alan Lomax Quotes Alan Lomax Writer 1915
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Quotes Julia Louis-Dreyfus Actress 1961
Kelly Lynch Actress 1959
Norman Mailer Quotes Norman Mailer Novelist 1923
Dorothy Malone Quotes Dorothy Malone Actress 1925
Edouard Manet Quotes Edouard Manet Artist 1832
Steve Marriott Quotes Steve Marriott Musician 1945
Jason Marsden Quotes Jason Marsden Actor 1975
George Martin Quotes George Martin Producer 1926
Robert Martin Politician 1947
Danica McKellar Quotes Danica McKellar Actress 1975
Thia Megia Quotes Thia Megia Musician 1995
Thomas Merton Quotes Thomas Merton Author 1915
Ray Milland Quotes Ray Milland Actor 1905
Penelope Ann Miller Quotes Penelope Ann Miller Actress 1964
Walter M. Miller, Jr. Writer 1923
Andy Milonakis Quotes Andy Milonakis Comedian 1976
Garry Moore Quotes Garry Moore Celebrity 1915
Gordon Moore Quotes Gordon Moore Businessman 1929
Jeanne Moreau Quotes Jeanne Moreau Actress 1928
Robin Morgan Quotes Robin Morgan Activist 1941
Marc Morial Quotes Marc Morial Politician 1958
Gouverneur Morris Quotes Gouverneur Morris Statesman 1752
Denise Morrison Businesswoman 1954
Lucretia Mott Quotes Lucretia Mott Activist 1793
Marcus Mumford Quotes Marcus Mumford Musician 1987
Alva Myrdal Diplomat 1902
Pola Negri Quotes Pola Negri Actress 1897
Kenzaburo Oe Quotes Kenzaburo Oe Writer 1935
John O'Hara Writer 1905
Bob Paisley Athlete 1919
Olof Palme Quotes Olof Palme Politician 1927
Rod Parsley Celebrity 1957
Joe Pass Quotes Joe Pass Musician 1929
Anna Pavlova Quotes Anna Pavlova Dancer 1882
John Charles Polanyi Scientist 1929
Hugh Prather Writer 1938
David Pratt Politician 1955
Victoria Principal Quotes Victoria Principal Actress 1950
J. R. R. Tolkien Quotes J. R. R. Tolkien Novelist 1892
Trevor Rabin Quotes Trevor Rabin Musician 1955
Vanessa Redgrave Quotes Vanessa Redgrave Actress 1937
Charles Nelson Reilly Quotes Charles Nelson Reilly Actor 1931
George Reisman Quotes George Reisman Economist 1937
Buddy Rice Quotes Buddy Rice Celebrity 1976
Chita Rivera Quotes Chita Rivera Actress 1933
Jackie Robinson Quotes Jackie Robinson Athlete 1919
Betty Rollin Journalist 1936
Franklin D. Roosevelt Quotes Franklin D. Roosevelt President 1882
Portia de Rossi Quotes Portia de Rossi Actress 1973
Johnny Rotten Quotes Johnny Rotten Musician 1956
Johnny Rotton Quotes Johnny Rotton Musician 1956
Angela Ruggiero Quotes Angela Ruggiero Athlete 1980
John Russell Actor 1921
Nolan Ryan Quotes Nolan Ryan Athlete 1947
Tim Sample Quotes Tim Sample Comedian 1951
Francis Schaeffer Quotes Francis Schaeffer Theologian 1912
Bobby Schilling Quotes Bobby Schilling Politician 1964
Franz Schubert Quotes Franz Schubert Composer 1797
Michael Schumacher Quotes Michael Schumacher Celebrity 1969
Anya Seton Quotes Anya Seton Writer 1904
Nate Silver Quotes Nate Silver Writer 1978
Boris Spassky Quotes Boris Spassky Celebrity 1937
Robert Stack Quotes Robert Stack Actor 1919
Freya Stark Quotes Freya Stark Writer 1893
William Stephenson Quotes William Stephenson Soldier 1897
Payne Stewart Athlete 1957
Potter Stewart Quotes Potter Stewart Judge 1915
Stephen Stills Quotes Stephen Stills Musician 1945
Hank Stram Quotes Hank Stram Athlete 1923
Megawati Sukarnoputri Quotes Megawati Sukarnoputri Politician 1947
Rip Taylor Quotes Rip Taylor Comedian 1934
John Thaw Quotes John Thaw Actor 1942
Justin Timberlake Quotes Justin Timberlake Musician 1981
Ieyasu Tokugawa Quotes Ieyasu Tokugawa Statesman 1543
Barbara Tuchman Quotes Barbara Tuchman Historian 1912
Sophie Tucker Quotes Sophie Tucker Entertainer 1884
Kohei Uchimura Quotes Kohei Uchimura Athlete 1989
Stewart Udall Quotes Stewart Udall Politician 1920
Wilmer Valderrama Quotes Wilmer Valderrama Actor 1980
Gwen Verdon Quotes Gwen Verdon Dancer 1925
Antonio Villaraigosa Quotes Antonio Villaraigosa Politician 1953
Derek Walcott Quotes Derek Walcott Playwright 1930
Jessica Walter Quotes Jessica Walter Actress 1940
Vernon A. Walters Quotes Vernon A. Walters Soldier 1917
Kerry Washington Quotes Kerry Washington Actress 1977
Jody Watley Quotes Jody Watley Musician 1959
Edmund White Quotes Edmund White Novelist 1940
Ken Wilber Quotes Ken Wilber Philosopher 1949
Ruth Wilson Actress 1982
Johnny Winter Quotes Johnny Winter Musician 1944
Frank R. Wolf Quotes Frank R. Wolf Politician 1939
Anna May Wong Quotes Anna May Wong Actress 1905
Robin Zander Quotes Robin Zander Musician 1953
Stendhal Quotes Stendhal Writer 1783