Authors Born on January, 2st

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January, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Edward Abbey Quotes Edward Abbey Author 1927
Jack Henry Abbott Author 1944
Elliott Abrams Quotes Elliott Abrams Lawyer 1948
Samuel Hopkins Adams Writer 1871
Joy Adamson Quotes Joy Adamson Explorer 1910
Steven Adler Quotes Steven Adler Musician 1965
Peter Akinola Quotes Peter Akinola Clergyman 1944
Alan Alda Quotes Alan Alda Actor 1936
Buzz Aldrin Quotes Buzz Aldrin Astronaut 1930
Joshua Willis Alexander Judge 1852
Mohamed Al-Fayed Quotes Mohamed Al-Fayed Businessman 1929
Tatyana Ali Quotes Tatyana Ali Actress 1979
Paul Allen Quotes Paul Allen Businessman 1953
Ethan Allen Quotes Ethan Allen Revolutionary 1738
Kirstie Alley Quotes Kirstie Alley Actress 1951
Christiane Amanpour Quotes Christiane Amanpour Journalist 1958
Lord Amherst Quotes Lord Amherst Soldier 1717
Richard Dean Anderson Quotes Richard Dean Anderson Actor 1950
Gemma Arterton Quotes Gemma Arterton Actress 1986
Matthew Ashford Actor 1960
Isaac Asimov Quotes Isaac Asimov Scientist 1920
Michael Aspel Journalist 1933
Jean-Marc Ayrault Quotes Jean-Marc Ayrault Politician 1950
Emanuel Azenberg Producer 1934
Joe Baca Quotes Joe Baca Politician 1947
Francis Bacon Quotes Francis Bacon Philosopher 1561
David Bailey Quotes David Bailey Photographer 1938
Derek Bailey Quotes Derek Bailey Musician 1932
Anita Baker Quotes Anita Baker Musician 1958
Jim Bakker Celebrity 1940
Roger Nash Baldwin Activist 1884
John Banner Quotes John Banner Actor 1910
Eddie Barclay Musician 1921
Jim Barksdale Businessman 1943
Lou Barletta Quotes Lou Barletta Politician 1956
Gary Barlow Quotes Gary Barlow Musician 1971
Lynda Barry Quotes Lynda Barry Cartoonist 1956
Mischa Barton Quotes Mischa Barton Actress 1986
Mikhail Baryshnikov Quotes Mikhail Baryshnikov Dancer 1948
Georg Baselitz Quotes Georg Baselitz Artist 1938
Vicki Baum Quotes Vicki Baum Novelist 1888
Birch Bayh Quotes Birch Bayh Politician 1928
Melissa Bean Politician 1962
Pierre Beaumarchais Inventor 1732
Xavier Becerra Quotes Xavier Becerra Politician 1958
Charles A. Beckwith Quotes Charles A. Beckwith Soldier 1929
John Belushi Quotes John Belushi Comedian 1949
Shelley Berkley Quotes Shelley Berkley Politician 1951
Jeff Bezos Quotes Jeff Bezos Businessman 1964
Acker Bilk Musician 1929
Bill Bixby Quotes Bill Bixby Actor 1934
Richard Blackmore Quotes Richard Blackmore Poet 1654
Linda Blair Quotes Linda Blair Actress 1959
Henry Bonilla Politician 1954
Ernest Borgnine Quotes Ernest Borgnine Actor 1917
Kate Bosworth Quotes Kate Bosworth Actress 1983
Robert Boyle Quotes Robert Boyle Philosopher 1627
Jack Brickhouse Quotes Jack Brickhouse Celebrity 1916
Joe Bob Briggs Critic 1953
Jack Brymer Quotes Jack Brymer Musician 1915
Edmund Burke Quotes Edmund Burke Statesman 1729
Edward Burns Quotes Edward Burns Actor 1968
Conrad Burns Politician 1935
George Burns Quotes George Burns Comedian 1896
Robert Burns Quotes Robert Burns Poet 1759
Gary Burton Quotes Gary Burton Musician 1943
George Byron Quotes George Byron Poet 1788
Lord Byron Quotes Lord Byron Poet 1788
Robert Cailliau Quotes Robert Cailliau Scientist 1947
Howard Cannon Politician 1912
Arvid Carlsson Quotes Arvid Carlsson Scientist 1923
Georges Carpentier Quotes Georges Carpentier Athlete 1894
Thomas Carper Quotes Thomas Carper Economist 1947
Tia Carrere Quotes Tia Carrere Actress 1966
Jonathan Carroll Quotes Jonathan Carroll Author 1949
Lewis Carroll Quotes Lewis Carroll Author 1832
Nick Carter Quotes Nick Carter Musician 1980
Vince Carter Quotes Vince Carter Athlete 1977
Steve Chabot Quotes Steve Chabot Politician 1953
Paddy Chayefsky Quotes Paddy Chayefsky Dramatist 1923
Anton Chekhov Quotes Anton Chekhov Dramatist 1860
Melanie Chisholm Quotes Melanie Chisholm Musician 1974
Nancy Chodorow Psychologist 1944
John Bates Clark Quotes John Bates Clark Economist 1847
Kim Coates Quotes Kim Coates Actor 1959
Bessie Coleman Quotes Bessie Coleman Aviator 1892
Sidonie Gabrielle Colette Quotes Sidonie Gabrielle Colette Novelist 1873
James C. Collins Businessman 1958
Joe Conason Journalist 1954
David Cone Quotes David Cone Athlete 1963
Henry Cotton Quotes Henry Cotton Athlete 1907
Herbert Croly Quotes Herbert Croly Author 1869
James Cromwell Quotes James Cromwell Actor 1942
Alan Cumming Quotes Alan Cumming Actor 1965
Charles Curtis Quotes Charles Curtis Vice President 1860
Frank Darabont Quotes Frank Darabont Director 1959
Stacey Dash Actress 1966
Geena Davis Quotes Geena Davis Actress 1956
Angela Davis Quotes Angela Davis Activist 1944
Mac Davis Quotes Mac Davis Musician 1942
Mark Dayton Quotes Mark Dayton Politician 1947
Dixie Dean Quotes Dixie Dean Athlete 1907
Ellen DeGeneres Quotes Ellen DeGeneres Comedian 1958
Frederick Delius Quotes Frederick Delius Composer 1862
Tom Dempsey Quotes Tom Dempsey Athlete 1947
Ruth St. Denis Quotes Ruth St. Denis Dancer 1878
James Denton Actor 1963
Neil Diamond Quotes Neil Diamond Musician 1941
Taye Diggs Actor 1972
Christian Dior Quotes Christian Dior Designer 1905
Theodosius Dobzhansky Quotes Theodosius Dobzhansky Scientist 1900
Bernadine Dohrn Quotes Bernadine Dohrn Educator 1942
Placido Domingo Quotes Placido Domingo Musician 1941
Lily Donaldson Quotes Lily Donaldson Model 1987
George Dorsey Politician 1842
Gustavo Dudamel Quotes Gustavo Dudamel Musician 1981
George Duke Quotes George Duke Musician 1946
Troy Dumais Athlete 1980
Christopher Durang Playwright 1949
Lawrence Durrell Quotes Lawrence Durrell Writer 1912
Dan Duryea Quotes Dan Duryea Actor 1907
Michael East Athlete 1978
Ashton Eaton Quotes Ashton Eaton Athlete 1988
Hermann Ebbinghaus Quotes Hermann Ebbinghaus Psychologist 1850
Adrian Edmondson Quotes Adrian Edmondson Actor 1957
Ilya Ehrenburg Quotes Ilya Ehrenburg Writer 1891
Jill Eikenberry Quotes Jill Eikenberry Actress 1947
Sergei Eisenstein Quotes Sergei Eisenstein Director 1898
Jessica Ennis Quotes Jessica Ennis Athlete 1986
Clarissa Pinkola Estes Poet 1945
Josh Ryan Evans Quotes Josh Ryan Evans Actor 1982
James L. Farmer, Jr. Activist 1920
Jules Feiffer Quotes Jules Feiffer Cartoonist 1929
Morton Feldman Quotes Morton Feldman Composer 1926
Federico Fellini Quotes Federico Fellini Director 1920
W. C. Fields Quotes W. C. Fields Comedian 1880
Guy Fieri Quotes Guy Fieri Businessman 1968
John Arbuthnot Fisher Quotes John Arbuthnot Fisher Soldier 1841
Henry Flagler Quotes Henry Flagler Businessman 1830
Gennifer Flowers Celebrity 1950
Bridget Fonda Quotes Bridget Fonda Actress 1964
Samuel Foote Quotes Samuel Foote Dramatist 1720
Willa Ford Musician 1981
John Forsythe Quotes John Forsythe Actor 1918
Charles James Fox Quotes Charles James Fox Politician 1749
John Hope Franklin Quotes John Hope Franklin Historian 1915
Joe Frazier Quotes Joe Frazier Athlete 1944
John Charles Fremont Quotes John Charles Fremont Soldier 1813
Kirsty Gallacher Entertainer 1976
Albert Gallatin Quotes Albert Gallatin Statesman 1761
John Galliano Quotes John Galliano Designer 1960
John Garamendi Quotes John Garamendi Politician 1945
Gil Gerard Quotes Gil Gerard Actor 1943
David Gerrold Quotes David Gerrold Writer 1944
Balthazar Getty Actor 1975
James J. Gibson Psychologist 1904
Sara Gilbert Quotes Sara Gilbert Actress 1975
David Ginola Athlete 1967
Delphine de Girardin Novelist 1804
Scott Glenn Quotes Scott Glenn Actor 1941
Max Gluckman Scientist 1911
Samuel Gompers Quotes Samuel Gompers Activist 1850
Bart Gordon Politician 1949
Heather Graham Quotes Heather Graham Actress 1970
Antonio Gramsci Quotes Antonio Gramsci Politician 1891
Germaine Greer Quotes Germaine Greer Activist 1939
Wayne Gretzky Quotes Wayne Gretzky Athlete 1961
D. W. Griffith Quotes D. W. Griffith Director 1875
Bill Griffith Quotes Bill Griffith Cartoonist 1944
Martha Griffiths Quotes Martha Griffiths Politician 1912
Texas Guinan Businesswoman 1884
Eddie Van Halen Quotes Eddie Van Halen Musician 1955
Nikki Haley Quotes Nikki Haley Politician 1972
Christopher Hampton Playwright 1946
John Hancock Quotes John Hancock Politician 1737
Learned Hand Quotes Learned Hand Judge 1872
Ismail Haniyeh Politician 1959
Jack Hanna Quotes Jack Hanna Celebrity 1947
Jack Hannah Environmentalist 1947
Mariska Hargitay Quotes Mariska Hargitay Actress 1964
Lawrence Hargrave Quotes Lawrence Hargrave Scientist 1850
Andrew P. Harris Quotes Andrew P. Harris Politician 1957
Ernie Harwell Quotes Ernie Harwell Celebrity 1918
Dennis Hastert Quotes Dennis Hastert Politician 1942
Rutger Hauer Quotes Rutger Hauer Actor 1944
Bill Hayden Quotes Bill Hayden Politician 1933
Benjamin Haydon Quotes Benjamin Haydon Artist 1786
Ira Hayes Quotes Ira Hayes Soldier 1923
Ed Helms Quotes Ed Helms Comedian 1974
Paul Henderson Quotes Paul Henderson Athlete 1943
Skitch Henderson Musician 1918
David Hilbert Quotes David Hilbert Mathematician 1862
Ken Hill Playwright 1937
Benny Hill Quotes Benny Hill Comedian 1924
Eric Holder Quotes Eric Holder Public Servant 1951
Tobe Hooper Director 1943
Robert E. Howard Quotes Robert E. Howard Writer 1906
Joseph Hume Quotes Joseph Hume Scientist 1777
Michelle Hunziker Quotes Michelle Hunziker Actress 1977
John Hurt Quotes John Hurt Actor 1940
Michael Hutchence Quotes Michael Hutchence Musician 1960
Daisaku Ikeda Quotes Daisaku Ikeda Writer 1928
Wolfman Jack Quotes Wolfman Jack Entertainer 1938
Stonewall Jackson Quotes Stonewall Jackson Soldier 1824
Etta James Quotes Etta James Musician 1938
Thomas Jane Quotes Thomas Jane Actor 1969
Jim Jarmusch Quotes Jim Jarmusch Director 1953
Jam Master Jay Quotes Jam Master Jay Musician 1965
David Edward Jenkins Clergyman 1925
Johannes Vilhelm Jensen Quotes Johannes Vilhelm Jensen Author 1873
J. J. Johnson Musician 1924
Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Educator 1890
Rufus Jones Writer 1863
Anson Jones Quotes Anson Jones Public Servant 1798
Cuba Gooding, Jr. Actor 1968
Tom Brown, Jr. Celebrity 1950
Daryn Kagan Entertainer 1963
DeForest Kelley Quotes DeForest Kelley Actor 1920
Patsy Kelly Quotes Patsy Kelly Comedian 1910
Graham Kerr Celebrity 1934
Alicia Keys Quotes Alicia Keys Musician 1981
Alveda King Clergyman 1951
Nastassja Kinski Quotes Nastassja Kinski Actress 1959
Mia Kirshner Quotes Mia Kirshner Actress 1975
Jeff Koons Quotes Jeff Koons Artist 1955
Ernie Kovacs Quotes Ernie Kovacs Comedian 1919
Jerry Kramer Athlete 1936
Irving Kristol Quotes Irving Kristol Editor 1920
Doutzen Kroes Quotes Doutzen Kroes Model 1985
Polykarp Kusch Quotes Polykarp Kusch Scientist 1911
Zack de la Rocha Quotes Zack de la Rocha Musician 1970
Emile Lahoud Quotes Emile Lahoud Statesman 1936
Emile Lahud Quotes Emile Lahud Statesman 1936
Adam Lambert Quotes Adam Lambert Musician 1982
Diane Lane Quotes Diane Lane Actress 1965
Jonny Lang Quotes Jonny Lang Musician 1981
James Larkin Quotes James Larkin Activist 1875
John Lasseter Quotes John Lasseter Director 1957
Piper Laurie Quotes Piper Laurie Actress 1932
Frank Lautenberg Quotes Frank Lautenberg Politician 1924
Christine Lavin Quotes Christine Lavin Musician 1952
Richard Henry Lee Quotes Richard Henry Lee Politician 1732
Sheila Jackson Lee Quotes Sheila Jackson Lee Politician 1950
Anna Lee Quotes Anna Lee Actress 1913
Joan Leslie Quotes Joan Leslie Actress 1925
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Quotes Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Critic 1729
Jenifer Lewis Quotes Jenifer Lewis Actress 1957
Matthew Lillard Quotes Matthew Lillard Actor 1970
Rush Limbaugh Quotes Rush Limbaugh Entertainer 1951
Marie Lloyd Quotes Marie Lloyd Musician 1870
Gary Locke Quotes Gary Locke Politician 1950
David Lodge Author 1935
Jack London Quotes Jack London Novelist 1876
Greg Louganis Quotes Greg Louganis Athlete 1960
Ernst Lubitsch Quotes Ernst Lubitsch Director 1892
Isabel Lucas Quotes Isabel Lucas Actress 1985
Emil Ludwig Quotes Emil Ludwig Writer 1881
Witold Lutoslawski Quotes Witold Lutoslawski Composer 1913
David Lynch Quotes David Lynch Director 1946
Douglas MacArthur Quotes Douglas MacArthur Soldier 1880
Ross MacDonald Quotes Ross MacDonald Novelist 1965
Alexander Mackenzie Quotes Alexander Mackenzie Statesman 1822
Ferenc Madl Quotes Ferenc Madl Statesman 1931
Bill Maher Quotes Bill Maher Comedian 1956
Zayn Malik Quotes Zayn Malik Musician 1993
Edouard Manet Quotes Edouard Manet Artist 1832
Jose Marti Quotes Jose Marti Activist 1853
Olivier Martinez Actor 1966
Nick Mason Quotes Nick Mason Musician 1945
W. Somerset Maugham Quotes W. Somerset Maugham Playwright 1874
Callan McAuliffe Quotes Callan McAuliffe Actor 1995
Kevin McCarthy Quotes Kevin McCarthy Politician 1965
William McKinley Quotes William McKinley President 1843
Sarah McLachlan Quotes Sarah McLachlan Musician 1968
Malcolm Mclaren Quotes Malcolm Mclaren Musician 1946
Jay McShann Quotes Jay McShann Musician 1916
John Mica Quotes John Mica Politician 1943
Frank Miller Quotes Frank Miller Artist 1957
Alice Miller Psychologist 1923
Roger Miller Quotes Roger Miller Musician 1936
Walter M. Miller, Jr. Writer 1923
Heather Mills Quotes Heather Mills Activist 1968
Beverley Mitchell Actress 1981
Jeanne Moreau Quotes Jeanne Moreau Actress 1928
Charles Morgan Novelist 1894
Julia Morgan Quotes Julia Morgan Architect 1872
Akio Morita Businessman 1921
Garrett Morris Comedian 1937
Desmond Morris Quotes Desmond Morris Scientist 1928
Walter Mosley Quotes Walter Mosley Novelist 1952
Josefina Vazquez Mota Quotes Josefina Vazquez Mota Politician 1961
Robert Motherwell Quotes Robert Motherwell Artist 1915
Jose Mourinho Quotes Jose Mourinho Coach 1963
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Quotes Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Musician 1756
Haruki Murakami Quotes Haruki Murakami Writer 1949
Gilbert Murray Quotes Gilbert Murray Diplomat 1866
Hidetoshi Nakata Quotes Hidetoshi Nakata Athlete 1977
Gloria Naylor Quotes Gloria Naylor Novelist 1950
Patricia Neal Quotes Patricia Neal Actress 1926
Aaron Neville Quotes Aaron Neville Musician 1941
Barnett Newman Quotes Barnett Newman Artist 1905
Paul Newman Quotes Paul Newman Actor 1925
Edwin Newman Quotes Edwin Newman Journalist 1919
William Nicholson Writer 1948
Jack Nicklaus Quotes Jack Nicklaus Athlete 1940
Dorothy Nolte Writer 1924
Anne Northup Politician 1948
Henri Nouwen Quotes Henri Nouwen Clergyman 1932
Alden Nowlan Poet 1933
Paul Nurse Quotes Paul Nurse Scientist 1949
Johnny Oates Athlete 1946
Bill O'Brien Politician 1929
Billy Ocean Quotes Billy Ocean Musician 1950
Hakeem Olajuwon Quotes Hakeem Olajuwon Athlete 1963
Keith Olbermann Quotes Keith Olbermann Journalist 1959
Claes Oldenburg Quotes Claes Oldenburg Sculptor 1929
Heather O'Reilly Athlete 1985
Patton Oswalt Quotes Patton Oswalt Comedian 1969
Thomas Paine Quotes Thomas Paine Writer 1737
Bob Paisley Athlete 1919
Bill Pascrell Quotes Bill Pascrell Politician 1937
Isabel Paterson Quotes Isabel Paterson Journalist 1886
Tom Paulin Poet 1949
Charles Perrault Quotes Charles Perrault Author 1628
Steve Perry Quotes Steve Perry Musician 1949
Goran Persson Quotes Goran Persson Politician 1949
Johann Pestalozzi Quotes Johann Pestalozzi Educator 1746
William Lyon Phelps Educator 1865
Sam Phillips Quotes Sam Phillips Businessman 1962
Francis Picabia Quotes Francis Picabia Artist 1878
Rosamund Pike Quotes Rosamund Pike Actress 1979
Walter Piston Quotes Walter Piston Composer 1894
Oliver Platt Quotes Oliver Platt Actor 1960
John Charles Polanyi Scientist 1929
Jackson Pollock Quotes Jackson Pollock Artist 1912
Pete du Pont Quotes Pete du Pont Politician 1935
Hugh Prather Writer 1938
Jacqueline du Pre Quotes Jacqueline du Pre Musician 1945
Steve Prefontaine Quotes Steve Prefontaine Athlete 1951
Nick Price Quotes Nick Price Athlete 1957
Ilya Prigogine Quotes Ilya Prigogine Physicist 1917
Sally Rand Quotes Sally Rand Actress 1904
Anders Fogh Rasmussen Statesman 1953
Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore Athlete 1970
Donna Reed Quotes Donna Reed Actress 1921
Charley Reese Writer 1937
Mary Lou Retton Quotes Mary Lou Retton Athlete 1968
Mordecai Richler Quotes Mordecai Richler Novelist 1931
Hyman Rickover Quotes Hyman Rickover Soldier 1900
Chita Rivera Quotes Chita Rivera Actress 1933
Melissa Rivers Actress 1968
Oral Roberts Quotes Oral Roberts Clergyman 1918
Mo Rocca Quotes Mo Rocca Writer 1969
John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Businessman 1874
Narciso Rodriguez Quotes Narciso Rodriguez Designer 1961
Mimi Rogers Quotes Mimi Rogers Actress 1956
Romain Rolland Quotes Romain Rolland Novelist 1866
Art Rooney Quotes Art Rooney Businessman 1901
Alfred Rosenberg Quotes Alfred Rosenberg Soldier 1893
Charlotte Ross Quotes Charlotte Ross Actress 1968
Alice S. Rossi Quotes Alice S. Rossi Activist 1922
Arthur Rubinstein Quotes Arthur Rubinstein Musician 1887
Ibrahim Rugova Quotes Ibrahim Rugova Statesman 2006
Paul Ryan Quotes Paul Ryan Politician 1970
Marat Safin Quotes Marat Safin Athlete 1980
Abdus Salam Quotes Abdus Salam Scientist 1936
R. A. Salvatore Quotes R. A. Salvatore Author 1959
Rick Santelli Journalist 1953
Edward Sapir Quotes Edward Sapir Scientist 1884
John Singer Sargent Quotes John Singer Sargent Artist 1856
Nicolas Sarkozy Quotes Nicolas Sarkozy Statesman 1955
Telly Savalas Quotes Telly Savalas Actor 1924
Jim Saxton Quotes Jim Saxton Politician 1943
Hjalmar Schacht Quotes Hjalmar Schacht Economist 1877
Friedrich von Schelling Philosopher 1775
Bobby Schilling Quotes Bobby Schilling Politician 1964
Paul Scofield Quotes Paul Scofield Actor 1922
Tom Selleck Quotes Tom Selleck Actor 1945
Hans Selye Quotes Hans Selye Scientist 1907
Anya Seton Quotes Anya Seton Writer 1904
Natan Sharansky Quotes Natan Sharansky Writer 1948
Hugh Shelton Quotes Hugh Shelton Soldier 1942
Marc Singer Quotes Marc Singer Actor 1948
Gene Siskel Quotes Gene Siskel Critic 1946
Erinn Smart Quotes Erinn Smart Athlete 1980
Yakov Smirnoff Quotes Yakov Smirnoff Comedian 1951
Jeff Smith Entertainer 1939
Torrey Smith Quotes Torrey Smith Athlete 1989
Robert Smithson Quotes Robert Smithson Artist 1938
Susan Sontag Quotes Susan Sontag Author 1933
Ann Sothern Quotes Ann Sothern Actress 1909
Paul Stanley Quotes Paul Stanley Musician 1952
Henry Morton Stanley Quotes Henry Morton Stanley Explorer 1841
Edwin Starr Quotes Edwin Starr Musician 1942
William Stephenson Quotes William Stephenson Soldier 1897
Howard Stern Quotes Howard Stern Entertainer 1954
Ray Stevens Quotes Ray Stevens Musician 1939
Potter Stewart Quotes Potter Stewart Judge 1915
David Strathairn Actor 1949
David Friedrich Strauss Theologian 1808
August Strindberg Quotes August Strindberg Dramatist 1849
Eugene Sue Novelist 1804
Megawati Sukarnoputri Quotes Megawati Sukarnoputri Politician 1947
Emanuel Swedenborg Quotes Emanuel Swedenborg Scientist 1688
Daniel Taradash Writer 1913
Sharon Tate Quotes Sharon Tate Actress 1943
Lee Terry Politician 1962
Mike Thompson Politician 1951
Bennie Thompson Quotes Bennie Thompson Politician 1948
Ingrid Thulin Quotes Ingrid Thulin Actress 1926
Michael Tippett Quotes Michael Tippett Composer 1905
Natalie du Toit Athlete 1984
Libby Trickett Quotes Libby Trickett Athlete 1985
Marie Trintignant Quotes Marie Trintignant Actress 1962
Ivana Trump Quotes Ivana Trump Celebrity 1949
David Tudor Quotes David Tudor Musician 1926
Christy Turlington Quotes Christy Turlington Model 1969
Bob Uecker Quotes Bob Uecker Athlete 1935
Skeet Ulrich Quotes Skeet Ulrich Actor 1970
Roger Vadim Quotes Roger Vadim Journalist 1928
John Vanbrugh Quotes John Vanbrugh Architect 1664
Paz Vega Quotes Paz Vega Actress 1976
Conrad Veidt Quotes Conrad Veidt Actor 1893
Dziga Vertov Quotes Dziga Vertov Director 1896
Antonio Villaraigosa Quotes Antonio Villaraigosa Politician 1953
Frederick M. Vinson Quotes Frederick M. Vinson Judge 1890
Swami Vivekananda Quotes Swami Vivekananda Clergyman 1863
Derek Walcott Quotes Derek Walcott Playwright 1930
Nik Wallenda Quotes Nik Wallenda Entertainer 1979
Joseph Wambaugh Quotes Joseph Wambaugh Writer 1937
Beatrice Webb Quotes Beatrice Webb Sociologist 1958
Eberhard Weber Quotes Eberhard Weber Musician 1940
Brooke Foss Westcott Quotes Brooke Foss Westcott Theologian 1825
Edith Wharton Quotes Edith Wharton Author 1862
Timothy White Critic 1952
Kaiser Wilhelm Quotes Kaiser Wilhelm Statesman 1859
Dominique Wilkins Quotes Dominique Wilkins Athlete 1960
Lucinda Williams Quotes Lucinda Williams Musician 1953
Nathaniel Parker Willis Quotes Nathaniel Parker Willis Author 1806
Dontrelle Willis Quotes Dontrelle Willis Athlete 1982
David Wilmot Activist 1814
Michael G. Wilson Quotes Michael G. Wilson Writer 1942
Rainn Wilson Quotes Rainn Wilson Actor 1966
April Winchell Quotes April Winchell Actress 1962
Oprah Winfrey Quotes Oprah Winfrey Entertainer 1954
Justin Winsor Quotes Justin Winsor Writer 1831
Ariel Winter Quotes Ariel Winter Actress 1998
Johnny Winter Quotes Johnny Winter Musician 1944
John Winthrop Quotes John Winthrop Celebrity 1587
James Wolfe Quotes James Wolfe Soldier 1727
Elijah Wood Quotes Elijah Wood Actor 1981
Virginia Woolf Quotes Virginia Woolf Author 1882
Will Wright Scientist 1960
Robert Wyatt Quotes Robert Wyatt Musician 1945
Steve Wynn Quotes Steve Wynn Businessman 1942
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Quotes Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Philosopher 1917
Jack Youngblood Quotes Jack Youngblood Athlete 1950
Jong-yong Yun Businessman 1944
Fareed Zakaria Quotes Fareed Zakaria Journalist 1964
Robin Zander Quotes Robin Zander Musician 1953
Edward Zander Quotes Edward Zander Businessman 1947
Warren Zevon Quotes Warren Zevon Musician 1947
Rob Zombie Quotes Rob Zombie Musician 1966
Romario Quotes Romario Athlete 1966
Stendhal Quotes Stendhal Writer 1783