Authors Born on February, 9st

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February, 9st

Image Author Type Birthyear
George Ade Quotes George Ade Playwright 1866
Prince Andrew Quotes Prince Andrew Royalty 1960
Michel Aoun Soldier 1935
Eddie Arcaro Quotes Eddie Arcaro Athlete 1916
Leonard Bacon Clergyman 1802
Brendan Behan Quotes Brendan Behan Dramatist 1923
Alban Berg Composer 1885
Daniel Bernoulli Quotes Daniel Bernoulli Mathematician 1700
Danielle Berry Quotes Danielle Berry Celebrity 1949
Bill Bowerman Quotes Bill Bowerman Coach 1911
Kay Boyle Quotes Kay Boyle Writer 1902
Constantin Brancusi Quotes Constantin Brancusi Sculptor 1876
Dee Brown Novelist 1908
J. M. Coetzee Quotes J. M. Coetzee Author 1940
Ronald Colman Quotes Ronald Colman Actor 1891
Nicolaus Copernicus Quotes Nicolaus Copernicus Scientist 1473
Jeff Daniels Quotes Jeff Daniels Actor 1955
Morarji Desai Quotes Morarji Desai Politician 1896
Charles Eastman Quotes Charles Eastman Author 1858
Charles Alexander Eastman Quotes Charles Alexander Eastman Author 1858
Renee Ellmers Quotes Renee Ellmers Politician 1964
Dennis Farina Quotes Dennis Farina Actor 1944
Mia Farrow Quotes Mia Farrow Actress 1945
Helen Fielding Quotes Helen Fielding Author 1958
Jon Fishman Quotes Jon Fishman Musician 1965
Pim Fortuyn Quotes Pim Fortuyn Politician 1948
John Frankenheimer Quotes John Frankenheimer Director 1930
Frank Frazetta Quotes Frank Frazetta Artist 1928
David Gallagher Quotes David Gallagher Actor 1985
David Garrick Quotes David Garrick Actor 1717
Roger Goodell Quotes Roger Goodell Businessman 1959
Raul Grijalva Quotes Raul Grijalva Politician 1948
Laurell K. Hamilton Writer 1963
Cedric Hardwicke Quotes Cedric Hardwicke Actor 1893
William Henry Harrison Quotes William Henry Harrison President 1773
Tom Hiddleston Quotes Tom Hiddleston Actor 1981
Anthony Hope Quotes Anthony Hope Writer 1863
Pope Paul III Quotes Pope Paul III Clergyman 1468
Jay Inslee Quotes Jay Inslee Politician 1951
Tony Iommi Quotes Tony Iommi Musician 1948
Holly Johnson Quotes Holly Johnson Musician 1960
Carole King Quotes Carole King Musician 1942
John Kruk Quotes John Kruk Athlete 1961
Jonathan Lethem Quotes Jonathan Lethem Writer 1964
Margarita Levieva Quotes Margarita Levieva Actress 1980
Judith Light Quotes Judith Light Actress 1949
Amy Lowell Quotes Amy Lowell Poet 1874
Barry Mann Quotes Barry Mann Musician 1939
Luther Martin Quotes Luther Martin Politician 1748
Lee Marvin Quotes Lee Marvin Actor 1924
Terry McAuliffe Quotes Terry McAuliffe Politician 1957
Carson McCullers Quotes Carson McCullers Novelist 1917
Carmen Miranda Quotes Carmen Miranda Musician 1909
Roger Mudd Journalist 1928
Howard Nemerov Quotes Howard Nemerov Poet 1920
Merle Oberon Quotes Merle Oberon Actress 1911
Seymour Papert Quotes Seymour Papert Mathematician 1928
Joe Pesci Quotes Joe Pesci Actor 1943
Tony Robbins Quotes Tony Robbins Author 1960
Smokey Robinson Quotes Smokey Robinson Musician 1940
Todd Rokita Quotes Todd Rokita Politician 1970
Gioachino Rossini Quotes Gioachino Rossini Composer 1792
Ja Rule Quotes Ja Rule Musician 1976
Dean Rusk Quotes Dean Rusk Diplomat 1909
Dinah Shore Quotes Dinah Shore Actress 1916
Joseph Stiglitz Quotes Joseph Stiglitz Economist 1943
Gordon Strachan Quotes Gordon Strachan Athlete 1957
Howard Stringer Quotes Howard Stringer Businessman 1942
Bart Stupak Politician 1952
Mena Suvari Quotes Mena Suvari Actress 1979
Janet Suzman Actress 1939
Amy Tan Quotes Amy Tan Novelist 1952
Frank Tashlin Quotes Frank Tashlin Artist 1913
Benicio Del Toro Quotes Benicio Del Toro Actor 1967
Travis Tritt Quotes Travis Tritt Musician 1963
Amber Valletta Quotes Amber Valletta Model 1974
Bill Veeck Businessman 1914
Rick Wagoner Businessman 1953
Alice Walker Quotes Alice Walker Author 1944
Ulrich Walter Quotes Ulrich Walter Astronaut 1954
Saul Williams Quotes Saul Williams Musician 1972
Ziyi Zhang Quotes Ziyi Zhang Actress 1979
Zhang Ziyi Quotes Zhang Ziyi Actress 1979
Balthus Quotes Balthus Artist 1908
Seal Quotes Seal Musician 1963
Marta Quotes Marta Athlete 1986