Authors Born on February, 20st

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February, 20st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Ansel Adams Quotes Ansel Adams Photographer 1902
Edward Albert Actor 1951
Robert Altman Quotes Robert Altman Director 1925
Lauren Ambrose Quotes Lauren Ambrose Actress 1978
Charles Barkley Quotes Charles Barkley Athlete 1963
Walter Becker Musician 1950
Georges Bernanos Quotes Georges Bernanos Author 1888
Brenda Blethyn Quotes Brenda Blethyn Actress 1946
Gordon Brown Quotes Gordon Brown Politician 1951
William Allen Butler Lawyer 1825
Kurt Cobain Musician 1967
Roy Cohn Quotes Roy Cohn Lawyer 1927
Cindy Crawford Quotes Cindy Crawford Model 1966
Anthony Davis Composer 1951
Rene Dubos Quotes Rene Dubos Scientist 1901
Sandy Duncan Quotes Sandy Duncan Musician 1946
Don Fraser Politician 1924
Greg Garrison Director 1924
Jackie Gleason Quotes Jackie Gleason Actor 1916
Jimmy Greaves Quotes Jimmy Greaves Athlete 1940
Edward H. Harriman Quotes Edward H. Harriman Businessman 1848
Anthony Head Quotes Anthony Head Actor 1954
Patty Hearst Quotes Patty Hearst Celebrity 1954
Jay Hernandez Actor 1978
Joel Hodgson Quotes Joel Hodgson Entertainer 1960
Larry Hovis Quotes Larry Hovis Musician 1936
Robert Huber Quotes Robert Huber Scientist 1937
Muriel Humphrey Celebrity 1912
Brion James Actor 1945
Frank Jordan Politician 1935
Louis Kahn Quotes Louis Kahn Architect 1901
Roger Knapman Politician 1944
Bela Kun Quotes Bela Kun Politician 1886
Mike Leigh Director 1943
Brian Littrell Quotes Brian Littrell Musician 1975
Henri de Lubac Clergyman 1896
Ella Maillart Quotes Ella Maillart Writer 1903
Vincent Massey Quotes Vincent Massey Politician 1887
Mitch McConnell Quotes Mitch McConnell Politician 1942
Ken Olsen Quotes Ken Olsen Businessman 1926
Jennifer O'Neill Actress 1948
Hesketh Pearson Actor 1887
Sidney Poitier Quotes Sidney Poitier Actor 1924
William Prescott Quotes William Prescott Soldier 1726
Bob Richards Athlete 1926
Andrew Shue Quotes Andrew Shue Actor 1967
Joshua Slocum Quotes Joshua Slocum Explorer 1844
Robert Strauss Actor 1975
Lili Taylor Actress 1967
Bobby Unser Celebrity 1934
Gloria Vanderbilt Quotes Gloria Vanderbilt Designer 1924
Tony Wilson Quotes Tony Wilson Journalist 1950
Rihanna Quotes Rihanna Musician 1988