Authors Born on December, 4st

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December, 4st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Sandy Adams Quotes Sandy Adams Politician 1956
Barbara Amiel Quotes Barbara Amiel Journalist 1940
Morey Amsterdam Quotes Morey Amsterdam Actor 1908
Matthew Arnold Quotes Matthew Arnold Poet 1822
Albert Bandura Psychologist 1925
Lester Bangs Quotes Lester Bangs Critic 1948
Tyra Banks Quotes Tyra Banks Model 1973
Antony Beevor Quotes Antony Beevor Historian 1946
Steven Jesse Bernstein Writer 1950
Jane Birkin Quotes Jane Birkin Actress 1946
Pappy Boyington Quotes Pappy Boyington Soldier 1912
Tycho Brahe Quotes Tycho Brahe Scientist 1546
Stewart Brand Quotes Stewart Brand Author 1938
Jeff Bridges Quotes Jeff Bridges Actor 1949
Bill Buckner Quotes Bill Buckner Athlete 1949
Samuel Butler Poet 1835
Thomas Carlyle Quotes Thomas Carlyle Philosopher 1795
Kit Carson Quotes Kit Carson Explorer 1809
Edith Cavell Quotes Edith Cavell Public Servant 1865
Leland Chapman Celebrity 1976
Mary Higgins Clark Quotes Mary Higgins Clark Author 1927
Thomas Cochrane Politician 1775
Eliza Cook Quotes Eliza Cook Poet 1818
Ronnie Corbett Quotes Ronnie Corbett Comedian 1930
John Cotton Clergyman 1585
George Crabbe Quotes George Crabbe Poet 1754
Stanley Crouch Critic 1945
Mike Curb Musician 1944
Michael Curtiz Quotes Michael Curtiz Director 1886
Dan Dailey Quotes Dan Dailey Actor 1913
Wade Davis Quotes Wade Davis Scientist 1953
Jimmy Doolittle Quotes Jimmy Doolittle Aviator 1896
Patty Duke Quotes Patty Duke Actress 1946
Paul Eluard Quotes Paul Eluard Poet 1895
Francisco Franco Quotes Francisco Franco Leader 1892
Roger Fry Quotes Roger Fry Artist 1866
Ava Gardner Quotes Ava Gardner Actress 1922
Wally George Celebrity 1931
Henri Gregoire Clergyman 1750
Georges Guynemer Quotes Georges Guynemer Aviator 1894
Tarja Halonen Quotes Tarja Halonen Statesman 1943
Nan Hayworth Quotes Nan Hayworth Politician 1959
Charles Hermite Quotes Charles Hermite Mathematician 1822
Alfred Day Hershey Quotes Alfred Day Hershey Scientist 1908
Don Hewitt Quotes Don Hewitt Producer 1922
Vanessa Hudgens Quotes Vanessa Hudgens Actress 1988
Howard Hughes Quotes Howard Hughes Businessman 1905
Saint Ignatius Quotes Saint Ignatius Saint 1491
Johnny Isakson Quotes Johnny Isakson Politician 1944
Shirley Jackson Quotes Shirley Jackson Novelist 1919
Juan Ramon Jimenez Quotes Juan Ramon Jimenez Poet 1881
James Prescott Joule Quotes James Prescott Joule Physicist 1818
Wassily Kandinsky Quotes Wassily Kandinsky Artist 1866
Anil Kapoor Quotes Anil Kapoor Actor 1959
Raj Kapoor Quotes Raj Kapoor Actor 1924
Charles Keating Lawyer 1923
Omar Khayyam Quotes Omar Khayyam Poet 1131
Billy Koch Athlete 1974
William Labov Writer 1927
Charles Lawrence Politician 1709
Ignatius Loyola Quotes Ignatius Loyola Clergyman 1491
John Lurie Quotes John Lurie Actor 1952
Errico Malatesta Quotes Errico Malatesta Activist 1853
Roger Maris Quotes Roger Maris Athlete 1985
Wink Martindale Quotes Wink Martindale Entertainer 1934
Nicholas Meyer Quotes Nicholas Meyer Writer 1945
Stephenie Meyer Quotes Stephenie Meyer Author 1973
Ed Miliband Quotes Ed Miliband Politician 1969
Mark Millar Quotes Mark Millar Writer 1969
Dan Miller Politician 1944
Grace Napolitano Quotes Grace Napolitano Politician 1936
Randy Neugebauer Quotes Randy Neugebauer Politician 1949
Alex North Composer 1910
Will Oldham Quotes Will Oldham Musician 1970
Paul O'Neill Politician 1935
Michael J. Owen Quotes Michael J. Owen Athlete 1979
Cynthia Payne Celebrity 1932
John Portman Quotes John Portman Architect 1924
Frank Press Quotes Frank Press Scientist 1924
Eric S. Raymond Quotes Eric S. Raymond Author 1957
Ad Reinhardt Quotes Ad Reinhardt Artist 1913
Lee Remick Quotes Lee Remick Actress 1935
Charlie Rich Musician 1932
Rainer Maria Rilke Quotes Rainer Maria Rilke Poet 1875
Dilma Rousseff Quotes Dilma Rousseff Statesman 1947
Alfred Leslie Rowse Quotes Alfred Leslie Rowse Historian 1903
Benjamin Rush Quotes Benjamin Rush Scientist 1745
Lillian Russell Quotes Lillian Russell Actress 1860
Ryan Seacrest Quotes Ryan Seacrest Entertainer 1974
Jeff Sessions Quotes Jeff Sessions Politician 1946
Stan Smith Quotes Stan Smith Athlete 1946
Margaret Chase Smith Quotes Margaret Chase Smith Politician 1897
Pamela Stephenson Quotes Pamela Stephenson Actress 1949
I. F. Stone Quotes I. F. Stone Journalist 1907
Edward Lawrie Tatum Quotes Edward Lawrie Tatum Scientist 1909
Brandon Thomas Quotes Brandon Thomas Actor 1850
Helle Thorning-Schmidt Quotes Helle Thorning-Schmidt Politician 1966
Jan Timman Quotes Jan Timman Celebrity 1951
Marisa Tomei Quotes Marisa Tomei Actress 1964
Louis Tomlinson Quotes Louis Tomlinson Musician 1991
Thuy Trang Quotes Thuy Trang Actress 1973
Morihei Ueshiba Quotes Morihei Ueshiba Athlete 1883
King George VI Quotes King George VI Royalty 1895
Carol Vorderman Quotes Carol Vorderman Entertainer 1960
William Warburton Critic 1698
Harry Warren Quotes Harry Warren Composer 1893
Ellen Willis Writer 1941
Dennis Wilson Quotes Dennis Wilson Musician 1944
Cassandra Wilson Quotes Cassandra Wilson Musician 1955
Charles Wolfe Quotes Charles Wolfe Poet 1791
Jay-Z Quotes Jay-Z Musician 1969