Authors Born on August, 9st

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August, 9st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Robert Aldrich Director 1918
GG Allin Quotes GG Allin Musician 1956
Gillian Anderson Quotes Gillian Anderson Actress 1968
Leonid Andreyev Quotes Leonid Andreyev Playwright 1871
Adam Arkin Quotes Adam Arkin Actor 1956
Richard Attenborough Quotes Richard Attenborough Actor 1923
Ginger Baker Quotes Ginger Baker Musician 1939
Eric Bana Quotes Eric Bana Actor 1968
Bernard Baruch Quotes Bernard Baruch Businessman 1870
Bob Beamon Quotes Bob Beamon Athlete 1946
Henry Bergh Quotes Henry Bergh Activist 1811
Ingrid Bergman Quotes Ingrid Bergman Actress 1915
Richard Parks Bland Quotes Richard Parks Bland Politician 1835
Kurtis Blow Quotes Kurtis Blow Musician 1959
James Brady Quotes James Brady Activist 1940
Tammy Bruce Quotes Tammy Bruce Author 1962
Eustace Budgell Quotes Eustace Budgell Writer 1686
Edward Carpenter Quotes Edward Carpenter Activist 1844
Humphrey Carpenter Author 1946
Coco Chanel Quotes Coco Chanel Designer 1883
Erika Christensen Quotes Erika Christensen Actress 1982
William J. Clinton Quotes William J. Clinton President 1946
Jonathan Coe Quotes Jonathan Coe Novelist 1961
Diana Cooper Quotes Diana Cooper Celebrity 1892
Bob Cousy Quotes Bob Cousy Athlete 1928
James Gould Cozzens Novelist 1903
Anthony Crosland Politician 1918
John Cotton Dana Quotes John Cotton Dana Author 1856
Pierre Jean de Beranger Quotes Pierre Jean de Beranger Musician 1780
John Deacon Quotes John Deacon Musician 1951
Austin Dobson Celebrity 1912
John Dryden Quotes John Dryden Poet 1631
Mohamed El-Erian Quotes Mohamed El-Erian Businessman 1958
Sam Elliott Quotes Sam Elliott Actor 1944
Todd English Chef 1960
Derek Fisher Quotes Derek Fisher Athlete 1974
Malcolm Forbes Quotes Malcolm Forbes Publisher 1917
Jonathan Frakes Quotes Jonathan Frakes Actor 1952
William Friedkin Quotes William Friedkin Director 1939
Paul Gallagher Quotes Paul Gallagher Athlete 1984
Peter Gallagher Quotes Peter Gallagher Actor 1955
Tyson Gay Quotes Tyson Gay Athlete 1982
Brad Gilbert Quotes Brad Gilbert Coach 1961
Tipper Gore Quotes Tipper Gore Celebrity 1948
Elliott Gould Quotes Elliott Gould Actor 1938
Temple Grandin Quotes Temple Grandin Educator 1947
William Thomas Green Morton Quotes William Thomas Green Morton Inventor 1819
Melanie Griffith Quotes Melanie Griffith Actress 1957
Burleigh Grimes Quotes Burleigh Grimes Athlete 1893
Thom Gunn Poet 1929
Chris Hadfield Quotes Chris Hadfield Astronaut 1959
Henry Hampton Activist 1940
Brooks Hays Quotes Brooks Hays Politician 1898
Oliver Wendell Holmes Writer 1809
Whitney Houston Quotes Whitney Houston Musician 1963
Brett Hull Quotes Brett Hull Athlete 1964
Michael Jackson Quotes Michael Jackson Musician 1958
Tove Jansson Quotes Tove Jansson Novelist 1914
Jill St. John Actress 1940
Adoniram Judson Quotes Adoniram Judson Clergyman 1788
Jonathan Kellerman Quotes Jonathan Kellerman Psychologist 1949
Anna Kendrick Quotes Anna Kendrick Actress 1985
Charles Kettering Quotes Charles Kettering Inventor 1876
Michael Kors Quotes Michael Kors Designer 1959
Philip Larkin Quotes Philip Larkin Poet 1922
Rod Laver Quotes Rod Laver Athlete 1938
Robin Leach Writer 1941
John Leech Artist 1817
Thomas Lennon Quotes Thomas Lennon Actor 1970
Bernard Levin Quotes Bernard Levin Journalist 1928
Jacob Lew Quotes Jacob Lew Public Servant 1955
John Locke Quotes John Locke Philosopher 1632
Maurice Maeterlinck Quotes Maurice Maeterlinck Dramatist 1862
Amanda Marshall Quotes Amanda Marshall Musician 1972
Mary Matalin Quotes Mary Matalin Celebrity 1953
Amanda McBroom Musician 1947
John McCain Quotes John McCain Politician 1936
Frank McCourt Quotes Frank McCourt Author 1930
Kevin McKidd Quotes Kevin McKidd Actor 1973
Gerald McRaney Quotes Gerald McRaney Actor 1947
Marvin Minsky Quotes Marvin Minsky Scientist 1927
Rhona Mitra Quotes Rhona Mitra Actress 1976
George Montgomery Artist 1916
Rebecca De Mornay Quotes Rebecca De Mornay Actress 1961
Mark Morris Quotes Mark Morris Dancer 1956
Story Musgrave Quotes Story Musgrave Astronaut 1935
Ogden Nash Quotes Ogden Nash Poet 1902
Johnny Nash Musician 1940
James Nasmyth Quotes James Nasmyth Inventor 1808
Ken Norton Quotes Ken Norton Athlete 1945
Charlie Parker Quotes Charlie Parker Musician 1920
Liam Payne Quotes Liam Payne Musician 1993
Jean Piaget Quotes Jean Piaget Psychologist 1896
Romano Prodi Quotes Romano Prodi Statesman 1939
Dave Reichert Quotes Dave Reichert Politician 1950
Samuel Richardson Quotes Samuel Richardson Novelist 1689
Arthur Rock Businessman 1926
Gene Roddenberry Quotes Gene Roddenberry Producer 1921
Lil' Romeo Musician 1989
Robert E. Rubin Quotes Robert E. Rubin Businessman 1938
Bob Rubin Quotes Bob Rubin Businessman 1938
Gilbert Ryle Philosopher 1900
Dion Sanders Quotes Dion Sanders Athlete 1967
Deion Sanders Quotes Deion Sanders Athlete 1967
Joel Schumacher Quotes Joel Schumacher Director 1939
Kyra Sedgwick Quotes Kyra Sedgwick Actress 1965
Aarti Sequeira Chef 1978
Bill Shoemaker Quotes Bill Shoemaker Athlete 1931
Bill Skarsgard Actor 1990
Rick Snyder Quotes Rick Snyder Politician 1958
Tabitha Soren Quotes Tabitha Soren Celebrity 1967
Dick Spring Politician 1950
John Stamos Quotes John Stamos Actor 1963
David Steinberg Quotes David Steinberg Comedian 1942
Michael Storm Quotes Michael Storm Actor 1939
Preston Sturges Quotes Preston Sturges Writer 1898
John Sweeney Politician 1955
Audrey Tautou Quotes Audrey Tautou Actress 1978
Fred Thompson Quotes Fred Thompson Politician 1942
Charles Townshend Quotes Charles Townshend Politician 1725
P. L. Travers Quotes P. L. Travers Writer 1899
Izaak Walton Quotes Izaak Walton Writer 1593
Stephen Wolfram Quotes Stephen Wolfram Scientist 1959
Lee Ann Womack Quotes Lee Ann Womack Musician 1966
Peter Wright Quotes Peter Wright Celebrity 1916
Orville Wright Quotes Orville Wright Inventor 1871