Authors Born on April, 6st

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April, 6st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Quotes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Athlete 1947
Edie Adams Quotes Edie Adams Musician 1927
Herbert Baxter Adams Quotes Herbert Baxter Adams Educator 1850
Vicente Aleixandre Quotes Vicente Aleixandre Poet 1898
Tom Allen Quotes Tom Allen Politician 1945
Marc Andreessen Quotes Marc Andreessen Businessman 1971
Richard Armitage Quotes Richard Armitage Politician 1945
John James Audubon Quotes John James Audubon Scientist 1785
Michele Bachmann Quotes Michele Bachmann Politician 1956
Ellen Barkin Quotes Ellen Barkin Actress 1955
Frank Black Quotes Frank Black Musician 1965
Fanny Blankers-Koen Quotes Fanny Blankers-Koen Athlete 1918
Neal Boortz Quotes Neal Boortz Journalist 1945
Habib Bourguiba Quotes Habib Bourguiba Statesman 2000
Zach Braff Quotes Zach Braff Actor 1975
Rory Bremner Quotes Rory Bremner Comedian 1961
Jordana Brewster Quotes Jordana Brewster Actress 1980
David M. Brown Quotes David M. Brown Astronaut 1959
Candace Cameron Bure Quotes Candace Cameron Bure Actress 1976
Carol Burnett Quotes Carol Burnett Actress 1933
Candace Cameron Quotes Candace Cameron Actress 1976
Anne Campbell Politician 1940
Cass Canfield Publisher 1897
Leonora Carrington Artist 1917
Alice Cary Quotes Alice Cary Poet 1820
John Chamberlain Artist 1927
Nicolas Chamfort Quotes Nicolas Chamfort Writer 1741
Charlie Chaplin Quotes Charlie Chaplin Actor 1889
Joan Chen Quotes Joan Chen Actress 1961
Clayton Christensen Quotes Clayton Christensen Businessman 1952
David Coleman Journalist 1926
Jon Cryer Quotes Jon Cryer Actor 1965
Merce Cunningham Quotes Merce Cunningham Dancer 1919
Paul Daniels Entertainer 1938
Ram Dass Psychologist 1931
Dorothy Salisbury Davis Writer 1916
Eugene Delacroix Quotes Eugene Delacroix Artist 1798
Donald Wills Douglas Aviator 1892
Edmond H. Fischer Scientist 1920
Anatole France Quotes Anatole France Novelist 1844
Bruce Jay Friedman Novelist 1930
Peter Garrett Quotes Peter Garrett Musician 1953
April Glaspie Diplomat 1942
John Grierson Director 1898
Lukas Haas Quotes Lukas Haas Actor 1976
Merle Haggard Quotes Merle Haggard Musician 1937
Lord Halifax Quotes Lord Halifax Politician 1881
Marilu Henner Quotes Marilu Henner Actress 1952
Andy Hertzfeld Quotes Andy Hertzfeld Inventor 1953
Alexander Herzen Journalist 1812
Kevin James Comedian 1965
Wendell Johnson Psychologist 1906
Curtis Jones Quotes Curtis Jones Musician 1968
Howard Mumford Jones Writer 1892
Gil Kane Quotes Gil Kane Artist 1926
Tom C. Korologos Quotes Tom C. Korologos Diplomat 1933
Dick Lane Quotes Dick Lane Athlete 1928
Martin Lawrence Comedian 1965
Barry Levinson Quotes Barry Levinson Director 1922
Steven Levitan Director 1962
Jet Li Quotes Jet Li Actor 1963
Anita Loos Quotes Anita Loos Writer 1893
Jessica Lynch Quotes Jessica Lynch Soldier 1983
Ian MacKaye Quotes Ian MacKaye Musician 1962
Bernard Malamud Quotes Bernard Malamud Novelist 1914
Herbie Mann Quotes Herbie Mann Musician 1930
James Mill Historian 1773
Spike Milligan Quotes Spike Milligan Comedian 1918
Giorgio Moroder Quotes Giorgio Moroder Producer 1940
Gerry Mulligan Quotes Gerry Mulligan Musician 1927
Richard Murdoch Comedian 1907
Dudley Nichols Writer 1895
Cat Osterman Athlete 1983
Ian Paisley Quotes Ian Paisley Politician 1926
Arno Penzias Quotes Arno Penzias Scientist 1933
Ma Rainey Quotes Ma Rainey Musician 1886
John Ratzenberger Quotes John Ratzenberger Actor 1947
Joseph Ratzinger Quotes Joseph Ratzinger Clergyman 1927
Thomas Reid Quotes Thomas Reid Philosopher 1710
Charles Francis Richter Quotes Charles Francis Richter Scientist 1900
Charles Richter Quotes Charles Richter Scientist 1900
Leo Robin Composer 1900
Ann Romney Quotes Ann Romney Celebrity 1949
James Rouse Businessman 1914
Paul Rudd Quotes Paul Rudd Actor 1969
Rose Schneiderman Quotes Rose Schneiderman Activist 1882
John Sculley Businessman 1939
William Shakespeare Quotes William Shakespeare Dramatist 1564
Douglas Sirk Director 1897
Enos Slaughter Quotes Enos Slaughter Athlete 1916
Thomas Vernor Smith Philosopher 1890
Robert Paul Smith Writer 1915
Tracy K. Smith Quotes Tracy K. Smith Poet 1972
Peter Sotos Writer 1960
Dusty Springfield Quotes Dusty Springfield Musician 1939
Koo Stark Actress 1956
Cliff Stearns Quotes Cliff Stearns Politician 1941
Lincoln Steffens Quotes Lincoln Steffens Journalist 1866
John Millington Synge Quotes John Millington Synge Poet 1871
Roger Andrew Taylor Quotes Roger Andrew Taylor Musician 1960
Ernst Thalmann Quotes Ernst Thalmann Politician 1886
Louis Adolphe Thiers Quotes Louis Adolphe Thiers Statesman 1797
Lowell Thomas Quotes Lowell Thomas Journalist 1892
Ed Townsend Musician 1929
Tristan Tzara Quotes Tristan Tzara Artist 1896
Peter Ustinov Quotes Peter Ustinov Actor 1921
A. E. van Vogt Quotes A. E. van Vogt Author 1912
Bobby Vinton Quotes Bobby Vinton Musician 1935
Paul Waner Quotes Paul Waner Athlete 1903
James D. Watson Quotes James D. Watson Scientist 1928
Tom Welling Quotes Tom Welling Actor 1977
Morris West Writer 1916
Billy West Quotes Billy West Actor 1952
Peter Westbrook Athlete 1952
Billy Dee Williams Quotes Billy Dee Williams Actor 1937
Debra Wilson Quotes Debra Wilson Comedian 1970
Wilbur Wright Quotes Wilbur Wright Inventor 1867
Gary Wright Musician 1943
Pope Benedict XVI Quotes Pope Benedict XVI Clergyman 1927
Nadar Artist 1820