Authors Born on April, 4st

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April, 4st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Dave Allison Athlete 1959
B. R. Ambedkar Quotes B. R. Ambedkar Politician 1891
Maya Angelou Quotes Maya Angelou Poet 1928
Ali Babacan Quotes Ali Babacan Politician 1967
Lawrence Barrett Actor 1836
A. C. Benson Author 1862
Elmer Bernstein Quotes Elmer Bernstein Composer 1922
Harold Stephen Black Quotes Harold Stephen Black Inventor 1898
Ritchie Blackmore Quotes Ritchie Blackmore Musician 1945
David Blaine Quotes David Blaine Entertainer 1973
David Blane Quotes David Blane Entertainer 1973
Eric Bogosian Quotes Eric Bogosian Actor 1953
Adrien Brody Quotes Adrien Brody Actor 1973
James Branch Cabell Quotes James Branch Cabell Novelist 1879
Robert Carlyle Quotes Robert Carlyle Director 1961
Paul Cellucci Quotes Paul Cellucci Politician 1948
Georgina Chapman Designer 1976
Julie Christie Quotes Julie Christie Actress 1941
James Freeman Clarke Clergyman 1810
Melinda Clarke Quotes Melinda Clarke Actress 1969
Kelly Clarkson Quotes Kelly Clarkson Musician 1982
Daniel Clowes Quotes Daniel Clowes Author 1961
Stafford Cripps Quotes Stafford Cripps Politician 1889
David Cross Quotes David Cross Actor 1964
Richard M. Daley Quotes Richard M. Daley Politician 1942
Clive Davis Quotes Clive Davis Businessman 1932
Robert Doisneau Quotes Robert Doisneau Photographer 1912
Richard Donner Quotes Richard Donner Director 1930
Marguerite Duras Quotes Marguerite Duras Novelist 1914
Francois Duvalier Quotes Francois Duvalier Statesman 1907
Elizabeth Emken Quotes Elizabeth Emken Politician 1963
Cedric the Entertainer Quotes Cedric the Entertainer Comedian 1964
Clement Freud Quotes Clement Freud Writer 1924
Brad Garrett Quotes Brad Garrett Actor 1960
Jean Paul Gaultier Quotes Jean Paul Gaultier Designer 1952
Sarah Michelle Gellar Quotes Sarah Michelle Gellar Actress 1977
Jim Geringer Quotes Jim Geringer Politician 1944
A. Bartlett Giamatti Quotes A. Bartlett Giamatti Educator 1938
John Gielgud Quotes John Gielgud Actor 1904
Elizabeth Goudge Writer 1900
Remy de Gourmont Novelist 1858
Sue Grafton Quotes Sue Grafton Novelist 1940
George Grey Quotes George Grey Leader 1812
Anthony Michael Hall Quotes Anthony Michael Hall Actor 1968
John Hannah Quotes John Hannah Athlete 1951
Gil Hodges Quotes Gil Hodges Athlete 1924
Christiaan Huygens Quotes Christiaan Huygens Mathematician 1629
Bobby Ray Inman Quotes Bobby Ray Inman Soldier 1931
Jill Ireland Actress 1936
Claiborne Fox Jackson Quotes Claiborne Fox Jackson Lawyer 1806
Fredric Jameson Critic 1934
William Joyce Quotes William Joyce Author 1906
Robert Downey, Jr. Actor 1965
David Justice Quotes David Justice Athlete 1966
Kitty Kelley Quotes Kitty Kelley Journalist 1942
David E. Kelley Quotes David E. Kelley Producer 1956
Ali Akbar Khan Quotes Ali Akbar Khan Musician 1922
Jack Kingston Quotes Jack Kingston Politician 1955
Greg Knight Quotes Greg Knight Politician 1949
Lydia Ko Quotes Lydia Ko Athlete 1997
Willem de Kooning Quotes Willem de Kooning Artist 1904
Christine Lahti Quotes Christine Lahti Actress 1950
Comte de Lautreamont Quotes Comte de Lautreamont Poet 1846
Isidore Ducasse Lautreamont Quotes Isidore Ducasse Lautreamont Author 1846
Heath Ledger Quotes Heath Ledger Actor 1979
Richard Lugar Quotes Richard Lugar Politician 1932
Derek Luke Quotes Derek Luke Actor 1974
Loretta Lynn Quotes Loretta Lynn Musician 1935
Shirley MacLaine Quotes Shirley MacLaine Actress 1934
Anne Sullivan Macy Quotes Anne Sullivan Macy Educator 1866
Greg Maddux Quotes Greg Maddux Athlete 1966
Austin Mahone Quotes Austin Mahone Musician 1996
Yukihiro Matsumoto Quotes Yukihiro Matsumoto Scientist 1965
Nancy McKeon Actress 1966
Craig T. Nelson Quotes Craig T. Nelson Actor 1944
Graham Norton Quotes Graham Norton Celebrity 1963
Margaret Oliphant Novelist 1828
George Oppen Quotes George Oppen Poet 1908
Tony Orlando Quotes Tony Orlando Musician 1944
Paul Parker Athlete 1964
Stuart Pearce Quotes Stuart Pearce Coach 1962
Barry Pepper Quotes Barry Pepper Actor 1970
Anthony Perkins Quotes Anthony Perkins Actor 1932
Bridget Riley Quotes Bridget Riley Artist 1931
Pete Rose Quotes Pete Rose Athlete 1942
Robert Scheer Journalist 1936
Moritz Schlick Quotes Moritz Schlick Philosopher 1882
Jill Scott Quotes Jill Scott Musician 1972
Hun Sen Quotes Hun Sen Statesman 1951
Frank Serpico Celebrity 1936
Robert E. Sherwood Quotes Robert E. Sherwood Playwright 1896
Dan Simmons Author 1948
Charles Ferguson Smith Quotes Charles Ferguson Smith Soldier 1807
Eric Snow Quotes Eric Snow Athlete 1973
Tris Speaker Quotes Tris Speaker Athlete 1888
Carl Spitteler Quotes Carl Spitteler Poet 1845
Rod Steiger Quotes Rod Steiger Actor 1925
Bruce Sterling Quotes Bruce Sterling Writer 1954
Thaddeus Stevens Quotes Thaddeus Stevens Politician 1792
Barbra Streisand Quotes Barbra Streisand Actress 1942
Anne Sullivan Quotes Anne Sullivan Educator 1866
Sachin Tendulkar Quotes Sachin Tendulkar Athlete 1973
Lou Thesz Quotes Lou Thesz Athlete 1916
John W. Thompson Quotes John W. Thompson Businessman 1949
Arnold J. Toynbee Quotes Arnold J. Toynbee Historian 1889
Anthony Trollope Quotes Anthony Trollope Author 1815
Tony Visconti Quotes Tony Visconti Musician 1944
Maurice de Vlaminck Quotes Maurice de Vlaminck Artist 1876
Robert Penn Warren Quotes Robert Penn Warren Novelist 1905
Muddy Waters Quotes Muddy Waters Musician 1915
Hugo Weaving Quotes Hugo Weaving Actor 1960
Arthur Wellesley Quotes Arthur Wellesley Soldier 1769
Lee Westwood Quotes Lee Westwood Athlete 1973
Benjamin Whorf Quotes Benjamin Whorf Scientist 1897
Elizabeth Wilson Quotes Elizabeth Wilson Actress 1921
Isoroku Yamamoto Quotes Isoroku Yamamoto Soldier 1884
Paula Yates Quotes Paula Yates Entertainer 1960
Ernst Zundel Quotes Ernst Zundel Activist 1939