Authors Born on April, 1st

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April, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Quotes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Athlete 1947
John Abizaid Quotes John Abizaid Soldier 1951
Dean Acheson Quotes Dean Acheson Statesman 1893
Kathy Acker Quotes Kathy Acker Activist 1947
Edie Adams Quotes Edie Adams Musician 1927
Herbert Baxter Adams Quotes Herbert Baxter Adams Educator 1850
Don Adams Quotes Don Adams Comedian 1926
Eden Ahbez Quotes Eden Ahbez Musician 1908
Moustapha Akkad Quotes Moustapha Akkad Director 1909
Samuel Alito Quotes Samuel Alito 1950
Tom Allen Quotes Tom Allen Politician 1945
Dorothy Allison Quotes Dorothy Allison Writer 1949
Dave Allison Athlete 1959
Justin Amash Quotes Justin Amash Politician 1980
Mukesh Ambani Quotes Mukesh Ambani Businessman 1957
B. R. Ambedkar Quotes B. R. Ambedkar Politician 1891
Alessandra Ambrosio Quotes Alessandra Ambrosio Model 1981
Fisher Ames Quotes Fisher Ames Statesman 1758
Lindsay Anderson Quotes Lindsay Anderson Director 1923
Jeffrey Archer Quotes Jeffrey Archer Politician 1940
Alexis Arguello Quotes Alexis Arguello Athlete 1952
George Arliss Quotes George Arliss Actor 1868
Evelyn Ashford Athlete 1957
Frank Auerbach Quotes Frank Auerbach Artist 1931
Alan Ayckbourn Quotes Alan Ayckbourn Playwright 1939
Fredrik Bajer Quotes Fredrik Bajer Writer 1837
Ray Stannard Baker Quotes Ray Stannard Baker Journalist 1870
Afrika Bambaataa Quotes Afrika Bambaataa Musician 1960
Dennis Banks Educator 1932
Chris Barber Quotes Chris Barber Musician 1930
Ellen Barkin Quotes Ellen Barkin Actress 1955
Andre Bazin Critic 1918
Sean Bean Quotes Sean Bean Actor 1959
Samuel Beckett Quotes Samuel Beckett Playwright 1906
Victoria Beckham Quotes Victoria Beckham Musician 1974
Wallace Beery Quotes Wallace Beery Actor 1885
Ed Belfour Quotes Ed Belfour Athlete 1965
Maria Bello Quotes Maria Bello Actress 1967
Howard Berman Quotes Howard Berman Politician 1941
Richard Berry Musician 1935
Sophie Ellis Bextor Quotes Sophie Ellis Bextor Musician 1979
Josh Billings Quotes Josh Billings Comedian 1818
Otto von Bismarck Quotes Otto von Bismarck Leader 1815
Harold Stephen Black Quotes Harold Stephen Black Inventor 1898
Ritchie Blackmore Quotes Ritchie Blackmore Musician 1945
Ray Blanton Quotes Ray Blanton Politician 1930
Corrie Ten Boom Quotes Corrie Ten Boom Author 1892
William Booth Quotes William Booth Leader 1829
Kevin Brady Politician 1955
John Braine Novelist 1922
Jonathan Brandis Quotes Jonathan Brandis Actor 1976
Nicholas Brendon Quotes Nicholas Brendon Actor 1971
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin Lawyer 1755
Adrien Brody Quotes Adrien Brody Actor 1973
Charlotte Bronte Quotes Charlotte Bronte Novelist 1816
Fred Brooks Quotes Fred Brooks Scientist 1931
David M. Brown Quotes David M. Brown Astronaut 1959
Joseph E. Brown Quotes Joseph E. Brown Politician 1821
Robert Brustein Educator 1927
Peabo Bryson Musician 1951
Wynn Bullock Photographer 1902
Wilhelm Busch Quotes Wilhelm Busch Artist 1832
Montserrat Caballe Quotes Montserrat Caballe Musician 1933
James Branch Cabell Quotes James Branch Cabell Novelist 1879
Miguel Cabrera Quotes Miguel Cabrera Athlete 1983
Roberto Calvi Quotes Roberto Calvi Businessman 1920
Ken Caminiti Quotes Ken Caminiti Athlete 1963
Ben Nighthorse Campbell Quotes Ben Nighthorse Campbell Politician 1933
William Wallace Campbell Scientist 1862
George Canning Quotes George Canning Statesman 1770
Claudia Cardinale Quotes Claudia Cardinale Actress 1938
Robert Carlyle Quotes Robert Carlyle Director 1961
Bliss Carman Quotes Bliss Carman Poet 1861
David Cassidy Quotes David Cassidy Actor 1950
John Chamberlain Artist 1927
Whittaker Chambers Quotes Whittaker Chambers Writer 1901
Charlie Chaplin Quotes Charlie Chaplin Actor 1889
Georgina Chapman Designer 1976
Samuel Chase Quotes Samuel Chase Judge 1741
Jack Chick Quotes Jack Chick Cartoonist 1924
Jack T. Chick Quotes Jack T. Chick Cartoonist 1924
Hayden Christensen Quotes Hayden Christensen Actor 1981
Julie Christie Quotes Julie Christie Actress 1941
Tom Clancy Quotes Tom Clancy Novelist 1947
Roy Clark Quotes Roy Clark Entertainer 1933
Alan Clark Quotes Alan Clark Politician 1928
Henry Clay Quotes Henry Clay Statesman 1777
Beverly Cleary Author 1916
Jimmy Cliff Quotes Jimmy Cliff Musician 1948
Daniel Clowes Quotes Daniel Clowes Author 1961
Claud Cockburn Journalist 1904
Bill Conti Quotes Bill Conti Director 1943
Michael Cooper Athlete 1956
Rachel Corrie Quotes Rachel Corrie Activist 1979
Jim Costa Politician 1952
Jon Cryer Quotes Jon Cryer Actor 1965
Merce Cunningham Quotes Merce Cunningham Dancer 1919
Imogen Cunningham Photographer 1883
Tim Curry Quotes Tim Curry Actor 1946
Claire Danes Quotes Claire Danes Actress 1979
Tony Danza Quotes Tony Danza Actor 1951
Clarence Darrow Quotes Clarence Darrow Lawyer 1857
Joe Davis Quotes Joe Davis Celebrity 1901
Richard Harding Davis Quotes Richard Harding Davis Journalist 1864
Susan Davis Quotes Susan Davis Politician 1944
Peter Davison Quotes Peter Davison Actor 1951
Brooklyn Decker Quotes Brooklyn Decker Model 1987
Robert Delaunay Quotes Robert Delaunay Artist 1885
Martin Denny Musician 1911
Toi Derricotte Poet 1941
Isak Dinesen Quotes Isak Dinesen Writer 1885
James C. Dobson Quotes James C. Dobson Psychologist 1936
James Dobson Quotes James Dobson Psychologist 1936
Shannen Doherty Quotes Shannen Doherty Actress 1971
Robert Doisneau Quotes Robert Doisneau Photographer 1912
Andrew Dost Musician 1983
Alexander Duff Quotes Alexander Duff Clergyman 1806
Jeff Dunham Quotes Jeff Dunham Entertainer 1962
Emile Durkheim Quotes Emile Durkheim Sociologist 1858
Francois Duvalier Quotes Francois Duvalier Statesman 1907
Kenneth Edmonds Quotes Kenneth Edmonds Musician 1958
Dave Edmunds Quotes Dave Edmunds Musician 1944
Boomer Esiason Quotes Boomer Esiason Athlete 1961
Jennifer Esposito Quotes Jennifer Esposito Actress 1973
Jeffrey Eugenides Quotes Jeffrey Eugenides Novelist 1960
Leonhard Euler Quotes Leonhard Euler Mathematician 1707
Edward Everett Quotes Edward Everett Statesman 1794
Susan Faludi Quotes Susan Faludi Writer 1959
America Ferrera Quotes America Ferrera Actress 1984
Joschka Fischer Quotes Joschka Fischer Politician 1948
Stanley Fish Writer 1938
Dan Flavin Quotes Dan Flavin Sculptor 1933
Sandra Fluke Quotes Sandra Fluke Activist 1981
Tom Flynn Celebrity 1931
John Ford Quotes John Ford Dramatist 1586
John M. Ford Writer 1957
Samantha Fox Quotes Samantha Fox Model 1966
Anatole France Quotes Anatole France Novelist 1844
James Franco Quotes James Franco Actor 1978
Michael Franti Quotes Michael Franti Musician 1967
Charles Fried Quotes Charles Fried Lawyer 1935
Robert Fripp Quotes Robert Fripp Musician 1945
Billy Fury Quotes Billy Fury Musician 1941
Vincent Gallo Quotes Vincent Gallo Actor 1961
Andy Garcia Quotes Andy Garcia Actor 1956
Jay Garner Quotes Jay Garner Soldier 1938
Jennifer Garner Quotes Jennifer Garner Actress 1972
Peter Garrett Quotes Peter Garrett Musician 1953
Brad Garrett Quotes Brad Garrett Actor 1960
Lesley Garrett Musician 1955
Thomas S. Gates, Jr. Public Servant 1906
Sarah Michelle Gellar Quotes Sarah Michelle Gellar Actress 1977
John Gielgud Quotes John Gielgud Actor 1904
Vince Gill Quotes Vince Gill Musician 1957
Ellen Goodman Journalist 1948
Amy Goodman Quotes Amy Goodman Journalist 1957
David Gower Quotes David Gower Athlete 1957
David Grayson Journalist 1870
Catherine the Great Quotes Catherine the Great Royalty 1729
Al Green Quotes Al Green Musician 1946
Horace Gregory Poet 1898
Joel Grey Quotes Joel Grey Actor 1932
George Grey Quotes George Grey Leader 1812
John Grigg Writer 1924
Hugo Grotius Quotes Hugo Grotius Theologian 1583
Lukas Haas Quotes Lukas Haas Actor 1976
Margaret Haddix Author 1964
Samuel Hahnemann Quotes Samuel Hahnemann Scientist 1755
David Halberstam Journalist 1934
Lord Halifax Quotes Lord Halifax Politician 1881
Anthony Michael Hall Quotes Anthony Michael Hall Actor 1968
Herbie Hancock Quotes Herbie Hancock Musician 1940
Garrett Hardin Quotes Garrett Hardin Environmentalist 1915
Saad Hariri Quotes Saad Hariri Politician 1970
Georgia Harkness Quotes Georgia Harkness Theologian 1891
Thomas Harris Quotes Thomas Harris Author 1940
Melissa Joan Hart Quotes Melissa Joan Hart Actress 1976
William Harvey Quotes William Harvey Scientist 1578
Eddie Hazel Quotes Eddie Hazel Musician 1950
William Hazlitt Quotes William Hazlitt Critic 1778
Seamus Heaney Quotes Seamus Heaney Poet 1939
Michael Herr Journalist 1940
James Hibberd Athlete 1981
Michael D. Higgins Quotes Michael D. Higgins Politician 1941
Christopher Hitchens Quotes Christopher Hitchens Author 1949
William Holden Quotes William Holden Actor 1918
Nick Hornby Quotes Nick Hornby Writer 1957
Kate Hudson Quotes Kate Hudson Actress 1979
Dolores Huerta Quotes Dolores Huerta Activist 1930
Richard Hughes Writer 1900
Charles Evans Hughes Quotes Charles Evans Hughes Judge 1862
Charlie Hunnam Quotes Charlie Hunnam Actor 1980
Alberta Hunter Quotes Alberta Hunter Musician 1895
Samuel P. Huntington Quotes Samuel P. Huntington Sociologist 1927
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Quotes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Model 1987
Christiaan Huygens Quotes Christiaan Huygens Mathematician 1629
Henry Hyde Politician 1924
Masaru Ibuka Quotes Masaru Ibuka Businessman 1908
Queen Elizabeth II Quotes Queen Elizabeth II Royalty 1926
Catherine II Quotes Catherine II Statesman 1729
Elizabeth II Quotes Elizabeth II Royalty 1926
Kim Il-sung Quotes Kim Il-sung Leader 1912
Bill Irwin Entertainer 1950
Henry James Quotes Henry James Writer 1843
Fredric Jameson Critic 1934
Tama Janowitz Novelist 1957
Thomas Jefferson Quotes Thomas Jefferson President 1743
Lara St. John Quotes Lara St. John Musician 1971
Wendell Johnson Psychologist 1906
Howard Mumford Jones Writer 1892
Orlando Jones Quotes Orlando Jones Comedian 1968
Benjamin Jowett Quotes Benjamin Jowett Theologian 1817
Ashley Judd Quotes Ashley Judd Actress 1968
David Justice Quotes David Justice Athlete 1966
Thomas H. Kean Quotes Thomas H. Kean Politician 1935
Howard Keel Quotes Howard Keel Actor 1919
Maynard James Keenan Quotes Maynard James Keenan Musician 1964
Craig Kelly Athlete 1966
Mark Kennedy Politician 1957
Abdul Qadeer Khan Quotes Abdul Qadeer Khan Scientist 1936
Ali Akbar Khan Quotes Ali Akbar Khan Musician 1922
Nikita Khrushchev Quotes Nikita Khrushchev Statesman 1894
Nigel Kneale Quotes Nigel Kneale Writer 1922
Suge Knight Quotes Suge Knight Producer 1965
Alexis Korner Quotes Alexis Korner Musician 1928
Milan Kundera Writer 1929
Jacques Lacan Quotes Jacques Lacan Psychologist 1901
Anne Lamott Author 1954
Dick Lane Quotes Dick Lane Athlete 1928
Ferdinand Lassalle Quotes Ferdinand Lassalle Politician 1825
Charley Lau Quotes Charley Lau Athlete 1933
Martin Lawrence Comedian 1965
Kenneth Lay Businessman 1942
Sung Hi Lee Model 1970
David Letterman Quotes David Letterman Comedian 1947
George Henry Lewes Quotes George Henry Lewes Philosopher 1817
Joseph Barber Lightfoot Quotes Joseph Barber Lightfoot Theologian 1828
Isaac Low Businessman 1735
Clare Boothe Luce Quotes Clare Boothe Luce Dramatist 1903
Patti LuPone Musician 1949
Loretta Lynn Quotes Loretta Lynn Musician 1935
Wangari Maathai Quotes Wangari Maathai Activist 1940
Margo MacDonald Quotes Margo MacDonald Politician 1943
Andie MacDowell Quotes Andie MacDowell Actress 1958
Ali MacGraw Quotes Ali MacGraw Actress 1938
Ian MacKaye Quotes Ian MacKaye Musician 1962
Peter MacNicol Quotes Peter MacNicol Actor 1954
Anne Sullivan Macy Quotes Anne Sullivan Macy Educator 1866
John Madden Quotes John Madden Entertainer 1936
Rachel Maddow Quotes Rachel Maddow Journalist 1973
Greg Maddux Quotes Greg Maddux Athlete 1966
Bryan Magee Author 1930
Joseph de Maistre Quotes Joseph de Maistre Diplomat 1753
Method Man Quotes Method Man Musician 1971
William Manchester Historian 1922
Nong Duc Manh Quotes Nong Duc Manh Politician 2001
Tom Mann Businessman 1856
Herbie Mann Quotes Herbie Mann Musician 1930
Jayne Mansfield Quotes Jayne Mansfield Actress 1932
Neville Marriner Quotes Neville Marriner Musician 1924
James Martineau Quotes James Martineau Philosopher 1805
Abraham Maslow Quotes Abraham Maslow Psychologist 1908
Yukihiro Matsumoto Quotes Yukihiro Matsumoto Scientist 1965
Rollo May Psychologist 1909
Elaine May Quotes Elaine May Director 1932
James McAvoy Quotes James McAvoy Actor 1979
Anne McCaffrey Quotes Anne McCaffrey Author 1926
Eric McCormack Quotes Eric McCormack Actor 1963
Norman McLaren Quotes Norman McLaren Artist 1914
Dale Messick Quotes Dale Messick Artist 1906
Thomas Middleton Poet 1580
Luis Miguel Quotes Luis Miguel Musician 1970
John Milius Director 1944
Ann Miller Quotes Ann Miller Dancer 1923
Keith Miller Quotes Keith Miller Author 1927
Spike Milligan Quotes Spike Milligan Comedian 1918
Hayley Mills Actress 1946
Gwen Moore Quotes Gwen Moore Politician 1951
Mandy Moore Quotes Mandy Moore Musician 1984
Dudley Moore Quotes Dudley Moore Celebrity 1935
Bobby Moore Quotes Bobby Moore Athlete 1941
Rick Moranis Quotes Rick Moranis Actor 1953
J. P. Morgan Quotes J. P. Morgan Businessman 1837
John Mortimer Novelist 1923
John E. Moss Quotes John E. Moss Politician 1915
John Lothrop Motley Historian 1814
John Muir Quotes John Muir Environmentalist 1838
Mike Murdock Clergyman 1946
Frank Murphy Quotes Frank Murphy Politician 1890
Joseph Murray Scientist 1919
Ednita Nazario Quotes Ednita Nazario Musician 1950
Eliot Ness Quotes Eliot Ness Public Servant 1903
Ben Nicholson Quotes Ben Nicholson Artist 1894
Nerlens Noel Quotes Nerlens Noel Athlete 1994
Kenneth Noland Quotes Kenneth Noland Artist 1924
Lord North Quotes Lord North Statesman 1732
Ed O'Brien Musician 1968
Conan O'Brien Entertainer 1963
Madalyn Murray O'Hair Writer 1919
Ed O'Neill Actor 1946
Haley Joel Osment Quotes Haley Joel Osment Actor 1988
Cat Osterman Athlete 1983
Annette O'Toole Dancer 1952
David Oyelowo Quotes David Oyelowo Actor 1976
Cynthia Ozick Novelist 1928
Candace Parker Quotes Candace Parker Athlete 1986
Norman Parkinson Quotes Norman Parkinson Photographer 1913
Austin Peck Quotes Austin Peck Actor 1971
Thomas Percy Writer 1729
Frances Perkins Quotes Frances Perkins Politician 1882
Alan Perlis Scientist 1922
Ron Perlman Quotes Ron Perlman Actor 1950
Liz Phair Quotes Liz Phair Musician 1967
Bijou Phillips Quotes Bijou Phillips Actress 1980
John L. Phillips Quotes John L. Phillips Astronaut 1951
Paloma Picasso Quotes Paloma Picasso Designer 1949
Ferdinand Piech Quotes Ferdinand Piech Designer 1937
Michael Pitt Quotes Michael Pitt Actor 1981
John Podhoretz Writer 1961
Iggy Pop Quotes Iggy Pop Musician 1947
Alan Price Musician 1942
Joseph Pulitzer Quotes Joseph Pulitzer Publisher 1847
Anthony Quinn Quotes Anthony Quinn Actor 1915
Roger de Rabutin Quotes Roger de Rabutin Writer 1618
Joseph Ratzinger Quotes Joseph Ratzinger Clergyman 1927
Amy Ray Quotes Amy Ray Musician 1964
Harry Reasoner Quotes Harry Reasoner Journalist 1923
Agnes Repplier Quotes Agnes Repplier Writer 1855
Debbie Reynolds Quotes Debbie Reynolds Actress 1932
Caroline Rhea Quotes Caroline Rhea Comedian 1964
David Ricardo Quotes David Ricardo Economist 1772
Eric Roberts Quotes Eric Roberts Actor 1956
Lord Robertson Diplomat 1946
Anwar Robinson Musician 1979
Ann Romney Quotes Ann Romney Celebrity 1949
Tony Romo Quotes Tony Romo Athlete 1980
Waverley Lewis Root Journalist 1903
Pete Rose Quotes Pete Rose Athlete 1942
Bruno Rossi Quotes Bruno Rossi Scientist 1905
Edmond Rostand Quotes Edmond Rostand Poet 1868
Leo Rosten Novelist 1908
Theodore Isaac Rubin Psychologist 1923
George William Russell Quotes George William Russell Writer 1867
Walter Salles Quotes Walter Salles Director 1956
Dick Sargent Quotes Dick Sargent Actor 1930
Robert Scheer Journalist 1936
Moritz Schlick Quotes Moritz Schlick Philosopher 1882
Artur Schnabel Musician 1882
Menachem Mendel Schneerson Quotes Menachem Mendel Schneerson Leader 1902
Rick Schroder Quotes Rick Schroder Actor 1970
Hillary Scott Quotes Hillary Scott Musician 1986
Howard Scott Scientist 1890
Steven Seagal Quotes Steven Seagal Actor 1951
George Seaton Quotes George Seaton Playwright 1911
Harry Segall Playwright 1892
Will Sergeant Quotes Will Sergeant Musician 1958
Frank Serpico Celebrity 1936
Brian Setzer Quotes Brian Setzer Musician 1959
Maria Sharapova Quotes Maria Sharapova Athlete 1987
Omar Sharif Quotes Omar Sharif Actor 1932
Alia Shawkat Quotes Alia Shawkat Actress 1989
Robert Shea Quotes Robert Shea Author 1909
Christian Slater Quotes Christian Slater Actor 1968
Christopher Smart Quotes Christopher Smart Poet 1722
Robert Paul Smith Writer 1915
Bessie Smith Quotes Bessie Smith Musician 1894
Tracy K. Smith Quotes Tracy K. Smith Poet 1972
Robert Smith Musician 1959
Barry Sonnenfeld Quotes Barry Sonnenfeld Producer 1953
Paul Sorvino Quotes Paul Sorvino Actor 1939
Peter Sotos Writer 1960
Dusty Springfield Quotes Dusty Springfield Musician 1939
Aaron Stanford Quotes Aaron Stanford Actor 1977
Harold Stassen Quotes Harold Stassen Politician 1907
Cliff Stearns Quotes Cliff Stearns Politician 1941
Rod Steiger Quotes Rod Steiger Actor 1925
Bruce Sterling Quotes Bruce Sterling Writer 1954
J. Christopher Stevens Quotes J. Christopher Stevens Diplomat 1960
Leopold Stokowski Quotes Leopold Stokowski Musician 1882
Joss Stone Quotes Joss Stone Musician 1987
John Strachan Quotes John Strachan Clergyman 1778
Mark Strand Quotes Mark Strand Poet 1934
Nicole Sullivan Quotes Nicole Sullivan Actress 1970
Anne Sullivan Quotes Anne Sullivan Educator 1866
Max von Sydow Quotes Max von Sydow Actor 1929
John Millington Synge Quotes John Millington Synge Poet 1871
Thomas Szasz Quotes Thomas Szasz Psychologist 1920
Hippolyte Taine Critic 1828
Sean Taylor Quotes Sean Taylor Athlete 1983
Maxwell D. Taylor Quotes Maxwell D. Taylor Soldier 1987
Ernst Thalmann Quotes Ernst Thalmann Politician 1886
Paul Theroux Quotes Paul Theroux Novelist 1941
Louis Adolphe Thiers Quotes Louis Adolphe Thiers Statesman 1797
Mark Thomas Quotes Mark Thomas Comedian 1963
Emma Thompson Quotes Emma Thompson Actress 1959
John Thorn Quotes John Thorn Historian 1947
Kerry Thornley Quotes Kerry Thornley Philosopher 1938
Jan Tinbergen Quotes Jan Tinbergen Economist 1903
Ed Townsend Musician 1929
Arnold J. Toynbee Quotes Arnold J. Toynbee Historian 1889
Aiden Wilson Tozer Quotes Aiden Wilson Tozer Clergyman 1897
Tomas Transtromer Quotes Tomas Transtromer Writer 1931
Pat Travers Quotes Pat Travers Musician 1954
Benjamin Tucker Quotes Benjamin Tucker Activist 1854
Scott Turow Novelist 1949
Tristan Tzara Quotes Tristan Tzara Artist 1896
Peter Ustinov Quotes Peter Ustinov Actor 1921
Chavela Vargas Quotes Chavela Vargas Musician 1919
Henry Vaughan Poet 1622
Guy Verhofstadt Quotes Guy Verhofstadt Statesman 1953
Henry Villard Quotes Henry Villard Journalist 1835
Leonardo da Vinci Quotes Leonardo da Vinci Artist 1452
Bobby Vinton Quotes Bobby Vinton Musician 1935
Leo Vroman Quotes Leo Vroman Poet 1915
Lew Wallace Quotes Lew Wallace Soldier 1827
Edgar Wallace Quotes Edgar Wallace Writer 1875
Paul Waner Quotes Paul Waner Athlete 1903
Leonard Warren Quotes Leonard Warren Musician 1911
Walter Washington Quotes Walter Washington Politician 1915
Harold Washington Quotes Harold Washington Politician 1922
Emma Watson Quotes Emma Watson Actress 1990
Ruby Wax Quotes Ruby Wax Comedian 1953
Max Weber Quotes Max Weber Economist 1864
Max Weinberg Quotes Max Weinberg Musician 1951
Richard von Weizsaecker Quotes Richard von Weizsaecker Politician 1920
Felix de Weldon Sculptor 1907
Eudora Welty Quotes Eudora Welty Author 1909
Thomas Wentworth Politician 1593
Billy West Quotes Billy West Actor 1952
Peter Westbrook Athlete 1952
Kelli White Athlete 1977
Thornton Wilder Quotes Thornton Wilder Novelist 1897
Andrew Wiles Quotes Andrew Wiles Mathematician 1953
Juan Williams Quotes Juan Williams Journalist 1954
Dar Williams Quotes Dar Williams Musician 1967
John Wilmot Writer 1647
Lanford Wilson Quotes Lanford Wilson Playwright 1937
James Woods Quotes James Woods Actor 1947
Leonard Woolley Scientist 1880
Bernie Worrell Quotes Bernie Worrell Musician 1944
Wilbur Wright Quotes Wilbur Wright Inventor 1867
Pope Benedict XVI Quotes Pope Benedict XVI Clergyman 1927
Soundarya Quotes Soundarya Actress 2004