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In 1978 Zevon released Excitable Boy (produced by Jackson Browne and guitarist Waddy Wachtel) to critical acclaim and popular success. special envoy to the Middle East during the early 1980s. The group released the non-charting single "Narrator" on the IRS label in 1984 then went into abeyance for several years.

He was known for the dark and somewhat bizarre sense of humor in his lyrics. His best-known compositions include "Werewolves of London" "Lawyers Guns and Money" "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner" and "Johnny Strikes Up the Band" all of which are featured on his third album Excitable Boy (1978). Warren William Zevon (/ˈziːvɒn/; January 24 1947 – September 7 2003) was an American rock singer-songwriter and musician.