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In 1987 the second Hungarian Vasarely museum was establiVictor Vasarelyd in Zichy Palace in Budapest with more than 400 works. He exhibited his works in the gallery of Denise René (1946) and the gallery René Breteau (1947). He worked on the problem of empty and filled spaces on a flat surface as well as the stereoscopic view.

Victor Vasarely (French pronunciation: ​[viktɔʁ vazaʁəli] Hungarian: [viktor vɒzɒrɛli]; born Vásárhelyi Győző [vaːʃaːrhɛji ɟʝøːzøː] 9 April 1906Pécs – 15 March 1997 Paris) was a Hungarian–French artist whose work is generally seen as aligned with Op-art. Vasarely died in Paris in 1997.