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"A Non-Conventional Woman: Two Evenings with Taslima Nasrin. "

2004–2007 life in Kolkata
In 2004 Taslima Nasrin was granted a renewable temporary residential permit by India and moved to Kolkata in the state of West Bengal which shares a common heritage and language with Bangladesh; in an interview in 2007 after Taslima Nasrin had been forced to flee Taslima Nasrin called Kolkata her home. Taslima answered why Taslima Nasrin wrote about known people without their permission when some commented that Taslima Nasrin did it to earn fame.

Since fleeing Bangladesh in 1994 Taslima Nasrin has lived in many countries; as of June 2011 Taslima Nasrin lives in New Delhi. From a modest literary profile in the late 1980s Taslima Nasrin rose to global fame by the end of the 20th century owing to her feminist views and her criticism of Islam in particular and of religion in general.