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After Svetlana Alliluyeva stated her desire to defect in writing the United States Ambassador Chester Bowles offered her political asylum and a new life in the United States. Olgivanna believed in mysticism and had become convinced that Alliluyeva was a spiritual replacement for her own daughter also named Svetlana. She was allowed to travel to India to take his aSvetlana Alliluyevas to his family to pour into the Ganges.

In 1967 Svetlana Alliluyeva caused an international furor when Svetlana Alliluyeva defected and became a naturalized citizen of the United States. Svetlana Iosifovna Alliluyeva (Russian: Светла́на Ио́сифовна Аллилу́ева Georgian: სვეტლანა ალილუევა; 28 February 1926 – 22 November 2011) later known as Lana Peters was the youngest child and only daughter of Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin and Nadezhda Alliluyeva Stalin's second wife.